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Patented July 9, 1946
Earle R. Andrews and'Lionel H. Steans,
' Los Angeles, Calif.
Application February 26, 1943, Serial No. 477,210 i
(Cl. 4-151)
1 Claim.
Fig. l is a side elevation of the portable shower
of this invention. Fig. 2 is »a reduced plan View
of the shower. Fig. 3 isy aifraginentary trans
This invention relates to portable bathing
equipment and relates more vparticularly to a
portable shower bath. A general object of this
invention is to provide a practical, effective port
able shower apparatus that is compact and light
in weight and, therefore, well adapted for use by
verse sectional view of the bag.
Fig. 4 is an en
larged longitudinal detailed sectional View of the
lower portion of the device illustrating _the valve
in the position for the discharge of the water
troops in the ñeld, hunters„travelers, etc.
Another object of this invention is to provide
portable shower that may be easily and quickly
conditioned for use and that may be employed
through the shower nozzle and Fig. 5 is an en
larged, fragmentary longitudinal detailed sec
wherever there is a convenient source of water, as
tional view of the lower portion of the device
taken in a plane disposed at 90° to the plane of
for example a stream, pond, river, or the like.
Another object of this invention is to provide a
portable shower that embodies a container or bag
for the water and a nozzle for the discharge of
'sectioning of Fig. 4.
The improved portable shower of the present
invention may be said to comprise a bag Illv
adapted to receive a supply of Water, nozzle
the water and is characterized by a screen or ñlter
means I I at the lower end of the bag I0 and valve
means I2 for controlling the nozzle means and
means for preventing leaves, twigs and other ob
jects, that may be presentin the water, from
providing for the lateral discharge of water,
The ‘bag l0 is adapted to receive and contain
reaching and possibly clogging the discharge ori
20 a substantial quantity of water to -be used for
bathing, etc. The -bag I0 is preferably a simple
Another object of this invention is to provide a
container of pliable, foldable material such as
portable shower of the character referred to em
duck, or other suitable fabric, treated or rubber
bodying a two way valve operable toa position
ized fabric, leather, rubber, or the like. In ac»
where it controls the delivery of the water to the
shower nozzle and operable to another position 25 cordance with the broader aspects of the inve-n
tion the bag I0 may be of any selected shape. In
where it provides for the controlled discharge of
the particular construction illustrated the bag I0
the water in a single stream from a laterally di
lices of the nozzle.
is cylindrical or round in horizontal cross sec
rected spout so that the device may be conven
iently employed as a dispensing means for drink»
tion and is vertically elongated. The upper end
of the bag I0 is open to receive the supply of water
to be used for the shower. It is preferred to rein
force the upper edge of the bag lil with a stitched
hem I3. Assuming the bag Iii to be in the upright
ing water or as a source of water supply for other
Another object of this invention is to provide a
portable shower of the character mentioned in>
which the valve when in either of its open posi
tions provides for the flow of the water to the
suspended position its lower end or lower wall
I4 is dished or slopes downwardly and inwardly
from the side wall toward its center. The end
shower nozzle or the lateral spout, as the case
wall I4 is seemed or integrally joined with the
may be, through large, substantially straight pas
side wall of the bag I0 and has one or nioreradial
sages providing for the substantially unrestricted
seams I5. It is to» be understood that the bag i0
discharge of the water.
Another object of this invention is to provide 40 is constructed to be water tight.
a portable shower that may be formed entirely of
Means is .provided for suspending the bag Iii
fabric, wood and other non-metallic materials to
from any suitable or convenient support such as
be light in weight and inexpensive of manufac
the branch of a tree., a post, or the like. This
means may comprise a bail I6 formed of a length
A further object of this invention is to provide
of rope, or the like, and secured at its opposite
a portable 4shower oi the character mentioned
ends to the upper portion of the bag Ill, The
that maybe folded or arranged in a very small,_ i
compact unit so as to be conveniently Ácarried in
a knap~sack, or the like.
`The various objects and features of my inven
tion will be fully understood from the following
detailed description of a typical preferred form
and application of the. invention, throughout
which description reference is made to the ac
companying drawing, in which:`
bail I6 may be anchored to the reinforced upper
edge portion of the bag I0 at diametrically op
50 posite points.' A rod or stick IIìEL of wood, or the
like, may be engaged between the end portions
of the bail I6 adjacent the upper edge of the bag
l0 to hold the mouth of the bag open or spread to
receive the Water.
