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' ‘Filed Feb. 2, 1958
2a 1a 11626 "42s
'20 2a
TI. 7.
Patented Nov.l15, 1938 i
V " g
._ 2,131,153
' "lvnmtmm 31.661": ’
" : Stanley'VBrozck, Dearbormvl'vlichn
‘ z . “ ‘ ‘v fApplicat-ion February; 2,
i, .
>' locking ‘recess l8,=_~hav-ing-- a’ length: twice that of
1- My-invention'z‘relates Ito-a building block; and l ' ~.the-1eng_th1 of; the end :locking' recesses; --The re
=a wall‘made-therefrom.
-An "important a object » of: the‘finyentiongisglto '
'_~cesses I8; have bottom wallslS, The numeral 20 V
‘designates verticalivent openingsg-having a ver
provide a block of the above mentioned character, ;,tical; web 20" between; them, _‘ The numeral 2| 5
{.5 so constructed that the wall made therefrom will ;designates adongitudinal Hair; circulating recess -
have properinterioriventilation, to'prevent crack
angedpppositethergroovel'l. . The
a‘ "grooves?! eadsinto,;therrecesses ~I‘6.> The oppo- *
to provide a
- ‘A further- ob‘jeetrof :the invention is‘
d ,ofnthe-vertical vent: openings 20 lead
‘ J
cessesor-grooves l'lpandll. The .10
‘block of - the’,:above‘ mentioned character" which
10 may ‘be’ convenientlymanually manipulated- when gvvent. op; nings =20’ ; project longitudinaly‘ beyond
ingworthelikaahd'rwhichiwillj be strong; 1" .1»
Othercobjects and advantages lofqthesinvention
will‘ be apparent? during ‘the course :1 of the 11201
lowing description;
:theiinisrmediaté lojckingrecsss - l Bias shown- The
lgrooveslalll and 2Lproduce intermediate portions
‘ 22 of suitable size to be held; betweenthe ?nger’
and thumb,;,in manipulation-of the‘blocks. ‘The
top,‘ the fportions
.- ' The invention shown'in the presentv applica
tion isrrelatedto ,theinvention shown in ‘my co-_
.15 .
;recesses.r2 I" .being I ‘open at [th \‘
. a,
pending‘ application, Serial No.‘ 91,199, ?ledgJpuly' -‘iltmwbersadilttreated-v’
‘Thev ocks are?iarrangedqin horizontal
1'1, 1936',‘ and which. matured‘ into 1Patent --,N0. \ in’ ‘endto .zendivrelatiom and‘ the assembled; locking
of April 19,1938,
part v . .recessesgl? produce locking ‘passages which.» age '20
in: alignrncnt :with. lockinglpassages produced by.
of this-application and in which like numerals the recessesiB of theblocks in thenext upper
are ‘employed to designate like parts throughout ,‘horizo‘nt lglayergwhich blocks. are inverted. vThe
2,114,774, under date
In the accompanying ~ drawing-forming a
the same,
‘Figure-~11;is-l-a'nplanview of a .wall,
._tuldinallyi beyond v‘fthlef; recesses 18,’ afford 1 free
,com'rnunicatiorilpetween ‘the several horizontal '
rnilar- view showing‘ ltlzieg
upper layer, ‘ i
“Figure v3=isia " side » elevation of the wall, ‘parts
in central vertical longitudinal'section; 1
- ‘Figure 4 is’ a transverse section" taken onyline
4-401’_ Figure 3, the keys omitted; ‘ :U
Figure‘ 5- is a" perspective, viewfofi-s-theyblock,
locking k'eysglé' ,‘areqins 't d. 'nlytheseprecesses.
'Ifhev vertical ventp'as 'gesal? extending longi- 25
'vent'jp'ass‘ages." Theseh‘orizontal vent passages
2| and
are.predliceaby-thervent are zovesfl'li'and
paced. , extensions ‘l 4}’, ' ' henzassembled in :30
‘ u‘sfggttélqtntg‘ keys 23,which
hey i rnay be dispensed with;
is transverse section» through one of
.35 the blocks combined "withza-brick facing.
1 --In¥the1_drawing, wherein-for the,
do f‘whichiis strong and .35
es 0 vavi‘solid-blocki but“
v ,7
7 Us
.illustraticn'is shown .a preferred embodiment
of‘ "
my invention, the numeral; It: .designateslthe
‘shownglfor-building a
5-}. The blocks, in this
block as 'awhole:
block is L-shaped in cross- 1 wa Ifin he successiv horizontal layers are not 40
recess ll formed in one
invertedx Two layers 'of bricks’ 24 extending
This main recess
longitudinal corner thereof.
extends through the entire length of the block;
The block comprises a vertical side face 12 and a
longitudinally are arranged at the face l2, while
the third layer is arranged transversely and
projects into the main recess II. The blocks in .
parallel. The the next upper horizontal layer will be laid upon 45
vertical side face 13, which are
M‘ which projects I the upper ?at face of the wall thus produced‘,
45 block comprises an extension
above'the horizontal wall H3.’ The block is pro
and the longitudinal air vent or passage I'll will»
vided in its opposite vertical endsowith vertical provide the desired circulation. The longitudinal
locking recesses l6, extending through the top passage 2| beneath the layer of transverse bricks
and bottom thereof and leading into the main also provides the desired circulation. Both pas- ‘5o
The block l0, Figure 5, is provided sages l1 and 2|v extend throughout the entire
recess i l .
in its bottom with an ‘air circulating recess or
length of the brick.
groove 11, preferably extending-for ‘the width of
‘In view of the foregoing ‘description, it is ob
the end locking recesses l6 and in communica
vious that I have provided a block which will'per
tion with the end locking recesses. The vertical mit of a proper ventilation, by virtue of the lon- 55_
55 extension I4 is provided with an intermediate _
gitudinal ventilating groove or recess I‘! at the
bottom and the longitudinal groove or recess 2|.
