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Patented July 9, 1946
UNITED *sra'rs S
William Julius Syplie Peschardt, Pinner, England
No Drawing. ' Application September 13, 1943, Se
rial No. 502,220.
In Greatv Britain April 15.
' 11 Claims.
(01. 99-131)
desired form and the unsolidi?ed formed bodies
This invention relates to a process for manu
are then set to the desired degree of solidity by
facturing bodies, sheets and films of a soft and
being immersed in a solution containing calcium
gelatinous or gristly nature impervious to water
chloride or alum and also glucose with or with
and gases. The manufactured products are use
out a proportion of invert sugar.
ful for various industrial purposes, and as one
The solution of sodium alginate is made up
example can be used for many of the purposes
with glucose, glue, gelatine, agar-agar, sugar
for which soft rubber is now employed.v Sheets
syrup, or a cellulose compound known under the
or ?lms can be made up into personal protective
registered trade~mark “Cellofas.” which is a
coverings against water or ‘gases. A particular
use for comparatively smallbodies made accord 10 mixed alkyl ether of cellulose‘of the type de
scribed mv British speci?cation No; 469,391. *In I
ing to the process is that when produced in ‘ap
producing realistic arti?cial cherries good results
propriate shapes and forms and ‘suitably colored
are secured by using a syrup of sugar and glucose.
and ?avored, they can be used as edible imitation
When using sugar and/or glucose, the strength
cherries and other soft fruits and foodstuils.
The bodies produced according to the present‘ 15 of the alginate solution, which-for convenience
will be‘ termed the ‘basic stock, may be in the
invention are una?ected by temperatures of the
region of 0.25% to 15% of thel?nal syrupy solu
range generally met with in cooking cakes and
tion or even more according to the grade of‘ algi
the like and consequently such bodies, e. g.
imitation glacé cherries, are suitable for use in
nate used. I There is a range of about‘ ?ve or more
skin is thicker. This thickness of the skin can
" ‘to the imitation fruits
In another example of an alginate solution, the .
the culinary arts. In addition to producing '20 grades of sodium alginate commercially obtain
able lrom the best and purest to the ordinary
bodies of the foregoing character suitable-for the
poorest, and the better the grade, thelower
uses indicated, afurther object of the invention
‘the ‘percentage necessary. In making the syrup
is to produce bodies having a degree of semi
solidity or hardness which is substantially stable. . to receive the alginate it is immaterial whether‘
In this respect the products may be made with 25 all sugar or all glucose, orwhat proportion of
each, is employed, but good results are obtainable
various degrees of soft solidity ‘from a sticky
from the example hereinafter set forth; ‘wherein
gelatinous mass enclosed in an impervious thin
the sugarhas been‘ introduced to give sweetness
?exible skin to a more solid form in which the
be varied and progressivelyincreased by suit
slginate is dissolvedin hot water (below
ably operating the ‘process, i.‘ e. its dimension "
can be anythingvfrom a thin membrane thicken
ing up more and more towards the ‘core of the
boiling point) in approximately the proportion _
0f 1_1b.-0f alg’inate'toio lbs 01' watch-and While
‘still‘warm Zlbs of Cellofas or l‘lb of gelatine or _
1’ lb.'of agar-agar are added.
example is t
giving a stiller elastic semisolid. In all cases the 85 not
so goodies the previous one, for making'edible
physical consistency ‘produced remains as stable
"imitation cherries. 1
as does the consistency of natural preserved and
' ‘ In preparing the calcium chloride or alum solu
soft fruits‘ and various other edible ielly-like and
body as may be required ‘in the resultant product,
rubbery bodies which as one object the invention
seeks to simulate, when the arti?cial products
tion.'herein termed the setting bath. a wide I
40 range of proportions of the chloride or alum-to
glucose is possible; the stronger the chloride or
alum ‘the more quickly will the setting and solidi
ncation‘ of the bodies or basic stock take place.
are subjected to the same conditions as their ac
The present invention employs sodium alginate
as its base. While it is well known that sodium
alginate'becomes a viscous gluey mass when dis
solved in water and is capable of solidi?cation '
For example, as little as 1% or 2% or as much as
45 10% or more calcium chloride in the setting bat’;
may be employed.
by-calcium‘ chloride or alum, this simple process
' Exsi‘lru: _
possesses the disadvantage, so for as the present
Basic stock
objects are concerned, that the solidi?ed‘ mass
?rst becomes tough and gristly like soft rubber > If“
and then rapidly hardens, losing, on drying out,
all ?exibility and becoming quite unyieldingly‘
hard. The ?nal products are more akin, to stone
than rubber or jelly in their feel.
According to the present invention, a solution
of sodium alginate is formed into bodies of the
Y »
A'syrup is made up from 100‘ parts by-weight
of Hsugar to 20 parts by weight of glucose. and
into this syrup is dissolved a quantity of best
grade sodium alginate such as that known under
the registered trade mark "Mal-wool” reprelent-
ing about 1% to 2% by weight of the ?nal solu
tionlfltisdeslredtotorma very soft stick!
. 2,403,047‘
in the final product 0.5% to_1% of: invert
sugar-‘or equivalent may be added. 'A‘nysuitable
coloring or ?avoring matter may be added to the
basic stock.
ing the, unsolidined bodies in a solution contain
ing'glucose and calcium chloride.
