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Nov. 22,1938.
D. c. TURNBULL ‘a "
File'd March 3, 1936
' . 4
11n unm|ml1nu1m:r."
- _
Patented Nov. 22, 1938
‘ 2,137,254
David O. Turnbull, Mishawaka, Ind., assignor to
The American Foundry Equipment Company,
- Mishawaka, Ind., a. corporation of Delaware
Application March 3, 1936, Serial‘No. 66,813
'1 Claims.
(01. 183—5_8)
This invention relates to dust collectors,‘ and
particularly to a novel supporting and shaking
mechanism for dust collectors of the~ bag ?lter
According to the invention, the construction
comprises a suitable housing having therein one
or more tubular ?lter bags through which the
there is shown a housing I mounted on a suitable
support 2, and having an inlet opening 3, an out
let opening 4, collecting hoppers 5, ends. door 3
permitting access to the interior of the housing i.
Disposed within the housing I is, preferably,
a plurality of elongated, tubular ?lter elements
‘I of the bag type, open at their lower ends and
air or other gaseous material to be.cleaned or suitably connected at their lower ends to a cell
?ltered is passed to. deposit the entrained solid plate 8, having openings 9 cooperating with the
0 material on the bag walls.‘ Each bag is suspended» open lower ends of the elements ‘I. Preferably, 10
from a ?xed support within the housing by a ' the elements are arranged in a series of rows and
connecting element such as a hook, which pref
columns, as shown.
erably is resiliently and adjustably connected to
bers engageable with the suspension member,
A plurality of upright structural members Ill
may support at the upper portion of the housing
I a plurality of cross members“, to which is
secured a plurality of channels l2 the webs of
and vibrated by a suitable mechanism to cause
which form mounting plates. Extending through '
, the support.
The shaking mechanism prefer
15 ' ably consists of one or more plates or other mem
the connected ?lter element to- be vibrated to
the ?anges of each channel 12, is a plurality of
shake loose the collected solid material.
rock shafts I3 carrying depending hangers H,
The invention also provides a construction‘ which extend through shaker plates l5 extending 20
wherein the ?lter bags may be directly supported the length'of the rows of ?lter elements. A cotter
without necessitating the use of any special end pin extends through each hanger I4 to connect
cap or other attaching members, and which per
the shaker plates I 5 thereto, for swingable move
mits the filter bags to be readily adjusted from ment relative to the housing I. '
25 the outside. The supporting construction also
Each ~element ‘l is provided with a loopportion
automatically compensates for any variation in l6 at its upper end, which may be formed by.
the lengths of the ?lter bags, and maintains,
them suiiicientlyv tight to prevent sagging and
folding back the end of the element and stitching
or otherwise securing it to the adjacent portion
leakage. The shaking mechanism provides means . of the element 1. Each element 1, preferably, is
30 whereby ‘the ?lter bags maybe easily ‘and effec
supported by a hook 2l_having a straight and 30
tively agitated to remove collected solid material normally vertical shank portion 22, an offset re
without injuring the ?lter bags or loosening them bent portion 23, a straight supporting portion 24
in their seats.
substantially perpendicular to theJshank 22, and
Various other features and advantages of the an upturned end 25.- The supporting portion 24 '
invention will be apparent from the following is adapted to pass through the loop l6 of the .
particular description and from an inspection 0
corresponding element 1, and the shank portion
the accompanying drawing.
22 passes through a suitable slot 26 in the shaker
Although the novel features which are believed
to be characteristic of this invention will be
particularly ‘pointed out in the claims appended
hereto, the invention itself, as to-its objects and
plate IS. The shank 22g terminates in an 'eye
portion 21, which engages with a cooperating eye
portion 29_formed in'the end-of a supporting bolt 40
29, thus suspending the hook 2| for swinging
advantages, and the manner in which it may be
movement. The bolt 29 extends through an open
carried out, may be better understood by referring ing 30 in the channel l2, and is positioned with
to the following description taken in connection - respect to the channel by a coil spring 3| bearing
with the accompanying drawing forming a part against the top surface of the channel and against
thereof. in which: .
a washer 32 adjustably positioned by a nut ‘33
Fig. 1 is a view in elevation showing a dust threaded on‘the end of the bolt 29. If desired,
collector constructed according to the invention, the bolt 29 may be su?iciently loose in the open
a portion of the structure being broken away to ing to permit the bolt 29 to rock in the channel l2.
50 show the interior;
' '
Eachl?lter element 1 can be readily removed
Fig. 2 is a view showing a horizontal section and replaced by merely depressing the bolt 29
taken along the line 2—-2 of Fig. 3;
and removing the hook 2| from the loop IS. The
Fig. 3 is a view showing a vertical sectiorr taken
along the line 3,-3 of Fig. 2;
Fig. 4 is a view showing a section taken along
the line l—4 of Fig. 3.
tension on the element 1 can be adjusted by
adjustment, of the nut 33, and, owing to the
.tension exerted by the spring 3|, the element 1
will‘ be under sufficient tension to prevent leak
The present invention is capable of being ap , age, at the cell plate, over a considerable range
plied to numerous forms of dust collectors em
of change in length due to adjustment or stretch
ploying bag type ?lter elements, as will be ap
ing. The hook 2!, preferably, is so shaped that
parent. Referring now particularly to Fig. 1,‘
the force exerted thereby on‘ the element 1 is 00
centrally of the element, and in a direction along
the axis thereof.
