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Nov. 15, 1938.~
Filed Sept. 7, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
B' o
Nov. 15, 1938.
Filed sept. 7, 19:57>
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
abb' .
Patented Nov. 15, '19381 y»
2,137,125 ' i
lThis inve?tiori v¿relatesto powder puff'sanú Lits
genéral 'object is' to' 'provide "a magazine 'fp'uff -m __
which 'an 'ample 'reservé 'su‘p'piy lof pdwd'çrïeanbe
fFigurez'll'ai _ a? îîiew illustrating a fragmentary
housed to be used when required»,"ahdfëza? b'e ' portion of a Washer origasket for the vforms shown
5 readily disposed on the'applicato'r when pressure
is> apphedto‘thè body-of the'puflî.
der puiï thatinol'uiies abodyf,V an applioatbr Yand
an _applicator-'mounting means, th'eklatter being
¿Referring tof-nie drawings in detail,v and par- m; _ "
_ whereby the bödyf‘and mountingmeansjèan be
readily separated forîeleaning, or filling the pui? '
`1.>~.to1'7*:inclusive:"the referenoe numeral l
indicatesïthe :bodylof _' the puff i' Ewhich is -preferably
ma'd'e from? rubb'erfiiito vinverted dish shaped 'for
the forni referred to; 'an'opening
they body to
is _
re'eeive _Ja‘ threaded'¿nipplev 2 f ¿providing an inlet
satietfïbeingèatiirated' wana ma muni amount’ for the powder. The nipple> is'heldïñxed in the
powder whiçh 'can be _reaji'iiyyemovea there;
opening byan'annularf?langeä formed with the
inner?î >'efii‘gìf-oiîï'stheaf?iipplef: 'and al ring nutV 4 ,is 20
threàdedïßon"theîïnipple :to :cooperate with the
puñ ‘of theucharacter set forth, tha issiïn‘pl'e ña‘ngeior` setting-¿up av binding engagement `with
_theilbo'dyî'áboùt the opening, as‘volearly ‘shown in
_'-speein'cjany' patted 'dit in'
_ lar serrated Harige'- B"âbout='thè_ upper edge there-_
dfi toslfàc'ilìtate .» its :application and removal; as
will be-l‘appaï'ent.' Theibod'y'fnayvbe painted or
otherwise decb?aítedlto'add to the or‘?amentality> 3_0
o`f thë‘pufhbut I haveillustrated'V a1. ’covering 'I
therefor, Í‘öfifabric' or other suitable material.'
in ikefchaiaeter's A1d òteviike or tires-peaking
` purpose 'òf being received.-` in afchaìinel groove' for _
fitting' association» vTtherev’vithi' _and :which is p'ro
fo?mèdionxand disposed abolita _substantially
diskfsiìapeü‘- applioatorninountìng‘ nieinber. l0,` 40
whiíih'_:-'as‘~bestushown in Figure" 4 »is concavo
convex information `and-has aplurality of open
' ings Il therein» providing powder passages as
'I‘he applioatorimounting-member is preferably 45
made from metal and disposed about the ñange
9 thereofadjacentto itsv inner- edge is a plurality
of» openings' for-_ ytlriepurpose of. attaching the
applicator, Ii.’A thereto, by; stitching I3 or other'
suitable; securingç'means, it> being 'noted that 50
. Figure ,1.8 „is ___a¿l_.vertica_1 sectional view _taken the»_appli'catorfcoversgthe .mounting member and
_Figure 9 lis avieW illustrating a *fr'agm‘entary'`
_ portion ofv the applicator mounting member ofi
55 the _forni as shown in Figure 8'.
is shown-_asi> being aîportion of skin, preferably
sheep’s >skin-having-the 'Wool I4'thereon. ' How
ever-,_ an. portion V_ofi material similar to skinl may
beiusedfforlthatpurpose, withva mass of fabric 55
material similar to wool, secured thereto. In any nular bead 4I of the body. It will be obvious
event, the said portion of skin or other material _ that the strip 38 which is preferably a piece of
is provided with openings I5 registering with the ribbon facilitates the removal of the body from
the applicator mounting member, and such is
openings II in the mounting member.
accomplished merely by pulling upon the strip,
In Figures 8 and 9, I have illustrated a modi
to draw the bead 4I from the ñange 40.
fied form of my powder puff which likewise in
From the above description and disclosure in
cludes an inverted dish shaped body I6 provided
with an annular bead I'I about the lower edge the drawings, it will be obvious that th'e applicator
thereof, but in this form, the bead is flat, and mounting member cooperates with the body in
each of the forms, to provide what may be termed
10 it will be noted» that the bead at :its-«juncture
ajpowder reservoir, andthatthe mounting mem
with the. body is‘provided withranannular-`:_de-
ber may be readily removed from the body for
pressioni 8 in the upper surface thereof.
