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NW. 15,1938.
Filed Aug. 12, 1933
5 Sheets-Sheet l
NOV. 15, 1938.
D; $_ BARRows
Filed Aug. 12, 1932
\%¢- ~5.
a _
5 Sheets-Sheet 2
a ‘
Nov. 15, 1938.
Filed Aug. 12, 1932
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
NOV. 15, 1938. '
Filed Aug. 12, 1932
5 Sheets-Sheet 4
Nov. 15, 1938.
Filed Aug. >12, ‘1932 '
5 Sheets-sheaf 5
Patented Nov._15, 1938 "
v 2,137,151
‘UNITEDY‘SrATE. S2,137,151
Donald S. Barrows, Rochester, N. Y.,n,assignor'to
f The Symin'gton-Gould Corporatiom?ochesterr
N. Y., a ‘corporation ‘of Maryland
.ApplicationAugust‘ 12, 1932,. Serial No'..}628,609
12 Claims. (01. zen-3)
Figure 12v isj'a'n elevational View of'the nest’
This ‘invention relates to railway ‘Vehicles > and,
more particularly,- to the construction ‘and ar'-'
shown in Figures 10 ‘andll, looking in the direc-‘
tion of the long dimension-of the elliptic" spring‘.
Figure 13 isl'a vertical ‘sectional view on‘the,
rangement of the bolster springs and mountings
line l3;i3fof~Figure 14,. looking in the direc
The principal object of my invention; generally
considered, is the provision of a spring. nest
tion of the ‘arrows’.
10- associated bolster;
Figure 14-is a i'plan‘of the modified’ nest of
adapted for vhandling as aself-contained unit
for insertion in the bolster opening‘of afrail
way’ vehicle side frame for the support of an
springs shownjin Figurei13;’with portions broken'
Figure’ 15 is _~a.vertica15sectional view on‘the
line l5—-'I5. ofi-Fi'gure ‘14,: looking in the 'direc_-‘ _
Another objectiof ‘my invention is'Ithe'provis'ion
of a practical and economicalmountingfor spring
tion of thearrows.
Referring to the drawings in detail, like parts
. groupstwhich involve‘ both'he'lical'vand'elliptic'or
plate springs;
Other objects and advantages of the invention.
being designated by like reference vcharacters,
as the‘description
to the ‘drawings
‘I my in
plurality 'ofehelical" or coil- springs 3 mounted
and ?rst considering the embodiment of my in= 1
relating to the particular arrangement and cone 'vention illustrated in Figures 1 to 4, vinclusive,
there is shown a ‘nest of springs'l involving an
struction of the various parts will become appar
ellipticv spring or set of'elliptie springs 2 and a
vention, ‘the scope whereof is de?nedLby the ap- ' ‘between upper spring‘ plates 4v and lower spring
_ plates? 5; and-adapted for insertion in the bolster
pended claimszei~
Figure l is a vertical sectional ‘view'on the line openingiof airailway-vehi‘cle- side frame for the
l-—l of Figure 2, looking inl‘the direction ‘or; the vsupport I ‘of the bolster thereof. As an i1lustra= '
tion of ‘the type of side frame for which the
present embodiment of .my ‘invention is particu
arrows, and showing a: nest of springs embody=
25 .
ing my invention.
larly adapted for use.with;'referencesisuhad to
' Figure 2v is‘a plan of the nest of springs shown
' in Figure Lrpartly broken away.
Figure 3 is a. sectional-‘view on the line 3~—¢-3
of'Figure 2, looking in the direction of ‘the are‘
vthe Kadel and Barrows Reissue Patent No. 18,266,
which‘was- reissued under vdate of November‘ 24:,v
i931], and particularly Figures 4 and 5 thereof
' which show the nest of springs-mounted in the
‘bolster opening of a double truss side frame or
of the inner ed'gejportion of one of the'lower one constructed in' accordance with my. prior
Figure 4_is7"
a fragmentary ' detail sectional view»
spring plates on the line'3s-‘3pof Figure‘ 2," 100k‘?
ing in the direction of the arrows;
Patent No. 1,652,808’ of Decemb'er'~<13;.192"7- and
formed with diagonallycxtending reinforcing
Figure 5 is ‘a vertical sectional view of another portions I3“. It will,.therefore,~ be'clear that
embodiment of my invention on the line 15-45 the nest of springs'here‘ vdisclosed may be placed
of Figure 6, looking in the direction of ‘the ‘ in position‘ina frame such as shown in Figure 4 '
of said reissue patent, and with the-elliptic’ spring
Figure 6 is a fragmentary. plan of. the nest of
springs shown in Figure 5.
