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July 9, 1946.
Filed March 50, 1944 .
I2 52/” (/44) 14444.5” oz-w 0006A ‘
raegvtys ‘
Patented July 9, 1946
2,403,641 I
UNITED stair-Es PATENT", ems-E _§‘ 1
Frits‘Jan-Willem den Ouden,
Melbourne, ~
' Victoria, Australia’
.ApplicaticntMarch 30, 1944,;SeriaLNoh528L759
3 Glaims: (01789428)
Theinyention. described.- hereintmay. be manu
facturedandused by or for. Government for gov
ernmental purposes, Without the-payment tome
of any royalty thereon.
This invention relatesyto. improvements in gun
?re control apparatus, and moreparticularly, to
means for synchronizing the ?re of .aplurality of
automatically operable guns.
An. object of the invention. is thehprovi'sion
of. means for synchronizing ?reofca plurality vof
sion of means ‘for ‘ controlling’ the‘ ?ring vopera-
tion of a plurality of machine guns inia‘ common
or: multiple gun mount. so that-the‘ discharge‘of
the . faster ‘?ring guns‘ is controlled‘ by th'etoper:
ati'onof ‘the slowest ?ring'glm;
A still‘ further object isjthe provisiortof'agun
?re ,. control system
for‘ remotely‘ '_ controlled
tandem mounted machine guns fl'ravin'g‘ relatively
di‘?erent‘ ratesjof" fire- ‘in which ‘means. are.‘ pros
automatically operable. guns. off the ‘machine. gun 10 Viliégi. ‘for. retarding the ‘discharge. oi”. the"fa'ster
?ring, .gun by. the , gun loading ' ‘operation’ offth'e
type by controlling thedischarge. of the gunsby
the reloading‘operation'otone of the guns. >
’ .Arfur’ther' object is -the.provi'si0n‘,
In» multiple machine gunmounts, such asthose
apparatus '
used inturrets of. airp1anes~and-thelike, ithas .15. having. a, plurality of. machine‘q'guns“ ?ring,
been found that therezis a-considerablewaniation
reloading in different time‘vuperio'ds', jorz'm'eainsf ‘
in. the. accuracy of ?re. from-these-guns, depend
which includes a. common gun?riiig; contrbl‘bit-j
ing,upon whether the guns arer?redinesynch-ro
cult‘. for said guns and circuit‘ interrupting means
nism on not, this, being especially»v truea Where the
T; to. interrupt‘ the, ?ringr circuit‘ Of" all, of
guns are mounted in turrets; in' tandemmounts. 20 operable
theguns whenfthe sloweri‘?rihgglln‘ is not. in‘ gun
The. rate or ?reof: these. machine- guns-isl-ad-just
able, but-since‘ these guns, after the" triggers. are
Another. object. of the ‘invention is to control 7/
the ?ring. operation‘ of” one gun or remotely con
actuated, ?re andreload independently or each
other, it is practically impossible to: adjust both
guns to ?re‘ exactly the; same, number of rounds 25 trolled‘ ' tandem. mounted; machine.- guns‘ by? the
position of'the. hreecl'rbolt' of.” the. other gun. ,
.Other_ objects andia'dvantages of. the invention
depressed for a prolonged burst of ?re, the guns
will become apparent inl_ the. ' following. descrip
are: soon ?ring out of. 'synchronism' with ‘each
tion takenin; connectionwithltlie accompanying
other. Apparently, the reooilr orrshock oi‘- the
drawing in? which. like reference;eharacters..refer ‘
iaster ?ring gun causes the mount and‘ turret
tolikepartsohthe severalI-?gures‘... H
to: be vibrated and this shock; is; communicated
.Fig..1 isfa somewhat‘ diagrammatic. perspective
to the- other or slower ?ring; gun,.reducing- the
viewf disclosing a tandem. gun. mountlof theft'ur
accuracy of this latter‘ gun; and consequently,
ret- type.:having,.lmyI improved?v gun. ?re synchro- I
the corresponding subsequent-explosion of'. the
per minute, andeonsequently; iffthertriggersgare
nizing ‘control'incmporatédthereihi and; schemata
ically illustrating’ a I.wiring;,.di‘agram for the {re
slower: ?ring. gun then similarly; a-?‘ect’s the'ac
curacy or bullet dispersion following-the subse
quent explosion of the. cartridge in. the faster ?r
mote ?rercontrolof. theIguns.‘
I '
Fig, 2 is, a: fragmentary.(diagrammatic Viewll?ll
lustrating the. trigger release ‘mechanism'iof; a '
In. addition to the: above, these machine guns
are usuallyrmounted in the turretsla't either- side 40 machine gun,:and__.eleetroemagnetic means for.
