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Nov. 15, 1938‘
Filed Jan. 28, 1938
_. ______ ._____. ______.____/
Patented Nov. 15’, 1938
' 2,137,087
2,137,081., .
Myipresent‘invention?‘relatesggenerally to Ina; _
chines , employing thread, such- as-v I sewing‘ Vina;
:. .
bepointed ‘
.‘m'a‘nn‘eii 3ilIustratifvely exemplified; in
thefaccompanyin'ggd awingQwhereing-?.
chines, ands-has particularreferenoe to an im
ma hereinattei‘jfappear
gee-1.1 g.
‘s a plan-vie V of '
pool: carrier Icon
31in. commercial-practice, an operator ‘of a ma . structe { in accordance ,with_,,;the . present, inven- 5.
chine such as;a-.sewing.rmach_ine is called upon tionvthethreadbeing'omitted;Qandl
’ '
n- enlargedgcross-sec pnal view
toutilize threads of‘ differing; types, varying, for V H
example . in $010.1: Q1‘. .quality- < ' It. is: therefore
desirable ~ that: they operator , have ‘available: for
use aplurality of_ thread'carriers, suchasspools,
aiiy;a10n'g,.the Ii'ne'WZ-I-IZ’. of Fig
urge-11A,; ith'thespoolsiniposition, ,
_, ,I have7illustratively;shown],the invention-ap- a1,9
. HspQolyca-rrienintended primarily for
for selective employment from time to-time of‘
one branoiher 0?. the aveilableithreadsi .It is a
. ‘
an improveds'poo'l carrier for accomplishing this
‘a . tar wider. applicability. » » Also,.;in4 the illustrated
wg‘ewingilrnach-ineiit will be under
general ‘object of the present invention to,’ provide ‘ stood that certain phases ofthe, invention have
V, .VThe-g threads in and yarns; that are ; used vbvwan
‘embodiment-i1, show a;spool-_ carrier adapted to 15
accomnigdatetwent spools but, obviously, the
operator“, are frequently >_ of i. considerable intrinsic
value and,~._ther;ei;ore,1 it proves desirable inmany
cases to, maintainy an accurate .check upon: “the
eiutilised with only one spool- or
b plurality- of- spools as may be
amount: ofthread lusedet - .
' . In accordancewith
inventionja panel l0 £29
isrmvided-iwithiaseries of, suitably spaced; Open- “'
vention to provideéalspool carrier ,which prevents
ingszwithinj which pins-ll are .mountedt Each
of the‘ invention-is to ,proviclea device inqwhich
' exteriorlytthreadedr' whichjextends - through the
_; It is, a more > speci?c ; object of ' the-'l-presient
unauthorized removal of spools. .Another- object 1 pin hast-jannattenuatedl end{-~_portion, preferably '
;‘ the spools .are. locked against; unauthorized Yre- I
panelulllgsol that it; maybe releasably engaged g5
moval, but in which thespo'olsjare; nevertheless, ' byjathumbnut ‘lvlz-ortheqlike on the reverse side
mounted in readily accessibleposition?,fpermit
. ting free withdrawal ‘oi thread-Without'any‘likelif
.~_ ' At itsouter end,v each pin-is provided withthe
abutment l3;v
4A particular; feature of my invention; lies inaan ‘ ...E_ach pin stof ;sucl§1;}a§sizel that it may conven- a0
arrangement whereby the spools are so- mounted ié?tly, accommodate‘ ‘a; spool‘ 14 ‘which. loosely en,
that,thegthreadmaykbe withdrawn longitudinally.
As a result, ,,while :the [spools are‘ -.mounted L in
freely’ rotatable :manner, . the’ withdrawal. of’thread
circles’ the‘ pin; *Thave'illustratively shown‘ spools »
v theijchar-ecier
ofingwhich 'the'lower
_does.not induceunnecessary and~undesirable=ro- 1 '
endj ‘isfin,v
thefIQrniIofarel'a ‘velywide; ?angei'ii, while the a
‘ '
oidfoifj'such a" ?anges“ ‘The 35
'n thespoo'lf is'adaptedto .
a In ‘a preferred embodiment,- the. spools are
tvupwar'dly' over ‘any selected
arranged with their; axes. substantially vertical; 7‘ ~ dense il'?fand‘ithence to'thesewing machine
means being provided for withdrawing theithread or ther ‘apparatuswhere:thefthread is tor‘be used.
~‘1Thev panelrll ll'r-i'swiconstructe'di-in‘ the iform of» a 40
Brie?y, my invention resides in'the provision lid or cover for a boxqlike enclosure which I have
of a supporting panel with a spool rotatably j illustratively shown with a’ bottom wall l8 and
mounted on its ‘obverse side; the'provision of an upstanding sidewalls [9; The lid or panel I0 is
inia'sub'stantially upward: direction.
abutment spaced from the panel and aligned jremovably associated with this box-like enclosure,
> with thespool for preventing withdrawal of the ' and I have illustratively shown'a hinge 20 at one 45 .
spool from the panel; and the provision vOlen-
side of the device anda loop-and-hasp arrange
ment 2| at the opposite side of the device. A
for securing the abutment against movementv padlock-22, or similar locking means, serves to
away from the panel. ‘ Preferably, the spool is lock the panel I0 to the enclosure.
