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t man Notiz, 1938
James C. Woodson, Cleveland, Ohio, assigner to
Lee Wilson Sales Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio,
a corporation of Ohio
` Application. september z, 1931, sean No. mais:
a claims.
This invention relates to a furnace for the heat
treatment of material in coils. particularly to the
-annealing of steel or other metallic strip.
In one type of coil annealing furnace which
has beenproposed heretofore, a base o_n which
the coil was disposed for heat treatment was
adapted to receive an inner _protective cover
having van out-turned horizontal flange adjacent
its bottom, and a heating cover adapted to rest on
said flange. The lower portion of the inner cover
of such furnace is thus ñrmly held circumferentially and expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling of the furnace cause a considerable degree of warping of the inner cover.
I have invented a novel coil annealing furnace
which overcomes the forementioned objection to
the device of the prior art described above and
is characterized by additional features of novelty and utility. In accordance with my invention I provide a base adapted to receive a coil or
a plurality of coils. A 'sealing channel extends
(c1. zas-5)
and carried on radially disposed beams I6 which
rest on a suitable foundation I1. A conical skirt
I8 depends from the plate I3. The skirt I8, to
gether with an annular bottom ring I9, and a
peripheral outer side wall 20 defines a sealing 5
channel 2| extending around the base but posi
tioned below the latter.
A coil supporting casting 22 is disposed on the
refractory portion of the hearth and has a cir
cular opening 22 therein. Coils are disposed on 10
the casting 22, as indicated at 24. ‘A circulating
fan 25 is Journaled in bearings embedded in the
refractory portion of the base or supported there
-from on a ring 28. A motor 21 is also carried on
the ring and is directly connected to the fan. l5
A protective cover 28 has a circumferentially
cylindrical upper side wall and dished top 29.
The lower portion of the side wall of the cover
flares outwardly as at lll. to conform with the
frusto-conical shape of the refractory portion of 20
the base. The downwardly flaring portion 30 of
the cover terminates in a cylindrical lower edge
II adapted to seat in the sealing channel 2|.
The heating cover I2 comprises a refractory
around the base at a level below the latter, providing a seat for the lower edge of an inner protective cover. A heating cover is adapted to be
-2li disposed over the protective cover and the base. side wall and roof assembled within a structural 25
I provide a support for the heating cover inde- frame including members 22 and sheet metal
pendent of the base on which the coils are sup- panels Il. Heat exchange tubes 34 are spaced
ported. The heating cover has an inward flange circumferentially vabout the side wall of the heat
adjacent its bottom extending toward the base, - ing cover, each tube having a burner 36 in its
a0 but clearance is provided between the base and lower end. The burners 25 are connected to a 80
the flange, and the lower portion of the protective cover yextends through this annular space.
fuel supply header 2l, and igniter electrodes 31
are mounted adjacent each burner for initiating
The inner cover is free to expand and contract
combustion of fuel issuing therefrom ~
without binding. thus preventing 'warping or
A as ' other injury to the cover.
A flange 2l of refractory material extends in
wardiy from the lower edge of the cover I2, to- 35
For a complete understanding >(if the invention, reference-is -made _to the accompanying
drawing, illustrating a present preferred embodiment, and. to the following detailed description
ward the base-II. The cover is provided with a
bottom ring 22 adapted to seat on an annular
support composed 01' a channel 40 bent t0 cir
cular form resting 0n circumferentially spaced
` 40 which is to be read in connection therewith. f
In the drawing:
columns 4I. The columns 4I extend upwardly 40
- from the foundation I‘I. The latter constitutes a
The single ñgure is a vertical transversey sec- common footing for the columns 4I and beams
_tion through a coil annealing furnace according
to my invention.
