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July 9, 1946.
‘ Filed June 11,, 1945
l, Patented July 9, 1946
' Frtqériékgw; Burger; Niles;
hi, its-‘Signor
Clark Equipment Company; B‘iiclianamjlMiéhé-n
aucorpor'atiam of'l‘Miishigmfrzw
Applicationilnnejll, 1945,§s¢ri51.=No; 5398,6191}.
14; Glaims. (01; 301-413) '
tending'vina verticaljd‘ireoti'om
‘ Lug; means‘ are;
provided‘ for’ each; ofthei; seats;
afrei: formed;
'I‘hi‘sinvention relates,‘ f 'wheels; ,and more, p1a1r—>
tioularly is‘concemedgwith'adtial'wheeLconstrucé
with" suitable‘ glitter=_reo‘eiving,recesses forengagn-h
tion' of the cast‘spoke‘ type‘ in ‘ which tire; rims,are;
the. gutte'nf edges“. 'otthernmWthe. 1115.5‘ how-L"
de'mountablycarri'ed onthe ends of. the spokes. '
In particular;, the present‘invention concerns- . everh'eing'fso designedgjas to haye‘fcompletesnpr
port directly; uponithesnoke endsso" that the'l‘oad"
it's'elf'jwith duaIIWIi'eeIs foruse on truck's; buses.
and.‘ other similar types‘ of Vehicles inwhioh itsis
tromgthd rims‘ i'si transn'litt'ed' directly‘. to}. said‘,
desired that‘ the" twonr'inis b“e mounted; on, the. ,
wh'e'el ‘body; in ‘such; manner as t'ol‘rie~ parallelgto ~
spacing; means; rorrmaintainmg the; r-im'sfiiii are;
spbkeiends, and tpf r‘ovi'de ‘within‘themselvés' the;
each other; and‘ idi’spo'sedfpositively.liri ‘planes. ‘at; 10. curate spacedfalinementr; Furthermore,‘ with‘
this? construction; the; clamping‘ jancfv unolamipi'n'g;
ri'g'htiang'les; to the; axisioflfrotationiof ‘the .wheell?
rims, and" to insure. even tire, wear; In addition,‘
' [ "Iu'gs. i'slfaicilitatéd‘;
théiqla'mpinig nuts‘
are ‘readily 'a'ofoessiloliec from, a; i position‘. intermeb a.
the'l'ires‘ent invention‘cjontemnlates aiconstruction;
' " an‘di are.“ not" lsliijotided‘l'within;
.‘to' provide. true‘ lateral? alinément' ofQthe,
s; such as‘ ,h rheretofoitebeene
in‘ which the rims. wiutm chordédI inter-mediate.-v
the'spokeS ,by.‘ a clampiii'glaction; and- yet..;wil1;be.
axially mqvablelugso ’
arranged .conoentric'ally.Withlthe w‘iheel‘s‘pider to»
prevent unbalance‘: and‘iotheji; Conditions somer-u
time's; encountered; in. demon-ntable U dual lwheel;
Héretoforgd?al-wheel assemblies, m1 mast .‘
spoke type‘. have.- rseemor; two", generalE construe-i ’
tion‘sL one of "Wliiéh embodied: -.a;,:,cir.oumf_erentia1; '
central “abutment; withilug ‘vrrneans; 1
bands for. drawingr the. rims, toward the banter».
therehyprovidingipositive alinenient-o?
