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July 9, 1945-
- Filed‘ Nov. '25, 1.942
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Jul); 9,1946.‘
7 12,403,633
Filed Nov. 25, 1942
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EDWIN 0.v Bea W/V/NG
V Patented July 9, 1946
’ amassed. a
‘Edwin’ D; Browning, Alameda, Calif. 7»)
Application November 25, 1942,.seria1 N9. 466,836
3 Claims. (01; 33-76)
--I IThe'i' invention, in general; , relates to means for
can be geared to any degree of fineness and which
enabling the precision production of tools, ma
chines,‘ devices" or parts’ thereof. I,M0re particu
larly, the invention relates to a "dual function,
improved lay-outv device for. enabling‘either di
rect production from work‘ stock, of anyv desired
accurately measures‘ every movement ' of- an 111+
, strument'in any direction aS'the movement is
tool, ‘device, ‘machine or parts‘ thereof, or ,the
preparation of patterns or working drawings for
use in the making of the aforesaid products or
, ' ‘A still further object of my invention is wpm
made over 'a" work-piece or drafting ‘board, ‘as’
well as enabling the'user of the device to check
back to a starting point or any other point.
vide a device of the indicated nature which ‘can
serve as a tool, or work, unit guide and conveyor
10 in thevdirectproduction of ‘any desired part of a
Heretofore, it has been the common practice to
have "draftsmen prepare working drawings and
blue-prints which are followed by craftsmen in
machine, device-orporticn of,‘ equipment. - Y
Qtherobjects of the invention, together with
some ‘of the ~advantageous‘features thereof, will
making various» devices, machines, parts‘thereof, '
‘appear from the following description‘ of a‘pre
tools and ‘the. like as well aspatternsfor die-cast
ferred and one modi?ed embodiment" of them;
ingiand like Work. vWhile 'most of thisdrafting ‘ ‘ ventionwhich are illustrated in the accompany-i
workfhasbeen doneon suitable“ drawing paper,
tracing paper and thelike, it1 also‘xhas' become‘a
mg drawings. ~It isvto beunderstoodyhowever,
that'I' am not_'to be limited to the precise-em
generalv practice to ascribe patternsxor'lay-outs
bodiments; shown, nor ' to the ‘precise arrange:
directly upon work stock tbyimeans 'o’fqsuitable 2,0 ment' , of the several - elements thereof,‘ as-my-.Yin
chalk, crayon 'or steel markings .thusproviding " ventionj' aside?ned’in the;appended ‘claimsfcan
guides directly upon the work stock‘ for a tool, .
be ‘embodied, in a plurality andjva‘riety’ of forms-L
'~‘R,e_fe_rri'ng to the drawingsi 1
I I »
such as'a drill,‘ a cutter, or similar device, to Ifo_1-'
low in producing a‘ given part orparts from such
jFigure 1_ isjaufraginentaryi_'lan view-of a pref
stock. V'I‘he foregoing practices are somewhat. ,25 ferred embodiment of my invention‘as applied
disadvantageous for rapid‘production; and are
to a drafting boardor a work-piece. ‘ ~- ~ 7*
timetconsuming. ‘Moreover; such ‘practices, re
'“ Figure 2'is an enlarged, fragmentary view ofth'e
quire,‘ separate ‘ handlingfof Tesqu‘ares, triangles,
‘ preferred embodiment'of my invention, this'view
protractors _, as “well” as various" and" numerous
being takenhon the line 2—2 of Figure-1; _
other individual or, separate instruments‘, of corn;
' ,
'> Figure 3 is an enlarged, fragmentary view-era
portion of the preferred embodiment of ‘the
1 A primary
drafting object
.of my present
j " n tinvention‘
" *> _ is‘ to
provide aunitary; compact improved ‘lay-out ma
chine which can readily be‘ employed {by the
skilled and unskilled alike for the preparation ‘of 35
patterns or Working drawings to ‘any scale de "
Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view of the pre-i
ferred embodiment of the invention‘, this view
beingvtakenlonjthe'line 4;4-o'f.Figure 3.» "
" Y Figure 5 is a~view similar‘ to Figure 4' but taken
on the line_5_-—5 of Figure 3. ~
_ Anotherobject
of my'invention'
‘ is to.' provide'a
- ~
_ >7
Figure _6 is another view similar'to Figure~4~but
taken‘ on thellne6—'6~of Figure 3;
' ‘ ' ‘ ' 3 7'
machine of_ the indicated nature ‘which ‘is fur
th'ercharacterized by its functioniof being readily 49 ‘ Figure 7 isan enlarged, fragmentary plan view
usable in conjunction with other tools or equip-é ‘
illustrating'jan‘ adjustment andsetscrew mech
ment for ‘directly producing, parts of devices,'-t0o1s
anism forming‘faportionv oftthe preferred ein-l
or machines from work stock, or work pieces‘.v _
Figure 8ofismy
a plan
view of a modi?ed
' ' ‘ 1 ‘em‘bo
l :3
A still‘further object of the'present invention
is to provide a lay-out device. of the aforemen
tioned character whichvis capable of making lay
is ~ment of the present invention.