The opposite ends of the
55 stick I6a may be notched to remain in coopera-
tion with the bail. This is clearly illustrated in
turned to completely cut off the flow of water to
Fig. 2 of the drawing.
the shower oriñces 22. When in the last named
The nozzle means I I includes a nozzle body I1
position the valve member 24 has an uninter
secured to the lower end of the bag IQ. The noz
rupted or plain portion 28 which cooperates with
zle body I0 may be a simple, one-piece member Cil the upper wall of the opening 23 and which ex
formed of wood, plastic material, or the like»
tends completely across the opening 22 to fully
The body I1 is an elongate part and is preferably
seal oiî the opening 2 I. In other words, the valve
cylindrical in horizontal cross-section. The body
member _24 may be turned 90° to the right as
I1 is engaged’and secured in a cent-’ralopeningv f8
viewed in Fig. 5_ so that the portion 28 of the valve
in the lower wall I4 of the bag I0. The upper ll) member prevents the discharge of water from the
portion of the body I1 is received in the opening
I3 and is provided with an annular depression or ’
groove i9. The material of the end ‘wall I4
around the opening I8 is engaged in the groove I9
and wrappings 20 of cord, leather, orthelikefarc "
tightly engaged about the material of the wall hl '
to bind it in the groove I9 l'la'iid'ïthus' îsecure the
body I1 in the opening I8. Cement or the like
may be employed to assure a liquid tight seal be
„ opening 2 I.
' -The side or portion of the valve member 24 di
yf»a'n'oet'rica'lly opposite the portion 28 has a longi
tudinally extending channel 29. The channel 29
'exte'rids‘toward the spout 26 and joins a longitu
~`diiial opening 3|) in the spout. When the valve
’ lm'embe’rfïd l»is-turned `90" to the left, as Viewed in
Fig. 5, the channel 29 is brought into communica
tion with the opening 2| `so that the water from
tween the end wall I4 and the body I1.
20 the bag Iû is free to flow out through the chan
»A ¿central longitudinal'opeiiìng 52| #enters the
nel to discharge from the spout opening 30. It
body I1 from lits=u`pp`e1~end Y:where it‘h‘as commu
is to be observed that at this time the valve por
nication `-with the iinterior of -the ‘bag ID. The
tion 28 completely closes off the 'opening 2| at
openin‘gïël terminates in ythe body |l1 a consider
the under side of the valve member to prevent
able '-di'stance ffl-‘om v¿the ¿lower extremity 'of the 25 the delivery of water to the shower orifices 22.
bo'dy. lill-fmultipl-i'city of=dischargeoriñce`s-22 join
>If desired-means ‘may >be provided for yield
the Vlower end lel? the vor'ie’ni'ng 2| v'and extend
ingly urging the valve `member 24 longitudinally
downwardly toïthellowerl'end ofithe Ibo'dyfl 1. ~ The
into the tapered-opening '-23 to maintain the Valve
loweriend fof the Vbody Iâ’ is I'round or partially
member :in sealing cooperation with the wall of
spherical 'and the lori-hoes -'22 - discharge :from »this so the opening. This means may include a ring 3|
spherical surface. |«The ldischarge iopenings or
engaged in an annular groove in the exterior of
oriñces 22 diverge downwardly »and outwardly
the spout »26 and a’spring washer32 engaged be
from thelow'er eÍ-ïdïo'f the‘Óp‘e'ning'Z’I and their
tween the ,ring 3| and the-exterior of the body
lower -~ends :are spaced apart throughout -a ‘sub
I1. The spring washer 132 serves to urge the valve
stanti'al ‘area-of erth'elsph'erically curved end face
member ~24 into the tapered opening 23. The
of the >.body Iî1. The ïSGrifl'Ce‘S'QZIare spaced, vpro
ring 3| andthe washer 3'2 are -th'e only metal
portioned and directed'tolprovideiforfthe delivery
parts embodied in'the device. These parts are
of a spray of`»waterâ:suitable «for‘showerlbath-pun
very small and the invention contemplates that
they may lbe eliminated if desired. The outer
The Ivalve means -'I2 isla‘feature of the-inven
end portion of the spout 26 may be shaped and
tion. The ‘valve meansis carried by the body îI1
proportioned’to couple with or receive a pipe or
to control‘th'e` discharge' of wat'erffremí the »shower
tube for conducting‘water away 'from the device.
orifices Y 212 and‘ to provide ifor` the' lateral' discharge
of «a ystream of water.
The body îI1 is .nprovided
with-,a transverse Aopening ,-2~»3.~which intersects the
verticalV opening. 2 I. The-opening §23 'extends di
ametrically ’through the body from one side Yto
the-otherand-is longitudinally’tapered. As illus
The invention‘includes a screen or filter 33 for
preventing solid matter ïobjects, such as leaves,
insects, etc., from lreaching the nozzle means ||
and-the valve means =|2.
The screen or filter 33
is preferably provided in the lower portion of
the bag I0.
-The screen or ñlter 33 extends
trated -in Fi-g. 5 of -the-drawing'the opening-23
across the interior of the bag Il) adjacent its
is round in-cross'section andi-s larger in diam 50 lowerwend andas illustrated maybe substan
eter than »the opening 2| »where -itïintersects the
tially horizontal when the bag is in the upright
position. The ñlter 33 ~may comprise one or
more layers of metal or fabric of suitable mesh.
