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Nov. 22, 1938.
Original Filed Jan. 11, 1937
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
NOV- 22, 1933-
Original Filed Jan. 11, 1937
3 Sheets-Sheet 2v
Patented Nov. 22, 1938
Pietro Manisealco, Toledo,‘ Ohio
Original application /January"1;1, 11937, ‘Serial No. I
120,021. Divided and this'application July '14, _
1937, Serial No. 153,582
‘3 Claims. (Cl. “123-472)
This invention relates to-a new ‘and'improved
internal combustion engine.
"said ‘jacket’t‘o‘afsuitable'radiator, an inlet for the
‘water ‘?to the I ‘cooling jacket‘ being‘ similarly ‘pro
One of the objects of this invention is to pro
vide certain improvements in an internal combus
tion engine which includes precompressingmeans
and a channel connecting‘the same with the com
‘A‘carburetor 20 has a neck '2! ‘connected with
:the intake end 22’ of the intake manifold 22, >15
bustion cylinder, such improvements comprising vand has an air intake and'?lter member‘l23 con
nected‘to it by ‘a conduit“. A control valvei25
a control valve provided in said channel’ and op
erating means connecting said valve with the
‘throttle ‘valve on the'carburetor, for synchroniz
ing said valves to operate them in unison.
" is.‘ provided in neck 2i 'and‘ is operated bye, crank
lever 26 mounted "on'the valve ‘stem and by an
operating‘rod 21 extending fro‘m‘the lever. From ‘3T0
Another object of this invention is to provide ‘said manifold 22 the‘p‘re-‘mixed fuel charge passes
thru the ‘branch conduits‘28into the entrance
‘compressed fuel‘ mixture prior toiits entry to the chambers 29 providedat the upper ends'of‘th‘e
‘1115 ‘combustion cylinder,-also .means whereby said several cylinders I3. A valve element '30 "closes
‘valve is connected with the throttle valve on‘ the the ‘valve seat on each cylinder 13 and descends tie
‘to “admit the fuel mixture from the chamber 29
‘carburetor, to be‘ operated in unison‘therewith.
i into i the ' cylinder.
‘a valve in the chamber which contains the pre
These and various ‘other objects and ‘ad
vantages are attained Wlth‘thiS invention, as will
‘become apparent from'the following "description,
takenrin connection‘ with‘the accompanying draw
ings in which the-invention is‘shown in'it‘s pre
'ferred form of ‘ construction, ' it being‘ understood
‘that ‘various other arrangements andforms may
. ‘be resorted to for'lcarrying'out the fo‘bje‘cts and
‘purposes of this invention.
In the drawings:
:Fig. “1 is ‘a side elevational'view o‘f ‘myiinven
‘tion in 'YitsJpreferred, form of construction, parts
The means provided 'for operating these valves
includes a “spring 3| ‘on the outer end of each
valve stem 32 adapted to urge the valve 3|] to-‘its ‘120
'closed position, when the down stroke of piston
‘ I 4 is completed. For closing these v‘alves ‘a rocker
arm "33 is pivoted on a bracket 34 on‘the cylin
der housing, and a rocker‘shaft 35 bears ‘against
the end133' of arm 33 to depress stem 32‘ and open J25
valve'3ll. Shaft '35 extends into the crankcase '36
andiis actuated ‘by a ‘cam ‘31 'on a cam shaft 38
which is driven thru an attached gear :39 (see
Fig. 3) actuated by a gear 40 mounted‘on one
30 \being broken away.
end of a crank shaft 4| which carries the'?ywheel 1-30 Fig. 2 is an end elevational viewthereofglpartly “42 on its ‘other end.
'insection, taken on‘ line ‘2-2 "of Fig. 1.
A valve 43 on 'a‘stem 4‘4 is urged by‘a spring 45
Fig. 3ris a topplan view thereof.