-‘ ‘
V‘ Figure 9 fsan enlarged,» broken elevational view
outs on‘adjacent surfaces in different planes. ' -
flf'A still further object ‘of my ‘improvement is to
providea 'device of vthe indicatednature ‘which is
, of certain elements of the’ modified embodiment
of my present
" 7-:
“Figure 10 iSTa-Iragmentary, sectional elevae
additionally: characterized by its capability of 50 tional view depicting the; mounting of 'certain e'le'i
measuring angular relationships as well as linear ‘ ? ments of the» modi?edeembodimentiof my inven‘4
distances between points on adjacent surfaces, in
tion shownin Figure '8}
» w j
' ‘
" '_
f‘f'An‘other' object of, the inventiqn is to provide a
its preferred1}form‘-,_=the layéout machine'l‘of
my present invention preferably comprises abase
qévlce :91 the "atoremsetioneei‘Plunder which 91% Strip. “neg -1ai<>_nswi1¢ma11y¢page , tee?“
end of the recess 22 to limit the movement of the
T-square in both directions.
In accordance with my invention, means are
tachably fastened to a drawing board or a Work
piece, a T-square including a head and a tongue
having a longitudinally extending recess therein;
said T-square head being slidably mounted in the
provided for enabling the ready ascertainment of
the relationship between center lines on the
recess of said base strip for transverse movement
across said board, together with a turn-table
holder slidably mounted in the recess of said
tongue, a-‘turfnetable ‘mounted on said, holder,, a
protractor ring supported adjacent the- periphery
able stops 22a are provided within and at each
therein; said base strip being adapted to be de
drafting paper made with the T-square and a
pencil or ruling pen, as well as for measuring the
linear distance, either ,inj inches ‘or.v units of the
10 metric system; betweenrtwo, or more of’ such lines
or the full linear distance travelled in either di
rj. rection by the T-square as it is moved. To this
end, Iprovide a specially formed tongue 25 on the
While the machine of my present invention‘ ‘T-s'qu‘are which extends, as in standard T
can be ef?caciously employed, as indicate_d,above,,_ _, squares; atriglrt angles to the head 23 and which
for vmaking patterns directly from a suitable _ serves the, dual function of supporting the means
of said turn-table, and a pair of calipers movably
mounted on said turn-table for rotation there;
for‘measuri'ng the distances travelled transversely
work-piece, or for producing-parts or toolsor-de
vices directly from work-pieces when used with2
requisite tools, such as cutters, saws, drills,
burners, and the likehthe machine, of the present,
mlventio'nlfis equally suitabl‘e'and' h’as beendevi’sed
for~ again, making ‘{working drawings, plans and‘
designson drafting'paper and in connection with
of the drawing board IE, or work-piece, by the
T-square and of supporting a turn-table holder
for permitting, ‘longitudinal movement of the
turn-table holderv across, ‘ the drawing'jboard I 5
or workrpiece, as. hereinafterexplained. As par,
ticularly shown in ‘Figure 2‘ of the drawingscne.
