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\ Juiy $9
Filed April 4, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
' E0554??- ALEX/6 ADA/"I6 ,
J ‘By @Amw‘m
' Qua/?aw; 5%815
_ July 9, 1946. I
Filed April- 4, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet -2
Roam? Aux/s ADA/~45 ,
A no rrz {75
July 9, 41946.
Filed April 4,1944
2,403,702 ' -
:5 Sheets-Sheet s
false/2r ALEXIS ADA/‘15,
Patented July 9, 1946
Robert Alexis Adams, Brawley, Calif.
Application April 4, 1944, Serial No. 529,461
3 "Claims. , (01. 240-4)
This vinvention relates to‘ new and useful im
depending below the lower end of the handle
provements in mechanical illumination.
A principal object of the invention is to pro
l4. Located within the case 15 is. a coiled band
spring [1, one end of which is secured to the
vide a means for ?ashing light through mechani
cal expediency, thus doing away with the use of
batteries and providing a device which can be
used as a distress signal by. seamen and others,
or for any other desired signal use.
' case l5 while its opposite end is secured to a
‘vertical rigid shaft l8. In the upper end of the
case L5 is a spider I9 carrying abearing 20 for»
the upper portion of the rigid shaft 18. Slant
}.ing teeth 2| are provided at. the ‘upper edge of
the case l5 and are adapted to be engaged by
Another important object of the invention is
to provide a mechanical device of the character '10 a beveled spring-pressed tooth 22.
stated which will be positive acting and not sus
A ratchet wheel 23 is provided on the upper
ceptible to the ready development of defects.
end portion of the rigid shaft i8 and a ?exible
Other objects and advantages of the inven
shaft 8 connects with this‘ratchet wheel 23 and
tion will become apparent to the reader of the
the rigid shaft l8 as at 24, this representing a
following description.
suitable form of coupling for the ?exible shaft.
In the drawings—
Figure 3 shows a latch structure for the ratchet
Figure 1 represents a ‘front elevational view
wheel 23 and this consists of a push button
of the device.
25 operative through an opening 26 in the handle *
Figure 2 is a side elevational view.
M, the inner end of this button being pivotally
Figure 3 is a rear elevational view.
'20 connected as at 21 to one end of a rocker 28,
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional-view taken on
the lower end of which carries a tooth 29 en
the line 4—4 of Figure 3.
gageable with the teeth of the ratchet wheel
Figure 5 is a fragmentary detailed sectional
23, it being seen in Figure 8, that a spring 30
view taken substantially on the line 5—5 of
Figure l.
is employed for normally urging the tooth 29
25 into engaged position with the ratchet Wheel 23.
Figure 6 is a section taken on the line 6-—6
of Figure 1.
It can now be seen, that the device is set
by winding the spring ll, this through the oper
ation'rof rotating the spring case l5.‘ The latch
Figure 7 is a section taken on the line 7-1
of Figure 1.
means shown in Figure 8 will hold the spring v
Figure 8 is a fragmentary detailed sectional 30 until such time as ?ashlight is desired. Then,
view showing the latch means. ,
‘the, button 25 is pushed inwardly and this re
Referring to the drawings wherein like nu-1
leases the tooth 29 from the ratchet wheel 23,
merals designate like parts, it can be seen that
thus releasing'the spring so that shafts l8 and
the numeral 5 denotes a‘concavo-convex-shaped ' - 8 are rotated. The corrugated wheel 1 in rotat
re?ector having a circumferential row of equally 35 ing and striking the ?int I I will produce multiple
spaced slots 6 for receiving serrated wheels 1
sparks which dashing inwardly of the re?ector
will produce quite a brilliant light.
carried by a ?exible shaft 8, this shaft extend
ing through conduit sections 9 which extend from
While the foregoing speci?cation sets forth the
one slot ‘6 to the next, as clearly shown in
invention in speci?c terms, it is to be under
Figure 2. Aligned with each slot 6 is a barrel 40 stood that numerous changes in the shape, size
|0~suitably secured to the outer side of the re
and materials may be resorted to Without de
, ?ector 5, this barrel having a bore therethrough, '
one end of which receives a ?int ll while the‘
parting from the spirit and scope of the inven
tion as claimed hereinafter.
other end has “an adjusting screw [2 feedable
Having described the invention, what is
therein for adjusting the ?int ll through'rthe 45 claimed as new is:
medium of a compression spring [3 interposed
_'l. A ?ashlight comprising a re?ector, a plu
between the ?int and said adjusting screw l2.
rality of roughened wheels, a plurality of spark
A hollow handle M depends from the re?ector
producing elements and means for urging the
“ 5 and'into this extends the ?exible shaft 8 (see,
Figure 1).
A spring containing cylindrical case I5 ex
tends into the lower end of the handle M, the
elements against the wheels, and releasable
50 spring means for rotating the wheels, said
wheels :being mounted upon the re?ector, a -
handle for the re?ector, said releasable spring
lower end having a collar I B of some resilient
means being located in the handle, and a ?ex
material such as rubber to permit ready grasping
and rotation of the case I5, this lower portion
ible shaft extending from the releasable spring
means to the wheels.
mounted on the re?ector, said re?ector having
2. A ?ashlight comprising a re?ector, a handle
for the re?ector, a plurality of roughened wheels
openings through which the wheels project, spark
mounted on the reflector, said re?ector having
openings through which the wheels project,
spark producing elements mounted in contact
?ector and having a driving connection with the
with the Wheels, a ?exible shaft circumscribing
the re?ector and having a driving connection
with the wheels, and means in the handle for
rotating the ?exible shaft.
producing elements mounted in contact with the
wheels, a ?exible shaft circumscribing the re
wheels, and means in the handle for rotating the
?exible shaft, said means in the handle con
sisting of a spring, means for winding and hold
ing the spring,v and means on the handle for
13. A ?ashlight comprising a re?ector, a handle 10 releasing thespring to rotate the ?exible shaft.
for the re?ector, a plurality of roughened wheels
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