The applicator mounting member is indicatedzgç,- ¿cleaning or other purposes. That feature is of
extreme importance in the event the powder
by the reference numeral I9 and is also concavo
convex in formation, with an inwardly curved >should become caked or the openings of the 15
flanged portion 2D formed about theperiphery> vapplicator or mounting member becomes clogged.
It is thought from the foregoing description
thereof and rising from the portion 20 is an
vthatthe advantages and'novel features of the
an threaded
inwardly neck
portion-2|;the-:latterportion ,2g_fprmedY .l I>invention` will be readily apparent,
It' is‘to be understood that changes may be
seat for a‘gaskët "
made in the construction and in the combination
or` washer' 23 to receive Ythe flat bead îI'I stof: ëthe
body, thereby providing a leakproof connection >Vand' arrangement of the several parts, provided
between the body'and the applicatorlímounting that'suchV changes fall within the scope of the
member, as will' beapparent.:`-` "f1
The applicator mountingrmember ~is 'Yi-secured
to the body by a‘retainerïring which includes 'an
interiorly threaded collar portion v2Il=`lto beathread'-7
edly v' mounted on“ >the Zportion -i 2` I ,f andv the 1. ring
includes a curvedflange .25‘sh'apedf to ñt the` an-,
30 nulai` depression I8`, asc'learly shown in:Figure"8.
The applicatorí mounting ' member fil 9Y "is 1 also
provided;- with* a'v plurality "of ’openings for the'
purpose -»of attaching the applicator;azliethereto‘
by'sti'tching 2‘I'or‘other suitable securing> means;v
and the applicator likewise hasfxwool attached.l
thereto 'andi perforatedf or.. :provided ~with= open?
ings to register-with perforations in the appli
cator mounting member;I
_WhatI claim is:
1. A magazine powderl puff comprising a hollow
compressible body having an open lower end, per
forated means detachably closingthe lower end
and cooperating with the body to provide a powder
reservoir, and powder applying means securedl to
the perforated means and to receive powder from
the perforat-ion's.`
, 5 2; A_ ~magazine powder puff comprising a hollow
compressible body having an open end,- concavo
convex perforated means including an annular
flangedportion-detachably connected to the lower
end of ¿the body and closing the same for coop
eration therewith to provide a powder reser
voir, >and wool covered powder applying means
In the formas shownin‘Figure 10„the puñ-in
' covering the- perforated means and having per
40: cludes al bodyt28 similari' to .the body ofthe form> f forations thereinregistering withthe perforations
of Figures 8`andi9: it beingu'nderstoodthat both
of the bodies 'are'made from rubber or other-„suit-u
able ñexible "material, ‘and ‘ the=lbodyf§28¿iszpro--
' ,3. A~magazine powder puff comprising an in
vided with‘aflat bead 29. `The applicator mount-ï' verted substantially dish »shapedV body formed
from compressible material, an annular bead sur
45 ing member of the forr'nïof Figure 10 fis indicated
by the reference numeral'30 andfhas an annular roundingthe lower end of the body, a substan
iiange 3I formed thereon `'shaped vto provide an’ tiallydisk shaped concave-convex member hav
outer channel 'thereinfand an inwardly'r directed 'ing> perforations therein, = an annular flange
portion 32 "is includedin‘theîiiange" 3 I to provide formed on and surrounding the disk shaped mem-`
" a seat for -th'ewa'sher 33 uponwhichi's mounted> ber and curved to follow the shape of the bead
the bead`29 of the body. 4The. retainer-ring of, for fitting '_associationtherewith for detachably
this form includes a >collar portion'34 formed securing the disk shaped member to the body for
atv its ylower end to provide ‘an’ annular resilient'. cooperation withv the latter to >provide a powder
tongue 35 which isfshapedî‘tovflt Athe annular reservoir and powder applying means- secured to
channel of 'theflange -3I’andefor clamping asso-v» the disk shaped Ymember to receive powder from
,. Y f
ciation` therewith, as will» befapparent; In order the'perforations-thereof.