end'of the t'OhgueQZE of the ,Tésquare 24‘extends
adr '_ ving board. Accordingly; Ihave illustratedv
over ‘the base strip ligand a cabinet or housing
the “mac - ‘no, and shall describe the‘ same in the
26 is fastened to such, extendedendof‘the tongue
25 to depend therefrom. Journaled in the‘ cabi
26' is a’pin 21 on the. lower end of‘ which the
As particularly illustrated ‘in Figure) of the,
gear i9 is secured'for meshing engagement with
(its 'in'gs, the-preferred embodiment of my inven-'
rack 22 mounted in the groove. 18 of the, base
tion includes meansfor' removably supportinglthe 30 the
ll. Onthe upper end of the pin 21 T pro
machine in spaced relationship with respect to a
vide a circular 'plate'2'8 upon ‘which is mounted‘,
drawing board. While anyr'suitable means may
latter ‘environment, for‘purpo's‘es, of simplicity" and
. for rotation relative‘to the pl‘ate'as well‘jas rotaa
be employed for this purpose, I_ preferably pro
tiontherewith,ameasuring disc 29, havingazem
vide,_ - basel'stripé It which can be fabricated of I
point 39' delineated thereon for aligning the disc
whenever, desiredvwith ,a‘pointer 3| fastened‘ to
the upper ‘surface .of the T-square “at the trans
metal, wood or plastic; material; and which is
adapted'tobe detachably fastened bymeansof a
plate. and. counter-sunk‘ screws l2 to and'al‘ongé
side‘ one, endprlll; of a drawing board, [5; Ifithe
drafting, ‘work to‘ be done requires‘. the'm'akings
of drawings upon, a_ plural/ityof adjacent surfaces
in, vdiiierent planes,’ different; ‘sizes of blocks, not
verse?centerof, the tongue, 25"there'of1 See,’ in
this connection, Figure] 1' of, the,’ drawings. In
'40 additiongto the zero point 39,, the measuring disc
7 shown, may be interposed betweenthe. base, strip
LI- and theend “of the: drawing" board forihold
ing; the‘ basei'strip andgits associated elements, at x
a desired elevation, with respect to the boardand;
hence,~,w_ijthrespect to adjacent surfaces in several
different planes, _However, if the drawing is to
:p?at skur,face,__as>is customarihsuch
islhfot‘ _ pleyed and the basefst'rip ll,v is
fastened; directly to, the end of the, board so that
the upper surface l6 of the base H is substane
tiallyv flush with ;the._ upper surface 11 of. the
drawing board.._. ,As shown, the base stripfll
preferably is formedzwitha transversely extend
ing, relatively, widegroove, l8 therein, for ac
commodating a gearv l9. whichv is supported for
meshing and rolling engagementwitha, rack 2|
secured within the base strip vll at one side of
thegroqveg 1.8-. _- In addition, basev strip, isso formed
astoprovide therein a transverely extendingre
cess for snugly yet slidably receivingthe head; 23
of a T-square, the latter being designated. gener
Z9lis delineatedwitha series of circumferentially
'arrangedmarkings‘ 32, designating; either frac
tions of a, footor' fractions ofj‘a meter, depending
uponwhether ‘the ,deviceisto, be used" in, countries
employin'gvthe metric system, or isjfto, be used in
this country; It is,v to befunderstood that, the pitch
circumference ofthe'gear ‘[9 is made. equal’ to, an
inch,v or, corresponding", division- of a similar unit
of the. ‘metric system, and the. relationship be
tween gear’ 19' and the: disc 29 is'such that each
revolution ofv the gear l9 'as‘well“ as of the. disc
29 automatically measures the linear. distance,
say one inch,‘ travelled by the T-s'quare 2'4Ias it
isv moved manuallytransversely' with respect to
55 the drawing. board i5j In this connection, it is
further to‘ be understood that the fractional
markings 32 on the upperface of disc,29,v canibe
either. infhundredths, hinety-sixths, sixty-fourths,
thirty-lsecdnds, sixteenths or any other fractional
division of an inch, or inv fractionalunits ofthe
metric system. Moreover, that. a series of inter
changeablejmeasuring discs, 29, carrying different
fractional markings 32, may be provided so, that
any selected one of'such series of interchangeable
the upper surface Id of, the base strip H _is'sup
ported; substantially flush withthe upper surface 65 measuring discs 29‘ can, be mountedjon. plate, 228
ally .lby/itheureference- numeral. 24. The fact. that
I] of'the'drawing board l5 brings the'supported