These grooves l1 and 2| provide ventilation
throughout the entire length of the blocks. The
web 20' strengthens the block and permits of
forming the vertical vent openings or passages
suitably long to project beyond the recess l8,
without sacri?cing the desired strength of the
block. The ventilation is‘ throughout-the wall
10 and also through the corners-.7‘
It is to be understood that the'forms of my
recesses, the longitudinal vent recesses providing
between them reduced hand-engaging portions,
said block being provided in its vertical exten
sion with an intermediate lockingrecess having
its inner end closed, said block being also pro
vided with a vertical vent opening extending
longitudinally thereof beyond the end of the inter
mediate locking recess, the vertical vent opening
_ communicating
with , the , longitudinal
4. A wall comprising horizontal lajters of
invention herewith shown and described arerrto
be taken as preferred examples of the same and blocks, the blocks in one layer being a1 ranged
that various changes in the shape, "size‘andjar to ‘break joint with the blocks in the next layer
rangement of parts, may be resorted to, without ‘ and the blocks in one layer being inverted with
departing from the spirit of my invention or the
scope of the subjoined claims.
i I
Having thus describedi‘my‘ invention, what vI
claim is:
respect to the blocks in the next layer, each block 15
,having amain recess in one longitudinal corner,
each block having vertical locking recesses in its
ends and an intermediate locking recess, each
1. A building block having a main recess at ‘one ' block- having a vertical vent opening extending
beyond the end of the intermediate 20
longitudinal corner-for providing a vertical lonf longitudinally
gitudinallextensior?saidblock being provided at idckingrecess for a substantial distance, and keys
its ends "with locking ‘recesses extending through
held within the locking recesses, the vertical vent
ing’recess and said‘bl‘dck having'ja' vertical vent
longitudinal recess, the block being provided in
its ends with vertical recesses, said vertical por
tion being provided with an intermediate vertical
‘recess, the horizontal portion being provided with
upper and lower longitudinal ventilating grooves
extending beyond the sides of the keys
the top and bottom" thereof, said" block being openings
to permit of ventilation. . '
provided upon v‘one ihorizontal'face with'a longi
' v75. A generally L-shaped building'block having
tudinal vent recess, saidifblock being provided in vertical
and horizontal portions forming a main
its vertical extension-With an intermediate ‘lock
longitudinally1 of‘ the 1‘block: beyond the-‘end or
the intermediate locking'recess'fora substantial
distance, the locking-recesses being, adapted to‘, 'in‘jco'mmunication with
receive vertical v‘keys.
the» end recesses.
‘ 6; An L-‘shaped building block comprising hori
zontal and vertical portions aifording a main lon
2. A building blockl having a main} recess ‘at
one longitudinal corner for providing'a vertical
gitudinal recess, said block "being provided in‘
longitudinal extension, said block‘being provided ‘its ends with vertical recesses, the vertical por
vat its ends with ‘vertical locking recesses, ‘said tion having anintermediatervertical recess, ‘the
horizontal portion having a pair of spaced verti
cal vent openings with a‘web between them, the
web being arranged adjacent to the intermediate ‘'
vertical recess and the vertical ventlopenings ex 40
block being provided. upon its horizontal face
remote from the main recess with a longitudinal
vent groove, said block being provided in its verti
cal; extension ‘with an intermediatelocking re
cess, said block havingv'a verticalvent ‘passage
tending longitudinally beyond the intermediate
vertical recess.
extending longitudinallybf the block- andpro
7. An L-shaped building block comprising ver
tical and horizontal portions, said block being
‘provided in its ends with vertical recesses, the
vertical portion being provided with an interme
diate vertical recess, the horizontal portion being
jecting beyond one end of' the intermediate look
ing recess for a substantial: distance, ‘the vertical
vent passage being‘dispo'sed upon ‘one side of' the
intermediate locking recess.
3. A building block having‘ a; main' recess at
50 one longitudinal corner for providing-a vertical
provided with upper and lower horizontal venti
longitudinal extension, said blockbeing provided lating grooves leading into the end vertical re
cesses, the horizontal portion
in its endswith vertical lockingwrecesses extend
them, the web being arranged adjacent tov the
intermediate vertical recess and the vertical vent
remote from the main-recess with a longitudinal
vent recess leading into the end lockingurecesses,
said block being providedvupon its horizontal face
having a pair of 50
spaced vertical vent openings with a web between
ing through the top'andbotto‘m': thereof, said
block ‘being provided upon its horizontal face
openings extending longitudinally beyond the
Vertical , intermediate
recess, the vertical vent
openings leading into the upper and lower hori+
vent recess leading vinto the vertical end locking . zontal ventilating grooves.
adjacent to the main recess with; a longitudinal
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