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July 9, 1946-
Fiiled Aug. 19, 1942
1 g”
M%%l% A
Patented July 9, 1946
Kenneth L. Coulter, Youngstown, Ohio, assignor
to rEhe Astatic Corporation, Youngstown, Ohio,
a corporation of Ohio
Application August 19, 1942, Serial No. 455,312
1 Claim. (Cl. 1’77—314)
This invention relates to a detecting system and
apparatus of the kind utilized in connection with
alarm systems for warning of movements on or
about protective barriers or enclosures such as,
for example, wire fences and similar enclosures
extending about an industrial factory. The pres
ent invention is concerned primarily with the
arrangement or method of mechanically coupling
consideration of the following detailed speci?ca
tion and the accompanying drawing wherein
there is speci?cally disclosed a preferred embodi
ment of the invention.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a perspective View of a section of a
fence of the type usually employed about indus
trial establishments, a view showing a preferred
mode of applying the present invention to such
the sensitive pick-up device or devices to the
10 fence;
barrier or enclosure.
When the detecting devices are applied directly
Figure 2 is a sectional view along the line
on the wire strands or fabric of the fence or en
II—II of Figure 1; and
proved arrangement for mechanically coupling
ing application and is operative to detect minute
Figure 3 is a sectional View along the line
closure it is found that the vibration transmit
III-III of Figure 1.
ting qualities of the average industrial fence
In the illustrated embodiment of the invention,
varies between wide limits and in many instances 15
the fence may consist of a series of vertically ex
is possessed of such high transmission loss that
tending posts HI connected together at their up
in order for the ‘pick-ups to be effective on dis
per ends by the horizontal rail ll. Stretched
tant signals a high ampli?cation factor must be
over the frame provided by the posts Ill and rail
utilized. Ampli?cation of this nature is difficult
to control or to achieve with ?delity and, more 20 II is the wire mesh [4 and it will be understood
that, in accordance with usual practice, the wire
over, increases the sensitivity of the individual
M is secured to the posts and rail at suitable in
pick-ups beyond desirable limits to signals at
tervals. A fence structure of this character may
short distances and yet is inadequate to proper
also include inclined top masts 12 to which are
ly amplify more distant signals of equal magni
tude, due to the aforesaid transmission loss. The 25 fastened strands l3 of barbed wire.
Reference numeral l1 designates a sensitive
present invention seeks to obviate this objection
able aspect of the prior system and the primary
mechanical vibration-electrical transducer of the
object of the invention is the provision of an im
kind disclosed in detail in the aforesaid co-pend
the sensitive pick-up devices to the barrier or en 30 vibrations set up in any object to which it may be
closure whereby a substantially uniform degree
attached. It is found that if the transducer or
of effective sensitivity will be maintained
throughout the whole of the length‘ of the bar
“pick-up” is attached to or suspended directly
from the fence its range of sensitivity is rather
rier or enclosure. _
limited, depending on the vibration transmitting
The above object is accomplished, in accord. 35 characteristics of the fence structure and the
ance with the preferred embodiment of the in
practical objection to the increasing of the am
vention by applying an e?icient vibration trans
pli?cation factor beyond a, certain value, it being
mitting band to the enclosure or barrier and at
understood, of course, that the detections of the
taching the pick-up devices directly to this band.
unit H are suitably ampli?ed before being
In the preferred embodiment of the invention,
reproduced audibly.
this band may consist of a length of taut piano
The present invention provides a practical ar
wire rigidly connected to the barrier or enclosure
rangement for distributing the effective sensitivity
at spaced intervals. Thus substantially im
proved results in the detecting of unauthorized
of the pick-up I'I substantially uniformly along
movements on or about the protective barrier or 45 the fence or enclosure. For this purpose the
fence or enclosure is banded with a length 16
enclosure may be attained regardless of the struc
of wire having good mechanical vibration trans
mitting characteristics as, for example, piano
Another object of the invention therefore is
wire. Wire I6 is rigidly secured to the fence
the provision of an improved arrangement for
attaching the sensitive pick-up device or devices 50 structure at spaced intervals and preferably the
attachment is made to the fabric M by the brack
to the barriers or enclosures whereby the useful
ets l5 at points disposed centrally in bays formed
ness of the involved system is substantially
tural character of the barrier or enclosure.
by adjacent posts I0. It should be understood
however that the points of attachment may be
The above and other objects and advantages
of the invention will become apparent upon the 65 varied as to location and interval and may be
made on any of the other ‘parts of the fence
The pick-ups I‘! are suspended from the wire
H5 at suitably spaced intervals, each unit being
protected by a roof or cover 18 carried by the
fence structure directly. In representative com
mercial embodiments of the invention the pick
nomical ampli?er may be employed. The ampli
?cation gain may be materially lowered since the
detection of Vibrations set up at points spaced
materially from the respective Dick-ups is much
more e?‘icient.
The above speci?cally described embodiment
of the invention should be considered as illus
ups I‘! are spaced from 150 to 300 feet along
trative only as obviously many changes may be
the Wire Hi. In operation, minute and localized
made therein without departing from the spirit
vibrations set up in the fence or enclosure at 10 orv scope of the invention. Reference should
any point are transmitted along a comparatively
therefore be had to the appended claim in deter
short path to one or the other of the brackets
mining the scope of the invention. '
l5 and thus to the wire IS. The wire [6 is main
What I claim is:
tained under tension and. this together with its
Apparatus of the character described compris
physical character provides a highly efficient
ing in combination a plurality of fence posts, a
channel for the transmission of mechanical vi
woven wire fence secured to said posts, laterally
brations from any of the brackets I5 to one or
extending brackets secured to said Woven Wire at
more of the pick-ups H. In this manner the
spaced intervals positioned intermediate said
effective sensitivity of the pick-ups is more uni
posts, a taut wire rigidly connected to the outer
formly distributed throughout the length of the
ends of said brackets, and a mechanical vibra
fence or enclosure.
tion-electrical transducer having its mechanical
Other advantages of the use of the invention
driving element mechanically connected to said
are that a substantial reduction may be made in
taut wire.
the number of pick-up units and that a more eco
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