T-square slightly abovegthetop surface of the
board; permitting the slipping of a sheet of- draft
iriane'eer, not showauncler the T-lsquare ‘and the
for rotation therewith, in response to the, rotation
of the,‘ pin.,_2.1 as itfis ‘rotated, by the rolling of
riegess 2.2- 0f- ;the- basev strip 1 l~,, it is‘ clear; that the
receiving, adepending strip, 34 fastened, by any
suitableImeans,v Is‘ucha's- screws 34mm the under
gear, i9, along, the rack, 22, as the T-square. is
manually moved across theboard. i“
' 1,
fastening, of the samev by _ suitable thumb-tacks or V70 v In accordance, with
with aelongitudin'ally
tape to the drawing board. ‘With theheadzs of
extending recess 33 therein for snuglyyetislidably
the? ?resquare snugly set slidably: mountedlin- the
TB-sau-arecamhe manually‘, moved; at ,Wi111l.trans=
versely with respect to the drawing board. Suit
75 side of a turnétablé holder‘3'5‘, all as‘depicted in
Figure l of? the drawings. _ ‘By this mounting, as
in the case of the-head 23 of the T.-square' on
the base strip | I, the turnet'able holder 35 may be
manually moved at will longitudinally across the
board |5"or' any work-piece in‘ connectioniwith
which the lay-out machine is employed; it being
is somounted that its periphery ?ts under the
inner edge of a protractor ring 45 which prefer
ably is fabricated of metal and which is securely
fastened by means of suitable screws and washers
to the turn-table holder 35. The protractor ring
45 is of the conventional type having a standard
understood that such’ mounting. supports ' the
scale with fractional divisions delineated upon its
turn-table holder 35isli-ghtly above the upper
upper surface adjacent to its periphery, as shown '
surface of the drawing board so that a sheet of
in Figure 1. In order to afford precision work,
drafting paper maybe interposed between the 10 a suitable block upon which avernier scale 43
turn-table holder and-the board-and fastened to
‘is delineated is fastened to the turn-table 44 for ,
the latter by! suitable thumb-tacks or ‘tape. Suite
reading the Vernier scale in conjunction with the
able stops 35a are disposed; in the recess .33. at
scale of the protractor 45. .As particularly shown '
opposite ends thereof to‘. . limit , the .alengthwise
in Figure 1 of the drawings, boththe turn-table
movement of the turn-tableholder 35. x'Means 15 holder 35 and-the turn-table 44 are cut away to
are'provided, in association with theitongue 25
de?ne ‘a, substantially vsemi-circular opening 41
of the T-square,~ for. measuring the linear dis
therethrough so that the user'of the device may
tance that the turn-table holder 35 travels as'it
lay-out the" work desired upon an underlying
is moved manually by the user'of the device'to
sheet} of drafting paper or directly upon a work
and - fro lengthwise ' of. the . underlying . drawing 20 piece. As shown, the improved lay-out machine
board » I5.» I preferably utilize for this purpose
of my present invention also includes a caliper
substantially'similar means as described above for
frame, which is designated generally by the ref
measuring the linear distance travelled by the : erence numeral 48 in Figures 1 to 6 inclusive of
T-squ'a're transversely of the ‘drawing board and,
the, drawings, having a drawing edge 49 thereon
to this end a, cabinet or housing 36 ‘is fastened‘ at
adjacent to the opening 41; such drawing edge
one side of the T-square tongue 25 and depends
49 preferably being fabricated of plastic material.
therefrom; the cabinet serving as a means for
rotatably mounting a pin 36a to the lower end
of which is secured a gear 31 so disposed .as to
The caliper frame is securely mounted on the
upper surface of the-turn-table 44 and is so con
structed as to provide a pair of movably mounted
hem meshing and rolling engagement with a 30 calipers including two caliper wings 5| and 52
rackl38 which‘ is secured at one side of a longi
which extend over the opening 41 and which are‘
tudinally extending groove 39 formed in the T4
bent downwardly, asshown in Figure 5 of the
square tongue. The gear 37 and rack 38 are
drawings, so as closelyito. overlie the drafting
shown in dotted lines in Figure l of the drawings.
paper‘on drawing board I 5, or a work-piece as the
case may be.
