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July 9, 1946.
' A._ E.V slMoNs
V 'Filed Feb. 28, 1944
Patented July 9, 1946 i
August E. Simons, Detroit, Mich.
Application February 28, 1944, Serial No. 524,184
2 Claims. (Cl. 9-21)
My invention relates to water scooters, and its
principal object is to provide a light, simple, safe,
and easily portable craft adapted for use both by
ure 1. To the extreme rear of the base 2, as at 3,
are pivoted the propelling levers 3|, which have
at their upper ends relatively wide members 32
adults and children upon lakes, rivers and ponds
adapted to be operated by the hands or the feet of
and in amusement parks and other places where
the operator, while to their lower ends, as at 33,
aquatic amusements are possible.
are hinged rods or bars 4 which extend rearward
A further object of my invention is to provide
ly and terminate in ratchet teeth 4I adapted to
a craft of the character referred to which is pro
engage the teeth of ratchet wheels ft2 carried by
vided with pedal-operated propelling means.
A still further object is to provide a structure 10 the propeller shaft 22. Two curved springs 43, se
cured to the base 2, press at their central por
of this type which is adapted for various games
tions against the corresponding levers 3l, while
and amusement “stunts” as well as for “sun-tan”
their extreme ends press downwardly upon the
purposes, and which can be manufactured cheap
rods 4 so as to keep their respective ratchet teeth
ly by modern production methods so as to bring it
within reach of all classes of out-door enthusi 15 in engagement with the wheels 42 during the for
ward stroke while allowing them to slip thereupon
during the return stroke. Thus by alternately
With these and other objects in view, I will new
pressing upon the members 32 the rods engaging
describe a preferred embodiment of my invention,
reference being had to the accompanying draw
ing, in which-_
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the scooter and
propelling means.
, Figure 2 is a plan view.
Figure 3 is a transverse section taken on line
the wheels cause the paddles to rotate, propelling
20 the hull with a substantially continuous motion,
and -on the levers being released they are carried
backwards by the springs 43 so as to take a fresh
hold upon the ratchet wheels ready for another
forward impulse.
Figure 5 illustrates a modification in which two
3-3 of Figure l showing the construction of the 26 separate
paddle wheels are employed. In this
body or hull.
modiñcation the >wheels 24 are rotatable about a
Figure 4 is a rear elevation showing further de
rlXed shaft 22 and each wheel has a ratchet wheel
tails of the propelling means.
Figure 5 is a similar elevation showing a pair of
paddle wheels separately operated.
Like characters designate corresponding parts
throughout the several views.
In the drawing, í is the body or hull, having
42 arranged in driving relation with it. The shaft
30 22 4has an additional support 5 depending from
the member 2.
It will be observed from the foregoing descrip
tion and by reference to the drawing that I have
provided a light, cheap, and practically unsink«
wood side members Il, a flat bottom of plywood
able craft which can be operated in various ways
I2, curved as shown in Figure l, and a concave
to meet any aquatic sports requirements, and
deck i3 as shown in Figures 1 and 3, while along
while I have herein shown and described a pre
the sides are a pair of gunwale members I4 of cir
ferred embodiment of my said invention, it will be
cular cross section which afford a convenient
readily understood by those skilled in the art to
hand-hold throughout the length on the body.
40 which the same pertains that various modifica
Due to the concave character of the deck I3, it is
tions in detail may be made to suit any particular
possible for the operator to maintain a recumbent
position for long periods without undue fatigue,
or peculiar requirement without departing from
who for the most part is clad in a bathing suit
the spirit of the invention as defined in
pended claims. For example, any convenient
steering means may be added to increase the
tending bearing brackets 2I, secured to the base,
Having thus described my said invention, what
and a mat or rug I 5 attached to the deck further
softens its impact upon the body of the operator,
manoeuverability of the craft, for which purpose
the paddle wheel may be formed in two parts, in
To the underside of the body, at the rear end,
dependently operated so that by rotating only one
is a base member 2, preferably of wood, upon
of these parts continuously the scooter may be
which is carried the propelling mechanism. This
mechanism comprises a Dair of downwardly ex- l 50 caused to travel in a circular path.
in which is supported a shaft 22 to the central hub
I claim
desireis:to secure by Letters .Patent
23 of which are secured radially disposed vanes
1. A Water craft body having a shaft suspended
or paddles 24 preferably curved as shown in Fig 55
therebelow, a paddle wheel rotatable upon said
shaft, a ratchet Wheel arranged in driving rela
tion with said paddle wheel, a pedal operated 1e«
ver pivoted to said body, and a bar connected to
said lever and having teeth adapted to engage
the teeth of said ratchet wheel and rotate the
same when moved in one direction and to slip
freely thereupon when moved in the opposite di
rection, there being resilient means for moving
said bar and said lever in the said opposite direc
tion and for yìeldingly holding said bar and said 10
ratchet Wheel in engagement.
2. A Water craft body having a shaft suspended
therebelow, a pair of paddle wheels rotatable -
upon said shaft, a pair of ratchet wheels each ar
ranged in driving relation with one of said paddle
Wheels, a pair of pedal levers pivcted to said body
and a bar connected to each of said levers having
ratchet teeth adapted to engage the teeth of its
respective ratchet wheel and to rotate the same
when moved in one direction and to slip freely
thereupon when moved in the opposite direction,
there being resilient means for moving said bars
and Said levers in the said opposite direction and
for yieldingly holding said bars and said ratchet
wheels in engagement.
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