This is a division of my prior application for to the closed ‘position ‘on its valve seat, thereby
‘patent for Combination gasolene and oil engine, closing communication between‘cylinder ‘I3 and
chamber 15. Valve .43 is thereby held closed was
Serial ‘Number 120,021, ?led Jan. 11, 1937.‘
during the main upward stroke ‘of piston 14, so
‘In the drawings this invention‘is‘illustrated»in that
the mixture in cylinder I3 will be properly
its ‘preferred form of construction, embodied‘in an
and the valve will open When'the
‘internal ‘combustion engine ‘which is adapted to
40 utilize as its fuel, 'gasolene and ‘also different ‘proper‘pressure of the mixture is reached. The
preheated and precompres’s‘ed ‘fuel mixture then at ‘ ypes and grades of oil. This construction illus
enters chamber l5, and at the end of the‘upwa‘rd
trated comprises a'co‘mbustion cylinder I‘l con
taining a piston l2 thereinjan‘d a superchargi‘ng stroke of‘ piston l4 the‘valve “is closed by‘sprin‘g
~or1precompressing cylinder ‘I3 containing a-pis
ton M therein, and whereby ‘the ‘fuel mixture
-isrcompresse‘dvan'd preheated. ‘A ‘chamber I5 0p
ieratively ‘connects the 'two cylinders and is
45,'and‘the, mixture is con?ned in chamber 15. ‘
A valve 46 closes the valve opening provided
at the upper end of ‘cylinder ‘ll, to‘close‘com
'munication between said cylinder and chamber
'15. ‘Said valve ‘46 is held closed by ajspring 41
vadapted'to store and to ‘convey‘a required amount
‘of precompressed fuel mixture from ‘cylinder l3
to cylinder H, at proper temperature and pres
-.on a stem 48, until the stem isfactuated by an
sure to provide a ‘full 'power stroke of piston
‘on a ca’m’shaft'B?, ‘adapted to actuate a stem 5| r50
opening mechanism which includes the cam 49
adjustabl‘y‘ connected ‘to a rod ‘52 of which the up
end actuates a lever 53 pivoted at 54 ‘on a
cylinders and communicate withla cooling jacket '
l2. Cooling jackets 16 are 'provided'around the
l1 provided around chamber i5, while a hot wa
at ter-Ireturn'pipe v‘lilcondu‘cts the hot water from
‘bracket 55 provided on vvthe cylinder casing.‘ ‘The
“free end of lever ‘53 ‘bears on valve ‘stem “48 ‘to
“open Valvel? ‘agains‘t'th‘e‘action of “spring ‘41, at P55
the‘ proper time for the admission of the fuel
mixture to combustion cylinder ll, thru the op
eration of rod 52, cam 49, shaft 50 and a gear
'51 thereon, driven by means of a gear' 56 on
crank shaft 4!.
An exhaust port 59 is provided in the peripheral
wall of cylinder H, and communicates thru a
branch conduit 60 with exhaust manifold 6|.
This port 59 and the operating mechanism for
25. Links 9| are connected‘ to arms 92 provided
on said shaft 88 and to arms 93 extending from
the stems of the several control valves 85. Thus,
upon operating the rod 21 of the throttle valve
25, the several control valves 85 will be operated
in unison along with the throttle valve.
The usual choke valve 94 is provided in the
air inlet channel 24 on the carburetor, being op
erated in the usual manner, by a rod 95 extend
10 valve 48 are arranged and timed so that the valve
starts opening before exhaust port 59 is fully un
covered, thereby assisting the piston in clearing
dead gases from said cylinder ll. When port 59
is closed by piston 12 during its upward stroke,
15 then combustion cylinder II will be ?lled with a
clean fuel mixture fed from chamber l5; where
upon lever 53 raises from stem 48 and spring 41
closes valve 46. Piston 12 then completes its up- '
ward stroke and the compressed mixture is ?red
20 by the action of a sparkplug 82 mounted in the
upper end ‘of the cylinder‘, piston l4 being forced
downward until it clears exhaust port 59 and the
burnt gas is ejected into exhaust manifold 6l'.
A piston rod 64 is pivoted to piston I2 and to
ing from the arm 96 on said valve.
I claim:
1. In an internal combustion engine, a plu
rality of combustion cylinders and a supercharg
ing cylinder for each, a charge storing and con
veying chamber connecting a combustion cylin 15
der with its supercharging cylinder, a rotary
valve in each chamber for controlling the flow of
fuel mixture there'thru to the combustion cylin
25 a crank 65 on crank shaft 4|, and a piston rod
66 is'pivoted to piston 14 and to an arm 61 off
set laterally from rod 64, thereby providing a
definite advance of stroke of the supercharging
piston l4 relative to themain piston 12.
