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Nov.v 22, 1938.
M. M. soYBEl.
Filed Oct. 8, 1936
Patented Npv. 22, less
Meyer M. Soybel, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to In- ' ' '
ternational Folding Paper Box Co., Inc., North
Bergen, N. J., a corporation of New Jersey
Application October 8, 1936, Serial No. 104,567v
'Ibis-invention relates-“to>v collapsible combined kexposed vfinished surface II of which is the- under
»displayarid-_shipping boxes, iand particlllarlyto
,surface~ as viewed in Fig. 2. Thesurface I I may
‘ ~ thatl
of box "in which articles are. packed for . » be imprintedsubstantially throughout its area
‘ shipment, and which «maybe opened by the re- ., with the desired illustrations and/_or indicia I2,
`5 cipient forthedisplay of the contents. ~
> while the other surfacefof the blank> remains u_n- 5'
` The invention contemplates the‘provision of . a printed. When the blank is folded, however, both
. simple but veiïicient one-piece box having a c01- faces of the cover 2D display the printed matter. '
lapsible container part provided with a proteot-
The rectangular portions I3 and._l4 of the blank
ing ledge, and with a display cover part adapted
lo to be raised to display the contents and selfmaintained when opened, in an inclined position.
The invention further contemplates the provi-
I0 which form the Acover 20, are folded about the
fold line I5 to form the integral bend IB at the 10
free edge of the cover and to arrange the outer
most edge Il of the blank adjacent the upper
sion of a box in which only one flap is glued and
which is providedv with an eñlcient lock for the
fold line I8 of the rear wall I9. Said portions
I3 and I4 are secured together with the imprinted
l5 endflaps automatically holding said flaps in place
against opening when said ñaps have been ar_ ranged in place.
, j
_ `
surfaces thereof outermost to form the sti?lîened 15
and comparatively rigid cover 23 of two thick
nessesY of
The invention further contemplates the provi- therefore, display printed matter` IN2.
sion of a display and shipping box made from a
From ¿the rearwall I9 extends integrally the
20 blank which need be imprinted on one face only, .zrear side llaps 2If, >22, 'fold‘ablev at right angles to 20
" the` box, when folded from the blank,l having ' the wall I9,y and ,which will__l_ater be more fully `
printed matter on'both faces of the cover‘and on i described. ’fI'hebottom 23 of the box is limited by
all its exposed outer surfaces.
¿fithejrfear _foldj‘24and .the frontfold 25 thereof.
The invention further contemplates 'th‘eÍproVl-ñ' 3'’The"ifrox'itr 'v_vallf'ìlivr` extends ~¿b_einyeen the fold lines
25 sion of a one-piece display and Shipping'box which ‘ 25 and 21 and is provided'wlth thefrcnt side flaps 2‘5 l
is so designed that it may be collapsed for ship-
2_8 and `2l)> extending ¿outwardly therefrom and
ment and easily folded into'shape to receive its
¿foldable respectively 'about the fold lines 30 and
contents, and which has _suitable,'-eilicient but
simple holding means for the cover, and 'bracing
3|. The top wall 32-`_of .the container part of the
box extends-between¿therfold lines 21 and 59, and
30 means for the top wall of the container part.
ísprovlded vwithV aK cut-out portion V33, of the de- 30
The various objects of the invention ¿will be `sired "shape to` provide adequate display of the
clear from the description which follows and from contents, the remainder of the top wall holding
the drawing, in which-
’ '
the contents suitably in place during shipping.A
Fig. l is a perspective view of the box in ‘the
i 35 display` position thereof, the contents, however,
being omitted.
_ »
The quadrant .projections 34an'd 35may be pro- _
vided, if desired'at th'e'ïfrontïsidèä'of Said Cut-Out 35
and to
extendv from the ` continuous ledge 36
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the .blank from which varound> the remainder ojjf the cut-out. The edge
the .box is folded, it being understood that after flap ~3.' the. rear -edge (if-¿the'top wall 32 isfold
I the edge flap has been secured inplace, th'e'bo‘x able about the fold ‘lineläil‘and is gummed, pasted
40 may be readily collapsed to occupy an Áarea Whose
length is that ofthe cover added'to the-‘lengths of
-theendflapsbandwhose width is that-of the cover
added .toïthè width of >one side of the box'. '
or `otherwise.siiilgefiloly secured-îto the'rear wall I 9 40
with the fold lines 59 and I I8 .co-incident, after
the bOX hëiSbeen Printed, and4 When it iS ready
_ to be shipped in „ its, collapsed state.