In addition to the foregoing elements, the mease
uring means for automatically ascertaining the
> In accordance with my invention, and as par
lengthwise movement of the turn-table holder 35
ticularly illustrated in Figures 3170 6 inclusive of
‘as the movement is made include a circular plate
the drawings,.substantially the same means are
v40 secured to the upper end of the pin 36a to
provided for movably. mounting the pair of cali
gether with a measuring disc 4| which not only 40 pers as the means described above for mounting
is rotatable with the plate 40 when the pin 36a
the T-square head 23 and the turn-table holder
rotates in response to the rolling of gear'3‘|_along
35. To this end, oppositely extending strips 53
‘rack 38 but also is adjustablerelative to the cir
cular plate 40 so that other discs may be inter
changed for any other similar measuring disc 4|,
and ‘54 are fastened to the under [sides of the
whenever desired. While not shown in Figure 1,
the disc 4| carries delineations, similar to they de
lineations of the measuring "disc 29, including a
caliper wings 5| and'52, respectively, so that strip
53 extends underneath the Wing 52 while the strip
154 extends underneath the, opposite wing 5|.
Strips 531 and‘ 54 aredisposed for slidable move
ment?in a pair of spaced parallel recesses 55 and
zero point for aligning the disc 4| with a. pointer
55, respectively, which are formed in a movable
42 fastened to theuppersurfaoe of the tongue at member 60 slidable as a unit in the caliper frame
48. Approximately at the transverse and ‘longi
25 as well as, fractional divisions ofa unit of the
'metric‘system or of an inch, as desired. It is
:tudinal center ofthe caliper frame 48, I provide
to be understood that the pitch circumference
"-a'chamber 51, see Figure 6, for housing a gear
of the gear 31 is made to one inch or any corre
sponding length of the metric system, so that each revolution of the gear 3‘! and a correspond
ing or responsive single revolution of the measur
ing disc 4| indicates a linear unit distance trav
elled by theturn-table'holder 35'as it is manually
moved to and fro across the drawing board l5. 1'
'1' conveniently delineate a linear scale 25a, di
vided into inches or equivalent fractions of the
metric system, as desired, on the upper surface
of the tongue 25 adjacent one edge thereof to as
sist ‘the user of the device in making drawings "lib
upon'the underlying drafting paper, not shown,
or work-piece.
- -
58 which is secured on thelower end vof a pin 59
Journaled in the caliper body 48, such gear being
so disposed as to be in meshing engagement with
a pair’ of racks 6| and 62 which are mounted
on the strips 53 and 54, respectively, on the sides
thereof adjacent to the gear 58. In the same
manner as provided for measuring the linear dis
tances travelled transversely of the drawing board
|5 by the T-square and the linear distance trav
elled longitudinally of the board by the turn- '
table holder 35, the caliper assembly is provided
with, means for measuring the linear distance
travelled by the calipers in each direction as they
are moved to. and fro within‘ the con?nes of the
1 In addition to the foregoing elements, the im
proved layout machine of my present invention
includes a turn-table 44 which is rotatably
mounted in the turn-table holder 35 and which
turn-table 44 and-protractor ring 45. To this end,
'a circular plate 63 is securely fastened to the
preferably is marked With suitable delineations
indicating one point or=all points'of the compass
as guides for the user of ‘the device, all as depicted
so that the disc rotates, when ?xed to the plate
in~Figure 10f the: drawings. ~The turn-table 44
upper end of the pin .59, and a measuring disc "
64 is adjustably“ fastened on top of the plate "63
' 63,~with the pin 59 as it rotates in responseto
the movement of racks 6| and 62 back and forth
with the movement of the strips 53 and 54. The
adjustable mounting of measuring disc .64 on
plate 63 is to afford interchangeability of discs
of the same dimensions but carrying different
fractional divisions of a unit of measurement. It
is to be understood that the pitch circumference
of gear 58 is made to a desired length, say one
inch or corresponding division of the metric sys
tem, and that the pitch dimension of measuring
piece 16 of adjustment member 61 to. urge the
rubber edge 68 thereof against the periphery
of turn-table 44, underneath the protractor 45,
and frictionally hold the same against rotation.
However, rotation of the thumb-nut 69 in the
opposite direction withdraws the rubber edge 68
of the adjustment member 61 from the periph
cry of the turn-table and the. latter can then
be freely rotated. To afford precision adjust
disc 64 is such that a single revolution of the
gear and disc'affords automatic measurement of 10. ment of the turn-table with respect to the pro
tractor ring 45, I provide a thumb-nut ‘I9 ro
the linear distance travelled by the wings of the
tatably mounted on a screw 8| which spans the
calipers in both directions as the movements are
legs 11 and 18 of the adjustment member ,61.
made. Accordingly, and as in the case of the
Rotation of thumb-nut 19 in one direction draws
measuring disc 29 and III, a zero point as well as
fractional divisions of a unit of measurement are ,
delineated upon the upper surface of disc 64, such
fractional divisions being made, as desired, in
hundredths, ninety-sixths, sixty-fourths, thirty
seconds, sixteenths or other divisions of an inch
or of a unit of the metric system, as desired. The
the adjustment member 61 slightly in one direc
tion to turn the tum-table 44 slightly, while ro
tation of thumb-nut T9 in the opposite direction
effects slight rotation of the turn-table 44 in the
opposite direction.