actuatingthetriggergto?re thegu‘n.v _..' 1 r
. '
of a‘ vertical plane passing‘ betweerrlthezguns
Referring particularly ‘to'Fig; 1 of; thegdrawa
ing, the .numeraL Lindicatesa ,; gun. turret; such
through the" center of: theiltulreuoand any-slight
play-'01" resiliency“ existing ' in‘: thelturret rotating
mechanismf'willi cause the: alternate ?ring of; the‘
two guns, when‘: they are! out‘ o? synchronism~,-. to
as ‘used. in air planes , and . the dike, havingra rack
or- ring; gear.’ . A pinion: 3. is, disposed; immeshing,
' - relation» withv the, rack} for. ,rotatablyfad?usting
produce‘ aslight oscillatory motion. off-the’ turret
the. turret. under ‘the. controls off a suitablespower
with a. corresponding increase in thexbiilletr-di’s
persion‘ area. and. a marked‘decrease inithgsac»
curacy‘ of. ?re. It haszbeenfoun‘d that that area
of: bullet dispersion between two machine; guns‘
driven adjustingqmechanism (notlshownrs The
in a turret mount, when ?ring in synchrom'sm,
may be as. little as one-sixth ofwthe?bullet dis
persion area when theguns are ?ringaout-of, syn-I
3 .
hand: maehinegunst 5_ and, 6... Each-of the ;guns - 5;
and-.~ 6: is provided; with" a_ trigger, as indicated. in.
thleldrawing. at 541. and.- 6a,, respectively,‘ andthese
triggers I. are ‘actuated by trigger actuating. sole
A further object. of theinvention is thezprovia
turret carries» a tandem. or, multi-gummountd on,
which?’ are positioned the right-hand,-- and'left
. Each cftheguns. S‘a'ndf ?i‘isloi‘the conventional.’
2,050,539 and 2,108,060, reference being made to
these patents for the internal ?ring and loading
wires I8 and [9 leading to the microswitches l6
and H. A conductor wire M1 is connected to the
other terminal of the switch device 38 at one
end and grounded at the other end as indicated
mechanism of the guns.
Referring now to Fig. 2, the guns each have a
breech bolt 9 carrying a ?ring pin II] which, when
cooked, is engaged by a vertical sear member I i
length between its end connections.
In the operation of the device it is ?rst neces
sary to determine which of the guns isthe slower
machine gun type, as disclosed in Patents
at 4|, and has a condenser 42 interposed in its
normally held in raised latching position by the
?ring gun. In the event of a multi-gun mount
spring l2 to prevent the ?ring pin from explod 10 carrying three or more guns, the slowest ?ring
ing the cartridge in the barrel. Actuation of the
gun must be determined, since this is the gov
trigger 5a (or 6a) rocks the sear actuating mem
erning gun for the ?ring operation of the other
her or trigger bar l3 to depress the sear ll, re
guns, and once this has been determined, one
leasing the ?ring pin ID in the usual manner.
of the synchronizing control switches 24 or 25 in
When the trigger is held depressed or in ?ring 15 circuit with the microswitch on the receiver on
position, the cam portion l3a depresses the sear
the slower ?ring gun will be closed, energizing the
l3 as the breech bolt moves forward, releasing
circuit including the solenoid trigger depressing
the ?ring pin to ?re the fresh cartridge inserted
mechanism and the microswitch for the slower
in the barrel incident to the auto-loading action
?ring gun.
of the gun. The energizing of the solenoid 1 (or 20
Assuming that the machine gun 5 has been
8) moves and holds the trigger 5 (or 6) in ?r
found to ?re ‘700 rounds per minute while the
gun 6 only ?res at the rate of 650 rounds per
ing position.
In carrying out my invention, I provide a later
minute, the gun 6 is therefore the slower ?ring
ally extending projection M on each of the breech
gun. The switch 25 is then closed, as shown in
bolts 9 of the machine guns 5 and 6. These pro
full lines in Fig. 1. When the guns are at rest
jections extend through guide slots 15 in the re
and loaded, both breech bolts will be in their for
ward positions with the ?ring pins l0 cooked or
ceivers of the guns 5 and 6. When the guns are
in ?ring position these projections are disposed
retained in their ?ring position by the sears H,
and the breech bolt extensions 14 will be resting
in the forward ends of the slots I5, as indicated
in Fig.‘ 1 of the drawing. The normally open
against the plungers which actuate the micro
switch circuit closing contacts of the micro
microswitch I6 is secured to the side of the re-.
ceiver of the gun 5 in advance of the laterally
switches I6 andv l1, maintaining these switches
extending projection l4 so as to be actuated by
closed and in current-passing positions.
