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Jul? 9, 1946.
> ,
msizwnsnme MACHINE
Filed Oct. 6,_ 1941
4 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 9, 17946.
I w, N_ HARR|$
Filed 001. 6, 1941
2,403,526 I
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
July 9, 1946-
Y 2,403,526
Filed oc'fc. 6,41 1941
4 Sheets-Sheet :5
< .
.' 3144mm
Patented July 9, 1946
_ 2,403,526
William Norris Harris, Atlanta, Ga.
Application October 6, 1941, Serial No. 413,885
1 Claim. (Cl. 134-115)
The invention relates to dish washing machines. .
j Similar reference characters refer to similar
parts throughout the several ?gures oi’: the draw
The primary object of this invention is the
provision vof an improved dish washing machine
designed to be readily adapted for use with a
sink ‘of conventional design‘ requiring a minimum
of change in such a sink.
\ f
' ' ‘
which are hot and cold waterspigots ‘2i and 22
washing device which will provide forimproved
substantially conventional design associated with
An additional object is the provision of 'a dish
cleansing of articles positioned therein.
Having reference now to Figure 1 there is gen
. eraily indicated. at 20 a sinkwhich ‘may. be of
respectivelyboth adapted to ?ow into. a common
'A still furtherobject is the Dl'OViSlQl'i'Oi" a 'dish
washing apparatus which‘ may be readily utilized 10 _ An additional pipe I6 leads from the hot water
nlet pipe to an automatic measuring valve ll
with a sink of conventional design and removed
therefrom with a minimum of di?iculty inv order
to permit the sink to be utilized in the normal
of any desired conventionaltype, from which'a
discharge pipe I! leads to an outlet l8a positioned
in the side of sink 20 (see Fig, 2). - An operating
handle it controls the operation of valve ll.
_Valve 11 is so constructed that movement of
device which will be reliable and e?lcient in oper-‘ I
handle l9 permits the‘ passage of a predetermined
when and of durable and "economical construc
A still further object is the provision of suclna
quantity of water into the sink. Thus when it
Other objects will in part be obvious and in part 20 v is- desired to utilize the sink as a dishwasher it
may be filled to that capacity productive of max
be pointed out hereinafter.
imum emciency in a substantially automatic
The invention accordingly consists in the com
manner. .Sink 20 is also provided with a drain
binations of elements, features of construction
pipe 24 opening into the bottom of the sink as at
and arrangements'of parts all as will be more
fully pointed'out hereinafter anddisclosed in the 25 25 (see Figure . »
In suitable apertures‘ 26 (see Figure 9) to be
accompanying drawings, wherein; \ f
- more fully described hereinafter-are positioned
Figure lis'a perspective view of a sink incor
propellers 21 adapted to bevrotated. in a manner
porating this improved dish washing device hav
and for a purpose to be described hereinafter
ing the cover associated therewith in place.
Figure 2 is a top planview of the sinkhaving 30 which extend upwardly: above the bottom of the
sink a substantialdistance. Adapted to be posi
the cover and certain other elements of the de
tioned within the sink is a mesh wire basket gen
erally indicated‘at 30 adapted for the reception
‘Figure 3 is a top plan view of the driving mech
of dishes,rglasses,,silverware and analogous arti
anism adapted to be utilized in conjunction with
cles to be wash
certain movable elements of this invention. ‘
of this invention showing certain of the operat-'
ing mechanism.
Figure 6 is an end elevational view of the base
adapted to contain ‘cups, portions of these pock
ets, comprising wires 35, being so designed as to‘
provide accommodation for the handles of said
Figure 8 is a side elevational View of a‘ con
structional detail.
or pockets into which small plates may beIY-in
sorted.‘ Others, 33 de?ne pockets of greater ex
tent for the reception of larger articles of china
ware. ‘Additional wires 34 (see Figures 4 andIG) ,.
are so arranged as to provide pockets‘ especially
ket shown in Figures 4 and -5.
. Figure 7 is a view similar to Figure 6 taken from
the opposite end of the basket.‘
Certain of the wires \3llof
apertures completely surrounding, and shielding
propellers Z'Lfrom contact with the chinaware
to be washed; Certain other wires 32-de?ne "slots
disclosing the dish containingbasket, which com-,
prises afeature vof the inventiomin position
Figure 5 is a side sectional
view of‘v the device
basket 30. are sovformed as to formpockets or
, Figure-4 is an enlarged plan view of‘the sink
All of the above-mentioned wires are associ
ated with the base of the basket or container.