_ 4I
Certain features of the furnace are repeated
IQ, but the structures carried thereon for sup
porting the cover I2 and base II, respectively,
Me. nevertheless, independent 0f each Other-
about the circumference thereof, but showings
'of sùch elements are omitted for the sake of
In describing the manner of using the struc
ture explained above, it will be assumed that the
heating cover I2 and the protective cover 28 have
Referring now in detail to the drawing, a fur-
both been removed from the positions in which
so nace indicated generally by the numeral In comprises a base or hearth II and a heating cover
I2 adapted to be lowered-thereover. The hearth
Il is composed of refractory brick-laid on a bottom sheet I I, supported by columns Il, and web
they are shown. and a coil such as that shown 50
at 24 is disposed on the supporting casting 22.
It will be understood that a plurality of coils of
relatively narrow~ strip may be so positioned on
the casting as to occupy the same space as the
“plates Il, spaced circumferentially of the base
single coil 22 of relatively wide strip. The pro- 55
tective cover 28 is then replaced and finally the
heating cover I2, the covers being most conven
iently handled by means of an overhead crane.
Fuel is then delivered to the burners 35 and ig
nited by sparks from the electrodes 31. The fan
25 is driven during the heating portion of the
cycle to accelerate absorption of the heat by the
coil through the protective cover. Any desired
type of inert or non-oxidizing atmosphere may
10 be supplied within the protective cover 28, by
known means. It will be apparent that the space
deñned by the bottom plate I3, the skirt Il and
the protective cover 2l may be made entirely
gas tight, the sealing material in the channel,
15 which may be either liquid or granular, eiîec
tively sealing the space between the lower edge
of the cover and the skirt il. Since the chan
nel 2i is outside the furnace, liquid sealing ma
terial, such as oil, may be employed. When the
20 coil 24 has been heated to the desired tempera
ture, the heating cover i2 is removed and de
posited over a fresh coil resting on another base
similar to that shown at Il and enclosed within
its own protective cover. The coil 24 is permitted
25 to cool slowly in the atmosphere provided within
the cover 28, the latter protecting the coil against
contact with the atmosphere.
As will be apparent from the drawing, the lower
portion of the protective cover extends through
30 an annular clearance space between the base Ii
and the inward bottom flange ll of the heating
cover I2.
The latter does not rest on the base
square or rectangular in plan instead of the pre
ferred cylindrical form shown in the drawing.
I claim:
1. A furnace comprising a charge-supporting
base having a refractory layer thereon and a
heating cover having a refractory lining there
in, said cover being adapted to be lowered over
said base, the portions of said lawer and lining
which are adjacent when the cover is in coopera
tive position over said base being shaped and
dimensioned to provide a frusta-conical clear
ance space therebetween, a sealing channel ex
tending around said base and spaced radially
outward of the margin of said layer, and a pro
tective cover adapted to be disposed over said
oase before the heating cover is lowered there
over, said protective cover having a portion ad
jacent its bottom edge shaped to fit in said space
when said edge is seated in said channel.
2. A furnace comprising a base adapted to sup 20
port a charge, a sealing channel below said base
and extending therearound, a protective cover
adapted to be disposed over the charge with its
lower edge in said channel, and a heating cover
adapted to be lowered over said protective cover, 25
said heating cover having an inwardly projecting
bottom ñange approaching said base, the adja
cent surfaces of said base and flange being
frusto-conical and providing a similarly shaped
annular space therebetween, the wall of said pro 30
tective cover _extending through said space.
3. In a furnace, a base adapted to support a
but on the supporting ring Il which is spaced out
wardly from the base. 'I‘he cover 2l has full op
lowered over said base, a foundation, a series of
portunity of expanding and contracting freely as
columns extending upwardly therefrom for sup 35
a result of the different temperatures which ex
charge, a portable- heating cover adapted to be
porting said cover, a second series of columns
ist in various portions thereof, without binding,
spaced ouwardly from the first series for support
warping, or other injurious effects.
Although I have illustrated and described
herein but one preferred form of the invention it
will be understood that changes in the construc
tion described may be made without departing
from the spirit of the invention or the scope of
the appended claims. As an example oi' such
changes, the base and covers could be made
ing the base on said foundation, a sealing chan
nel between said series of columns, and a protec
tive cover adapted to overlie a charge on said 40
base and extending downwardly below said base
through an annular space between it and said
heatingV cover into said channel.
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