' thériri'ishthe Iug's'.~.5eingLmounted§for-1axial move-1,
sandl‘adv'antag?s-ofithe pwents
invention w.111..a néarqmoreff-ullx-tromtthe follow v~
ends" of the spokes“,i'l'hissconstrnction inquires;
thé. use; ‘ofi'sep'ar‘ate spacer bands-and; independfl 30 ing?etailYdéscriptiongwhichmtakent-infoonjunctioni
with ,the'acoompanying .drawingariwill Tdisclose to
ent'l' liigs
the, tinlioards and outboardl sides i of»
thosesliillédgin the art» theipartioular, construe:
each Tspoke end; In "theiotherotype‘ ot='construc.'- I
tvion‘heretbfore- used, theiwlieelrhasrbeenadesignedl til".n:1_-,l andb?eration. offla, previopredljorm of; mg ,
tapered seats
on the
5 moving,ends
, up vagainst
suph seats
and; lthe'.v
a widespacers-bandubeing
I'aterall edge ,vofl the, inboard».
rim and the corresponding edée“ tithe outboard?
rim” the entire assembly ,beingishiffted iaxiai-ly by
In; addition, {these : wheels. require; Vern anon-3"
rate ‘machining; opoerationsthecauseolft the length;
of‘travel'zofithei lugs" and. are _~exnensive,to 111311111
The prese‘nt'jinventiomcontemplatéslarelativelyj
theirir'n shown in s ctionw ,
Referringinowé in»; etaik. to'thei drawnigbhtherei
i§,--discl?q>sed'azzwhe?lsmdeninqidabedégenerally at»
in; the, present“ forging. ofgthe, invention .arej-solidyati
their“ outeri-endsw and, are} providedgwithz opgo
sit'elir direoted?taperedgseats :3, which}: are;
in; planesv atr-rig‘ht, angleszto' theaaxis
shoulders and lugs‘by, which the. ri‘mslare. clamped.
5, having?radiallyv exténgdingazvhollow’ spokesw- and,
objectionable, .fromlthe standpoint foil uniformity
. "Figure-2.11s ayiew?ofqone oi;thespolgeiendsqwithf,
Both of these previousioonstruotionslhave»been;
to the spoke end‘si, ,
Figure .1‘ is}.anielévationahview of;v ai-wheelgemf-i
libdying-ithe?nr 'entawnstwction With-amnion?
‘ _
of ’ mountingnseouring of; positive laterah al‘
thereoiin sectionaand,»
individual‘lngs atIeach-spoke andynioyingiaxiallyt 40
inwardly‘ on lnggsupportingnshou1ders..--
present "inventiom
chin‘ed' axially to provide planar seats slgnaijng-e;iniv
opposite directions; at, approximately 3920"‘ angle
with, respect ,tos-a,_1iori2onta1;pglane. ~ Also}. at each:
of/ ,thes spoke‘ ends.»,theraf-isqproyided : a 'boss» onj;
onppsite circumierenti, 11y direQted~faQe§ thereef»:
suchehossssbemgyipdiqated at-,:9.o»whiqlraaore=<iis '1
avirligjoas ‘spoke
55' mm; IBSQQQHWIX atriahtranglesatoathe:
ciated tapered seats 8. These bosses project
slightly out of the plane of the side walls of the
seats 8. Also, there will be no tipping or rocking
of the lugs due to the abutment of the tongues
spokes and are adapted to receive centrally there
in stud members 10 disposed centrally thereof and ‘
IS with the bosses 9 and the fact that the lugs
are in seating engagement on the surfaces 8
projecting outwardly of the boss surface as indi
cated at the left-hand side of Figure 1.
Two tire-receiving rims l2 are provided, these
?xed in position when the nuts 23 are ?nally
clamped tight to provide ior maintaining the
rims each having a vgutter or bevel edge [3 and
a lateral face I4 for a purpose to be described
In order to mount the rims l2 upon the wheel
throughout the entire transverse extent of such
seating surfaces. Consequently, the lugs will be
rims in positive alinement and in concentric posi
1°, tion relative to the axis of the Wheel spider.
body 5 there is provided a plurality of wheel?
mounting lug members indicated generally at
vIt is, therefore, believed apparent that I have
provided a novel type of dual wheel assembly,
departing entirely from the customary type of
l5 whichrecesses
are provided
l6 as shown
Figure 2,spaced,
such assembly heretofore noted, and I therefore
do not intend to be limited except as de?ned by
recesses conforming generally to the shape of V
the scope and spirit of the appended claims.