I . -.
‘Figure '7 is a vertical sectional view on the line
'l—-'l of Figure 6, looking in the direction of the
Figure _8 is an exploded View of the. spring
~ plates and fastening means; therefor shown ‘in
perspective and used‘ formounting the nest of‘
springs shown in Figures 5,‘ 6 and '7;
Figure 9 is a corresponding view of modi?e
forms of two of the spring plates shown'in Fig-v
Figure 10 is a vertical sectional view on‘ the’
line ‘HF-Hi of Figure 11 and showing a modi
?ed; form of spring nest.
'Figure 11 is a plan of vthe form of spring nest
shown in Figure 10.,
; “' >
2 extending transverse of the frame or longi
tudirially of the associated'bolster; asin said re
issue patent;
1 ‘g
The elliptic spring 2 of the'ypresent embodi
inent may beconsidered .ascomprising a-pair of
semi-elliptic springs 6 and 1; each of which in
volves plates 8 held together by vspring bands ‘9 $
and the extreme ends of eaclrhank of plates
resting on end‘blocks ID, as is usual.
‘present ‘embodiment; the fourhelical springs _3
are shown‘as singlecoil ‘springs,- although I do
not wish to be limited to this disclosure. Both 50
the "upperyspring plate 4 and the lower spring
plate 5 arewsubstantially H-shaped inyplan and
each formed of two identical‘ pieces ll ‘disposed
on opposite sides‘ of‘the elliptic, springjz, Each
piecelrmaybe formed ?at. of, the “desired shape 5.5
and then folded on the center of a rectangular
opening which, after folding, provides a wide
notch i2 to hold the corresponding spring band 9.
To assemble, the top and bottom half plates
are connected together through the two helical
springs of the half group, as by means of bolts
l3 passing through corresponding apertures M
in said plates. In order to allow for movement
of the upper plates toward the lower upon com
10 pression of the springs'without buckling the as
sociatedbolts, each plate is desirably embossed
toward the companion plate, as indicated at l5,
so that the bolt used is much shorter than the
normal distance between the upper and lower
15 plates, the embossments leaving space to allow
for movement of the bolt without buckling upon
compression of the springs, as well as providing
centering, means or collars for the associated
helical springs. In order to provide for inter
20 locking the nest of springs with respect to the
side frame and associated bolster, each plate
desirably has embossments or nibs l6 adapted to
?t in corresponding pockets in the frame, spring
plank or bolster and each plate also desirably has
25 a tapering embossment |'| adapting it to nest
over the reinforcing corrugation corresponding
with that designated by. the reference character
l3a of the Reissue Patent No..18,266 previously
referred to.
Although, of course, such a corru
30 gation I1 is not needed for cooperation with the
bolster, yet in order to make theupper and lower
plates interchangeable, said plates are desirably
correspondingly formed.
To apply the nest of springs to the frame, the
35 helical springs and their plates may be put in
place'?rst and pushed to the side up the double
truss incline of the frame. ‘The elliptic spring
may then be put in place on the frame, or spring
plank if used, and the coil springs and‘ their
40 plates slid down into position. As the notches |2
- in the. plates embrace the elliptic spring bands,
their locating plugs or nibs I6 will enter the
corresponding holes or pockets in the frame or
the upper spring band 9a and side portions 24
which straddle the elliptic spring and terminate
in normally horizontal apertured portions 25
which underlie the plates 2| and receive the re
taining bolts l3a thereof. Like the lower plate
IS, the upper plate 22 is desirably formed with
centering plugs Hi“.
In the present embodiment, the nest is desira
bly assembled in place on the lower spring plate
l8, and theupper elliptic spring plate 22 applied, 10
after which, the bolts. l3a may be secured in
place, as illustrated. The upper helical plates
2| are applied over the end portions 25 of the
plate 22, said plates 2|, of course, being formed
with spring collars 20, embossments 26 to cor- l5
respond with the embossments of the lower spring
plate for a similar purpose, although not neces~
sarily similar in size, and notches 21 to interlock
with the centering plugs I 6a of the upper plate
22. '
The vspring plates 2|b andv 22b shown in Fig
ure 9 correspond with the plates 2| and 22 of
Figure 8, except that the centering plugs I?b are
formed on the plates 2| b instead of on the plate
22, and the plate 22b is notched to interlock with 25
said plugs, as indicated at 28. It will also be seen
that the embossment l5b of the’ plate 2|b corre
sponds more nearly with the embossment |5e of
the lower plate.
