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Nov.- 22, 1938.
Filed April 9, 1937
2 Sheets-Shee't 1
Patented Nov. 22, 1938
John Thomas Jones, Milton, Pa.
Application April 9, 1937, Serial No. 135,997
1 Claim. (Cl. 242-124)
This invention relates to Warp beams for looms
and has for the primary object the provision of a inner walls of the outer annular elements 'i and
device of this character wherein the various parts define between said inner and outer elements an
may be easily assembled and taken apart when nular spaces to receive the cylinder with its ends
necessary and the warp flanges thereof readily abuttingr the flanges i9. Tie bolts i i extend
and accurately adjusted relative to each other for through the inner annular elements 6 and 5
through the cylinder for tightly securing the
accommodating warps of different widths and to tension drums on the cylinder. It is to be under
assure correct centering of a warp on the cylinder
stood that a, tight frictional ñt is provided be
of a beam.
the flanges I0 and the outer annular ele
With these and other objects in view, this in
ments 7.
vention consists in certain novel features of con
A feed shaft I2 is arranged in the cylinder end
struction, combination and arrangement of parts wise
of the latter and is journaled in openings
to be hereinafter more fully described and formed in the tension drums and one end of the
feed shaft projects beyond one of the drums and
For a complete understanding of my invention, is shaped to» provide wrench engaging faces I3 15
reference is to be had to the following' description so that a wrench or similar tool may be adapted
and accompanying drawings, in which
to the shaft for the purpose of rotating the
Figure l is a side elevation illustrating a warp
in either direction. Right and left hand
beam constructed in accordance with my inven
screw threads are formed on the shaft I 2 and
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on the line
2_2 of Figure l.
Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view taken on
the line 3_3 of Figure l.
Figure 4 is a transverse sectional view taken
on the line 4-4 of Figure 2.
Figure 5 is an end view illustrating one end of
the warp beam.
Figure 6 is a fragmentary longitudinal sec
tional view showing removable closure plates for
the slots in the cylinder provided for the feed
nuts to operate in.
Figure 7 is a perspective View illustrating one
of the closure plates.
Figure 8 is a fragmentary plan view illustrat
ing one of the slots in the cylinder of the device.
Referring in detail to the drawings, the nu
meral i indicates a cylinder equipped with slots 2
for the attaching of a warp on said cylinder and
40 adjustable relative to each other and on the
cylinder are warp flanges 3. Said flanges 3 may
be accurately adjusted towards and from each
other to accommodate on the cylinder warps of
different widths and act to properly center a
warp on the cylinder.
Mounted on the ends of
the cylinder are tension drums 4 each provided
with peripheral spaced flanges 5 and each in
cluding inner and outer annular elements 6 and
'I. The inner annular elements B are centrally
50 apertured to receive pintles 8 employed for rotat
ably supporting the beam on a loom and each has
an integral collar 9 arranged in abutting engage
ment with the inner annular elements E. The
inner annular elements 6 are provided with pe
ripheral flanges IU which frictionally engage the
meshing with said threads are feed nuts i4 pro- 20
vided with extensions I5 that project through
slots i6 formed in the cylinder. The extensions
i5 are of tenon shape and the warp flanges are
grooved to receive the extensions I5 thereby
establishing a dove tail ñt between the extensions 25
and the Warp flanges.
The extensions are de
tachably secured on the warp flanges by stud
bolts Il. Meshing with the threads of the feed
shaft I2 are lock nuts I8 adapted to be turned in
engagement with the feed nuts after an adjustment of the warp flanges relative to each other
has been made for the purpose of securing the
warp flanges against accidental movement rela
tive to each other or on the cylinder. The lock
nuts have wrench engaging faces se that a
wrench or similar tool can grip the latter by
entering the cylinder by Way of the slots I6.
Pinned on the feed shaft I2 are collars I9 which
engage with the tension drums to prevent end
Wise movement of the feed shaft. Thus it will
be seen that by rotating the feed shaft I2 in
opposite directions, the warp flanges may be
moved towards and from each other on the
cylinder for the purpose of accommodating warps
of different widths and after an adjustment has
been made said warp flanges can be secured
against accidental displacement by turning the
lock nuts I8 against the feed nuts I ll. Formed
in the warp flanges are chambers 2t and are
located opposite to the feed nuts. Slidably 50
mounted in the chambers and arcuately curved
to conform to the contour of the cylinders are
pressure shoes 2l forced into engagement With
the cylinder by set bolts 22. Said set bolts are
equipped with lock nuts 23. The pressure of the 55
disconnected from each other. The inner and
outer annular members 6 and 'l are secured to
gether by keys 28 held by set bolts 29. The ends
of the set bolts 29 are arranged inwardly of the
peripheries of the tension drums and are of the
socketed type to permit a wrench to be applied
Warp flanges relative to each other and it is '
What is claimed is:
desired to close portions of the slots I6 lying
A Warp beam comprising a cylinder having
between the warp ñanges, closure plates of a
slots extending longitudinally thereof, tension 10
of the slots. Said closure plates when adapted drums mounted on the ends of the cylinder, a
on the cylinder project into spaces provided in feed shaft rotatably supported by said drums
the hub portions of the warp îlanges, as clearly and lying within the cylinder, Warp flanges
shown in Figure 2. Secured to the inner wall of slidable on said cylinder, feed nuts engaging the
the cylinder and projecting beyond opposite feed shaft and extending through the slots and
shoes on the cylinder may be varied by the ad
justment of the set bolts.
Used in connection with the beam is a plu
rality of closure plates of various lengths one of
which is shown in Figure 7 and designated by
the character 24. After the adjustment of the
edges of the slots are ears 25 to form seats for
supporting the closure plates and each closure
plate has detachably secured thereto a bridge 26
which may be brought into engagement With the
inner walls of the cylinder after the positioning
cr” the closure plate in the slot to cooperate with
the ears 25 in preventing accidental displace
ment of the closure plate.
The inner annular elements ß are secured on
the pintles 3 by keys 2? and engaging with said
keys are set bolts 28 to prevent the pintles and
annular elements from becoming accidentally
secured on said Warp flanges, said Warp flanges
having chambers, adjustable pressure shoes
mounted in said chambers and bearing against
said cylinder, ears formed on the inner face of
the cylinder adjacent the slots, removable closure
plates for closing portions of the slots lying be
tween the Warp flanges and engaged by said ears,
and retaining elements pivoted on the plates to
be positioned to engage the cylinder and cooper
ate With the ears in removably mounting the 25
plates on the cylinder.
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