In Figures 8 to 10 inclusive of the annexed
drawings I have illustrated a modi?ed embodi
ment of the present invention which, in general,
comprises a unitary drawing board and lay-out
zero point of the disc 64, because of the adjust
able mounting of the disc on the plate 63, can
readily be brought at any time into alignment
machine combination. As shown, I provide a
with a pointer 65 secured to the upper surface of
the caliper frame 48. In view of the described 25 drawing board H5, preferably fabricated of
wood, and mount thereon for slidable movement
mounting of the calipers upon the turn-table 44,
transversely of the boarda T-square including
which rotates within‘the stationary protractor
a specially formed tongue thereon. The slidable
ring 45, it is clear that angular relationships be
mounting of the T-square preferably is accom
tween all lines drawn upon an underlying sheet
of drafting paper in conjunction with the calipers 30 plished by forming a relatively narrow recess
therein for receiving the head of the. T-square
can be accurately measured by the protractor
in the same manner as mounting the T-square
ring and the associated Vernier scale 4%. More
of the preferred embodiment of the invention
over, the slidable mounting of the calipers in the
Likewise, the modi?ed embodiment of Figures 8
assembly mounted on the turn-table 44, and the
provision of the measuring disc 64 which moves 35 to 10 inclusive includes substantially the same
means for accurately measuring the distances
in response to the movement of the strips 53 and
travelled by the T-square as the means em
54 with their racks ‘6| and B2, affords accurate
ployed in the preferred embodiment. To this
measurement of the linear distance travelled by
end, a relatively wide transversely extending
the calipers in both directions as they are manu
ally moved by the user of the device within the 40 groove H8 is formed in the drawing board ad
jacent to one side thereof, such groove being
con?nes of the protractor ring 45. A suitable
of su?icient width to accommodate a gear H9
scale, not shown, but similar to the scale 25a on
which is so disposed as to mesh with and roll
the tongue 25 of the T-square, may be delineated
along a_ track l2! secured within groove H8.
on the upper surface of the caliper frame 48
adjacent to the ruling edge 49 thereof as a con 45 In addition, a relatively narrow recess I22 is
formed in the board H5 substantially parallel
venience for the user of the machine. It is clear
to and alongside of groove H8 for .slidably yet
also that the edges of the wings 5| and 52 of the
snugly receiving the head I23 of a T-square I24
calipers can be utilized as guides in making draw
which includes a tongue I25 extending at a, right
ings or plans on an underlying sheet of drafting
paper, or upon a work-piece as the case may be. .60 angle to the head and which overlies the draft_
ing board with sufficient space therebetween vto
As illustrated in the enlarged view of Figure '7
‘perlnit. the sliding of a sheet of drafting paper
of the drawings, I provide means for holding the
under the tongue for attachment to the board.
turn-table 44 in any selected one of a plurality
As' in the case of the preferred embodiment
of adjustable positions as well as for enabling
precision adjustments thereof with respect to the
ring 45. To this end, the turn-table holder 35
is suitably recessed for receiving a set-screw 66
and a movable adjustment member 61, the latter
preferably being fabricated of metal and having
an edge 68 of rubber which bears against the
periphery of the turn-table 44, when urged
against the same by the movement of the set
of the invention, the modi?cation of Figures 8
to 10 inclusive is provided with means for ac
curately and automatically measuring the linear
distance travelled by the T-square as it is man
ually moved to and fro transversely of the draw
ing =board, thus furnishing the user of the device
with the distances between center points and
lines made on the drawing paper. As shown, a
cabinet or housing I26 is fastened to one end
screw 66. As shown, the set-screw 66 is threaded
of the tongue I25 of the T-square and depends
at one end thereof for receiving a thumb-nut
69 whereby the set-screw may be moved a rel 65 therefrom, the cabinet serving as a means for
rotatably mounting a pin I21 to the lower end of
atively short distance in both directions longi
which the gear H9 is fastened andso'v disposed
tudinally. The other end of the set-screw 6-6 is
as to be in meshing engagement with the rack
bifurcated to provide two legs 1| and 12 each
I2I. On the upper end of pin I21 there is
of which supports in its outer end a ball bearing
13 and 14, respectively, which bear against the
inner surface of a cross-piece ‘I6 joining two
legs 11 and 18 of the U-shaped movable adjust
ment member 61. When the thumb-nut 69 is
rotated in one direction, the ball bearings ‘I3
and ‘I4 bear against the inner surface of cross 75
mounted a circular plate I28 upon which is ad
justably mounted a replaceable measuring disc
I29, the latter disc carrying similar delineations
as the measuring disc 29 of the preferred embodi
ment of the invention‘; it being understood that
anyselected one of a plurality of interchangee- '4
able disc I29 can be employedwiththe.device
barrel I52 supports a shank;I5T having a knurled
head‘ I58 thereon to» facilitate turning of the pene
cil manually whenever ‘desired to extrude the lead.