It will be understood that when the nest of 30
springs just‘ described is in place in a side frame
and serves for support of a bolster so that the
elliptic spring 2a is compressed to a height cor
responding with that of the ellipticisprings 3“,
the ears 25 of the top retaining plate break con- 35
tact with the under sides of the helical or spec
tacle plates 2|. Except as speci?cally described
in connection with the present embodiment, the
same may correspond with that of the preceding
Referring now to the embodiment of my inven
tion illustrated in Figures 10, 11 and 12, there is
shown a nest of springs lc' comprising an elliptic
spring plank.
spring 20 and three single coil helical springs‘ 3°
Referring now to the embodiment of my inven
disposed on either side of said elliptic spring, all
tion illustrated in Figures 5 to 9, inclusive, a of said springs being mounted between an upper 45
spring nest la is there disclosed involving an el
spring plate 4° and a lower spring plate 5° and
liptic spring 2a and four double-coil helical adapted, like the previous embodiments, for ‘in
springs 3a, a pair of said helical springs being sertion in the bolster opening of a railway‘ ve-i
50 disposed on each side of the elliptic spring, as in ‘ hicle side frame. In the drawings, the elliptic
the preceding embodiment. The modi?ed form spring is shown compressed until the top plate 50
of spring nest disclosed in these ?gures is par
touches the coil or helical springs'3c, and for
ticularly adapted for use with a conventional side that reason, the connecting bolts l3c are shown
frame or one not having the double truss re
in place with a considerable amount of slack in
inforcements I3a described in connection with the order to allow for expansion of the elliptic spring 55
Reissue Patent No. 18,266 previously referred to. to its free height when removed from the side
In the present embodiment, the free height of
the elliptic spring 2a is greater than that of the
In the present embodiment, the plates 4“ and
helical springs 32, and the mounting for the nest 5° are generally H-shaped in plan and shown
of springs comprises four plates of three styles. of cast, rather than pressed, ‘construction, as in 60
The lower spring platel8, generally H-shaped in
the preceding embodiments, and centering plugs
plan, is formed with a rectangular opening l9
adapted to position the lower spring band 93L of
the elliptic spring 2a and four spring collars 20
or collars I5c are provided su?iciently long so
that the helical springs will not slip out when the’
adapted to center the inner coils 3b of the helical
springs 31‘. Said lower spring plate is also de
sirably provided with centering plugs l6a and
curved embossments I5a apertured at Me, as in
the preceding embodiment, for receiving the re
Provision for compression of the nest of springs 65
Without buckling the retaining bolts I30 is, in
70 taining bolts l3?’
The upper spring plate means involves three
plates, that is, an individual helical spring plate
2| for each pair of helical springs on a side of
the elliptic spring and an elliptic spring plate 22
75 formed with a rectangular aperture 23 receiving
elliptic spring is free.
- -'
the present instance, made by the upstanding
embossments 29 which receive the lower ends
of said bolts and also function for centering the
intermediate helical springs 3°, said embossments 70
being su?icient in vertical height to not only allow
the elliptic spring to expand to its free height,
but also to, allow full ‘compression of the nest of
springs without the lower end of the bolt tending
to pass beyond the lower surface of thebottom 7-5
2,131,:1 or.
spring plate 5°. In the. ‘present instance, I-have thesnest. ‘in-place, 'suclr interlock. being‘ provided
shown the upper‘ spring plate. 4° formed with
centering plugs 16° adapted to engage in corre
sponding pockets in the associated bolster and
the lower plate 5° maybe formed‘with ‘corre
neetion with the accompanying-‘drawings, it will
be ‘seen that I have devised various forms of
used, may be» formed'with plugs.- which center the
bolster‘openin‘grkof a railway- vehicle-‘side frame,’
by, the-plugsllid‘. 1
‘From the foregoing disclosure, taken in con?
sponding plugs, if desired, ‘or’ the spring-sup- ' spring nests-adapted. for “handling. as self -con
porting portion ofthe frame, ‘or spring plankif - tained units-“for insertion- in or removal from the.
nest ‘of springs by engaging in-thepockets?ll said ‘ units. involving mounting plates which-are
particularly ‘adapted for’ properly spacing a com
10 provided by the upwardly embossed portions,”
Initiation-of’ springs (involving both helical and
of the lower plate 59. ‘ Except as speci?callylde
elliptical “or plate springs." It-will-l also‘be seen
scribed in connection‘ “with the present embodi
ment, the same may be used“ as therembodi'ment thatfthej free height of" the-elliptic spring may
of Figures 5 to 9, inclusive, and- like-said previous ' correspond with or be different from that of the
embodiment, it is especially'ada'pted for: use .with 'associat'edfhelical springs.
a conventional frame.
