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Nov. 29, 1938.
Filed April 9, 1957
_ Aitornéus
Patented Nov. 29, 1938
Joseph Perry, St. Louis, Mich.
Application April 9, 1937, Serial No. 135,995
1 Claim. (Cl. 119-156)
My invention relates to improvements in bands
the same and is provided with a plurality of aper
for use on fowl, pigeons or other species of birds.
tures Ill therein for the same purpose as aper
The primary object of my invention is to pro
vide a practical inexpensive device of this char
portion 2, opposite the juncture 6, said portion
5 acter adapted to be attached to fowl or birds on
different parts of the body, for instance, a leg
or the neck, to serve in the dual capacity of an
identifying medium and an instrumentality for
preventing and destroying the accumulation of
10 vermin such as lice or the like.
To the accomplishment of the above, and sub
ordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred
embodiment of my invention has been illustrated
in the accompanying drawing, set forth in detail
15 in the following description, and de?ned in the
claim appended hereto.
In said drawing:-—
Figure 1 is a View in side elevation with the
band closed as when in actual use.
Figure 2 is an edge view with the band spread
Figure 3 is a view in transverse section taken
on the line 3-3 of Figure 2 and drawn to an en
larged scale.
Figure 4 is a View in side elevation with the
band spread out and the container open.
ture 9.
At appropriate points on the central
is provided with edge tabs II for folding over 5
the ?ap 5 to hold the same in closing position.
The end straps 3 and 4 are designed to be bent
around the legs, or other selected appropriate
partsof the fowl or bird, and secured together as
follows. The end of one strap in this instance, 3, 10
is notched, as at l2, in its opposite side edges to
provide a pair of opposed tabs 13 on said opposite
edges, respectively.
A loop-like keeper I4 is
provided on the strap 3, between the pair of tabs
I3 and the portion! to receive the free end of the 15
strap 4. The keeper 14 may be struck-up from
strap 3 if desired. The strap 4 is bent around
the end of the strap 3 and inserted through said
keeper [4. The tabs l3 are then crimped down
over opposite edges of the strap 4 as shown in 20
Figure 1. If desired the extremity of the strap 4
may be secured, in any suitable manner to the
strap 3 or to the keeper l4. However, in actual
practice crimping of the tabs l3 over the edges
of the strap 4 is suf?cient to hold said straps to- 25
gether. An appropriate part of the band may be
Figure 5 is a view in longitudinal section taken
stamped, or otherwise provided, with a serial
on the line 5--5 of Figure 1 looking in the direc
tion indicated by the arrows.
Referring to the drawing by numerals, in the
illustrated embodiment thereof my invention
comprises a band-like piece of any suitable ma
number or other data identifying the fowl or
terial which is light, strong and readily bent, for
instance, aluminum, and includes a substantially
35 central circular portion 2, a pair of end straps 3
and 4 extending from diametrically opposite
sides of said portion 2, and a substantially cir
cular flap 5 extending fromthe edge of the por
tion 2, intermediate the straps 3 and 4, to bend
40 thereon at its juncture 6 therewith whereby said
flap 5 may be folded down upon the portion 2
for a purpose presently clear.
The central por
tion 2 comprises a preferably integral circular
container 1 extending to one side thereof and
45 designed to contain a medicated lozenge, or other
medium, represented at 8, adapted to generate
fumes or gases such as will destroy lice or simi
lar vermin, or act as a repellant to such vermin.
An aperture 9 is provided in the bottom of the
50 container 1 for the escape of such fumes or gases.
The aforementioned ?ap 5 is designed to fold
down over the mouth of the container 1 to close
bird to which it is attached.
The embodiment of the invention described 30
will, it is believed, be clear from the foregoing,
but, it is to be understood that the invention
may take other forms than that described and
right is herein reserved to modi?cations of the
described embodiment falling within. the scope of 35
the claim appended hereto.
What I claim is:
A device of the character described comprising
a band of ?exible metal adapted to be bent into
end to end overlapping relation and having 40
formed therein centrally thereof a container
portion for receiving a medicated medium, a ?ap '
extending from said portion to be bent down over
the container portion to close the same, and
means on one end of said band for connecting 4,5
the other thereto in said relation comprising a
pair of edge tabs adapted to be crimped overv
the edges of the other end, said container por
tion and ?ap being apertured, respectively, for
the escape of fumes emanating from said medi- 50
cated medium.
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