The sleeve I53 is grooved externally to provide,
in effect,‘ a pulley‘ I591 around which is trained
a cord I‘6I which is adiustably fastened to op
and, thateach measuring ‘disc; carries di?erent ,
delineations of fractional divisions of aninch-or
of a‘similar'unit of the metric system, asde
sired. It is- further; to .be; understood that,‘ as
in the case of the‘ preferred embodiment, .the
pitch-circumferencev of the gear I I9 is. made to r
a predetermined length, say ‘one inch or.a~cors
posed standards I62 and IE3 affixed toopposite
ends-of the T-square tongue ‘,I 25. By this mount
responding‘ unit of ‘the metric systemyso that
ing of the pencil and the provision of the pulley
upon each revolution thereof, as well aseach 10 and cord, the pencilv is‘ rotatable toraffordv the
revolution of the measuring disc I29 in responsev
maintenance. of a sharp point, thereon-at all
to the movement of. the gear, measures the linear
- i"
distance in inches or inv units of the metric
As in the case of the ‘preferred embodiment of
system, that the T-square is moved ‘in either
invention, the modi?cation v'of~-;Fi'gures"81 to
direction transversely of- ‘the drawing board. 15 the
‘10 inclusive iincludes similar fmea'ns ‘for holding
Suitable stops I22a are disposed in the recess
the: turn-tabled 44 inany'zs‘elected one of'a plu~
I22 at opposite ends thereof to limit the travel
' rality' of positions vand . to enable precision : ad"
of the T-square. '
J'ustments thereof relative to the encircling pro
Similarly, the T-square tongue I25 is provided
tractor ring I45. These means are in all respects ~
with means for accurately and automatically 20 the same as those illustrated in Figure 7 of the
measuring distances between center points and
drawings and the details are therefore not shown
lines longitudinally of the drawing board H5.
in Figure 8, it being deemed sufficient to depict
To this end, the tongue I25 movably supports a
only the thumb-nuts I69 and H9 of such set
housing or cabinet I25. which includes an arm
screw and adjustment means.
I 26a extending transversely across the tongue and
which serves as a means for rotatably mounting
structure including a drawing board and inserted
a pin I36a as well as for housing a gear I31 se
turn-table, is usable to nearly the same effect as
the preferred embodimentof the invention. The
cured to the lower end of pin I3Ba and so disposed
as to be in meshing and rolling engagement with
a rack I38 mounted within a longitudinally ex
tending groove I39 formed in the T-square
tongue. The arrangement is such, therefore, that
the cabinet arm I26a with its mounted elements’
drafting paper I55, being fastened to the top of
is movable manually longitudinally of the draw
the turn-table I44, is of course movable there
with to any desired position relative to the T
* square tongue I25, and the T-square, per 'se, is
~ movable manually transversely of the drawing
board. The use of the pencil I5I in conjunction
ing board with respect to the tongue I25 or to 35
with the edge of the tongue of the T-square, the
and fro across the board. On ‘the upper end of
I44 and protractor ring I45, enables
the pin I36a I fasten a circular plate I40 for ad
the making of drawings with lines running at
justably supporting a measuring disc MI there
any desired angular relationship with one another
on. The plate I40 and disc I4I, including frac
I on the underlying drafting paper I50. And it is
tional markings on the latter, not shown, are in 40 clear that the measuring discs I29 and I 4| afford
all respects similar to the circular plate 40 and ~
measuring disc 4| of the preferred embodiment
of the invention described above and detailed ex
planation of the disc MI is not required other
than to state that-a zero point on the disc is pro
vided for aligning the disc whenever desired with
accurate and automatic measurements between
center points and lines as the T-square I24 is
moved and as the arm I25a carrying pencil I5I
is moved.
