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Nov. 22, 1938.
Filed Jan. 9, 1957
‘ Patented Nov. 22, \1938
mesne assignments, to Wright Aeronautical
Corporation, Paterson, N. J., a. corporation of
_New York
Application January 9, 1937, Serial Nt. 119,729
2 Claims. (Cl. 285-25)
This invention relates to an improved attach
circumference, the effect of the serrations being
to give overlapping abutment faces against the
ring and also to materially increase the effective
ment or mechanical connection, the speci?c em
bodiment of the drawing showing the device ap
plied for attaching a cylinder ‘of an ‘aircraft en
shear area of the ring.
gine to the enginecrankcase.
The underside of the ?ange 22 of the cylinder
abutsa suitable shoulder in the crankcase. In
The usual form of attachment comprises a
?ange -on the cylinder cooperating with nuts
this speci?c instance the abutment comprises a
ring 28 abutting a seat 29 in the crankcase I4
as shown, the ring and the crankcase being pro
vided with chamfers to accommodate a sealing
screwed onto studs threaded into the crankcase.
This form of attachment gets relatively bulky
10 and heavy in high powered engines. For ex
ample, one well known fourteen-cylinder engine
uses 224 studs and nuts for attaching the cyl
inders and many of these are in relatively in
ring 30, of soft material, to provide oil tightness.
While the serrated ?ange embodiment shown
in the drawing represents the preferred embodi
.accessible positions between adjacent cylinders,
ment of the invention, it may be carried out in
a simpli?ed form, as shown in Fig. 3, by using
15 which considerably lengthens the time required
for assembly and disassembly.
Further, the
a continuous ?ange 22' on the cylinder of a
stressesin the cylinder barrel and crankcase are
apt to be concentrated around each nut and stud.
Accordingly, objects of the present invention
20 are to avoid the foregoing limitations and to pro
vide a simpli?ed construction which shall be eco
diameter equal to mean diameter of the split
ring 26 and by similarly forming the inside of the
nut 20' to a smooth bore that will just pass over
» the cylinder ?ange. In this case, there are apt 20
to be compressive reactions upon the cylinder
sleeve which are avoided by the overlapping rela
tions of the serrated members of the preferred
nomical in weight and cost and afford relatively
uniform stress distribution. Other objects and
advantages will be pointed out in, or will be obvi
25 ous from, the following description, with refer
ence to the drawing, injwhich:
old in the art, but it will be appreciated that the
presence of the ?ns l2, or other enlargements
on the cylinder prevents any conventionahring
inder and crankcase of a radial engine,
Fig. 2 is an “exploded” perspective view of th
30 essential parts of the invention, and
bodiment of ‘the invention.
nut from being assembled into the reduced diam
eter between these ?ns and the cylinder ?ange 30
which the .nut is about to abut. In ‘one known
‘ construction, this dilemma was overcome by
forming the nut initially integral with‘ the cyl
inder above the cylinder holding ?ange and
then parting the nut from the cylinder material
proper, by the use of a slender tool, which still
In the drawing, ‘l0 designates a cylinder hav
35 ing conventional cooling ?ns l2, the cylinder pro—
jecting into a crankcase M which is split in the
plane of Fig. l (at l5 in Fig. 2) and secured by
. through bolts l6»in the usual way.
Concentric with each cylinder axis, the crank
I am aware that ?ange and annular nuts are 25
Fig. l isa fragmentary section through 8, cyl
Fig. 3 is a‘ fragmentary section'through a' cyl
inder and crankcase showing an alternative em
left the necessary excess of ?ange diameter over
‘ the'bore of the nut, which thus could not be
-40 case is provided with integral'annular projectionsv
demounted from the cylinder without spoiling
the utility of both. The present invention’ com
I8 which are internally screw-threaded to receive prises an improved and simpli?ed means of de 40
companion screw-threads ,on _a ring nut 20. The tachably mounting a ring nut for assembly in
cylinder is provided with a serrated ?ange 22 abutting relation with a cylinder ?ange in spite
and the nut is provided with internal serrations ' of projections on the cylinder which prevent the
45 24 which are adapted. to be passed over the serra
assembly of the nut over the upper end thereof. 45
tions 22 of the cylinder barrel. A split ring 28,
While I have described. my invention in detail
which may be of'circular cross-section, is sprung in .its present preferred embodiment, it will be
‘ over the serrated ?ange 22 of the cylinder after.
the nut 20 has been passed overthe ?ange 22.
'50 The upper side of the ?ange 22 is made to con
form to the vpro?le of the ring as is the lower
side of the serrations 24 of the nut 20.
It will be seen that when the nut is screwed
home (by the wrench teeth 32) , against this ring,
the latter is stressed in shearqaroundnits whole. .
obvious‘ to those skilled in the art, after under
standing my invention, that various changes and
modifications may be made therein without de 50
parting from the spirit or scope thereof. - I aim
in the appended claims to cover all such modi
?cations and changes.
I claim as my invention:
1. The combination with a cylinder and a case,
2,187,391 ’
ofan annular nut, a ?ange on the cylinder over
lapping the bore of said nut, serrations on said
?ange and in said bore to permit the nut to be
passed into position for assembly, a split ring
>5 adapted to retain said nut from re-passing said
diameter, a cylinder having a ?ange of greater
diameter, a nut having a ?ange of lesser diam
eter, a body means into which said'nut is se
cured for securing the cylinder thereto in as
sembled relation, and serrations in said ?anges
?ange and threads in said case into which said - whereby one may pass the other when said split
nut is screwed to hold said ?ange in assembled ring has been removed.
relation against said case.
2-_ In combination, a split ring 0! given mean
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