_--_.‘Figr.» 3 is a vertical fragmentary section of an _from the `top Wall 32 218th@ end lflaps 33 and 39
_45 'end of the boxtaken on the line„3--3 of Fig. 1
and showing particularly the locking means for
‘the flaps, _
. l
which are lpreferably~ identical. lEach of said flaps 45
`iS 0f Substantially the same'v length as theA side
_ naps 2l, 22, 28 ‘and»29, butis subdivided .into an
`Fig-_. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective' end forming-PGIÜQE-M foldëbleï‘abolit theïfold
vview of the locking means 'fortheiìaps-
line‘ 4| ÍUCLÍOIIII'HJ!v end -0`f the bÓX, anda bottom
Fig. 5-is a vertical cross section ,ofv the box show-
engaging portion .4.21 foldableiabout the fold- line 50~
ingthe bracing means for the ledge, and the cover
»43 and ÍHÈO `6011'53'3@ With the ‘bottom Wall 2,3.. VThe
holding tab. ~
free corners of the bottom engaging portion '42- are
In the practical embodiment of theinvention
which has been shown by Way of example, the box
55 is formed ofthe one-piece blank llLvthe‘ñnally
preferably beveled as at 44.
A_s shown in Fig. 2, the material remOVed t0
form the cut-out 33 may be cut'by the severing 55
cut 60 and the end severing cuts 6I and 62 to
form flaps 63 and 64 bendable about the respec
tive fold lines 65 and 66 and also bendable about
the fold lines 61 and 68. That portion 69 of the
flap 63 between the fold lines 61 and G5 is bent
under the adjacent portion of the ledge 38 about
the fold line 61, While the remaining part 63 of
said flap is bent about the fold line 65 into up
right position and against the front wall 26, and
various flaps excepting the ilap 31, to extend
the box from its collapsed position into the posi
tion in which the ñlled boxes are shipped.
its collapsed position, the various flaps of the
box are not folded, excepting that the flap 31
has been secured in place to the side I9, and
Ythe doubled cover has been folded about the
line I8 on to the remainder~ of the collapsed blank,
thereby forming a collapsed box whose Width is
that of the top -plus 4thewidth of one side, and
thereby serves as a brace and support for the ‘
whose length is the length Vof the cover. plus the
lengths of >the various flaps.
ledge. Similarly, .the flap-64 hasonevportion 12
thereof bent underneath the adjacent portion or
After theiuser has arranged the flaps in the
described and has folded the parts 63
again bent into- vupright position against the rear ,and_'6_4_`i,nto
their proper supporting positions,
15 wall I9.
To provideritiealrfisl
down _ ` thefco’ntents are inserted into the container
rear part of theledge and the remainder-thereof .
'portion'pf the‘box, vbei'ng'held» in place by the
on the top wall32_;}à,l_"slit~.as_.15 may-be r'n'ade‘at ledg,el36_».a_nd,the extensionsthereof 34 and 35.
about the center-:oftheJfoldfline‘ij'lfto `receive a
is'lthen-lifted'and the cover 2D folded
snitebie tab rennen en", tnejcoaervgg; preferably; ' 'f _ Thetabll'
dpwn-fqnftop ¿of :thel‘edge -wiiilévth'e `tab is, forced
said tab is outlined. bythese‘verirïíg «cutß16 termi-r« j throughîthe slitf_'lt'gliio'` ,that the Íñlled‘ vboxes may
‘beshipp‘e'dfftò the_mereliant.,- The merchant need '
_only ,openY-thQ‘cQNer “2.0 by _pulling'n the ‘tab 11 ' out
Vhinge'“line-I8` into the position' shownin -Fig.v 1,
25 at its upper` edge and'ïis hingedlto theì oute'npar't f`-`whereby~
Locking means are provided for automatically
securing the en_d flaps 4I) in place when the bot
tom engaging portions 42 thereof have been -in
30 serted into the interior of the container part
and in contact with the bottom 23. Said means
the .contents ,l of _the -box -are displayed
to the purchaser.
It will be understood that the fold line I8 is
of >such depth that while the cover 20 may be
folded into an inclined position past the vertical 30
plane Vof the rear wall I9, the cover itself is main
comprises the pair of recesses 45, 46 extendingr tained in a self-inclined position owing to the
to folding offered by the partly scored
toward each other inwardly of the edges of the `‘resistance
ñaps _38, 39 and being each ,provided with sides.;` fold line I8,_whe'reby _the»c0ver is automatically
A ‘
41, 48 converging slightly inwardly,y said .sidesï
being joined by the substantially_.sernicircula ‘
end edge portion of the recess'49. The fold
43 is spaced from the edges-41 of the rèef ss
distance substantially equalr to- the thickness
40 the paper from which the blank is madeQ-‘ßf' »f
-itsJproperdis'play position;
" '
further beunderstòodï-that both sides of
? ,asf'yvell as~the feritireiçîiìter or vexposed
'faccio the’boxïmar:be'eiiitably vDrintedfb'y the
g" f,~-th_e';_1í_nder )surface ofwthe blank .I0
vbutnecessitating- the‘iprinting of
Each of the outer portions of the side flaps i `boit _v_ sides'of‘` the ‘_blan'lt.` The parts 63"'and 64
2|, 22, 28 and 29 is reduced in width along one- may beom'itted if desired, by severing along the
of its edges beginning at a point as 5D and exe- 'lines `(i1.~ and 68, `.and the ytab 'I1 and slitl 15 may
tending to the outermost end of the'fiap.y Said v
point 50 is spaced frontthe fold line of the flap’
a distance substantially equal to the lengths of
the recesses 45> and 46. `From the pointv 50„ex
tends the outwardly inclined edge 5I meeting
the edge 52 of the flap, :which edge 52 is in align
ment with the adjacent fold> line 24 or 25, and
alsofbe .'omltted.
