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Nov. 22, 1938.
Filed May 3, 1938 _
Patented Nov. 22, 1938
George W. Caraway, Bishopville, S. 0.
Application May 3, 1938, Serial No. 205,812
2 Claims.
This invention is an attachment or adjuster
for shirts, and has for its object to provide an
improved device which can be used on a shirt
to avoid looseness or bagginess around the waist.
It is particularly serviceable when a coat is not
worn and it is desirable to obtain a neat and
smart appearance, as for example cadets or sol
diers at drill; or any other condition where it is
‘ desirable to hold a shirt smooth around the waist
or close to the body of the wearer.
The device comprises an elastic strap which
clasps at the ends, which when attached will
pull the shirt taut in front, and each clasp is pro
vided with an extension or tongue which will fit
within a fold or plait at the side of the shirt
and thereby take up any looseness at the back
and. also assist in holding the clasps in position.
The device will preferably be worn at the
waist, under and concealed by the band or belt
of the trousers.
The construction and use of the device will
appear from the following description and the
accompanying drawing in which—
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the attachment;
Fig. 2 is an edge view thereof;
Fig. 3 is an edge view showing the manner in
which the attachment is used and applied to a
Referring particularly to the drawing, 6 indi
cates an elastic strap which can be adjusted for
length as desired. At each end it is connected
to the loop 1 of a clasp comprising a base plate
8, a spring jaw 9 and a pivoted cam thumb piece
It which when operated opens or closes the jaw,
The base plate is formed or provided with an
35 extension or forwardly projecting tongue H
which projects a substantial distance beyond the
jaws of the clasp.
The clasp may be of any
(Cl. 2—-120)
other suitable type having a base plate and
gripping jaws, provided it is formed. with a
tongue or extension such as shown at H.
In the use of the device, as illustrated in Fig.
3, the material of the shirt is indicated at l2.
This is folded to form a plait l3, the fold being 5
conveniently made at the vertical underarm seam
Hi, to produce a vertical plait, and the clasp is or
may be engaged with the fold at or about the
seam Ill. The tongue H is placed within or be
tween the inner fold of the plait, as indicated at 10
I5. Each end of the attachment is applied the
same way. When so applied the tension of the
strap 6 will draw the front of the shirt l2 close
to the body of the wearer, and at the same time
the tongue or extension II will take up any full- 15
ness in the back of the shirt and at the same
time hold the clasp ?atly or closely in position.
The tongue is preferably curved to ?t the curva
ture of the body of the wearer.
It will be seen that when such a device is applied 20
to the shirt it will hold the waist line of the
shirt in a smooth and smart condition, avoiding
any loose or‘ baggy appearance and generally im
proves the looks of the garment on occasions
when the coat is not worn.
I claim:
1. A shirt attachment comprising an elastic
strap having clasps at opposite ends, each clasp
having a base plate and gripping jaws, the base
plate having an extension projecting a substantial distance beyond the inner jaw, to enter and
take up a fold in the shirt to which the adjuster
is applied.
2- A shirt attachment as in claim 1, the ex
tension of the base plate being curved to conform to the body of the wearer.
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