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July 9, 1946.
Filed May 15, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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é?‘ W!
y ’
July 9, 1946. -
Filed May 15, 1945
2‘ Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented July 9, 1946
2,403,663 -
UNITED s'rA'ras PATIENT’, orrlca
v ‘
I Joseph. Paul Laird, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to
The Wlcaco Machine Corporation, Philadel
phia, ' Pa., a‘ corporation of Pennsylvania
Application May 15, 1945, Serial No. 593,934
5 Claims. , (o1, ins-r18)
My invention relates to’ new and useful im
?ed-form of base in‘which
the cuto? valve has "
provements in bases. for rayon pumps and has for .
been‘ dispensed with.
an object to provide ‘a base that will increase the
, Referring now for the moment to Fig. 1, there
efllciency of the rayon pump.-
is shown the main supply pipe I for the acetate,
' It is well known to those skilled in the art that 5 viscose or other material from which therayon
rayon pumps are made with great accuracy and
is to be made. Clamped to this supply plpel may
necessarily so as the acetate, viscose ‘or cupra-.
be seen the base 2 which in this instance includes
the two legs, the inlet leg 8 and the outlet leg,
4, the body portion I which is semicircular onits
bottom as at i to snugly rest on and hug the inlet
pipe I.
As also may be seen in Figs. land 2, bosses 6.’:
are provided on the opposite ends of the body‘ por-v
‘ ammonium etc., must be carefully meterized. also
there must be an absence of pulsation or the
denier of the thread will be affected. However,
if the cast iron bases of‘the pumps (which are
separate entities) are clamped to themain supply
lines happen to have even small blow holes ex
tending therethrough, the eiilciency of the meter
ing of the pumps will be adversely affected.
‘tion in which the bolts 1 are threaded so that the
clamp bars I may be pulled up tightly against the
' supply pipe to provide atight fit and anchor said
Furthermore, the viscose and acetate in travel
ling through these cast iron bases to the pump,
base in position.
Glancingknow at Fig. 2 and at the inlet up
have a tendency to rust the base and the accumu
lated rust will affect the quality of the rayon.
right I, it‘ will be seen that the same is vprovided
‘One.,.of the objects of the present invention, 20 with ya, bore I extending through its entire length
and in this bore is driven under sreat'pressure, a
therefore, is to provide a cast‘iron base for the
stainless steel plug or insert ill. 'After this in- \
rayon pump in which are inserted preferably
stainless steel plugs or inserts through which the
?uids will pass to thus both overcome the'possi
sert has been inserted as a permanent structure
undergreat pressure, a passageway is drilled near
its?lower end as at I l and a small locating tube l2
may be fitted therein so that this'locating tube
bllity of any accumulating rust in the passage
ways of the base and tovfurthermore provide
against any blow holes that might otherwise ex
tend from the passageways of the base to the up;
per surface and thus affect the meterizing of the
Still another object of the invention is touti
lize a relatively cheap cast iron base and wherever
there is a passageway in the base, to provide a
stainless steel core or plug or insert, so that the
viscose or acetate never comes in contact with the
cast iron of the base, contacting only the walls
l2 will extend through an opening formed in the
main supply pipe i. Also drilled into the insert
it from the top of the sam 'is the angularly ex
tending passageway IS, the; ower end of this pass
sageway and the upper eri? of the passageway ‘I I
> being offset as may be seen in Fig. 250 that the
‘flow of liquid may be regulated by the valve stem '
ll which registers with the lower end of the pas
as, sageway II and the‘ upper end of the passageway
The valve stem i4 is supported in the boss l5
of this stainless steel insert or inserts,
With these and other objects in view, the invert-‘
and'the valve gland nut I8. At the inner end of
the gland'nut is the washer l‘I that-may be of
tion consists in certain and novel arrangements
and combination of parts that will be hereinafter 40 buns. rubber or asbestos and in front of this will
more -fully described and pointed out in the
be the small stainless steel ‘washer-‘or insert is.
Referring now to the drawings showing a pre
up from the supply pipe i through the passage
lerred form of base andtwo modified forms:
Fig.‘ lfis a view in elevation of my improved
base, parts of the uprights being shown in sec
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary top plan view of one
the uprights;
~- .
Fig. 4 is a view partly in elevation and partly
in section of a modi?ed form of base showing a
cutoff valve; and
’ ways It and I3 and out of'the‘outlet l9 connect
ed with the passageway [3, it has not come in.
contact with any of the cast iron metal of the
- Fig. 2 is a sectoinal view taken‘ on line 2-1‘ of
g The threaded valve stem It will also be of stain
less steel so that as the acetate or viscose passes
Fig. 5 is a sectional view'of a still further modi
base. On the other hand, it has come in contact
with only the passageways formed in the stain-v
less steel, thus avoiding ‘any possibility of con
taminating the acetate 'with any foreign sub
‘ stance such as rust which heretofore has been‘ the
_case when the liquid simply'passed through the
cast iron base.
