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NW. 15, ‘1938;
Filed Jan’. 15, 1938
Patented Nov. 15, 1938
ApnlicMionJamiary 15’ hasfsgmhm $5,111?
taken’ substantially along"
V iMyspresent invention: relates generally to ‘ap
parel, and has particular ‘reference ‘to an" im
111‘6' 2.’
10f? Fig
'_Il'l the‘ vest Iv ‘have'chosen'for'v illustration, a
neckband portion l0 merges'iwith the front por
signed to enhancethe appearance and ,ilt'of ‘a -' tio'ns'i'l'l‘ and-1'2, ‘the ‘latter being provided ‘with 2.5
man’s ‘full-dress vest; particularly of ' the" sleeve- - "conventional 'lapels v"I 3 and‘ I4, and beingadapt'ed
'less varietyybuttit willibeiunderstood that ‘cer toov'erl'apfas shown'in'Figure-L when the'vejst
:tain- phases of 'my invention ‘ are not "necessarily ' is‘ wornnAttherea'r‘lower“ ends of the portions
proved? vest construction. *7 "
> 1
. :Primarily, ' therpr‘ese'nt improvements ‘ Jlare 1 de
restrict‘edyto a vest-‘of this‘v particular type;- ,
i iIn a vest of the ‘kind to, whichi-myinventioni‘i's
Ill‘ and I2,'*straps Hand-l6 ‘are secured, being
"adapted'to interehgag'e atjthe‘b'a'ck of the wearer
applicable,v there are‘a‘l pair ofwfront portions ' tov holdithe' vest in position.» In theldr'awingithe
‘adapted to overlap when the ‘vest isv worn. 910m
‘free‘ends of ‘the "straps l5 and I6 have'been brok
'ofith'e?portions is provided with'a series of’v but- . en‘awa'y, since‘ they form“ no“ part of ‘the present '
portion is provided with‘ a series iofa‘co‘rresp'onde
‘invention. ‘It will be understood,‘l_iowever,'that £15
these free‘ ends‘ are'_' customarily ‘provided ‘with
ing buttonholes, orv equivalentifemale fasteners.
:The vest is1also'1provided with a‘neclcband por
complementary buckle elements ‘o'r'r‘thellikea
tion, ~ which, ‘merges ' ‘with’ i the ' front l'portions
en‘d'th‘ere'bf; is provided with "a series‘ of button;
holes, which I have illustratively shown ‘as ‘being
1,20 or‘rlless downwardly-"convergent manner.‘
:In' accordance iiwith‘ my invention, ‘the front
portion which carriesl the buttons
three innumber, and which I havedesignated in
tons,‘ or similar male - "fasteners, ~. and ‘ the,‘ other
througnconventiona1 lapels extendingin amore
with" a trouser-engaging‘ tab‘ which i is secured: at
a point“ coincidentwith the center of one of the
buttons, preferably at a point coincident ‘with ‘the
‘centerof the uppermost'buttonr
1 One feature ‘ofrmyi-invention’flies infcoupling
this trouser-engagingv tab, which ‘is adapted to
s exert Pal central ‘downward’ pull‘ upon the front
.of'gthe‘ vest; with va‘nlanchoring tab “secured to
the'vest'at the rear center of the‘néckband'iporj
Fig'ure‘i‘f Byifth" reference‘ numeral I]. ‘These
buttonholes aréfafdapted to" engage, respectively,
‘withfa‘s'eriesfof buttons carried‘by‘ the‘fro'nt por
tion H,‘ In thei'illiistrated embodimentéthese
buttons 18'‘ (see Figure 41am‘ “f?th‘ev removable
'tlrpeea'chi?f which has‘ a rearward‘? ‘extending
shank 19‘ adaptedto pass'through'the, portion
'l2,:the rear end, of each shank;having aloopv 20
adapted‘ 're‘mevabl'v' to' receive 1a v.t‘ranraw-‘arse._‘lock
lng element 2T. r'I‘o‘yrecéiye ‘thebuttons1l8‘, the
portion i2 is providedwlthaseries of eyelets or
I equivalent perforations ‘ >22. 1 '
‘ Another ‘feature-10f ‘my‘invention ‘lies in» the
particular arrangement I of the ‘ trousereen'gagin'g
' '
‘ Thefro'n't portion‘ 'I‘IQat the overlapping'lower
Carried‘, by'the "front" portionv
the trouser
engaging tab-2'3, whichinayibej constructed in
any“ suitable ‘manner; preferably ofnelastic tape
the button-carryingportion; to‘ cover the‘ rear, or thea‘likefand‘l preferably‘ provided with ‘an
.‘ tab with respect‘ to l a" flap’ carried by‘ _ and ‘behind
parts ‘of "the ‘buttons: "More particularly, "rpror- '
elongated slit
Wfhe?‘thevest is‘ worn, it is
vide a slit in thisflapthrou‘g'h which‘ thefr'e'e intended‘ that this tab‘ ,gwill be‘ pulled-downwardly
'end' of‘ =the-Ttrouser-engiaging tab may extend. to 'engage‘the‘slit 24 over a convenient central
This arrangement, coupled with the novelmeans ‘ button on the trousers of the wearer, thereby
of securing, the trouser-engaging tab, provides exerting a central downward pull upon the front
a construction of unusual simplicity and effi
I achieve the foregoing objects and such other
portion ‘of the vest.