- .
Referring now to the embodiment of my in,‘
vention- illustrated‘ in'Figures: 13', 14 and 15,,there
isshowh ‘a nest of springs l“ comprising an
elliptic spring 2(1 anda' pair of singlecoil helical
springs‘tlCI disposed-1 on either side thereof, and
all‘ of said springs mounted between interchanged
able pressed metal upper and lower spring plates
Although ‘preferred- embodiments’ of ' my inven
ti'on‘have‘ been‘ disclosed, it Will'be understood .
thatwrnodi?cationsv ‘may-be madevwithiin- the .
spirit-andiscope ‘or theiappendedlclaims. ' '
‘r olai-rn:;‘,
spring nest,‘ adapted for handling as a
self-contained unit for insertion in the bolster
opening'eo‘i a railway‘ vehicle side “frame for the
of a. bolster, comprising upper and lower
4‘! and 56:‘, respectively which'are generally H4 rspri-ngf‘pl'ates
formed- to. respectivelyinterlook
V25 , As inthe embodimenti-lof?gures 1 toijin- ', with‘ associated > bolster’ and frame, and ‘ with
both ihelical- ;andelliptic- springs therebetween,
elusive, the nest of springs_here"disclosed is__ espe
shaped in ‘plan.
said- plates/for that 'pu-rposaT'having" portions
cially" adapted‘ for use- with a'r‘d‘oub'l‘e truss, side
another around the bands.
frame‘ and the spring‘ plates}11 ‘and 5d- therefor extendingjtowardone
preferably have "tapering corrugations ITd adapt or said elliptic ‘spring for holding
ed to interlock with the corresponding diagonally
extending reinforcing portions ' of such ‘a “frame,
'- 2.‘,A-- spring nest adapted for insertion in the
bols'ter 1 > opening‘ “of ' ~a railway vehicle side frame
asindicated by‘thenjeference character ['33, of
and comprisingian elliptic spring and helical
sociated spring'plar'il‘rfii'v used.‘
having individual upperandlower spring plates,
Reissue Patent No; 18,266‘; previously referred to, ' springs‘ disposed on- either side thereof, said heli
cali-springsi-on eithersid'e'of sa-i’d‘ elliptic spring "
or corresponding, nesting corrugations in an as
the adjacent edges of the upper spring plates and
those of the lower spring plates‘ being notched to
apertures l2d preferably de?ned onltwogor, if interlock, with the spring bands of said elliptic
40 desired, all sides, by ?anges 3| which. normally ‘springs, and normally vertical bolts connecting
and lower spring plates on either side
extend toward one another and serve to hold the, the ‘upper
elliptic springs.
plates and elliptic spring in proper relationship. of 3.said
A spring nest comprising a lower spring
The ?anges 3| which lie adjacent the sides of
plate, helical and elliptic springs ‘seated thereon,
the bands ‘9d which extend transverse to the said elliptic spring being disposed between said 45
plates 8‘1 of the elliptic spring are desirably .of a helical springs, said elliptic spring having a free
height corresponding with the thickness of ‘the :heig'ht greater than the helical springs and pro
material forming the bands, so that the upper
vided with an individual upper plate, and indi
and lower surfaces of the upper and lower plates, vidual upper helical spring plates lying on either
respectively, are normally disposed ?ush with side of said elliptic spring plate normally engag
the corresponding surfaces of the bands was ing the upper surfaces of downwardly o?‘set por
For properly centering the springs, each plate
4d, 5‘1 desirably has substantially rectangular
, will be clear from a consideration of Figure 13.
For centering the helical springs 3d,_the usual
' collars Hid are desirably provided. As in the ?rst
embodiment, the spring plates are desirably
tions thereof and connected-t0 the lower spring
4. A spring nest comprising a lower spring
plate, an elliptic spring and helical springs dis
' properly centered with respect to the bolster and posed on opposite sides thereof seated on said
associated side frame or spring plank, if used, I plate, an individual upper spring plate interlock
by plugs I61 which, in the present embodiment,
are pressed therefrom as in the embodiment of.
ing with said elliptic spring, and individual spring,
plates lying on either side of said elliptic spring
Figures 1 to 4, inclusive.
