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July 9, v1946.
Ec, „18E n
Filed June 5. 1944
Y 2,403,509
Patented July 9, T946
Foster C, Dise, Akron, Ohio
Application June 5, 1944, Serial No. 538,763
2 Claims.
(Cl. 4.6--130)
The invention aims to provide a simple, inex
The'inner ends of these levers are overbalanced »
pensive and amusing figure toy preferably simu
lating an elephant and a clown and so constructed
that the clown may be made to perform various
to normally rest upon the base 5 andto elevate
the outer ends of said levers. The aforesaid
long inner‘ends of these levers I2 and I3 are posi
antics in the Vimmediate vicinity of the elephant.
It is to be understood, however, thatvthe acro
tioned so that one or the other willv underlie
batic ñgure need not'represent a, clown and that
the stationary figure need not simulate an ele
idly from the arm 'I and >the latter rests on either
the acrobatic figure II when the latter hangs
of the pins 9. Thus; by manually depressing the
short outer end of the lever over 'which the
Figure 1 of the accompanying drawing is a side 10 figure II is hanging, the inner end of said lever
will be raised and said figure I_I will be thrown
into the air. If the lever be rather gently oper
ated, the ñgure I I will jump a slight amount and
Fig. 3 is a top plan view.
return, in all probability rocking during the jump.
A preferred construction has been shown and
will be rather speciñcally described, with the 15 A more forcible operation of the lever will of
course cause the figure II to jump higher, and
understanding, however, that within the scope
if forcible enough will cause it to jump complete
of the invention as claimed, variations may be
ly over the ñgure 6, rocking to and fro or somer
saulting, during the jump. An unusually forcible
An elongated base 5 is provided and upon
the central longitudinal portion of this base a 20 depression of the lever will cause the figure II
to notV only jump over the ñgure B but it will
flat stationary figure 6 is secured, said figure
representing an elephant.
reverse when the arm 'I strikes the abutment
pins 9 and it will jump back to the starting point.
An arm 'I is loosely pivoted at 8 to the sta
It will be noted from Fig. 1 that the abutment
tionary ñgure 6 to swing over said figure from
Fig. 2 is a front elevation.
a forward position to a rearward position, and 25 pins 9 are so positionedV that they are struck
by an intermediate portion of the resilient arm
in both of said positions, the arm projects from
the figure. Lateral stop pins 9 are provided on
the ñgure 6 to limit the descent of arm 'I when
swung in either direction.
1, preferably a point about midway its length,
so that when said arm strikes one of the pins
with considerable force, it will bow longitudi
Loosely and pivotally hung at I0 fromthe 30 nally because of the momentum of the acro
batic figure on the free end of the arm. Such
momentary bowing of the arm will cause it to
lash back and reversely throw the acrobatic
figure back to the end from which it was pro
other, said figure simulates a clown jumping
over an elephant, and during this movement, said 35 pelled by one of the`levers I2 or I3 if such lever
was given a forceful blow. It will thus be 'seen
figure may either rock to and fro, turn over
that by operating the levers or platforms I2 and
and over, or remain substantially upright.r The
I3 in different ways, the figure II may be made
arm 1 is preferably springy and if traveling suf
to perform various amusing antics.
ñciently fast when it strikes the abutment pins
9, it will, therefore, reverse and the figure I I will 40 All parts of the device, except the arm 1, pins
jump reversely over the ñgure 6.
9 and fulcrums I4 may well be of wood, -and
lengths of ordinary resilient wire may be used
The arm 1, as shown in Fig. 3, is in the form
outer end of the arm 1, is a flat acrobatic iig
ure 11 representing a clown and when said arm
'I is swung from one extreme position to the
of a rectangular loop having long straight sides
and shortnend portions which form pivots. The
sides of the loop or arm 'I extend along the oppo
site flat sides of the figures 6 and II which are
for said parts 1, 9 and I4. However, materials
other than wood may be used if desired, metal,
45 fibre or plastic for examples.
From the foregoing and the accompanying
drawing, it will be seen that novel provision
of the same thickness, and said arm is normally
supported on the opposite projecting ends of
has been made for carrying out the object of
the invention and while preferences have been
the pins 9 which extend through the stationary
50 disclosed, attention is again invited to the pos
figure 6.
sibility of making variations within the scope of
Two levers I2 and I3 of flat platform-like
shape are provided over the front and rear Dor
rthe invention as claimed.
tions of the base 5, said levers being fulcrumed
I claim:
1. A figure toy comprising a base, a stationary
on pins I4 which extend through the same and
through spaced blocks I5 secured to said base. 55 figure secured upon and projecting upwardly
horizontal axis to said stationary iigure between
latter being engaged with a centrally positioned
transverse opening in said figure to pivotally
the front and rear ends of the latter to swing up
wardly over said iigure from a normally low
ered position in which it projects either for
mount said arm for swinging upwardly over said
ligure from a normally lowered position in which
it projects either forwardly or rearwardly from
from said base, a resilient arm pivoted on a
wardly er rearwardly from said ñgure, an acro
the ends of said figure, a flat acrobatic ñgure
batic ligure pivotally hung from the outer free
end of said arm, and rigid abutments project
ing laterally-from said stationary figure near its
positioned between said side portions of the loop
and having a transverse opening to receive the
other short end portion of the loop to pivotally
front and rear ends to abut said resilient arm 10 mount the acrobatic figure on the fre'e end of
the arm, rigid abutment pins extending through
adjacent its longitudinal center when it is swung
and projecting laterally from the opposite sides
either forwardly or rearwardly over said station
of said stationary iigure near its front and rear
ary figure, and an actuating means for said
ends to abut the long side portions of said arm
acrobatic figure mounted at each end of said
base and positioned beneath said acrobatic fig 15 loop when the latter is swung either forwardly
or rearwardly over said stationary figure, said
ure when the latter is in one of its lowered posi
abutments being positioned to be struck by the
tions, whereby when one of said actuating means
long side portions of said loop at points about
is operated with considerable force to engage
midway of the ends of the latter so that the
said acrobatic ñgure and project it and said re
silient arm upwardly over said stationary figure, 20 momentum of said acrobatic vfigure will cause
momentary bowing of Said resilient side portions
the ’momentum of _saidvac'robatic figure will cause
when they strike either the forward or rearward
momentary bowing of >said arm as it strikes one
of said 'vabu'tments and the resultant back lash
of said armïvilllreversely throw said acrobatic
figure baci; to a position above the actuating
means which was >operated to project it.
A figure toy comprising anfelongated base,
a flat stationary ligure projecting upwardly from
abutment pins with considerable force, whereby
said arm loop will then lash back and reversely
throw said acrobatic figure to the point from
which it was propelled, and manually operated
actuating means for said acrobatic figure posi
tioned on each end of said base beyond the ends
of said stationary ñgure for engagement with
said base along its longitudinal axis and of less
lejngth than saidïbase, a resilient arm compris 30 said acrobatic iigure to propel it and said arm
loop upwardly and over said stationary figure.
ing a rectangular loop having resilient long side
portions disposed on opposite sides of said figure
and short connecting end portions, one of the
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