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I July 9, 1946'.
Filed May 11,- 1944
9 Q9
9 .
1_ @1640 “I
Pig 6
Patented July 9, 17946
William V. Goldstein, Freehold, and Lou
Shooman, 'Belmar, N. J.
Application May 11, 1944,. Serial‘ No. 535,018 .
1 Claim. (01. 1724-4)
An object of our invention is a toy which is
actuated by strokes with a hammer and which,
therefore, is adapted to develop physical strength
and skill of a child in a playful and amusing
Another object is a toy of this kind which shows
a plurality of spots, each of which may be selected
for the stroke, and which, therefore, is adapted
to develop discriminating and counting abilities.
Further objects are a toy of this kind which is
ready for further strokes immediately after each
stroke, and a toy which is provided with movable
members that move in one direction when hit by
the hammer and can be moved back in the op~
posite direction by a subsequent stroke.
through which the shaft 2 passes. In Figs. 1, 2,
and 3, the members 3, 4, 5 are circular disks, the
upper section of each circle being cut off. The
members 4 and 5 are shown with the cut oil’ edge
positioned horizontally. The member 3 is shown
in a tilted position. The lower rim of said disks
engages frictionally the lower or bottom wall of
the casing I. This, however, is not indispensable.
These members may engage the side walls fric
tionally or may not contact any of the walls. For
example, each of said members may be replaced by
a lever 8 shown in Fig. 4.
A number of posts or cylindrical pieces 9 are
inserted vertically in holes passing through the
Still other objects are to provide such a toy 15 upper wall or platform of the casing I. These
posts are slidable in the holes frictionally, the
with movable members which are adapted to pro
friction being su?iciently slight to be overcome
ject a body away or into the air, and to provide
when the upper end of the post is hit by a, ham
recesses in the surface of such members for the
mer. The posts 9 are arranged in pairs, each
reception of such bodies.
Still further objects and advantages will ap 20 pair comprising posts positioned vertically over
the two ends of the upper edge of the same mem
pear from the following description of an ex
ber 3, 4 or 5.
emplifying embodiment of our invention and of
Each post 9 may be replaced by one of the
certain modi?cations thereof, from the appended
modi?cations shown in Figs. 5, 6, '7 and 8. For
claim and from the accompanying drawing in
25 example, a slotted piece I0 may be used. Prefer
ably, the piece II] has a slot II positioned in a
Fig, 1 shows a vertical cross-section of an illus
vertical central plane of the piece, extending from
trative embodiment of the invention, said cross
the upper end surface and ending at a small dis
section being taken alongythe line I-l in Fig. 3.
Fig. 2 shows another vertical cross-section of 30 tance from the lower end surface, and has a
second slot positioned in a plane perpendicular
the same embodiment, said latter cross-section
to said ?rst plane, extending from the lower sur
being taken along the line 2-2 in Fig. 3.
face and ending at a small distance from the
Fig. 3 shows the same embodiment seen from
the upper side.
upper surface. These slots make the post more
Fig. 4 shows a vertical side view of a modi?ca 35 resilient and facilitate the proper frictional con
tact with the wall of the respective hole.
tion of a part used in said embodiment.
The cross-sections of the posts 9 are preferably
Figs. 5, 6, 7 and 8 show different modi?cations
circular. But posts of other cross-sections may
of another part used in the same embodiment,
Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 being perspective views, Fig. 7
be used, for example, posts I3 having square
being a vertical side view and Fig, 8 being a ver
tical central cross-section. Figs. 5, 6, 7 and .8 40 The post I4 is a modi?cation having a head I5
a?ixed to its upper end. The upper surface of
are represented on a larger scale than Figs. 1, 2,
3 and 4.
the post or of the head l5 may have a recess I6
adapted to support a ball 2| or any other throw
Referring to the drawing, numeral I indicates a
able object which will leap when the post is
casing having a rectangular inner space sur
45 pushed upward.
rounded by walls. The walls may be perma
nently closed after assemblage of the toy’s parts,
The post I? has a hollow space with a mouth
or entrance at the upper surface of the post.
for example by glue; or known and conventional
The space, I8, is adapted to receive a body which
means for opening the casing may be provided.
will leap when the post is pushed upward. For
An axle or shaft 2 extends horizontally
throughout the length of the casing I. Three 50 example, this body may be a little doll or ?gure
I9 equipped with a parachute 29 which will un
members 3, 4 and 5 are rotatably mounted on the
fold and spread when the doll I9 starts falling
shaft 2 and are spaced from each other by cylin
after the upward leap. The doll I 9 and the para
drical parts 6 and from the walls of the casing by
chute 26 are shown in this latter condition in .
cylindrical parts 1, the parts 6 and 'I having bores 65 Fig.
embodiment shown and described is only one of
the many that may be employed to attain the
objects of our invention.
Having described the nature of our invention
and how it operates, what we claim and desire
All parts of the toy may be made of wood or
of any other suitable material. The individual
posts may be distinguished from each other by
numbers or colors whereby the educational value
of the toy is increased.
The toy operates as follows: When the upper
to secure by Letters Patent is:
A toy comprising a casing having a platform
and two holes in said platform, a post inserted in '
surface of one of the posts 9 is hit by the stroke
of a hammer or the like, the lower end of this
post pushes one side of the corresponding mem
one of said holes and another post inserted in the
ber 3, 4 or 5 down whereby the other side of the
same member is turned up and the other post 9
of the same pair is pushed upward. This move- 7
other hole, said posts being frictionally slidable
in said holes, and a member positioned below
said platform, connected to said casing turnably
around an axis parallel to said platform, and
ment makes any body that is supported by said
having the shape of a disk of which a segment is
latter post leap or spring in upward direction.
cut» off whereby the circumference of said member
We desire it understood that our invention is 15 consists of an arc and of a chord-like positioned
not con?ned to the particular embodiment and‘
surface, said latter surface contacting the lower
the modi?cations thereof shownpandydescribed,
‘ ‘ends of said posts.
and that the invention may be carried vout in‘
other ways‘without departing from the spirit of‘ 20
the invention as it is obvious that the particular
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