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Patented July 9, 1946
Joseph C. Davie, Agawam, Mass.
Application Julyl, 1942, Serial No. 449,223
7 Claims.
(01. 150-38)
This invention relates to billfolds and has, as
an object thereof, to provide a billfold having
novel advantages and features not heretofore
found in such devices.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
billfold which can be constructed of a unitary
blank to form one or more expandable pockets
without the use of stitching, adhesive or the like.
‘Fig. 1'? is a plan view, in horizontal section, of
a billfold in expanded condition and including
the said member.
As illustrated in the drawings, my invention
preferably provides a billfold which may be con-'
structed from a blank having an outer portion 5
and inner portions 6-6 each having a flap 1
thereon for the purposeto be hereinafter de
A further object is to, provide a billfold having
The said blank is provided at the ends of the
novel means for providing various types of addi 10 outer portion 5 with pocket forming portions
tional pockets and partitions and for facilitating
8-8, each of which is provided with flaps 9-9
the folding of said billfold when containing a
having tabs l0 adapted to be received in slits H
substantial number of sheets, such as currency
in the portions 6-6.
In folding the said blank to provide my im
A still further object of the invention is to pro 15 proved billfold, the inner portions 6-6 are folded
vide means for facilitating the removal of the
onto the portion 5, an insert I2 is then placed
contents of the billfold.
between the said inner and outer portions and
Further ‘objects of my invention will be more
the flaps 7-1 are folded inwardly over the in
clearly understood from the following descrip
sert as clearly illustrated in Figs. 2 and 6.
tion and from the accompanying drawings in 20
The said insert includes a portion l3 which is
creased to provide an outwardly extending bellows
Fig. 1 is a ?at plan view of a blank for a billfold
fold which will extend between the adjacent
embodying my invention.
folded sides of the billfold when the said billfold
Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the said blank
is in folded position, Further, the said insert is
in partly folded condition and containing an im
retained in position-by the flaps 1-1 and will
proved form of insert embodied in my invention.
provide outer pockets M-lli between the said
Fig. 3 is a ?at plan view of said insert. ‘
insert and the sections 6-6.
Fig. 4 is an enlarged top view of the said bill
The ?aps 9-9 are then folded upon the por
fold in completed condition and showing the 30 tions 8 and the latter portions are folded upon
same slightly bent towards its folded position.
the inner portions 6-5. The tabs H] are then
Fig. 5 is a front elevational view of the same.
inserted through the slits li-ll to thus provide
Fig. 6 is a further enlarged view in vertical
expandible' superimposed pockets l5 upon the
section on line 6-6 of Fig. 5 showing the said
inner portions 6 as clearly shown in Figs. 5 and 6
billfold in expanded condition.
of the drawings.
Fig. '7 is a flat plan view of a blank for a modi
If desired, the portions 8 may be cut out, as at
?ed form of a billfold embodying my invention.
It, to provide a window H in the said expandible
Fig. 8 is a front plan View of an open billfold
constructed from said blank.
pockets and the said window may be provided
with a transparent sheet it which may be re—
Fig. 9 is a flat plan view of a blank embodying
40 tained in place by a flap 19 that is folded inwardly,
a further modi?cation of my invention.
over the end of said sheet, as indicated in Fig. 5.
Fig. 10 is a front view of a billfold constructed
Also, if desired, the outer portion 5 may be
provided with a ?ap 2B, which may be folded in
' from said blank.
Fig. 11 is a ?at plan view of a blank comprising
wardly as illustrated in Fig. 6, to provide a
a still further modi?cation of my invention.
45 rounded outeredge for the billfold and to expose
Fig. 12 is a ?at plan view of a modi?ed form of
the grained or ?nished side of the blank when
an insert member.
it is made of certain materials having a ?nished
Fig. 13 is a plan view, in horizontal section, of
and an un?nished side.
an expanded billfold containing the said insert.
When it is desired to conceal the tabs iii, a
Fig. 14 is a ?at plan view of a still further
liner, not shown, may be inserted within the
modi?ed form of an insert member.
pockets 14-“! so that said tabs will not inter
Fig. 15 is a plan view, in horizontal section, of
a billfold in expanded condition and which em
bodies said member.
fere with articles placed in said pockets.