l It will be seenv that »my invention provides a
simple' and comparatively inexpensive box well
adapted for display purposes, as well as shipping
purposes, .andqformingv an eiiicient and secure
holding~means 'for the contents thereof.
_ While there has been shown a specific embodi
50 forms the wider part 53 of the flap.l
ment ofy the‘invention, there is no intention to
- It will be seen that after theend flap 31 has y.limit the claimsthereto, but it is intended to
been secured in place as `above described, the claim. the‘invention as broadly as may be per
sides I9 and 2_6 may .'be lraised fromfthei'r col
lapsed positions vinto „upright v position„whereby
mitted by the state of the prior art and the scope
ofthe appended claims.
the bottom I0 andtop wall 32 are
side flapsî being'a'rranged ini -
@mariene-'za .ceniai-,ruërÁ part »and _an
The side flapsfmay then` b fo
.rajtbdver part hinged'-integrallyïatits
I other ' in pairs.;` 'whereafte
the flap 3`9=~mafyf _be-.arrange _
flaps, and' the ‘bottomA portion -4 m
65 edge 41 of the indent isjforced‘past-.tne- portion
‘ 'etoîthelupperfrear edge ofthe container
aid-container part-having atop -wa'llÁthere
on-'Vproyidedwith anjop'ening', part of thema
c_rnoyed @from-theater) :wall to f-orr'n the
ope'iìnn‘g@being` 'separated-'by _a slit into a front
rear :party the _front portion of the
pa1ft~and-.thef'rea`r Portion 0f the front part
b'eing' ‘lientïintoy hprizontal'position >against the '
52, said portion 52 owing tothe-¿inherent
„ f_said parts being
iency of the flap, automaticallygmoves,¿dow
forint fa ~support for
wardly over the outsideof the _edgej _41 Inf-the fr
_ :top wall, and flaps
the ñaps 38 and `39 are locked intheirrespective `^ extending integrally 'from the ._end edges of the top
assembled positions, and cannot accidentally be »_ wall‘and forming the"end¿walls__ of said container
-_ ..
It will be understood that the user who in- - ` 2, A box of a vsingle sheet of p'ape'r'rcomprising
»a 'hinged cover of double thickness, the outer of
75 serts the contents into the box`, will unfold the
said thicknesses being imperforate, a‘ container
part having front and rear walls, end walls, a
bottom and top wall provided with an opening,
and a score line at~the junction of the outer
thickness of the cover and said rear walls, said
score line being of insuiiicient depth to permit
movement of the cover through an angle of 180°,
but suñîcient to permit movement of the cover
through- an angle greater than 90° »any î/fess than
10 180°, whereby said cover when so moved is self
maintained by gravity in an inclined position,
said cover being hinged'at said score line to close
down on and to completely cover the top wall, the
thicknesses of said cover being secured together
over substantially their entire areas.
` 3. In a oneepiece combined display and ship
>ping box, a cover part folded on itself to _provide
two adhering thicknesses of material and coex-tensive with the container part, a container part
20 hinged integrally at its rear edge to the lower
edge of the cover part, a. score line between said
parts of suilîcient depth to permit said cover part
to be sustained solely by gravity in- a. backwardly
4. A combined shipping and display box of af
single piece of material and comprising a cover
of two adhering thicknesses of material having
an integral bend at the upper edge thereof and
hinged at the lower edge thereof, a‘score line at
said lower edge of sufiicient depth to` permit the
movement of the cover through an angle slightly
greater than 90° into an inclined display position
and to be maintained by gravity in said position,
a rear side extending from the outermost thick
ness ofthe cover, a bottom extending integrally
from the lower edge of the rear side, a front side
extending integrally 'from the iront edge of the
bottom, a top extending integrally from the upper
edge of the front side, said top having an opening 15
therein forming a ledge around the box, the ma
terial Vof said top removed to form said opening
being dividedv in a rear and front part by a slit,
the rear part being ñrst bent into contact with
the rear part of said top and then bent vertically 20
into contact with the rear side, the front part
being bent horizontally into contact with the
front part of said top and then into contact with
said front side, said cover when swung about the
25 upon the outer thickness of said cover by the ad
line down on said top completely covering 25
hering inner thickness, said container part having ' score
said opening and said ledge.
a top wall provided with a substantially central
inclined display position under the weight put
opening, adapted to be completely closed by the
cover when moved from its display position.
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