In use,-a suitably authorized’ person removes 50
mounted upon a pin Which extends through the
'closable means on the reverse side of the panel
panel, the abutment being arranged on the pin, ' the lock 22 and elevates the panel ID so as to
itself, and the rear end of the pin being" releas-v
ably engaged by a nut which may be enclosed
make its reverse‘ side accessible.
Any, desired
one or more of the thumb nuts I2 is then re
leased, whereupon the corresponding pin l I may to bar unauthorized access to it.
I achieve the foregoing objects, and such other ' be withdrawn outwardly. The desired spool of 55
thread is then slid over the pin II, and the lat
ter is replaced into association with the panel
Ill, the thumb nut I2 being then reapplied. This
?rmly secures the pin H to the panel [0 and se
cures the abutment l3 against movement away
from the panel. Nevertheless, the spool is loosely
mounted on the pin so that it may freely rotate,
if necessary; and the spool is readily accessible
for withdrawing thread from it in a substantially
10 longitudinal direction. After‘ (all the ‘desired
spools of thread are mounted in‘ association‘ with
the panel ID, the later is then secured to the
tails be interpreted as illustrative and not in a
limiting sense.
Having thus described my invention and illus
trated its use, what I claim as new and desire
to secure by Letters Patent is
1. In a spool carrier, a supporting panel, a
spool rotatably mounted on the obverse side of
the panel, .an abutment spaced from the panel
and aligned with the spool for preventing with
drawal of the spool from the panel, releasable 10
means on the reverse side of the panel for secur
ing said abutment against movement away from
enclosure beneath it; and the lock 22 or other ‘ ‘the panel, and a removable box-like enclosure
locking means is then reapplied so as .to bar _ for said releasable means, said enclosure having
15 unauthorized access to the nuts l2.
means for locking the same to prevent unauthor 16
As a result of this arrangement, an operator in ized access to the interior thereof.
need of additional thread must:necessarilyapply
2. In a spool carrier, the elements set forth in
to an authorized party to manipulate the pres "claim 1, said enclosure comprising a box-like
ent spool carrier in order to gain access to'the, ' (member separably associated with said panel on
20 reverse side ,of the panel and thereby permit ,re
the reverseside of the latter.
moval of an empty spool and‘replaceinentby
another. In this way, an'accurate check may be
retained over‘ the ‘amount of thread that is used.
In the illustrated embodiment, the panel ID
like enclosure beneath: it is' ofv ‘corresponding
4. In a spool carrier, the elements set forth in 25
claim 1, said enclosure comprising a box-like
has been shown octagonal in shape, and the box
shape.“ It will be understood,’ however, that the
device ‘need not necessarily embody this‘ par
ticular con?guration. It will'also be hnderstood
that the'device may rest loosely on a‘machine or
pedestaliorthe bottom wall l8_ may be" rigidly
secured either upon a supporting pedestal orsin
any other desired manner. '_
" f
The enclosure beneath the panel,_and the: panel,
35 itself, may be conveniently made of wood or ‘any
other suitable, material. The'pins H are~pref¢
erably metallic.' The guidef'hooks‘l'l may be
formed at the extremities of radiating a'r'ms'r se
cured in adjustable manner upon a central post
23 mountedon'thepanel
I draw particular‘ attention to_ the fact that
the present? arrangement leaves 'the"spools ‘in
readily accessible position, so that the withdrawal
of thread is a relatively simple matter which does
45 not interfere with nor'impair the‘ smooth‘ con:
tinuity of the work which the operator is engaged
" v3. In a spool carrier, the elements set forth in
claim 1, said enclosure comprising a box-like
member'hinged to said panel to permit relative
pivotal movement of the enclosure and panel.
in. Furthermore, the withdrawal of the thread
in a freely upward direction usually'involves little
or no rotation of the individual spools, and: in
this way there is little likelihood of Yany'excessive
pull upon the spools which; might engender the
snarling of excess,thread._ ‘
member having a bottomwall serving as a sup—
port for the spool carrier, and upstanding side
walls, the panel conforming in shape tothat of
said bottomwall so as to serve as a cover for 30
the box-like member.
5. In a spool carrier, a supporting'panel, a pin
extending through said panel,_ a spool rotatably
vmounted on'said pin on the obverse side of the
panel, an abutment on the pin for preventing 35
outward withdrawal of the spool from the pin,
releasable means on the reverse side of the panel
for engaging the pin to secure it against outward
withdrawal from the panel, and a removable'box
like enclosure for said releasable means, said en 40
closure having means for locking the same to
prevent unauthorized’ access‘ to the interior
‘ 6. In a spool carrier, the elements set forth in
claim 5, said pin having a threaded end, and said
releasable means comprising a nut engageable
with said threaded vend.
" '7.‘ A spool‘carrier comprising a box-‘like en
closure having means for locking the same to
prevent unauthorized access thereto, a spool sup
porting pin at the obverse side of said enclosure 50
and having anend portion removably'projecting
through a wall thereof, the opposite end por
. in the details, herein. described,ahdillustrated tion of said pin having an abutment for pre
for the purpose of explaining the nature of my venting outward withdrawal of a spool from said
and releasable means within the enclosure
invention, may be made by>"those-‘sl;illed in,the pin,
theinner end portion of the pin to
art without departing from thespirit-jand scope '
secure it against outward withdrawal from the
of the invention asexpressed in the‘appended enclosure.
In general, it will be understod» that: changes
claims. It is, therefore, intended; that these de
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