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Nov. 22, 1938.
F. J. BAYLlss ~
Filed Dec. zo,
ì O Í)
FraincÀS Tòhh BQW'MSS
Patented N°`v.22,'193s
, 2,137,796
'mma FAs'rENmG
Francis `.101m Bayllss, Walsall, England
Application December 30,11937, Serial N0. 182.393 `
In Great Britain April 20, 1937
l ' 4 claims.
(ol. zii-s)
This invention has reference to waist or like connector I4 having sleeves I5 revolubly engag
belts or bands and their fastenings and particu
ing said buckle-bar 8 while inner eyed ends I6
larly to the kind wherein the fastening is resil ^ of said springs .are connected to corresponding
iently connected to one end of thebelt or band to _hooks of an attachmentplate- I1 riveted'l at I8
5 provide a determined amount-of resiliency tovan to the inside of the loop 3 as- particularly seen 5
otherwise inextensible article.
‘ from Fig. 3, the housing or channel äf‘mroviding
In the known kind of belt having the fastening
resiliently connected thereto, springs have been
applied between one end of the belt and the fast
l0 ening,~ or alternatively, the springs `have ,been
applied between ¿sections ofthe belt; however,
in both cases the springs cause a rubbing action
on wearing apparel which in the course of time
the material.-
The principal object‘of the present invention
is to provide“ an improved belt or bandl whereiny
a guide for said springs I0.
When the otherwise inextensible belt is fas
ltened round the wearer in the usual way, with
one of the holes I9 co-operating with the tongue 1_0
J, the buckle 6 is capable of considerable longi
tudinal sliding movement -relatively to the loop 3
occasioned by the extensiblesprings I0, the dis
placement of the buckle depending upon the ab
dominal or other movements of the wearer.
It will be seen that the inner buckle-bar d,
the resilient connection is associated with the connector I4, springs I0 and the attachment plate
belt or ba-nd in such -a _manner that the appear
ance of the article is unaltered,` and the operation
- 20 of the resilient means has no deleterious effect
upon clothes with which the belt is worn.
The invention -consists oi lan improved belt
and fastening having Athe combination and ar
described and illustrated on y by Way of embodi- ' -
ment since any elastic member or members could ad
and over the loop, and an elastic tensioning mem
ber connected at one of its ends to the inner end
Having now described my invention, what I
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
Fig. 1 is a‘plan of. a belt or band fitted with a
tongued buckle.
„ Fig. 2 is a plan on an enlarged scale of one
end loi? the belt, Fig. l; _ Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of Fig. 2 taken
y 45
be used in lieu. thereof.
' l. .ii belt, strap, or the like, having a perma‘
nent and ñexible longitudinal loop at its one end, 3o
a buckle attached to said loop-by one of its trans
verse bars passing therethrough to slide in said
- loop longitudinally thereof, and a flexible tension
« l'n the drawing
luse of the belt.
It is to be understood th t the 'springs It! are ~
rangement providing a loop at one end of the
of the buckle or clasp and connected at itsl other
are capable of contacting wearing apparel the mi
latter cannot be rubbed or damaged during the
belt or band, a buckle or clasp engaging the loop
vat its inner end to slide longitudinally within
30 end to an inner portion of the loop, said member
‘ lyingwholly within said loop and `longitudinally
il are normally wholly concealed in the loopt.
and, moreover, since none of the aforesaid parts
spring disposed longitudinally within said loop,
said spring havingone end in pivotal engagement 35
with said transverse bar, the 4other end being
secured to the inner extremity of said loop.
2. A belt, strap, or the like, having a perma
nent and flexible longitudinal loop at its one end,
on the broken lines a, a,
Fig; 4 is a plan of thebuckle and its resilient a buckle attached to said loop by one of its trans- 40, f
connection before application to the belt or band. .verse bars passing therethrough to slide'in said
One end of aleather or like belt I is doubledv loop longitudinally thereoiïa longitudinal chan- upon 'itself at 2 to provide a loop 3, the end oi.’ nel formed in the inner portion of theloop by
stitching the edges> of the -loop together, and a
the doubled over portion being sewn to the ad
ñexible tension spring disposed longitudinally in 45
jacent portion at 4, 4, to thereby provide a chan
said channel to freely expand and contract there
nel or housing'5 for the purpose hereinafter de
scribed. A buckle 6 having a tongue -lI pivoted in, said spring having one end in pivotal engage- '
o_n the buckle-bar 8 is inserted in the loop 3 so ment with said transverse bar, the other end being
that the buckle-bar 8 is slidable therein `with secured to the inner extremity of said loop.
3. A belt, strap; orvthe like, having a perma- 50
fthe tongue> 1 slidably engaging’a slot 9 in the
outer end ofthe loop 3. The tongue 'I is,jthere-- nent and flexible loop at itsjone end, aèbuckle
' ‘ « fore,- of- the'full length of the buckle. The buckle
6' is'resiliently /connected tothe belt by two
springs II) having outer eyed ends I2 which are
55 permanently connected to -integralhooks I3 of a
attached-to said loop by one of its transverse bars. ,
passing therethrough to slide in said loop longi
tudinally thereof, a longitudinal channel formed
in the inner portion of the loop by‘stitching the 55
2, 187,796
edges of the loop together, a plurality of flexible
coiled tension springs disposed longitudinally and
parallel to each other in said channel to freely
expend and contract therein, said springs having
their inner ends connected toa common attach
ment plate secured to the inner extremity of said
loop. the outer ends of the springs being con
nected to a common connector pivotally engaging
said transverse bar.
10 -4. A belt, strap, or the like, having at its one
end a permanent and flexible longitudinal loop.
formed with a slot in its outer end, a buckle
attached to said loop by one of its transverse bars
passing therethrough to slide in said loop longi
tudinally thereof and having pivoted thereto a
tongue projecting slidably and swingably through
said slot, and a ilexible tension spring longitudi
nally disposed within said loop, said spring hav
ing one end in pivotal engagement with said
transverse bar, the other end'being secured to
the inner extremity of said loop.
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