' and seated on the helical springs, said upper ellip
In the present embodiment, the nest of springs > tic spring plate having ears normally underlying
may either be handled as a unit and inserted inf the upper helical spring plates, said ears, regis
place in the bolster opening of a side frame, or tering portions of said upper helicalspring plates,
it may be built .up in said bolster opening by and the registering portions'of the lower plate
?rst applying the lower spring plate 51, then in being apertured, ‘and connecting bolts disposed
serting the springs in place thereon, and ?nally. ‘in said apertures.
applying the upper spring plate 4d. The posi
5. ‘A ‘spring nest comprising interchangeable
tioning of the nest of springs of the present em
upper and lower pressed ‘metal spring plates, an
bodiment in the bolster opening of a side frame ' elliptic spring with a plurality of helical springs
disposedron either ‘side thereof and all lying be-q
tween said spring plates, said plates having rec
tangular apertures receiving corresponding por
use with a double truss side frame, it may also ' tions of the bands of said elliptic spring, a pair of
be used with a conventional frame when the. sides of the aperture in each plate being de?ned
corrugations ll‘1 do not function for interlocking by ?anges extending toward the other plate and 75
will correspond with that of the ?rst embodiment.
It will also be understood that although the nest
of springs disclosed is particularly adapted'for
of av depth corresponding with the thickness of
material of the spring band so that theouter
surfaces of ‘the plates normally lie flush with the
corresponding surfaces of the spring bands when
assembled. -
6. A spring nest comprising spaced upper and
lower spring caps, helical, springs and an ellip
tic Spring interposedbetween said caps, one-of
said caps being formed of counterpart'plates each
10 of which comprises a ?atsheet provided with a
rectangular} openingand an edge thereof folded
to- bisect said opening, thereby forming a notch
for engaging the spring band of the elliptic spring.
'7. A spring nest comprising a lower spring
plate, helical and elliptic springs seated there
on, said elliptic spring provided vwith an individ
ual upper plate having» portions thereof ex
tending outwardly of the ellipticspring and in
dividual upper helical spring plates :superimposed
on the outwardly extending portions of said ellip
tic springrplate and connected to the lower spring
8. A. spring nest comprising upper and~lower
spring plates generally H-shaped in plan, helical‘
andellipt-ic springs disposedbetween said plates,
said elliptic springbeing interposed between the
helical springs and havingkthe longitudinal axis
thereof. extending parallel to- a plane, passing
through the centers of some of the helical springs,
said plates being provided with positioning means
formed on the cross piece of,‘ said Hv adapted to
engage the spring band of the elliptic spring and
a plurality of embossments and collars formed
on said plates extending within said helical
springs, and means extending through said em
bossments connecting said plates. .;
9. In a spring assemblycomprising upper and
lower spring caps, helical springs, and an elliptic
spring disposed between said caps, the upper of
said caps being H-shaped in plan and provided
with formations thereon for centering the helical
springs and for. engaging a top spring band of
the elliptic spring, and a lower spring band of
the elliptic spring having a bearing surface co
planar’ with an outer bearing surface of the lower
spring cap.
10._ A spring nest comprising spaced upper and
lower spring caps, helical springs, and an elliptic
spring interposed between said caps, one of said
caps. being formed of a plate comprising a flat
sheet provided with arectangular opening, and 15
opposing edges thereof folded to bisect said open
ing, thereby forming notches for engaging. a
spring band of the elliptic spring, said folded por
tions bearing against a leaf of said elliptic spring.
11. A spring cap comprising oppositely disposed
spring plates, each-having a rectangular opening
adapted to receive the: spring band of an elliptic
springthe adjacent. edges of said plates being
folded to bisect said opening, and projections on
the outer surfaces of said plates for locking said 25
spring cap in position in a bolster opening, . '7
12. A spring cap for agroup of helical and
‘elliptic springs comprising a plurality of helical
and elliptic spring-plates, the elliptic spring plate
having a rectangular opening therein the edges
of which interlock with a spring band of the ellip
tic spring, said ellipticspring plate having ex
tensions at opposed ends thereof normally en
gaging the helical spring plates.
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