At the top of the upper passageway [3 there is
56 is turned it will either turn on or off the sup
ply of viscose depending on whether the port 59
opens or closes the outlet 51.
In the opposite leg 52 there will also be seen
the stainless steel insert 80 with the stainless
steel nipple BI and the rear plug Bi’ and lock
also inserted the stainless steel pipe plug 20.
Also it will be seen that even the valve stem
that is in the path of the acetate is of stainless
steel 50 there is no possibility whatever of any
rust getting into the acetate.
Furthermore, it will be seen that regardless
nut 62 with the upper gland nut 63; the passage
of whether the base should have blow holes
way through the nipple, of course, registering
therein, by forming these passageways in the
with the passageway 64 registering with the gland
stainless steel, there will be no loss of pressure
and the metering of the pump will not be ad 10 nut
' The modification shown in Fig. 5 also shows
versely affected.
. -
Still glancing at the upright 3, Fig. 1, there
-will be seen the stationary nipple II which is
. a cast iron base having the body- 15, the upright
' ‘l6 and the upright 11, the upright 18 having the
stainless steel plug ‘I6’ tightly and permanently
E?tted within the cast iron upright and sealed in’
?tted therein which plug is then drilled as at 18
the stainless steel insert III. In the outer end 16 and sealed by the plug 19, there being a passage
of this nipple will be partially supported the rayon
way 80 connected therewith and leading to the
pump (not shown) in the usual manner. '
fixed nipple 8|.
Thus, from the time the liquid passes from the
The other upright 11 has the plug 82 therein
base into. the pump it has travelled through pas- ,
and this plug is drilled to receive the outlet pipe
sageways formed of stainless steel.
83 which passes through the gland nut“, a
washer 85‘ being on the inner end of the nut.
let leg 4, wherein the same arrangement is car-v
Likewise, there is the nipple 56 that is drilled as
at 81 and then recessed about its ‘periphery at‘
ried outinin"
that the
plugs or ‘inserts.
here areHere
and provided with a cross hole 89 so that the
the upperv portion of the leg I is drilled or cast 25 88
liquid may pass up into the outlet 83. Lock nuts
with the bore 25 in which is ?tted under heavy
90 are shown for holding the nipple in place.
pressure the stainless steel insert 28.
itwill be seen that in this form or base, too,
At right ‘angles to the insert 26 may be seen
the acetate never comes‘ in contact with the cast
the threaded adjustable nipple 21 which is like
wise formed of stainless steel and is held in place 80 iron of the base but only with the metal or rust
less inserts.
by the* lock nut 28 in which, is secured a washer
From the foregoing it will be seen that I have
29. To the rear of; the nipple may also be seen
provided a base or bases for rayon pumps, or
the stainless steel. plug 21’ which. extends well
pumps of a similar nature, wherein cast iron may
into the stainless steel insert 26.
‘ Registering with the nipple is the outlet in the 35 be used to support the pump and by inserting steel
plugs or inserts as illustrated above and certain
upper gland nut 30 that is also threaded into the
stainless steel parts, ; all the advantages of a
stainless steel insert 26 while beneath the nut
Reference is now made to the opposite or' out-- ,
solid stainless steel base is obtained without the
will be the washers 3|. Thus, when‘ithe acetate
goes through the stainless steel nipple 21‘ from 40
Furthermore, it is a relatively simple matter
the pump (not shown) it will pass up through
to install these inserts in bases already made as
the gland nut 30 to the supply (not shownltor
well as ones to be later made.
the spinnerettes.
Finally, although I have mentioned stainless
Thus, it will be seen that from the time the
acetate leaves the mass supply pipe I, until it 45 steel throughout the application as the material
out of which the inserts, nipples and valves should
passes out of the gland nut 30, that is, as far as
be constructed, it will be understood that other
the base is concerned, it has never come incon
stainless metals such ‘as stainless bronze, and
tact with any of the cast iron of the base ‘but
ties’. that are almostme- I
only in contact with the passageway walls in .the .saLuminum or “even!
might be used in place of
~ stainless steel inserts and with the stainless steel 60 “tallic iri‘their hardh
l» the stainless steel, as the main object, of-course,,
‘valves and nipples and glands as just described.
is to provide inserts that are stainless or rustless
To repeat, even if the cast iron base should
have blow holes therein, they-could not in any
way affect the metering of the pump and fur
their nature.