‘It is to be understood that the appended claims
' are to be accorded a range of equivalents com
a pointer I42 conveniently secured on the upper
mensurate in scope with the advance made over
surface of the arm I251: of the housing I26.
the prior art.
In accordance with the modi?cation of the
I claim:
present invention, a turn-table I44 is rotatably 50
1. In a lay-out machine for precision produc
mounted directly on the drawing board H5 and
tion of tools or devices as well as the making of
hence, is not shiftable longitudinally on the T
Working drawings,‘ a base including means for
square tongue as in the case of the preferred em-‘
detachably fastening the machine to a Work
bodiment of the invention. As depicted in Figure
piece or a drawing board; said base having a
10, the periphery of the turn-table ?ts under a
transverse groove and transverse recess therein,
protractor ring I45 which is ?xedly secured to the
drawing board and which carries the standard
scale, not shown, of all conventional protractors.
A suitable block carrying a Vernier scale I46 is
fastened to the turn-table I44 adjacent to the
inner edge of the protractor ring I45 in order 60
that precise measurements can be taken for mak
ing drawings on the sheet of drafting paper I50.
In the present modi?cation of my invention a
mechanical pencil I5I is mounted on the end of
cabinet arm I25a, opposite to the end of the cabi
net carrying the pin I35a for enabling a user of
a rack mounted in said groove, a T-square com
prising -a head and a tongue; said head being
slidably mounted in said recess, a housing de-,
pending from said tongue, a pin journaled in said
housing, a gear carried on said pin in meshing
engagement with said rack, and a measuring disc
mounted on said pin ‘for measuring the linear
distance moved by said T-square as it is moved
slidably in said recess.
2. In a lay-out machine for precision produc
tion of tools or devices as well as the making of
working drawings, a base including means for
the machine to draw the pencil along the edge
detachably fastening the same to a work-piece
of the tongue I25 of the T-square in making de
or to a drawing board; said base having a trans
sired lines on the underlying sheet of drafting
verse groove and a transverse recess therein, a
paper. The pencil I5I is of the conventional type 70 _ T-square comprising a head and a tongue having
and is carried in a barrel I52 adjustably mounted
a longitudinal recess and also a longitudinal
in a sleeve I53 which, in turn, is mounted for
groove therein; means on said head for slidably
rotation by means of ball bearings I54 in a de
mounting said T-square in said transverse recess
pending bracket I 56 on the cabinet I26. -The 75 of said base, a ?rst rack secured to said base with
in said transverse groove, a ?rst pin journaled
in said tongue, a ?rst gear on said ?rst pin in
meshing engagement with said ?rst rack, a turn
table holder slidably mounted in the recess of
said tongue, a second rack mounted in said groove
of said tongue, 9. second pin journaled in said
tongue, at second gear on said second pin in mesh
ing engagement with said second rack, a turn
table rotatably mounted on said turn-table hold
and fourth. racks, and measuring discs on said
?rst, second and third pins for automatically
measuring the linear distances travelled by said
T-square, said turn-table holder and said pair of
calipers as movements thereof are made.
3. In a lay-out machine of the character de
scribed, a turn-table holder, a tum-table mounted
for rotation in said holder, a caliper frame secure
1y mounted on said turn-table, a, pair of caliper
strips slidably mounted in said frame, a pin jour
er, a caliper frame securely mounted on said 10
naled in said frame, 'a rack mounted on each of
tum-table; said. caliper frame having a, channel
as well as a chamber therein, third and fourth
racks mounted in said channel of said frame, a
said strips, a gear carried by said pin in meshing
engagement with said racks, and a measuring disc
on said pin for automatically measuring the linear
third pin journaled insaidiframe and extending
distances moved injboth directions by each of
into the
thereo?-a‘pair of calipers mov 15 said
pair of, caliper strips as they are moved.
ablvinountedoii said frame, a third gear on said
third'ipinrin meshing engagement with said third
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