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July 9, 1946.
' 2,403,642
Filed July 23, 1943 _
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July 9, 1946.
Filed July 2:, 1943
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Patented July 9, 1946 '
PATENT orrics
? 'l
I -
John A. Draxler, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, vassign The Elwell-Parker Electric Company,
Cleveland, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
l '
Application July 23, 1943, Serial No. 495,940
4 Claims. . '(Cl. 171-252)
showing a terminal connection to the block which?
This invention relates, as indicated, to a ter
_ minal block, but has reference more particularly ?
is made from one side of the block;
to a. terminal block which is especially adapted
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3 but 'showing'
for use in connection with the motors employed
the terminal connection made from the other
on industrial trucks for driving?, lifting and other 5 side? of the block;
operations usually associated with such trucks.
Fig. 5_is a plan view of the assembled lower
Heretofore, it has been customary to make the
portions of the terminal block;
motor leads of motors designed for use on in
dustrial trucks extremely long, so as to enable
10 v Fig. 'I is a plan view of the upper portion of the
trial truck models without resorting to the unde
sirable practice of splicing wires. At the pres
ent time, however, and due to the shortage of
terminal block;
Fig. 8 is a side elevation of the portion shown
in Fig. 7, and
critical materials, such as copper wire,>the use
of such? long leads is highly undesirable," and, in 15
in Fig. 5;?
the motors to be used in a wide range of ind-us
some instances, virtually prohibitive.
Fig. 6 is a side elevation of the portions
The present invention, accordingly, has as its
Fig. 9 is an end elevation 01? the terminal block.
Referring more particularly ?to the drawings,
reference numeral I designates a motor housing
having a vertical extension 2 providing a rec
primary object the conservation of such materi
als by the provision of a terminal block, made of
tangular opening 3 at its upperend, the ends of
the opening being bounded by ?anges 4? which
non-critical materials, and the use of which ren
ders unnecessary the use of motor wires of ex
20 are integral with the extension 2.
Mounted ?on the vertical extension 2 of the mo
tor housing is a terminal block. which consists
Another ?object of the invention is
provide - of three parts, an upper portion ?4, and a pair of
a terminal block which can be entered in either
lower portions 5. The lower portions 5 are of
of two directions for the connection therewith of 25 identical construction, being provided wit_h_
the motor wires.
tenon-like projections 6 at the bottom, which
A further object of'the invention is to provide '
extend into the opening 3 and which conjointly
treme length.
a terminal block and mounting therefor on a
motor, the use of which greatly facilitate disassembly of certain of the motor parts.
A still further object of the invention is to pro?vide a terminal block of rugged simple construc-
tion, and made of a minimum number .of parts
which can be readily assembled and disassem
substantially ?ll the upper portion of said open
30 . Each of the lower portions 5 also has a series
4 of longitudinally spaced semi-circular recesses ?I
in one of its vertical faces, the recessed faces of
the portions 5v being in contact" with each other,
?and therrecesses in one portion being opposite
35 those in the other portion, so as to cor'riointly
A still further object of the invention is to pro-'
form circular vertical holes 8 (Fig. 5) .
vide a cable terminal of novel construction.
Each of the portions 5, moreover, has a series
To the accomplishment of the foregoing and
of longitudinally-spaced semi-circular recesses!
related ends, said invention, then, consists of the
in its upper surface which extend transversely
means hereinafter fully described and particu
larly pointed out in the claims; the? annexed
drawings and the following description setting
forth in detail certain structure embodying. the
invention, such disclosed means constituting,
however, but one of various structural forms in
which the principle of the invention may be used.
In said annexed drawings:
40 of the recesses 'l and in communication with the
latter, the recesses 9 in one of the portions 5 be
ing in registration with, the? recesses 9 in the
other portion 5.
The upper portion 4 of the terminal block tests
directly upon the portions 5 thereof, and is pro-<
vided in its lower surface with-a series of 'longi
tudinally-spaced transversely extending semi-cir
Fig. 1 is a perspective 'view of a terminal block
cular recesses l0, which are disposed opposite
made in accordance with the invention, with
portions broken away to more clearly show the 50 the recesses 9 of the portions'i, and conjointly
form with the latter, holes H, the axes of which
Fig. 2 is a view, partly in elevation, and partly I are normal to the axes of the holes 8. _
The terminal block is removably secured to the
in section, showing the manner in which the _
extension 2 of the motor housing by means of
block is mounted upon a motor;
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view, 55 screws l2, which extend through the ends of the
block and into the flange; 4', being in threaded
of said ?rst-named portions and having recesses
engagement with the latter.