gutter edge I3 and terminating at their-inner
portions in vertically extending ribs H, ‘the ribs;
‘ l.-In_ a dual wheel assembly, a wheel spider
I claim:
‘ i
having radially extending spokes provided at their
I‘! being spaced apart a distance equal to the
spacing desired between'the tire rims. The lugs 20 ends with oppositely sloping seating surfaces ex
15 are provided with depending tongue portions
tending in a circumferential direction, rim-‘re
or_end ?anges l8 which are apertured as indi
cated at [9 and are provided with a ehamfered
recess 20 adjacent the outer ends of the openings
ceiving lugs adapted to seat on each surface at
each spoke vend, said lugs having transversely
spaced rim-receiving'recesses for receiving the
IS, the chamfered recess 2!] being adapted to re 25" bevel ‘edges'of opposed inboard and outboard tire
ceive the chamfered portion 22 of the locking
rims, and radial ‘shoulders de?ning the inner‘
nuts 23 threaded upon the studs It. It will be‘
axial portions of 'saidrecesses to provide predeter
noted .that the gutter-receiving recesses 16 of
mined axial spacing of said'rims on said lugs.
2. In a dual wheel assembly, a wheel spider
the lugs l5 may be arcuate in circumferential
extent,'conforming to the arcuate shape of the 2a' having radially extending spokes provided at their‘
rims, or they may be straight or otherwise formed
endswith' circumferentially directed oppositely
so as to provide a good seat for that portion of
sloping seats,'stud means extending circumfer
the ‘gutter which is received therein. In order
entially outwardly from saidspoke ends radially
to'position the rims. on the wheel the lugs are “I ., inwardly of and parallelto's'aid seats, lugs hav
?rst'removed and the inboard rim is moved over 3'5‘ ing ‘seating portions 'slidable' on‘ ‘said seats and
the spoke‘endtowardj‘the inboardside of the
spider." 'Stops139‘formed' at the inboard ends
depending'tongue' portions apertured'to move
over'said studs, and‘ clamping nuts cooperating‘
of. the‘ transverse lands 32 on the spoke ends in
~ termediate the seats _8 prevent the inboard'rim
with said tongues and studs to eenter'said lugs
‘_ on vsaid seats, said‘ lugs having circuniferentially
moving‘ beyond the desired position;_f§Two' or‘. 3 arranged recesses’ designed to receive the gutter
possibly three sets‘ of lugs ‘are then‘nplaced in
position and initially drawn up’. ' The outboard“
,edge's-of axially ‘spaced tire rims‘, "and to main
tain sai'drims in predetermined axially spaced
position'on said spider; ‘ " '
. s
rirn‘is then'hung over the'selug'sJcentering on
the land 32, and the remaining lugsare applied
{Bi-‘In combination, ‘afwheel spider having raé
over the‘studs It,- the under surface of the lugs 3‘ daily extending hollow spokes provided with solid
resting on the seats 8 across the entire transversev
extent thereof. As the nuts 23 are tightened,‘
the lugs l5‘are moved circumfer‘entiallyand also
radiallyo'utwardly‘due tot-he angularity of the‘
ends arrangedito provide circumferentially di
rected; oppositely sloping seats,’ tapered lugs
adapted to be clamped on said seats; and‘ axially
_ spaced rim-receiving recesses in' the outer sur
faces of said lugs for receiving 'the'bevel'edges
seats 8, thus exerting a radial expanding force '
on the rims to chord the rims intermediate the
spoke ends and at the same time to provide av
of inboard and
positive seating engagement‘of the gutteredges
maintained in predetermined axially spaced rela'-'
of the rims within the recesses I6;
' '
The construction is so designed thatjthe lugs .