The screen or filter 33 is such that it does not
ber 24 is round in croSssection-and is'tapered to 55 materially interfere '-withthe downward flow or
l‘The valve means `I2 incl-udesla‘turnable plug or
valve member 24m-the opening “23. The mem
ñtthe vopening‘23. ---As -bestëillustrated in Fig. 4
of the drawing the »valve member~24 extends com
pletely through lthe _opening `23 «and has project
passage of the water but effectively traps and re
tains objects 'that might clog the opening 2|,
the orifices 22 or other passages of the nozzle
in'g ‘end portions. `The -larger » end .portioni of -th'e
means or the valve means.
tapering'valve member -24 Vis-shaped lto form a 60
It is believed that the utility and practicability
convenient handle`2'5 to'facilitate'turning ofthe
member. The 'smaller end portion vof the mem
ber‘eh"projects‘fromthe opposite side of the body>
I1 and‘for'ms >a lateral‘sp‘out‘î'ô for ‘the’ discharge
of «a1-solid ¿or single stream of water. ' A trans
verse l or diametric ¿opening vîï2 1 “p‘a'sses‘ through the
valve member l214. v»Theifl'ipenin’g L»21‘is located so
that litmay -beibroug'ht to aposition where it is
in- fullïcommunioationwith Ythe longitudinal ’ open
of the portable ¿shower provided by this inven
tion will be readily-'apparent from the foregoing
detailed description. 'When ypacked or condi
tioned to be carried or transported the bag ID
65 may be foldedseveral »times-‘to constitute a very
small, «compact unit. The body I1'carrying the
valve‘means v1I2 may be nested within the folded
bag vIll -or maybe nested against the exterior
of the folded bag, and inany-case forms a 'very
ing 2|1of‘the body -I1lïas‘illustrated in Figs. 4 vand 70 small, light-'weight,«part. When it is~desired to
employ the shower-device the bag -~Il) kis unfolded
5 of the drawing. In 'this position i'the valve
means -is fully opened ¿for ¿the ì`free `discharge of
and extended and its bail I6 is engagedfover
the'water from »theî'sho'werloriflcesê22~ The valve
or connected with‘any available or suitable'over
member '2‘4 may `b‘eï’turned toi-restrict -the 'llow
head support. vThe upper‘iend ofr îthefba'g I'III „is
through tha-'opening 21 Fand may ï'îbe ‘further 75 extended or held 'open iby @engaging ‘the 'stick
I4 between the lower portions of the bail I6. The
valve member 24 may be turned to the position
Where its plain portion 28 closes oiî the opening
and application of our invention, we do not wish
to be limited or restricted to the specific details
herein set forth, but wish to reserve to ourselves
2| so that a substantial supply of water may be
any variations or modifications that may' appear
provided in the bag l0 before it is discharged
from the nozzle. When an ample supply of wa
ter has been poured into the bag I0 the valve
member 24 may be turned to the position illus
to those skilled in the art or fall within the scope
orifices of the nozzle means or the valve means.
The ñlter 33 is large and is located where it
may be easily inspected and cleaned.
delivery of water to said spout portion.
of the following claim.
Having described our invention, we claim:
A portable shower bath device including a bag
for receiving and containing a supply of water,
trated in Figs. 4 and 5 of the drawing so that
a vertically disposed nozzle body, means tying the
water is discharged through the shower oriñces
bag around the upper end portion of the body
22. The water is discharged from the orifices 22
whereby the body is fixed directly to the lower
in an effective shower bath spray. It is to be
end of the bag, the body having a vertical open
understood that the delivery of the water may
ing whose upper end is in communication with
be readily controlled or diminished by turning
the interior of the bag, having nozzle oriñces
of the valve member 24.
extending from the vertical opening to the lower
In the event the device is to be used as a con
end of the body and having a transverse open
tainer or source of supply of water for drink
ing intersecting said vertical opening at a point
ing purposes or the like, the bag I0 may be i’illed
above said orifices, and a turnable valve member
as above described with the valve means closed.
When the water is to be obtained from the de 20 in the transverse opening having a spout por
tion projecting laterally from one side of the
vice tlie valve member 24 is turned to the posi
body and having a handle portion projecting
tion where the channel 29 faces upwardly to com
from the opposite side of the body, the valve
municate with the opening 2l. This allows the
member having a transverse port adapted to
water to ñow through the channel 29 and dis
be moved into and out of registration with said
charge from the spout opening 30.
vertical opening to control the delivery of wa
It is to be observed that in any use or appli
ter to the orifices and having a longitudinal pas
cation of the device the screen or iilter prevents
sage adapted to be moved into and out of regis
leaves, twigs, insects or other object/5> from enter
tration with said vertical opening to control the
ing or clogging any of the ports, passages or
Having described only a typical preferred form
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