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Nov. 29, 1938.-
Filed April 17, 19:57
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' Patented Nov. 29, 1938
Paul Dietrich, Augsburg, Germany, assigner' to .
Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg A. G., '
Augsburg, Germany, a corporation «Germany
Application April 17, 1937, Serial No.. y187,133
In Germany October .26, 1935
2Claims. (Cl. lill-247)
In rotary photogravure machines the'web to be against one of diil'erent diameter. Rigidly 'con
printed passes between two cylinders which are nected with the journal I is a two-arm lever Il
pressed against each other and of which one, the which by means ofthe two piston rods l2 and I3
of the pneumatic cylinders II and l5 may- be
impression cylinder, to adjust the degree of pres
sure is moved towards the other cylinder, the turned one way or the other. The action of the l
pneumatic cylinders is controlled by two _three
form cylinder, or away therefrom. It has hither
to been impossible to adjust the degree of pres- - way cocks I6 and I1 which at will establish com
munication either with the delivery pipe or the
outer air. Pressure >is regulated by means oi’ a-
sure accurately enough or, after, a temporary
_ alteration thereof to restore the earlier condition
l0. because the mechanical means applied to this end
lacked precision and were too complicated and
unreliable in their action.> Accurate adjustment
is however indispensable, for instance in multi
reduction valve I’.
In place of the two single-actinghpistons I4 and
I5 one double-acting piston maybe used.
~ Thetwo three-way cocks I6 and I'l may also be
replaced by one double-acting one. `
l color printing, because proper register of the
As represented in lthe drawing the impression l5
cylinder 3 will be brought closer to the form cyl
several succeeding impressions can be obtained
l only if the tension of the web be kept even, and
inder if the piston I4 moves to the right, and re
the tension varies with‘the degree of pressure be
tween the cylinders. If in machines equipped moved therefrom if the piston I5 is moved to the
with any of the _known adjusting devices the web -right. Since the intermediary roll 2 is pressed
U during the run accidentally breaks, the machine against the impression cylinder by a spring 20, 20
is liable to get unduly strained and damaged also disposed within the slidable frame 6, it will
through the rear end of the broken web getting
follow its every movement. .
wound around one of the cylinders or an inter
Instead of the pneumatic cylinders, other means
mediary roll disposed between the two cylinders.
such as hydraulic, mechanical or electrical means
'may be used to act on the lever Il inthe manner 25
25 The object of the invention is a pressure adjust
ing device o! high precision which'has none of
« these
According to the invention the impression cyl
inder consists of a rotatable jacket on an eccen
80 trically journalled core, which core it rocked one
-way or the other will either bring the impression
described. The pneuniaticallyA actuated adjust
ment device has however the advantage of being
elastic, thereby preventing'undue strain on any of'
the separate parts- of the printing mechanism in
case . o1 breakage of the web and consequent $0
Having now particularly describedyand ascer-\ the form cylinder, thereby adjustingthe degree. tained the nature ot my said -invention and in`
of pressure. The rocking motion is eiïected by what manner the same is to be performed, I de
l' ¿
85 means of two pneumatic cylinders, one each for -. clare what I claim is:
_cylinder nearer to, or remove it further away from
‘eiIecting either movement.
1. In a rotary printing press, in combination
with the form cylinder, a. cylindrical core rotat
Fig. 1 of the drawing is a side view of a pre
ferred form of the device according to the inven
Fig. 2 a longitudinal section thereof.
ably supporting an impression cylinder and hav
ing journals eccentric relative to said impression
cylinder, bearings for said journals, a two-arm 40
The printing mechanism comprises a. form
lever attached to one of said journals. and means
`c`ylinder l, an intermediary roll 2 and an'im-,pression cylinder, the jacket 3 of which rotates
the same in either direction for turning said core
connected to ~the arms of said lever for pivoting
The eccentrically` to thereby adjust the position of said ini-pression
on the core 4 oi the cylinder.
- .
A45 to the jacket 3 located journal 5 of the core 4 and . cylinder relative to said form cylinder.
2. The combination as speciñed in claim 1, in
` the intermediary roll 2 are carried by a slidable
frame 6 which. by means of a -screw spindle 'l4 which said means for pivoting said lever comprises
and a worm-_gear 9, N in the maimframe of. the ‘ two pneumatic cylinders, movable pistons in said
printing machine may be moved vertically within " cylinders, and piston rods connecting saidpistons y
with the arms of said two-_arm lever.
50 wide limits torrough adjustment, or when ex
changingia form cylinder of a certain diameter .
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