Figure 9 is a side sectional view, certain-parts
thereof being broken. away, of the assembly of
certain. of the operating mechanism of , this
?ne wire meshsection 31 designed to accommo
date silverware in up-ended relationship to. per
Figure 10 is a view similar to Figure 9 but dis
closing a substitution of certain parts for certain
other parts disclosed
in Figure 9.
mit ready drainage thereof.
Extending above the base surface of the bas-p
aaoasac ‘
ket are a series of further-wires 38 _so formed
'ed with recesses 66 in~the walls of which are cut
one or more grooves 81. Propellers 21 are provi.d-'
ed with shafts 88 with which are associated one
or‘more splines 69 adapted to engagev grooves 81
as to provide pockets for glasses or tumblers, it
being noted that the pockets so formed are in
clined to permit the reception of the glassware
in angularly inclined inverted'position facilitat
ing ready drainage thereof.
whereby rotation of shafts 82 occasions rota
tion of propellers 21.
Plvoted as at 40 to one end of basket 30 is an
arrangement of wires generally
indicated at - 4 i,’
The upperlends of drive shafts l! are provid
It will thus be seen that propellers 21" may be
readily removed ‘from recesses 66 in drive shafts
forming a plurality of additional pockets 42 also
82 when desired by the simple expedient of pull
adapted for the reception of glasses or tumblers. 10 ing them upwardly out of the recesses. In such
Extending wire hooks 43 adapted to engage the
sides of basket 30 (see Figures 4 and 6) retain
case and when it is desired to use sink 20 for
other purposes than washing dishes, suitable clo
device 4| in its proper position when pivoted in
sure members ‘Ill (see Figure 10) ‘provided with
to position over the basket. It will be noted that
spring ?ngers 1| are provided and adapted to be
arrangement 4| overlies wires 35 formed for the 15 inserted into recesses 66 whereby to completely
reception of cups and accordingly, the diameter
close the bottom of the sink for any purpose as
of the cups being relatively small as compared
> desired.
to that of plates, portion 4| may be folded over
Having reference now to the means for ro
such cups when the device is to be utilized, thus
tating propellers‘?! thereis provided an electric
effecting a material saving in space. Suitable 20 motor 80 of. any desired type adapted to be se
‘handles 45 are provided to facilitate the ready , cured to the wall adjacent the sink,‘ or in any
insertion into and removal of the basket from
‘ other desired location.
Motor 80 is provided
sink 20.
with a driving pulley Bl with which is associat
From the foregoing it will now be seen, that
ed a drive belt 82 which in turn engages all of
basket 3| may be removed from the sink, ?lled 26 pulleys 83. Thus it will be seen ‘that upon the ac
with chinawar'e and silverware, etc., or all the
tuation of motor 80 in a manner to be described
dishes requiring washing after a meal, and de
posited in sink 20 preparatory towashing such
dishes. After the washing has been e?ected, in
hereinafter, the propellers 21 are all caused to
revolve simultaneously and at uniform speed.
As shown in Figure l a push button type switch
a mannerfto be described hereinafter, basket 30 80 85 is provided for the energization of motor 80.
may, by means of handles 45, be readily removed
Switch 85, however, is connected in series with a
second push button type switch 86 in such man
of the cleansed dishes. ‘
ner that energization of the motor is precluded
Referring now back to Figure 1 there is gen‘
unless both switches are closed. A wedge-shaped
eraliy indicated at 50 a cover member adapted to
proiectionb'l (see Figure 8) is provided on cover
completely enclose the sink when the, washer is
50 adapted to engage push button 86 to close that
in operation. Cover member. 50 is adapted to
portion of the circuit associated therewith when
engage a peripheral groove 5| positioned entire
the cover is in position. Accordingly motor 80
ly about the edge of sink 20 and in which may
cannot be energized unless the two switches are
be positioned a gasket 52 of soft rubber or anal
simultaneously closed, which fact precludes the
ogous material to prevent
energization vof the motor and hence rotation of
vice is in operation.
the propellers when the cover member 50 is not '
A suitable aperture 53, provided with a mov
in place, to avoid the throwing of water about
able closure member 54, is positioned in the top
' the room as might otherwise be the case.
of cover 50 to permit filling of the sink while the
The-operation of the device should now be
cover is in place. Closure member 54 may, if de
readily understood. When it is desired to use the
sired, be of glass in order to permit observation
vdevice as a dish washer, assuming that cover
of the operation of the device or the water level
members 10' are in position, they are first re
therein when the cover is in position.
