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Nov. 22, 1938.
Filed Jan. 10,' 1958
. Patented. Nov. 22, 1938
some arra'onmo rasss
Gotthold Strobel, Frankfort-on-the-Main,
Application January 10, 1938, Serial No. 184,239
In Germany January 6, 1937
3 Claims. (01. 12—-33)
This invention relates to a sole attaching press the segment 30 fitted with a hole corresponding
for shoes provided with a welt tensioning device. to the diameter of the spindle 25 the spring 28
According to the invention, sliding members effectively prevents the segment 30 from acciden
tally dropping out of the end of the spindle 25.
displaceable in slots on the tensioning device pos
Fig. 5 shows the interposition of a pressure
it sess smooth bores having internal thread the axis
of which is disposed at an angle to the bore to equalizing spring ll between the segment 30 and
the conical end 32 of the spindle 25. When the
enable threaded spindles supporting pressure seg
ments to be movable within the sliding members spindle 25 is longitudinally displaced by hand,
in the axial direction of the smooth bore as well .the spring ll insures proper action of the seg
ment 30 relative to the shoe 33 due to the smooth
as oi.’ the threads.
By way of example, the invention is illustrated bore 24 of the sliding member 24, as shown in
in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 Fig. 4, without any lost motion on the part of the
is a top view of the sole attaching press holding spindle 25.
I claim:
a shoe; Fig. 2, a front view thereof; Fig. 3, a
1. A sole attaching press, comprising a last
litii detail view of a sliding member with spindle and
detachable pressure segment; Fig. 4, a detail view tensioning spindle, a semicircular welt tensioning
frame disposed with its parallel and rectilinearly
of a sliding member withspindle in locked po
sition; and Fig. 5, a view of a modi?cation of extending free ends in ‘a hole of said spindle,
the pressure unit comprising, besides the spindle threaded pressure spindles cooperating with free—
ly rotatable segments for engaging the work,
he and segment, a pressure equalizing spring.
Referring to the drawing, the tensioning frame slotted sliding members having a smooth bore
and disposed on said tensioning frame for the
or device 2| is guided with its parallel rectilinear
ly extending free ends 2“: in holes 20 of the reception of said pressure spindles and threads
press member I supporting the last tensioning unilaterally cut into the smooth bore of the slid
2i; spindle 35 for the shoe 33 on the elastic pad 34 ing members with their axis arranged at an angle
disposed underneath. In its semicircular portion to the bore, said pressure spindles being longi
the frame 2| is held in position by the eye II tudinally displaceable in the axial direction of
of a supporting memberv IS on the lower portion
of the press body I. The frame 2| carries slid
30 ing members 22 provided with slots 23 for ad
justing, i. e. removing and inclining, pressure
segments 30. Each sliding member 22 has a
smooth bore .24 wherein a spindle 25 for a pres
sure segment 30 can freely move. The spindle
35 25 is threaded over its entire circumference.
Within the smooth bore 24 threads 29 are un?at
erally cut in so that their axis forms an angle
relative to the bore 24. By means of these
threads 29 the threaded spindle 25 (Fig.- 4) with
40 its sliding member 22 can be locked like a screw
joint while simultaneously the segment 30 en
gages the shoe 33. The spindle 25 is rotatabiy
connected with the segment 30 and for this pur
pose provided at its conical end 32 with a recess
45 21 which holds an expanding spring 2!. While
permitting the attachment and withdrawal of
said smooth bore and also screwable and lockable
in the axial direction of the threads.
2. .A sole attaching press according to claim 1, 30
wherein the pressure spindles have a conical re
cessed end for holding an expanding spring per
mitting attachment and withdrawal of the pres
sure segments and preventing them from acci
dentally dropping oil of the spindle ends.
3. A sole attaching press according to claim 1,
wherein the pressure spindles have a conical re
cessed end for holding an expanding spring per
mitting attachment and. withdrawal of the pres
sure segments and preventing them from acci- 4o
dentally dropping off of the spindle ends, where
in a. pressure equalizing spring is interposed be
tween each pressure segment and the conical end
of each pressure spindle.
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