tire rims, whereby said‘
rims are chorded radially on said spider and are
'4. The- combination of ‘ claim " 3
l‘5'-lwhen wedged into ?nal position have’ the
tongue portions I8 thereof 'seated'against the. sur
face of‘ the bosses 9, thereby-providing a positive‘
stopand insuring that the "lug has been driven
clamping means forj'centering said lugs on said
seats 'in' a common vertical ‘plane normal to the
up into its ?nal‘position; Also; by reason of the
chamfered seating ‘engagement of the nut 23in
the recess 2!! it will be apparent that the lugs
are centered definitely with respect to the studs
lugs move radially outwardly along said seats into
I0>s_o that the ribs I‘! whichde?ne the spacing
between the rims will be-positively positioned with
. respect to- a vertical plane through the wheel
spider to provide positive parallel ‘alinement of
the rims in planes at’ rightangles to the axis
2>With this arrangement it is believed that a
positive locking-of the rims upon the spoke ends
is provided with a minimumamount of’ machining
required invt'he wheel body and with the as
surance that the lugs willtransmitv the load from
the rims directly to the spoke ends through the
axis of said spider‘. '
5. The combination of‘ claim 3 ‘wherein said.
clamped position to provide for chording of said
rims intermediate said spoke ends.
>6.‘The combination‘of claim 3-including' ‘cir
cumferentially directed‘ axially spaced radial
shoulders on said lugs forming axial‘ abutments
for the adjacent lateral edges of ‘said rims.
7. In combination, a wheel spider'having' 'ra
dially extending hollow spokes provided ‘with
solid spoke ends, each spoke end‘having formed
thereon, circumferentially‘ directed; oppositely
sloping seats extending transversely thereacross,
circumferentially directed studs arranged in a
' common vertical plane radially inwardly of and
parallel to said seats; lugs/engaging on said seats
for the full width thereof and having depending
oppositely slopingv seats, vlugs for each of said
portions centered over said studs, circumferen
tially directed recesses in said lugs adjacent op
seats, means on said lugs for supporting the an
posite sides thereof adapted to receive the an
nular bevel edges of a pair of tire rims thereon,
and means for clamping said lugs on said spoke
nular bevel edges of opposed inboard and out~
board tire rims, and clamping nuts engaging said 5 ends.
studs to move said lugs over said seats to provide
11. The combination of claim 10 ‘wherein said
rim supporting means includes means providing
radial outward clamping pressure on said rims
for predetermined axial spacing of said rims on
at said spoke ends. a
said lugs.
8. The combination of claim-7 including cir-s
cumferentially extending axially vspaced radial 10
12. The combination of claim 10 wherein said.
clamping means includes means for alining all
shoulders on said lugs providing abutments for
predetermining the axial spacing of said rims
of said lugs with reference to a vertical plane
through said spider.
13. The combination of .claim 10 including ra
9. The combination, with a spoke end of a
wheel spider having radially extending hollow
spokes, said spoke end having oppositely direct
ed seats extending circumferentially and radially
15 dially extending circumferential shoulders on
said lugs forming axial abutments for predeter
mining the axial spacing of said rims. ‘
inwardly from the transverse center of said spoke
14. In combination, a wheel spider having
spoke ends provided with circumferentially di
end, of lugs having seating engagement on said
seats for the full transverse width thereof and 20 rected oppositely sloping planar seats, lug means
having a normally depending centrally apertured
engageable with each seat having arcuate an
?ange, studs extending parallel to said seats ra
nular’ recesses adjacent the transverse sides
dially inwardly thereof and projecting through
said ?ange aperture, axially spaced rim-receiv
ing recesses in said lugs for mounting the gutter
edges of axially spaced tire rims therein, and
clamp means engaging said studs for clamping
thereof fOr receiving the bevel edges of a pair of
tire rims, and clamping means associated with
said spoke ends for moving said lugs toward each
other on said seats whereby said recesses are
moved radially to expand the effective diameter
said lugs in ?xed position on said spoke end. '
thereof for positively clamping said rims thereon. ,
10. In combination, a wheel spider having spoke
ends provided with circumferentially directed 30
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