60 moved and propellers 21 inserted into their asso
It may here be pointed out that‘pipe 23 is ro
ciated recesses 66. Boiled dishes are then stacked
tatable and it is desirable that opening“ be lo
in basket 30 at any suitable location, basket 30
cated in a position in the arc of- rotation of the
then being positioned in the sink, as best shown
discharge nozzle of pipe 23. Cover 50 is also
in Figure 5. The sink may now be filled with
provided with handles 55 to facilitate removal 55 water through valve 11 and inlet 18a, and'soap or
other suitable cleansing agent and cover 50 placedv
and replacement thereof.
It should also be noted that there is posi
thereover. If desired,vcover 50 may, of course,
tioned within drain 14 a pop-up. valve (not
be positioned ?rst and the sink ?lled through
shown) of conventional design controlled by a,
aperture 53. Afterthe cover member is in place,
lever 56 attached to a rod 51' controlled by a 60 which placement, closes switch 86, push button 85.
push button 58 located outside cover, 50 where
is closed starting the motor 80 which in turn. ro
by the sink may be drained, if desired, without
tates propellers 21 at a desired speed, thoroughly
diffusing the soapy water over and into all the
removal of the cover.
Having reference now to Figure 9 it will be
articles‘ to be washed positioned in the basket 30.
seen that the apertures 26 in the bottom of sink 65 v It may here be pointed out that basket 30 is so
as tov
in are provided with bushings 60 and packing
designed and propellers 21 so positioned
gaskets 8| within which are adapted to rotate
insure the, most effective dissemination of the
drive‘ shafts 62 ,to which are ?xedly attached
cleansing fluid over all the surfaces of the plates,
from the sink to facilitate drainage and drying '
driving pulleys 63. Suitably threaded retaining
glassware, silver, etc. positioned in the basket,
members 59 engaging‘ corresponding threads or 70 After the cleansing operation is continued a
projecting portions of sink 20 serve to retain
sufficient length ‘of time depression of button 58
bushing 60 and gaskets 8! in related assembly.
will'open the valve in drain 24 and permit drain
The opposite ends of shafts 62 may be iournaled
age of the sink. After the sink is drained, the
in bushings 64 positioned in any suitable extend
valve may be reclosed and the sink re?lled with
ing projections 65 depending below the level of 75 rinsing water through aperture 53 in cover 50
sink 20.
whereupon the propellers may be restarted and
fresh water thoroughly disseminated over all the
articles to be washed, to rinse the same. Upon
the conclusion of one or more rinsing operations,
cover 50 may be removed and basket 30 may be
placed in a suitable location to permit the dishes
to drain after which they may be removed there
from for drying.
be made in the embodiment herein described and
shown it is to be understood that all matter here
inbei'ore set‘ forth or disclosed in the accompany
ing drawings is to be interpreted merely as illus
trative and not in a limiting sense.
I claim as my invention:
_ A device of the class described for a sink hav- -
' ing an opening and an exterior projecting portion
It will be readily understood that while there
about said opening, and a bracket on the exterior
are shown herein tour propellers, a‘ greater or 10 of said sink, the device comprising ' a shaft
less number may be utilized if desired and that - adapted to be Journaled in said opening and said
while the driving means herein shown is a'belt
bracket, packing around the shaft at the outer
and pulley arrangement, any other suitable drive
end of said portion, a cap about said shaft for
mechanism, such as ?exible shai'ting, may be
engaging said portion and enclosing said packing,
15 said shaft in the top thereof having‘ an axially
Now from the foregoing it will be seen that
extending recess to selectively receive attaching '
there is herein provided‘ a device accomplishing
means of a propeller or attaching means of a clo
all the objects 01' this invention and many others
sure, and operating‘ means for said‘shatt between
including advantages of great practical utility.
said cap and bracket.
As many embodiments may bev made of this
inventive concept and as many modi?cations may
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