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Nov. 15, 1938.
Filed April 2, 1937
I 10
71 8
13!? \2
9. 11*
@744”, 4.’ WM
Patented Nov. 15, 1938
2,131,159‘ .
Heinrich Fischer, Nuremberg, Germany‘, 'assignor
to Ernst Horn, Nuremberg, Germany
Application April 2, 1937, Serial No.,134,643
In Germany January 1!‘), '1 3'1
3 Claims. (Cl. 46-195)
This invention relates to toy-vehicles which swing towards said anvil iii. A strip ll’ hav
preferably may be of the type of an automobile, a ing a series of primers thereon is being drawn
oil a reel II and periodically fed alongside said
guide-rail or channel 9 in direction towards said
5 with a detonation-device that is periodically ‘anvil ill by action of the wheels ‘I which them- 5
operated together with said toy-vehicle by means selves are periodically rotated by said hammer
caterpillar tank or the like and consists essen
tially therein that‘ the toy-vehicle is provided
of a spring-driven clockwork.
bysthe intermediary of said resilient pawl 8.
The primers on said strip I 4' will thus be sup;
work and provided'with such a detonation-device plied in succession to said anvil to explode and
produce a detonation, whenever said hammeris 10
ll) will thus, in addition to 'its travelling motion, pe
riodically operate said detonation-device. The hitting against said anvil and a. primer there
between. The detonation device, as a whole, is
latter, moreover, may form a natural supple
periodically actuated by the teeth of said cam
mentation of the toy, especially in case this is con
structed in the form of a war-vehicle, such as a Q on said winding-stem 3, the several teeth of
said cam upon rotation of the latter by said 15
caterpillar-tank, an armored caro'r the like. '
In the accompanying drawing which forms clockwork coming periodically into engagement
A toy-vehicle operated by a spring-driven clock
part of this speci?cation I have shown an exam
ple of a construction of my present toy-vehicle,
with said nose ii on the arm of said hammer, with
the result that the latter will periodically swing
Fig. 1 being aelongitudinal section through a toy .upward about its axle 5 against the action of
20 vehicle constructed in the form of a tank-vehicle spring ii. The wheels ‘I by way of said pawl 8 20
with a caterpillar drive and Fig. 2 a plan-view on will thus likewise be periodically rotated and
Fig. 1 with the cover or casing of the vehicle ‘impart periodical feeding motion to said strip
Referring more particularly to the drawing,
-' the under part I of the casing of the vehicle com
prises the spring-driven clockwork 2 which
serves to drive the wheels of said vehicle to pro
duce the travelling motion of the latter. On
the winding-stem 3 of said clockwork is ?xedly
30 mounted a toothed cam 4, which upon rotation of
the latter will come periodically into engagement
with a nose l3 provided laterally of the hammer .
6 which is mounted above said toothed cam 4 to
swing about an axle or pivot 5 fast on one of the _
lateral plates of said clockwork. 0n the axle ,5
of saidhammer there is further mounted a pair
of actuating wheels ‘I freely rotatable about said
axle. A resilient pawl 8 ‘is further provided on
said hammer to periodically rotate said ‘wheels
40 ‘I as soon as the former is being raised by action
of the teeth on said cam 4. Underneath the
head of said hammer 6 there is ?xedly mounted
an anvil l0. 'A U-shaped guide-rail or channel
9 is pivotally connected at one'end thereof to said
anvil l0. Said guide-rail or channel 9’ is pro
vided at the rear part thereof with an upwardly
bent handle and near its front end on which it is
pivoted to said anvil with an arm ll bent down-,
ward near the front end of said guide-rail or
50 channel 9. To the end of said arm I i is connected
one end of a spring l2, the other end of said
spring being connected to said hammer 6. Said
guide-rail or channel 9 will thus be resiliently
l4’ positioned between 'said ‘‘ wheels and said
guide-rail or channel 9. Whenever hammer 6 is
released from a tooth'on the cam 4, the former 25
will hit by action of the spring I! against said
anvil i0, thereby causing explosion of the respec
tive primer positioned on the latter. In accord
ance with the arrangement of the teeth on cam
I and with the distances beween said teeth 30
there will be produced a series of detonations
either in uniform succession or with proper inter
missions therebetween.
The casing of the toy is preferably‘ provided
with an upper part which may be folded onto
the under part of the casing so that the clockwork
together with the detonation-device may be ex
posed to Ipermitinspection thereof and also in
sertion of a reel ll of strip and primer material.
1. A toy-vehicle‘ comprising a spring-driven
clockwork to impart travelling motion to said
vehicle, a detonation-device, mechanism for- pe
riodically actuating said detonation -device by said
clockwork, said detonation device comprising ‘a
hammer, an anvil and a pivoted guide rail for the
reception of a strip having primers thereon, a pair
of feeding wheels adapted to periodically feed said
strip along said guide rail to said anvil, and a
spring tending to press said guide rail against 50'
said feeding wheels with said strip interposed
,2. A toy-vehicle comprising a spring-driven
pressed by action of said spring I! against said . clock-work to impart ‘travelling motion to said
vehicle, a detonation-device, mechanism for pe- 55
55 pair of wheels 1 and the hammer 6 drawn to
riodically actuating said detonating device by
said clockwork,‘ and said detonating device com
riodically actuating the detonation-device by said
clock-work, the said mechanism comprising an
prising a hammer, an ‘anvil and a guide rail for
anvil, a hammer cooperating therewith, a spring
tending to cause" the hammer to hitthe anvil,
receiving a strip having primers thereon, means
means operated by the mechanis‘mior periodically ' for feeding said strip along the guide rail to
tensioning said hammer against the,‘ action of‘ said fanvil, a spring tending to press said guide
said spring and for periodically releasing said , rail-‘against said feeding means with said strip
hammer to ‘hit against said anvil, and feeding vinterposed therebetween, the ‘said spring being
means controlled by said ‘hammer for 'iieriodically connected to the ‘hammer and tending also to
10 feeding a strip having primers thereon to said force the hammer ‘against said anvil, a toothed 10
cam mounted on an axle of said clockwork for
anvil to cause explosion of a primer, when posi
periodically tensioning the hammer against the
tioned on ‘said anvil,‘ by the ‘actionof said ham
mer when released by said means. ‘ -_ ' .
, action of the spring and releasing the hammer
3. A toy-vehicle comprising spring-driven to hit against a primer on the anvil.
15 clockwork‘? to #iinpai't travelling ': motion ‘ vto ' said *
vehicle, - a 'de'tonating device, mechanism‘ for -'pe‘-‘
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