‘ '
/In accordance with my invention, the tab v23
is secured to the vest at a point coincident with
objects as may hereinafter appear or be pointed’ the center of one of the, buttons of the vest.
out in the manner illustratively exempli?ed i 1 Preferably, the point of securement is coincident
the accompanying drawing, in which:
‘ with the center of the uppermost button. Where
Figure l is a front elevational view of a vest the buttons are of the removable type, as shown,
embodying the features of the present invention;
Figure 2 is a fragmentary rear view of the but
ton-carrying front portion;
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 2 with‘a
portion of the button-covering'flap broken away;
Figure 4 is an enlarged cross sectional view
and the ‘ portion , I2 is therefore provided with
eyelets or perforations 22, the tab 23 is secured 5'
to the portion l2 by stitching which is coin
cident with the stitching of the eyelet 22, as
shown most clearly in Figures ,3 and 4. In other
words, the perforation or opening through the
portion 12, adapted to accommodate the upper
most button i8, extends also through the tab 23,
mode of assembly is shown in Figure 4 in which
it will be observed that the portion I2 is provided
with a lining 30, while the flap 28 is unlined, and
ent insertion, locking, unlocking, or removal, of is secured at its upper end by means of stitches 3 I.
5 the buttons l8.
In general, it will be understood that changes
Of primary importance is the fact that the in the details herein described and illustrated for
downward pull, exerted by the tab 23 when the the purpose of explaining the nature-of my in
vest is worn, is focused at exactly the correct vention, may be made by those skilled in the art
point for imparting a smooth, taut and well-?t
Without departing from the spirit and scope of
In this way, the employment of the tab 23
does not in the least interfere" with the conveni
10 ting appearance to the.,vest.-,_ It has beenpiv’ound
in practice, that, where a trouser-engaging tab
is secured between the buttons of the vest, or at
other 'points, the downward pull that is exerted
upon the vest not only fails to impart the de
15 sired smoothness to the vest, but frequently im
pairs the appearance of the vest by producing
undesired “breaks” or transverse wrinkles, as a
the inventionas expressed inth'e appended claims. 10
It is; therefore, intended that these details be
interpreted. as illustrative and not in a limiting
- sense.
Having thus described my invention and illus
trated its'use, what I claim as new and desire to 15
secure by Letters Patent is:
result of which tabs of this characterhave fre
'1. In a vest, front portionsone of which is
provided with a series of buttons, the other with
quently proven to be more of a nuisance than
corresponding buttonholes, a trouser-engaging
20 anything else, and are often not put into usevby' tab'secured to the button-carrying portion, and a
the wearer?v
The desirable effects produced by the present
trouser,- engaging; tab I are: enhanced: ‘by the‘ corre
sponding,provision‘at‘the'rear center of'the'n‘eck- '
25 :bandEportion i0 ; of 'an' anchoring tab ,25 (see Fig
jurejl). ~This,tab ,i‘s‘ preferablyrprovided with a
buttonhole126, .andit-isIa'dapted,‘ to beshooked. onto
slit below the upper .end of "said tab through
which therfreel endv of said‘ trouser-engaging tab
provided with a series, of buttons, the other with
the rear ‘collar button: \ ~~Thisstabrrnay be secured
' position by any convenient :means, jpreferably
rcorresponding buttonholes, I I a i: trouser-engaging
the neckband portion ,lllgtheiends '21 being avail;
‘buttons, and‘ a"?ap' carried. byand behindisaid
button-carrying portion and behind'said tab, said
ablejforytaking ‘in 521013. letting- out {the- neckband
to-tr?tqtheivest to\the;,size..andshape-of any. par
~qThe conjoint’ use of the anchoring tab 25,-and
the trouser-‘engaging tab 23,‘;exerts- an accurately
'centralq-longitudinal, tension upon the-vest-to
,holdthe?atter always in smooth well-?tting ‘po
‘40 l; :‘llebe understood‘that the buttons need not
‘necessarily gbe-ofi theuremovablertype shown in
the‘)drawing-t;,--»H0weve'r,ithis?iypeilris customarily
iused'i inyrconnect‘ionawith ,the gf;ull~._r-_d_r_ess.-,vests,' lto
?fza'cilitatelaunderingep In order to cover and con
flap carried vbyand behind said button-carrying
portion and behind‘said tab, ‘said ?ap'having'a
tab securedmothe button-carrying portion. vat :a
point: coincident-{with the. center of one of said 30
?ap having a slitb'elow the upper end of said‘tab
~;through"-which the’ free *endrof said trouser-en
gagingrtab'may extend.
3;:In-a .ivestyfront‘ portions‘ one of .whichvis
providedv with ase'ries of buttons; the other with
corresponding buttonholes, a trouser-engaging
tabl-secured-to the-button-carrying portion atia
point coincident ‘with the;center of'the upper
most button, Iand'a ?ap'carried by'and behind
‘said, button-carrying portion and behind said tab,
said ?ap having -a'-slit'below'the upper end of said
tab ‘through-which the ,fre'exend oisaid trouser
4. In a vest, apairotfront- portions adapted
,t_o:be ,overlappedwhen- the vest is worn, one of
said-portionsfbeing provided'with a series of but
,tonholes; the vother portion being" provided with
‘a seriesof eyelets‘adaptedto accommodate re
moyableqbnttons for. engagement by said ‘button
behind the ?apt28, In order to make itavailable
holes, a trouser-engaging tab secured to theeye
,letted; portionv'at a point coincident’with ‘one of
_;Eor;,engagement with. thetrousers offthe wearer, ‘ said eyelets, ,and' aflap :carriedbyand behind said
55 it is passedoutwardly-throughihe sli-t;29~.v
ieyeletted (portion and behind said tab, said ?ap
‘1, ,l'l‘hedetails of , assembly, of the, various parts, vhavingza-slit below the'upperzend. of said ‘tab 65
‘except asgoth’erwijse ‘stated > herein, are not mate through'vwhichithe freeiend of said trouser-en
‘rialjto‘, hef'present invention. ,Howeverr‘it?may
,be pointed out that a customaryv and ‘convenient
gaging‘tab may extend.
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