The shaker 1 plates 15 are actuated from a
motor 35 which, preferably, is energized period
ically or" otherwise‘ by suitable means (not
shown). The motor 3! drives a gear 38 meshing
with a gear 3‘! driving a shaft 38 carrying a cam
39, which may be formed as a star wheel. The
cam 39 actuates a follower Ill rotatably supported
10 on a bar 4 I , which may be attached to one of the
shaker plates [5. The remaining shaker plates
I5 are provided with bars I: which may be con
nected together by a gang bar 43. Upon ener
gization of the motor 35, it drives the cam 39 to
reciprocate the gang bar 43 and swing the at
tached shaker plates 15, which strike. the shanks
22 of the hooks 2 I. and cause them to be agitated
thereby to shake the connected elements 1.
It will now be seen that the invention pro
vides a supporting and shaking element for a
frame, a plurality of suspension'bolts extending
through said mountingplate and rockable there~
in. a shaker plate, means swingably supporting
said shaker plate from said mounting plate, a
plurality of hooks swingably suspended from said
bolts and extending through said shaker plate,
said hooks rockable with respect to said shaker
plate, ?lter bags suspended from said hooks, and
means for agitating said shaker plate whereby to
rock said hooks and agitate said bags.
4. In a dust collector, in combination, a sup
porting structure, a single chambered ?lter bag
having a loop in the upper end thereof, and
means for supporting said ?lter bag on said sup
porting structure including a hook member hav
ing a portion extending through the bag loop
and directly engaging and suspending said ?lter
bag. a shank extending substantially perpendicu
larly to said bag-engaging portion, and a portion
connecting the end of the shank with the end of
dust collector which is simple and inexpensive
to construct, easy to instal, adjust and replace,
and which is effective and certain in operation.
The arrangement permits ready adjustment of
said bag-engaging portion whereby the shank is
centered with respect to the bag-engaging por
tion, and means supporting said hook from said
supporting structure.
the tension on the individual ?lter elements, and
ensures that each ?lter. element will be under
tension so as to prevent leakage or sagging. The
shaking mechanism produces a very pronounced
agitation of the ?lter elements without any lia
porting structure, a ?lter bag having an end
turned over and secured to the body of the bag
to form a loop, a one-piece suspension hook hav
5. In a dust collector, in combination, a sup
ing a substantially straight bag-engaging portion
bility of damage thereto, since the suspension v adapted to extend through said loop, a shank
arrangement permits relief of any undue stresses
set up in the ?lter elements during shaking.
portion substantially centered with respect to
said straight portion and a portion integral with
.While certain novel features of the invention - and connecting the shank to an end of said bag
engaging portion, and means engageable with
annexed claims, it will be understood that vari
said suspension hook for supporting it from said
have been disclosed and are pointed out in the
ous omissions, substitutions: and changes may be
supporting structure.
made by those skilled in' the art without depart
ing from the spirit of the invention.
6. A dust collector including in combination,
a support, a mounting plate, a ?lter bag having
a loop formed therein at one end, a suspension
What is claimed is:
1. In a dust collector, in combination, a hous
ing structure, a mounting plate ?xed in said
housing, a ?lter element in said housing struc
ture, a shaker plate in said housing structure,
means swingably mounting said shaker plate, a
suspension hook engaging said ?lter element and
having a shank extending through said'shaker
plate, a suspension member engaging said sus
pension hook and having a portion extending
through said mounting plate, spring means sur
rounding the portion beyond said mountinggplate
and resiliently supporting said suspension mem
ber from said mounting plate, and means for
agitating said shaker plate to e?ect agitation of
said suspension hook and the connected ?lter
2. A dust collector including. in combination,
member having a shank extending through and 40
projecting above said mounting plate and a hook
receiving portion below said mounting plate, a
suspension hook having a free, elongated bag
engaging portion extending through the loop in
said ?lter bag and turned up at its extreme end
to maintain said bag on said bag-engaging por
tion, a shank, and a hook portion adapted to
support said hook .on said suspension member
for free swinging movement thereon.
7. In a dust collector, in combination, a hous
ing, 'a mounting member, an agitating member 503.
movably supported from said mounting member,
a plurality of ?lter bags in said housing, each
having its upper end turned over and secured to
the body of the bag to form a loop, a suspension
hook for directly engaging each bag and having
a frame, a. mounting plate supported on said
a substantially straight, bag-engaging portion
frame, a plurality of suspension bolts extending
insertable into said loop from one end and turned
up at one end to restrain the loop against dis
placement, and a shank‘connected to the other (ill
end of and centered with respect to said bag
through said mounting plate, adjustable spring
means engaging said suspension bolts above said
mounting plate for resiliently and adjustably
mounting said bolts, a shaker plate, means
engaging portion, said shank extending through
swingably supporting said shaker plate below_ an opening in said agitating member, means in
said mounting plate, a plurality of hooks swing
cluding suspension members extending through
ably suspended from said suspension bolts and said mounting member, resilient means engage
extending through said shaker plate, ?lter bags able with said suspension members above said
suspended'from each of said hooks, and means mounting member for resiliently and adjustably
for agitating said shaker plate whereby to agitate positioning said hooks with respect to said agi
said hooks and shake said bags.
tating member, and means for agitating said
3. A dust collector including in combination, agitating member to shake said bags.
a‘ frame; a mounting plate supported on said
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