30 -A'safety valve is preferably also provided for
chamber I5.
This comprises a bypass 68, pro
der, a carburetor and an intake manifold con
necting it with the several supercharging cylin
‘closed by a valve 69 urged by a spring 10. The
85 tension of this spring and the action of this
valve are adjustable, by operating an adjusting
nut 11, so that the valve will open to pass fuel
mi’xturefrom chamber‘l5 back to chamber 29
when the pressure in'chamber l5 becomes exces
As more fully disclosed and claimed in the
above identified parent case, the means provided
for utilizing the hot exhaust gases for preheat
ing the heavy fuels or oils includes fuel conduct
ing means mounted in the exhaust manifold 8|,
the fuels being supplied thereto by plpes'13 and
14; 'while from said conducting means the fuel is
conveyed thru a'conduit 15 to a T-connection 16
which is threaded on the ?oat chamber 11, a sup
ply. pipe 18 being attached to said T-connection
for supplying gasolene directly therethru to the
float chamber.
Said float chamber 11 is con
nected to and is preferably madeintegral with
the carburetor 20, by means of a neck 19 having
a fuel supply channel 18’ extending therethru.
A cooling jacket 8| is mounted around the car
buretor and ?oat chamber, having its upper end
connected thru an inlet tube 83 with the hot
waterreturn pipe l8 of the engine, and thru an
outlet tube 84 with the water jacket of the en
gine. The water from the engine jacket will
thus circulate thru this jacket 8| and serve to
maintain the temperature of the fuel fairly con
ders, a ‘valve on the carburetor provided with
means for manually operating it to control the
?ow of fuel mixture therefrom to the intake
manifold, a rocker shaft on the engine and also
arm and link means operatively connecting it 25
with the several chamber valves, and means con
necting said rocker shaft’ with the carburetor
valve and its operating means, whereby to syn
chronize said valves and control manually in
unison the flow of fuel mixture to the several
supercharging cylinders and also therefrom to
vided in the top part of cylinder 13, connecting
chamber l5 with chamber 29, said bypass being
A control valve 85 is provided in each storage
chamber l5'for, de?nitely controlling the flow of
fuel therethru to 'the combustion cylinder II;
and means is further provided for synchronizing
the several control valves 85 of the several com
70 bustlon cylinders II with the control valve 25 on
the carburetor. This means preferably includes
a rocker shaft 88 mounted on brackets 81 on the
engine and having an arm 86' connected to a link
,88 which is pivoted to a crank arm 89 provided
75 on crank lever 26 of; the carburetor control valve
the combustion cylinders.
2. In an‘ internal combustion engine, a plu
rality of combustion cylinders and a supercharg
ing cylinder for each, a charge conveying cham 35
ber connecting a combustion cylinder with its
supercharging cylinder, a spring-held valve be
tween a chamber and its supercharging cylinder
and a tappet valve between the chamber and its
combustion cylinder, a carburetor and an intake 40
manifold thereon and channel means connecting
the latter with the several supercharging cylin
ders, a tappet valve between each channel and
its cylinder, cam means operatively connected
for operating the two sets of tappet valves, a
manually operated rotary valve on the carburet
or and a rotary valve in each chamber, and
means connected with said several rotary cham
ber valves and with said rotary carburetor valve,
whereby to operate manually all of said rotary
valves in unison.
3. In an internal combustion engine, a plu
rality of combustion cylinders and a supercharg
ing cylinder for each, a charge conveying cham
ber connecting a combustion cylinder with its
supercharging cylinder, a control valve in each
chamber, a spring-held valve leading from each
supercharging cylinder into its chamber, a tap
pet valve leading from each chamber into its
combustion cylinder, a carburetor having a man
ually operated throttle valve and being adapted
to utilize gasolene and oil for fuel and provided
with a pair of supply pipes therefor, an intake
manifold on the carburetor and provided with
channels leading to the several supercharging
cylinders, a tappet valve leading from each chan
nel into its supercharging cylinder, two sets of
cams and cam shaft means for operating the two
sets of tappet valves, cooperating gear means
for actuating said cams and thereby said tappet 70
valves, and rod and link means connected with
said control valves and with said throttle valve,
whereby they are operable manually in unison.
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