The terminal block, as described above, is
formed of suitable material of an electrically
insulative character, a number of which is read
therein which form holes with the recesses in said
other faces, said pair of portions having tenon
like projections which extend into the motor
housing to thereby prevent longitudinal or lateral
displacement of the block relatively to said hous
iiy available.
The motor is provided with?a number of wires
or cables II which extend into the extension 2
of the motor housing, and are provided with me
ing, and means removably securing the block to
said housing.
tallic T-shaped terminals. generally designated
2. In combination with a motor housing, a ter
minal block comprising a pair of members hav
by the numerals it. Each of these terminals has
a socketed stem portion II which is soldered or
ing abutting faces, said faces having recesses in
registration with oneanother for forming an
otherwise secured to the wire it, and a tubular
opening in the block, said members having re
head portion It having a bore l1 extending there
cesses in other faces thereof, which recesses
through. the walls of which are tapered inwardly 18 extend transversely relative to said opening, a
from the ends of the head to the middle thereof.
third member adapted to overlie said other faces,
Each of the terminals H has the stem thereof
said third member having a recess in registra
disposed in one of the holes 8 of the terminal
tion with the recessesin said other faces, said
block, and the head ll thereof disposed in one
housing having an opening therein, said pair of
of the holes II of the block, the head It being
members having portions which extend into said
of such a length as to terminate somewhat short 1
opening whereby the walls of the opening en
of the ends of the holes I I.
gage said pair of members for retaining said pair
The heads I! of the terminals are adapted for
of members substantially in abutting relation;
the reception in either end thereof 01' the taper
and means for securing said third member to said
terminals ll of wires or cables is, which lead to
?the motor, and which terminals are maintained
?3. A terminal structure comprising, a con
in wedging engagement with the tapered walls
ductor having two cable receiving portions, one
of the bores I1 by means of screws 20, the heads
of which are in abutment with washers 2 I, which
are interposed between such heads and one end
of the heads it of the terminals.
of said portions extending transversely of? the
other of said portions; an insulation housing for
said conductor comprising apair of blocks adapt
ed to be secured in abutting relation, said blocks
having recesses therein adapted to lie in registra
Byv using a terminal block of the aforesaid .
character, it becomes unnecessary to provide
wires of extreme length, which are required to
satisfy ?the requirements of installation of the
tion with one another for forming an opening for
receiving one of said conductor portions, the other
of said conductor portions being adapted to ex
tend beyond said blocks; a third block adapted
to overlie said pair of blocks, and having a re
cess therein for receiving said other portion of
said conductor, the walls of said recesses being
engageable with said conductor for positioning
said conductor; and means for securing said pair
of blocks in abutting relation and for securing
the third block in overlying relation to said pair
motor in a wide range of industrial truck models,
where splicing of wires is not desired, and more
over, it renders unnecessary the undesirable prac
tice of splicing of wires during such installation.
Moreover, the wires from the truck wiring can
enter the terminal block in either of two direc
tions, which is a highly advantageous feature,
and the wedging engagement of the tapered ter
minais It with the tapered walls of the bores l1
insures a current path of unusually low resist
ance and precludes the possibility of loose con
of blocks.
led into an untapered cylindrical hole and
clamped in position by pinching the wire with one
ductor comprising a pair of blocks, each of said
or more machine screws, as in ordinary common
blocks having a recess in one face thereof and a
second recess in another face thereof, said sec
The construction of the block, moreover, is such
as to greatly facilitate the disassembly of cer
tain of the motor parts, such as the commutator
ond recess extending transversely relative to first
recess, said one faces of said pair of blocks be
ing in abutting relation with the recesses there
in in registration with one anotherv for forming
, pedestal.
Other modes of applying the principle of my
invention may be employed instead of the one ex
plained, change being made as regards the struc-.
ture herein disclosed, provided the means?stated
by any of the following claims or the equivalent
of such stated means be employed.
having two cable receiving portions, one _of? said
portions extending transversely of the other of
_said portions; an insulation housing for said con
nections, which occurs in cases where wires are
4. A terminal structure comprising a conductor
I therefore particularly point out and distinctly
an opening for receiving one of said portions
of said conductor, the other portion of said con
ductor extending in said second recesses and a
third block adapted to overlie said conductor and
said other faces of said pair of blocks, said third
. block having a recess in registration with said
claim as my invention:
1. In combination with a motor housing, a?
terminal block mounted on said housing, said
block comprising a pair of portions having con
tacting faces, and having recesses in said faces
coniointly forming holes, and having recesses in
other faces thereof which extend transversely to
said holes, and another portioncontacting both 70
second recesses for forming an opening for said
other portion of said conductor whereby the walls
'of said recesses are engageable with the con
ductor for positioning the latter; and means for
maintaining said pair of blocks in abutting rela
tion and for maintaining said third block in
position over said pair of blocks and conductor.
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