Many slight changes may be made without in
any way departing from, the spirit or scope of the
thermore, there is no possibility of any rust ac
cumulating and passing into the acetate to affect 65 invention.
Having thus described my inventdon what I
the quality of the rayon.
claim is, new and desire to obtain by Letters '
It will also be noticed that the stainless steel
inserts are so arranged that the drilling or ream
.ing of the base for these inserts may. be done
without presenting any machine setting-up dif
Referring now to the vmodi?ed form shown in
Fig. 4, here again‘f‘the stainless steel inserts are
Patent is:
provided throughout the line of travel of the vis
cose or acetate.
It will be understood that I have only shown
enough of the base to illustrate the invention. '
1. In a cast iron metal base for rayon pumps
and the like, two connected uprights, relatiifely
thick stainless insertsiin the form of drive ?t
plugs in each of said uprights, stainless nozzles
seated in the stainless inserts, one upright hav
ing a passageway formed in the stainless insert
registering with one of said nozzles‘and the other
of said uprights having a passageway in said
stainless insert registering. with the otherof said
There is shown the body 50 with one leg 5| and
nozzles whereby ?uid ?owing through said inserts
the opposite leg 52._ The leg 5| is drilled and
and nozzles contacts with only stainless walls.
reamed to receive the steel alloy insert 53 and
2. In a cast metal base ‘for rayon pumps and
this insert in turn is fitted with a central pas
the like, a body portion and oppositely disposed
sageway 54 in which there is a stainless steel
uprights, one of the uprights having a central core
valve 55 with its handle 56, there being the out
passing completely therethrough and the other
let 5‘! registering with the ?xed nipple 58.
of said uprights having a bore extending partly
As will be readily appreciated if the handle 75
passageway adapted to communicate with the
main supply pipe, a stainless steel nipple inserted
in the insert and registering with the passageway,
therethrough, non-rustable relatively thick in
serts in the form of drive ?t plugs permanently
secured in the said respective bores, non-rustable
nipples extending towards each other from said
uprights, and the said non-rustable nipples also
' the other of said uprights having a bore passing
partially therethrough and a relatively thick steel '
insert also in the form of a drive ?t plug perma
respectively seated in the said non-rustable in
serts, and the said non-rustable inserts provided
with passageways respectively registering with
said nipples whereby ?uid passing through said
passageways and nipples will contact only with
nently mounted in said last mentioned bore, a
stainless steel nipple seated in said insert and
‘said stainless steel insert also having apassage
way registering with said nipple whereby ?uid
flowing through said passageways and nipples
the non-rustable inserts and nipples.
will contact only with the stainless steel walls of
3. In a cast iron metal base for rayon pumps 7
and the like, a vbodyvportion and oppositely dis
posed uprights, one of the uprights having the
central bore passing completely therethrough and
the other ofsaiduprights 'having-rabore extend
ing partly therethrough, relatively thick stain
the inserts and nipples.
5. In a cast iron metal base for rayon pumps
and the like, a body .portion adapted to be se
curely clamped on a supply pipe, two oppositely
disposed uprights integral with the body portion,
less metal inserts in the form of drive ?t plugs
one of the uprights having a bore extending com—
permanently secured in the respective bores,
stainless metal nozzles extending towards each
pletely therethrough and a relatively thick stain
less steel insert in the form of a drive ?t plug
other from said uprights and respectively seated
permanently secured within ‘said bore, the said
in the stainless ‘metal inserts, the stainless metal
insert of the one leg having a passageway regi'sé
tering with the nipple seated therein and the
stainless metal insert in the other of said; uprights ;,
likewise having an outlet passageway registering
steel'insert having a passageway adapted to com
municate with the main supply line, a. stainless
steel 'valve extending into said passageway, a
and the like, a body portion adapted to be clamped
stainless steel nipple seated in the insert and
‘registering with the passageway, the other of said
I ‘' uprights having a bore passing partially there
"through and a relatively thick steel insert also
l; in the form of a drive ?t plug permanently mount
ed in said last mentioned bore, a stainless steel
nipple also seated in said last mentioned insert
and said stainless steel insert also having a pas
on a supply pipe, two oppositely disposed uprights
I. sageway registering with said last mentioned nip_
with its nipple whereby ?uid ?owing through saidv
passageways and nipples will only contact ‘with
the stainless metal walls of .the passageways and l
4. In a cast iron metal base for :rayon pumps
integral with the body portion, one ofthe up-I '
rights having a bore extending completely there-v
through and a relatively thick stainless steel'in
sert in the form of a drive fit-plug permanently
secured therein, the said steel insert h‘avinga
pie whereby fluid ?owing through said passage
.ways and nipples will contact only with the stain
less steel walls of the insert valve, insert passage
' ' ways, and nipples.
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