2. A process for manufacturing soft impervi
ous bodies, sheets and films, comprising‘ form
Setting both
ing a viscous solution of sodium alginate and su
A 20% aqueous solution of calcium chloride'is
added to glucose in ‘a proportion to yield 236%
by: weight of calcium chloride in the total bath. ‘
The basic stock is in- the statezof aviscous
treacly- mass sufficiently-quid to be dropped as l0,
globules oi requisite size into the setting bath or
gar syrup into bodies of desired form and then
setting said formed-bodies to a desired degree of
solidity by immersing the unsolidi?ed bodies in
a"solution containing glucose and calcium chlo
3. Edible imitation soft. fruits consisting of
bodies of sodium alginate having a hardened pe
ripheral portion containing an insoluble alginate
into molds before immersing in the bath.
To make "cherries,” for instance, the basic
stock may be fed from a suitable dropper such 15. and afsoft interior.
4. Edible imitation soft fruits consisting of
as a pan having a plurality‘ of nozzles of requi
bodies of; sodium alginate withv sugar syrup hav
site diameter, e. g. one-quarter or three-eighths
ing a hardened peripheral portion containing an
of an inch, each controlled by an extrusion pis
insoluble alginate‘and a soft interior.
ton, whereby the stock may be dropped as de
tached blobs of predetermined. weight into the 20 5. A process for manufacturing soft impervi
ous bodies, sheets and ?lms, comprising forming
setting solution. An air-tight skin is immedi
a viscous solution of a soluble alginate into bod
ately formed ‘on the blobs and the latter may be
ies of desired form and then setting said formed
removed fromv the bath within one minute if the
,bodies to a desired degree of solidity by immers
“cherries" are to have a tacky body.__contained
in a very thin skin. For more ‘solid bodies hav a ing the unsolidiiiedbodies in a solution contain
ing glucose and calciumchloride.
ing a thicker and somewhat tougher skin merg
6. A process for manufacturing soft impervi
ing inwardly into a more jellified body. having
ous bodies, sheets .and?lms, comprising forming
onlya small tacky core, a period longer than one
a viscous solution of sodium alginate into bodies
minute,up to say three or four minutes ‘may be
allowed for the immersion. As the time of im 30» oi'ldesired form and then setting said formed
bodies to a desired degree of solidity by immers
mersion is increased the whole body can be
- ing the unsolidi?ed bodies in a solution contain
brought to the semi-solid‘state ‘of a very' stiff
ing glucose and calcium-chloride.
jellyii desired. As this time factor depends up
7. A process for‘ manufacturing edible imita
on the exactcomposition of the ‘basic stock (it
self dependent upon the grade and percentage 35 - tion cherries and other soft fruits and‘ foodstuffs,
consisting in making .a basic ‘stock by dissolving
of sodium alginate) and also upon the strength
1% to 2% by ‘weight of sodium alginate in a
of the chloride setting bath, the degree of so
syrup comprising 100 parts sugar ‘and 20 parts
. lidity ‘of the products is best determined empiri
glucose (by. weight), forming bodies-from this
‘cally by timing and testing a preliminary trial
batch prior to running off the main batches.
40 basic stock, and immersing said formed bodies
'ShapesJa'nd forms other than the spheroidal
in a setting bath comprising'a ‘20 %'v aqueous solu
imparted by a direct dropping process may be
tion of calcium chloride added to glucose in a
proportion to yield 2‘/g% by weightv of calcium
secured by molding. For instance, the basic stock
may be fed into mold recesses formed in a tray
chloride in the total Ibath. -' '
or sheet, and the latter quickly‘ reversed to de
58. A process for manufacturing edible imita
posit the‘ molded shapes of stock clear of the‘ 4K5ltion cherries, consisting in making a solution of
molds intosthe setting bath; the immediate for“
mation of the skin prevents the shapes spread’
ing materially and the pre-molded form is substantially retained.
' '
50 chloride and glucose, keeping said blobs im
In more realistic simulation of various berries,
small seeds or other edible particles may be ap
pliedeither to the exterior of the skin alone by
any suitable means'after setting, or to both the
skin and the enclosed body by adding the seeds 55
_ or the like'to the basic stock.
In producing sheets or ?lms, pans or other
_ suitable supports for the layers or membranes of
basic stock are ?lled or coated therewith and im
mersed in the setting bath. The period of im
mersion may be adjusted to produce a ‘consist
ently equal degree of setting or solidity through
1. A process for manufacturing soft. impervi
' ous bodies, sheets and
films, comprising forming
a viscous solution of sodium alginate into bodies
of desired form and ‘then setting said formed
blobs enclosing a soft Jelly-like mass with a
tacky core, and then removing said blobs with
the skins thereon from the setting solution.
9. A process for manufacturing soft impervi
ous bodies, at least the outer portions of which
are insoluble in water, comprising forming a
viscous solution of sodium alginate into bodies
of desired form and then setting said formed
bodies to a desired degree of solidity by immers
ing the unsolidi?ed bodies in an aqueous solution
calcium chloride.
10. Edible imitation soft fruits consisting of
bodies of sodium alginate having a soft interior
portion and a hardened exterior portion which
stock and then immersed in the setting bath.
I claim:
mersed for a time su?lcient to form, skins on said
containing as its principal solutes ‘glucose and
out the thickness of the sheet or ?lm. These are
stripped oh the pans or other carriers after re
moval from the bath. The carrier may be a tex
tile or other ?exible base immersed in the basic
The invention includes the products resulting
from the herein described process.
sodium alginate in a‘sugar syrup, forming blobs
of suitable size of said‘solution, dropping said
blobs into a settin'g'solution containing calcium
comprises as its principal constituent ‘calcium -
11. Edible imitation soft fruits consisting of
70 bodies of sodium alginate with sugar syrups, said
bodies having a soft interior portion and a hard
bodies toa desired degree of solidity by immers 76
ened exterior portion which comprises as its
principal constituent calcium alginate.
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