4. A magazine powder puff comprising an in-`
to facilitate. the' ' application and removal of e theaV
retainerV ring-.with respect“ to the ’applicator verted substantially dish shaped ‘body formed
mountingf'member‘ßß, it'will be noted that I'the fromgoompressible material and havingan open
tongueiî35 is transversely slit-as_:at 36;:«1-¿1The re-I- ing in the upper end thereof, a threadedvnipple (il)
tainer- Yring -of this "form':l is *also î‘provided' with> a secured tothe Ybody about the edge ofthe `open
curved flange 3'I"to ñt within"'thel'depressil’on zofl ing thereof, and providing an inlet, a cap for
the body 28.
closing the; inlet andlthreaded ,tol the nipple, a
'I‘he remaining structure of the form of Figure'
10 'is similar in-"all respects-’with respect‘to the
form of Figures`8and'r9gîî’
bead surrounding the lower end of the body„a
substantially diskVr shaped’member offconcavo
convex formation and having openings'therein, a
The form of V_Figures >12' and >13 fis 'similar -in’l
many respects with'the'structure of theform of
Figures -l to 7 inclusive,»but` the »form of Figures
70 1'2 Yand 13 ‘does 'not'include an inlet meansin
flange surroundingl the disk shaped member and
curved to follow theshape of the head for'iitting
is that I provide a strip _38 'disposed transversely
powder applying means including a sheet ofl ma#
terial secured to the disk shaped member and
association therewith for detachably securing the
disk shaped member to the body for cooperation
the body thereof, and thefonlyf'other difference with thelatter'to provide a powder reservoir,
of the body 39 thereof--andwhich has itsen'ds
clamped between the curved'a‘nnula'r ñange 4U
covering the same, said sheet of material having
of the applicator mounting'm'ember andthe an`-"I Vopenings therein registering with the openings
- 2,137,125 jy
of the disk shaped member, and powder distributá 'A v_erted substantially dish shaped body formed
ing fabric secured to the sheet of material for from compressible material, an annular bead sur
receiving powder from the openings.
rounding the lower end of the body, a substan
5. A magazine powder puff comprising an in
tially disk shaped concavo-convex member hav
verted dish shaped body formed from compressi
ing perforations therein, threaded means formed 5
ble material and having an opening in the upper on and rising .from said member, said bead hav
end thereof, capped inlet means mounted in the ing an annular .depression in the upper surface
opening, an annular bead formed about the lower thereof at its juncture with the body, a retainer
edge of the body, a substantially disk shaped ring including a threaded _portion threaded to
member of concave-convex formation and have the threaded means and including means mount 10
ing openings therein, means formed on the disk ed in the depression for securing said member to
shaped member for fittingV association with the the bodyfor cooperation with the latter to pro
bead for detachably securing the disk shaped
vide a powder receiving reservoir, means between
member to the body for cooperation therewith to
the head and said threadedA means to provide a
15 provide a powder reservoir, an applicator includ
leakproof connection, and powder applying means 15
secured to said member to‘receive >powder from
ing a portion of sheep’s skin secured to the disk
shaped ,member and covering the same, said por
the perforations thereof. `
tion of skin having openings therein registering Y
with the openings of the disk shaped member, and
20 sheep's wool on the portion of the skin to receive
8. A magazine powder puff comprising an in
verted substantially >dish shaped body formed
from compressible material, a substantially disk
shaped concavo-convex‘m'ember having perfora 2.o
tions therein, annular channeled means formed
6. A magazine powder puff comprising an in
on and rising from said member, a retainer ring
verted substantially dish shaped body formed including means surrounding and engageable
25 from compressible material, a concavo-convex,
with the body and a slit' annular resilient tongue
perforated member, a retainer ring securing said removably received in the channel for detach 25
member to the body for cooperation therewith ably securing said member to the body, leakproof
-powder from the openings to be saturated'there
' to provide a powder reservoir, leakproof means >
between the body and said member, and wool cov
ber and having perforations therein registering
with the perforations of said member.
means between the body and the channeled
Y means, and powder applying means secured to
30 ered powder applying means covering said mem
land covering said member to receive powder from 30
the perforations thereof. `
7. A magazine powder puff comprising an in- '
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