' ,
Upon the actuation ‘of the main ?re control
this projection when the breech bolt 9 of the
gun is in its forward or ?ring position. The
button ‘32, current will ?ow from the battery 29
through the conductor wires 3|’ and 30,’ main
machine gun 6 also has secured to the receiver a
normally open microswitch l1 arranged to be
feed wire 28, conductor wire 21, across the now-'
closed by the laterally extending projection M
closed synchronizing" control switch 25 and con-'
ductor 23 to the microswitch l1. Since both'the"
position. Electrical conductors l8 and I!) are 40 breech bolts will be in their forward positions be
fore the guns are initially discharged, the micro
connected respectively to one terminal of each
on that gun when the breech bolt is in ?ring
switch I‘! will be closed, allowing current to flow
through the conductor wire IS to the solenoid
8, across the wire 34, energizing the other sole
noid device ‘I, causing both the triggers 5a and
5a of the guns 6 and 5 to be depressed, and the
frame or. gun mount, as indicated at 20 and 2!.
guns will be simultaneously ?red. The above
The other terminals of the two microswitches
mentioned ?ring circuit is completed between the
l6 and I1 are connected by the conductors 22
other terminals of the solenoids 1 and 8’through
and 23 to one end terminal of each of the gun
?re synchronizing control switches 24 and 25. 50 the ground connections 28 and 2|, constituting
the metallic framework of the turret or gun
The other end terminals of the switches 24 and
mount, the current returning to the other side
25 are respectively connected by the conductors
of the battery 29 through the ground’ 33 between‘
26 and 21 to a common feed wire or conductor
of the microswitches l8 and I‘! while the other
ends of the conductors are connected with-the
trigger actuating solenoids ‘I and 8, the other ter
minal of each solenoid being grounded to the 4.5
28, leading from a battery or other electrical pow
er source 29. The remote gun control circuit, in
cluding the conductors 30 and 3| and the ?re con
trol button 32 is interposed in the conductor 28
between the gun ?ring synchronizing control
switches 24 and 25 and the battery 29; the other
the battery and the frame.
Since the gun 6 is assumed to ?re and reload
slower than the gun 5, the breech bolt of the.
gun ‘5 will not return to ?ring position as soon
as the breech bolt of the gun 5, and since the?
microswitch I‘! will not be closed until th'e‘bree‘ch
bolt of the gun 6 has moved to its forward ?ring.
‘side of the battery is connected or grounded to
the frame or gun mount in the usual manner, as 00 position, the circuit at both solenoids will be open,‘
preventing either of the solenoids ‘I or 8 from de
indicated at 33.
pressing the-triggers 5a. or Go of the guns ‘until
A conductor 34 is connected at its ends to the
the breech bolt of the slower gun 6 moves to its.
conductors l8 and i9 at some point intermediate
the microswitches l6 and I1 and the solenoid coils 65 former ?ring position. As the breech bolt of the‘
gun 6 moves forward to the ?ring position,'the1
'I and 8, which are connected respectively to the
microswitch I1 is again closed, energizing the
conductors l8 and IS. The common feed wire or
controlling circuit just described, causing the
conductor 28 is/connected to the ground or gun
mount at 35 by a conductor 36, having a con
solenoids ‘I and 8 tube simultaneously energized,
denser 31 interposed between the ground and the
depressing the triggers and ?ring both guns‘ in‘
conductor to prevent sparking at the microswitch
circuit closing terminals. The conductor wire 28
In the event that the‘ other gun 5 was found to'
is also connected’ to one end terminal of a cir
be the slower functioning of the two guns 5 and
cuit controlling switch device 38, while the other
6, the switches 25 and 38 wouldbe left open ‘and:
terminal of the switch device is connected by a
the switch 24 connecting the conductor‘ 22 lead
conductor 39 to the conductor 34 between the
ing to the microswitch IS on the gun 5 would be
Under these conditions, the ?ring of the
gun 6 would be delayed or retarded after each
explosion until the breech bolt of the gun 5 has
and 34
and 8,
forward to its subsequent ?ring position,
the circuit through the conductors I8, 22
to the two trigger actuating solenoids ‘l
causing both guns to be ?red simul
When it is desired to ?re the guns independ
ently of the synchronizing mechanism for any
reason, such as to initially determine which is
the faster ?ring gun, or in the event that the
slower ?ring gun had jammed, the switch 38 is
disposed in actuating engagement with said nor‘
mally open circuit closing switch of that gun
when the movable part of that gun is in ?ring
position to close said normally open circuit clos- 4
ing switch, and movable to switch disengaging
, position by said movable part when said movable
part is in recoil position to allow said normally
open circuit closing switch for that gun to move
to its normally open position to interrupt said
?ring control circuit to prevent the ?ring of said
2. In a gun ?re synchronizing control system,
at least two machine guns, one of ,which?res at
The closing of this switch establishes a 15 a slower rate than the other gun, a movable re
coil operated breech block for each gun movable
to gun ?ring position and rearward to
control button 32 across switch 38 and conductor
incident to the ?ring operation of
39 to the conductor 34 connected to both of the
the gun, a trigger means on each gun for ?ring
solenoids ‘I and 8. Both triggers 5a and 6a will
be simultaneously depressed and remain de 20 said gun, magnetic actuating means on each gun
engageable with said trigger means when said
pressed as long as the main ?re control switch
magnetic actuating means is energized to actuate '
32 is held closed by the gunner. Should either
the trigger means to ?re said gun, an electrical
gun be jammed the other gun will continue to ?re.