As illustrated in Figs. 4, 5 and 6 of the draw
ings, my billfold may include a, bill compart
Fig. 16 is a ?at plan view of a still further
55 ment 2|, inner pockets Ill-l4 and superimposed
modi?ed form of insert member.
expandable pockets l5-l5, and the edges of said
pockets may be notched, as at 22, for easier
access to the contents thereof. The central
portion of the insert I2 may also be notched,
as at 23, to permit bills in the compartment 21
to be readily grasped with the tips of the ?ngers
and also as at 24 to permit the said bills to be
partly ejected from said pocket by placing the
an insert of the form illustrated in Fig. 12, where
in the insert portion 44, with the bellows fold 45
thereon, is provided with extensions 46-46.
When this form of an insert is used in the bill
fold, the flaps ‘I are folded over the edges of said
portions 46 to form outer pockets 4'! in addi
tion to the bill compartment 48 as illustrated
in Fig. 13.
tip of the thumb into the notch 24 and sliding
Fig. 16 illustrates a still further modi?cation
the bills so, that they will partly project from, 10
of the insert, wherein the same results may be
the top of the pocket 2| and thereby render
obtained as are obtained by the form illustrated
them more readily graspable.
in Fig. 12. In this form, the portion 49 is pro
As illustrated in Fig. 7, portions 25-25 for the
vided with extensions 59-50 which are sepa
expandable pockets may extend from the lower
rated by a notch 5|. When mounted into the
edge of the portion 5 and inner portions 26-2'6 15 billfold,
the portions 50 are folded upon the
may extend laterally from the ends of the said
portion 49 and the ?aps 1-1 are folded over the
portion 5. With this form of blank, the said
upper edges of the ‘portions 56, as clearly illus
inner portions 26 are folded onto the portion 5
trated in Fig. 17, to form the outer pockets 52‘.
and the portions 25 are then folded onto the said '
will be noted that the outer pockets 41 and
inner portions, as clearly illustrated in Fig. 8; 20 52,Itare
provided in addition to the pockets 22
the‘insert l2 being retained under the ?aps 7-1
without changing the form of the blank, as illus
of said blank in the same manner as in the form
trated in Fig. 1, nor the construction of the
illustrated in Fig. 1. This modi?ed form of the
superimposed expandable pockets l5.
blank, however, provides vertical expandable
From the above description it will be clearly.
pockets 25-a, as shown in Fig. 8, instead of the 25 understood that I have provided a billfold hav
horizontal pockets l5 illustrated in Fig. 5.“
ing a novel construction providing expandable
In the modi?ed form of billfold illustrated in
pockets in addition to other pockets of different
Figs. 9 and 10, a comparatively large pocket may
forms, all of which can be incorporated as de
be provided by the portion 21, which is folded in
sired by simply changing the particular forma
wardly upon the inner portion 23, and the said
of the blank for a billfold and, further, that
portion 21 is preferably provided with a plu
my invention also provides a novel means, which
rality of tabs 29, extending from the flaps 30
additionally includes means for permitting easy
thereof, so as to more securely fasten the edges
access to and partial ejection of the contents of
of the large pocket to the inner portion 28. _
said billfold.
As further illustrated in Figs. 9 and 10, my
It is further pointed out that my- invention
invention may also include an expandable pocket
provides for the formation of blanks which can which is secured by tabs at two adjacent sides
be folded into billfolds having a plurality of
and at another side thereof by being integral
different types and shapes of pockets andwhich
with the blank. Such a pocket may be formed
blanks are provided with adequate means for
by a portion 29-11 extending from the portion 40 securely retaining them in folded.‘ condition
5 and having the flaps 30-a and 3i. at adjacent
without requiring the use of sewing, adhesive’or
sides thereof, with tabs 32 and 33 that lock into
related means for fastening the different por
the slits 34 and 35 respectively in the inner por
tions of the billfold structures.
tion 36.
