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July 9, 1946.
Filed Nov. 1;, ‘i943
Patented July 9, 1946
Frank ‘D. Bogia, Clifton, N. J., assignor to Grant
Positype Corporation, New York, N. Y., a cor
poration of New York
Application November 13, 1943, Serial No. 510,216
2 Claims. ( Cl. 40-1521)
This invention relates to devices for displaying
pictures and the like for temporary or permanent
The ordinary commercial mounts for pictorial
representations of persons and things, commonly
consist of a rigid frame snugly enclosing a pic
ture, with or without a transparent protective
tall showing the spring clips in position and the
integral easel support.
Figure 4 is a fragmentary view of the same
showing means to retain the clips in position.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary sectional view of the
same, drawn to an enlarged scale.
Figure 6 is a detail view in perspective of the
Figure 7 is a perspective view, similar to Fig. 6,
permanently a?ixed to one another and requiring
but showing‘ a modi?ed form of clip.
considerable time in assembly.
The structure, as shown in the drawing, is com
While the present invention is capable of other
posed of a plate IU of transparent material, such,
uses, it is primarily designed for use under condi
for instance, as clear glass or other light trans
tions where time is of consequence. The present
mitting substance, the plate being of substantial
device is particularly useful at resorts where
parties have small pictures taken and decide to 15 thickness and strength, preferably—but not nec
essarily-—rectangular in outline.
have an enlargement made. While the enlarge
Rearward of the plate is a relatively thin mask
ment can be made promptly, it likewise must be
H, of paper or the like, its central portion being
framed promptly. Accordingly, the primary ob.
removed, as at l2, forming in effect a frame of
ject of this invention is to provide a means where
20 any preferred contour, the margin of which may
by a photograph may be readily mounted in a
bear embellishments l3 of any desired character.
minimum of time.
A display card l4 bears a picture, photograph,
A further object of the invention is to provide
portrait or selected matter [5, so arranged as to
a means of mounting a photograph at a minimum
be viewed through the opening in the mask H,
of cost so that the completed ensemble may be 25 and is held in position thereagainst by a rela
sold at a low price.
tively stiff backing plate I6, such as pasteboard
It is a further object of the present invention
or similar material; all of these several elements
to provide a picture display mount so devised that
are of uniform size, but vary in thickness.
the several parts are normally held ?rmly in
If desired, the backing plate It may have cuts
proper assembled relation, but equally capable 30 l1 de?ning a prop l8, bendable outwardly on the
of instant disassociation for the substitution of
weakened line I9, constituting a hinge whereby
other subject matter.
the structure forms an easel.
A further feature is in the provision of non
In order to retain these elements in their proper
metallic spring clamps whereby the picture, its
established relation, they are held by spring clips
transparent facing, mask and back plate, may be
20, preferably made from short sections of a non
adequately held in positive juxtaposition, or re 35 metallic tube, split lengthwise and passed over
leased for changing the picture in a moment of
the edges of the assembled elements, at such
points as may be preferred, binding the parts
Another purpose is to produce a picture mount
?rmly together.
of pleasing appearance, composed of simple parts, 40 In order to avoid the possibility of casual dis
inexpensive to manufacture, and of inde?nite
placement of the clips, the back plate 16 may be
provided with an elongated groove 2| (see Fig
These objects, together with others which will
ures 4 and 5), to receive one of the edges 22 of
later appear, are accomplished by the novel and
the clip,’ or, as a modi?cation shown in Fig. '7, the
practical construction, combination and arrange
rear edge of the clip may be formed with sharply
ment of parts, hereinafter described and illus
de?ned serrations adapted to indent the material
trated in the accompanying drawing, constituting
of the plate.
These clips are readily removed by raising them
a pictorial complement of this disclosure, and in
outwardly from the several parts, or by sliding
Figure 1 is an expanded perspective view shOW 50 them endwise.
It is to be noted that the clips do not obscure
ing the several parts in sequence which together
any material part of the structure, but present an
constitute an embodiment of the invention.
ornamental appearance, in addition to their
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of the
panel, a mask and a stiff back support, all being
mount as assembled for use.
Figure 3 is a plan view of the rear plate in de
clamping effect and ease of application or re
55 moval.
Having thus described the invention, what is
2. A picture frame in the form of an easel,
claimed as new and sought to secure by Letters
comprising a back, a hinged cut out portion on
Patent, is:
the back to permit the same to stand upright, a
l. A picture frame in the form of an easel;
picture applied to the back, a mat applied to the
comprising a back, a hinged cut out portion on 5 picture, a protective covering over the mat and
the back to permit the same to stand upright, a
means to secure the several elements together
pictureapplied to‘ the back, amat applied to the
picture, a protective; covering rover: the mattrand
means to secure the several elements together
comprising split tubular spring clips to engage
selected areas of ‘the edges .ro'fzthe vmembers, said
back being provided on 'its"rear surface with
comprising split tubular spring clips to engage. 10 grooves to receive one edge of th spring clips and
selected areas of the edges of the members, said > *‘one edge of the clips being provided with teeth
back being provided on its rear surface “with
grooves to receive one edge of the “spring clips.
to engage said grooves.
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