circuit from the battery 29 through the gun ?re
?ring control circuit connecting the said mag
It has been found that where two or more
netic actuating means of all of the guns to simul
machine guns are mounted on a multi-gun mount 25
taneously actuate all of said magnetic actuating
in a power driven turret employing my improved
means to simultaneously actuate said trigger
means and ?re all of said ‘guns when said ?ring
?ring gun to delay the discharge of the other or
control circuit is energized, a normally open, cir
faster ?ring gun or guns until the breech bolts
closing switch connected in said electrical
of all the guns are in ?ring position, and then 30
?ring control circuit to normally interrupt the
simultaneously ?ring all the guns, I am able to
same, and actuating means carried by and mov
e?ectively maintain the discharge of all the guns
able with the breech block of the slower ?ring
in synchronism, and that the area of bullet dis
gun and engageable with said normally open cir- ,
persion is about one-sixth the bullet dispersion
cuit closing switch to close said switch when the
area when the guns are allowed to ?re independ
synchronizing system, by utilization of the slower
ently or out of synchronism. The oiT-center re
coil or shock of the guns on the turret drive
' slower ?ring gun breech block is in ?ring position ,
and disengageable from said switch when said
slower ?ring gun breech block is in recoil position
mechanism is also eliminated, making it possible
to allow said switch to move to its normally open
to reduce the power necessary to smoothly rotate
position to interrupt the said electrical ?ring con
the turret during the ?ring operation of the guns, 40 trol
as well as to reduce the amount of force neces
In a device of the class described, at least
sary to hold the gun sighted on the target. The
two machine guns, one of which ?res at a slower
great reduction of the bullet dispersion area by
rate than the other gun, a'movable breech block
my improved device is equivalent to ?ring on a
target 400 yards away as ‘compared to ?ring on 45 on each gun movable forwardly to ?ring position
and movable rearwardly to recoil position inci
a similar target 1000 yards distant with the con
dent to ?ring of that gun, trigger means on each
ventional gun turrets now in use without my im
proved synchronized ?re control.
While the construction and arrangement of the
invention herein described and illustrated is that
of a generally preferred form, obviously, modi?
cations and changes may be made within the
scope of the appended claims without departing
from the spirit of the invention.
gun for ?ring that gun,‘electro-magnetic trig
ger actuating means on each gun engageable
with the trigger means on that gun when
energized to actuate the trigger means to ?re
that " gun, an electrical ?ring control, circuit
connecting said electro-magnetic trigger ac
tuating means to cause a simultaneous energizing
of said electro-magnetic trigger actuating means
55 and simultaneous actuation of the trigger means
to ?re said guns simultaneously, normally open
ing the gun ?ring operations of a plurality of
closing switch means relatively ?xed von
machine guns, a plurality of machine guns, a
the slower ?ring gun with respect to the breech
movable part carried by each gun movable to a
block ‘movement thereof and electrically con
gun ?ring position before the gun can be ?red
60 nected in said electrical ?ring control circuit'to
and movable to a recoil position incident to the
normally interrupt the same, a switch closing ‘
I claim:
1. In a gun ?re control system for synchroniz
?ring of the gun, an electro-magnetic ?ring con
trol mechanism connected to each gun for initi
ating the ?ring operation of that gun, an elec
actuator ?xed on said slower ?ring gun breech
block in switch closing engagement with said nor- ~
open circuit closing switch means when the
trical energizing ?ring control circuit including 65 mally
block of that gun is in ?ring position, and
the electro-magnetic ?ring mechanisms of all of
retractable with the breech block of the slower
the guns and operable when energized to simul
?ring gun as it moves to recoil position,-to dis
taneously energize said electro-magnetic ?ring
engage the said normally open circuit ‘closing’
mechanisms to ?re all of said guns simultane
switch means to allow said switch means tojopen
ously, a normally open circuit closing switch car
and interrupt'said ?ring control circuit when said,
ried by each gun, at least one of said switches 70 slower ?ring gun breech
block and switch actu-_
being connected in said ?ring control circuit to
normally interrupt the circuit, switch actuating
means carried by the movable part of each gun
ator are in recoil position. I
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