I claim:
In the further modi?ed form illustrated in
Fig. 11, the blank may be made in practically
the same form as illustrated in Fig. 1 but with
an additional portion 31, extending from the in
ner portions 6-6, which will eliminate the need
from a blank of ?exible material including an
outer portion, an inner portion having a slit
therein, an extension on said blank folded upon
of the separate insert [2 and the ?aps 1-7. In 50 said inner portion to provide a pocket thereon,
a ?ap on said extension, and a tab on said ?ap
the latter form, the portions 6-6 are separated
extending inwardly under said extension ‘and
by an opening 38 which is cut out of the blank
through said slit for fastening the extension to
to permit the bellows fold portion 39 of the
said inner portion and rendering said pocket
portion 31 to extend between the said inner por
In Fig. 14 I have illustrated a modi?ed form
structed from a blank of ?exible material includ
of an insert which consists of the regular por
ing an outer portion, an inner portion having a
tion 46 but which is integral with an additional
therein, an extension on said blank folded
portion 4|. In this form, the portion 40 is folded
onto the portion 4| and inserted within a billfold 60 to form a pocket on said inner portion, a flap on
said extension folded thereunder, and a tab on
that is made from a blank such as shown in Figs.
said flap extending inwardly from said flap and
1, 7 and 9. The ?aps 1-1 are then folded over
through said slit for fastening said extension to
the edge of the portion 40, as illustrated in Fig.
the inner portion and rendering said pocket
15, thereby providing a partition 4l-a, in the
bill compartment 2|, which will divide the said 65
3. A billfold formed from a blank of ?exible
compartment into two separate pockets. The
material comprising an outer portion, spaced
pocket 2 l-a may be used to contain a few checks,
inner portions folded upon said outer portion,
while the other pocket 2l-b, being provided
and a member inserted between said inner and
with the bellows fold 42-a, may contain a great
outer portions; said member including a portion
er number of bills. It will be noted that, in this
having a bellows fold and spaced portions extend
latter form of an insert, the portion 4| is notched,
ing downwardly from said member and folded
as at 43, to permit use of the notch 42 in the
thereupon whereby the said member will provide
fold 42-a for the partial ejection of bills as
hereinbefore described.
one wall of a bill compartment and said portions
My invention may further be incorporated in 75 will provide extra pockets between said wall and
the inner portions, and the said bellows fold will.
extend between said pockets upon the folding of
the billfold.
4. A billfold constructed from a blank of ?exi
ble material including an extension on said blank
folded to form an expandable pocket in said bill
fold and having means thereon for securing said
extension and rendering said pocket expandable;
outer portion and an extension folded upon said
inner portion to form a pocket thereon; said
extension having ?aps folded thereunder- and
extending towards the center of said extension,
slits in said inner portion disposed under said
extension and in register with the edges of said
flaps, and tabs projecting from said flaps and
through said slits to provide an expandable con
between the edges of said extension and
folded ?at thereunder and extending inwardly
portion to which it is secured.
therefrom, slits in said blank in register with the
7. In a billfold of the character described
edges of said flaps, and tabs on said ?aps extend
formed from a blank of ?exible material, the
ing therefrom through said slits.
combination of an outer wall portion, spaced
5. A billfold of the character described formed
inner wall portions folded upon said outer wall
from a blank of ?exible material and including
' portion, ?aps on said spaced portions foldable
an outer portion, an inner portion folded upon
between the same and the outer portion, and a
said outer portion, an extension on said blank
member inserted between said inner and outer
folded upon said inner portion, and means for
portions and retained therein by said flaps; said
securing said extension to’ said inner portion and
member including a portion folded thereon to
said means including flaps on said extensions
thereby providing an expandable pocket; said
means including a ?ap on said extension folded
inwardly thereon and disposed between said ex
tension and inner portion, a slit in said inner
portion underlying said extension and a tab on
said flap extending through said slit.
6. A billfold of the character described formed
from a blank of ?exible material including an
outer portion, an inner portion folded on said
provide a plurality of partitions forming pockets
between said inner and outer portions, and a por
tion on said member having a bellows fold
adapted to fold outwardly between the portions
folded thereon and said inner portions upon the
folding of said billfold.
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