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July 9, 1946..-
`¢; Q_ MUEN'cH
y (Y. 46"..Ãfczenc/z i"
Inval: 2‘01." `
July 9, 1946.
c. G. MuENcH
' 2,403,740
Filed Deo. 51, v1942
2 sheets-sheet 2
Cf G.Muezzch
Patented July 9, 1946
cane. Mueiien- Wilmeiie, 1u., 'assignor' to The «Y f
Celotex Corporation, Chicago, Ill., a corporation
A. .Y of Delaware
Aviilicáüe? December 31, 1942, serial Ncnrasos y*
(c1. ca_-91)>
thereforeare unñberized particles as distinguished
This invention >relates kto apparatus for ‘the
separation of fibers from unñberized particles and
more> particularly to apparatus for the separa
Y fromV the “hair-_like liber >particles and which glob
ules; have jaj greater'mass and hence _are >heavier
thanjthe 'über particles; Also, Athe molten> slag
Vmayj be subdividedby ¿the jet of gaseous me
tion of shot particles from mineral Wool ma
terial, which apparatus is more eii'icient in' op
eration than those heretofore proposed.
dium ¿into ' independent , fibers and globules, that
With these and other objects in view, the in
ventionresides in the novel details of construc
tion constituting theVA apparatus, as willïbe dis
is' the vfibers.and thesglobules lmay be _independ
ent _of each other v‘in’ Vthat they , are ynot rattached
to _each other.l ' '-_IfhusY i_t will be Aunderstood _that
closed more fully hereinafter and particularly
coveredJby the claims.
Referring to the accompanying drawings form
ing a part of this specification and in which
like numerals designate like'parts in all the views,
Fig. 1 is a diagrammatic representation in sub
stantial central vertical llongitudinal cross-sec
globules _or unñberized _particles from the überl
tion of an'apparatus for carrying out this in-v
suchslag subdivisioniresults inv independent fibers
andglobules, as ,well _as in_globules having the
hairj-like fibers-_attached thereto as4 attenuated
» tailsjhuhbecauselthe presence ofn such globules
ini resultant mineral ‘wool insulation isl undesir
able,-efforts have been made _to "separate'sucrh
particles'priolrto. the , .formation Qf- the übers .inw
insulation, and. it iste; _tnis separation-_ that 'the
Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic representation in sub
stantial horizontal cross-section of the apparatus 20
illustrated in Fig. 1;
ing the _slag is generally indicated lbv the nu
Fig. 3 is a diagrammatic illustration taken Y
transversely of the apparatus in order to illus
trate1a means for removal of the shot particles'
from the apparatus; and
Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic illustration taken
transversely of the apparatus in order to illus-l
tratey the fiber remova1 conveyor and the means
for Yexhausting air or gaseous medium from the
TheV blast' furnace or other device for _produc-V
meral__l',.the slag issuing thereiromthroughthe
conduit _Zand _projected from'the nozzle 3 thereof
bya? >blast _ofgaseousjmedium under high pres
sureto1createy~thesubdivisionv of the slag into
the `fiberj_'lriarticle_s_ and .the uniiberiaed particles
'above mentioned, the projection of _suchY particles
inthe _stream j0„f Vgaseous _medium being__represented _in Fig. ` _1 nas' forwardly, _divergent within
30 substantiallythe@limits of _the dashedlines ,4'
' .This invention is illustrated in the drawings
a'l1_d__5_.j_Adj_ace_nt_the nozzle 3_ iserected the ap
with reference to the separation of mineral Wool
paratus for _separating the _fibersVA from the un.
fiber recovery chamber.V
shot from mineral ñbers, but this is only >as an
ñbelîizedgpßfl’iìißleß; A âuGh apparatus having the
example of the invention since it is obvious that . front Wall _B_provided with-_thel opening ‘I through
the invention in its broader .aspect is applica 35 which _such projection can _b'e»made, the floor of
ble to the separation of heavier particles from
lighterparticles where such‘particles are initially
the'apparatus beingindicated at 8, the roof’at
suspended in a stream of a gaseous medium and
defined Yby said _walls there is provided a parti
tion _ll of such character'as to extend- from the
9 ahd'tllelîeal‘wall at l0. _ Within the structure
projected by such stream into a suitable appa-`
-vratus where the separation of the heavier par 40 opening _1 to the roof 9,'said partition adjacent
ticlesfrom the lighter particles will be effected.
said _opening having the portion |2_ vsubstantially
Therefore, in the following description reference
conforming toîtheupper limit (4) ofthe’for-V
will be made to the treatment of mineral wool
wardly divergent streamof gaseous medium, and
as produced from molten mineral wool material
ançupperportion I3 so formed as to direcl-l the
such as slag from a blast furnace, rcrucible or 45 gaseous medium »upwardly and _forwardly in the
other similar apparatus, as one example of carry
direction- of-the arrows I4 to pass over theY inner
ing out the invention.
surface of the roof _ 9 asl represented by the ar-A
In the manufacture of mineral wool from mol
rows ï|5 into-'the fiber settling chamber generally
ten slag, etc., the molten Vslag is subjected to a
jet of gaseous medium such as steam or air un 50
Aï'verticallyjextending baille generally _identi
identiñedbythe numerallû.Y
der high pressure, with the result that the molten
slag is subdivided to form the mineral Wool fibers
which are relatively long hair-like formations
which may have a, globule of the molten slag
fied/bythe numeral 20_'projects upwardly from
'the floor -8 Iat’ a locationin advance of the upper
portionll3iof theïpartition Il,"said bañ‘le' lying inI
a plane .transverse of the". stream `of` gaseous` Vme
attached thereto at one endithereof and .which 55 Ydium‘fbu't the upperextremity> 2|"of sucli` battle
by the downwardly curving arrows such as Á35.
is spaced from the roof 9 so that said stream will
be directed curvilinearly up and over said baiile
as indicated by the arrows I4 and I5 to reach
For this reason the movable bottom wall or con
veyor 32 is provided for receiving thereon such
fallen shot and conveying them forwardly to the
the settling chamber I6. Preferably this baille is
inclined as indicated in the drawings upwardly CA zone of shot recovery.
At the zone of shot recovery but disposed be
and forwardly to assist in the generally forward
low the forward end of said conveyor, there is
provided means for recovering the shot sepa
rated from the fibers, said means being any suit
movement of said stream through the appara
tus, and the face of said bafñe against which said
steam impinges is provided with surface forma
tions such as to intercept the unñberized par
able mechanism such as an endless conveyor gen
erally identified by the numeral 40 and provided
with >members such as flights 4I for insuring
ticles (globules or shot) and to deiiect or direct
them downwardly into a zone 22 of particle re
covery. Such surface formations may be made
removal> of the shot from the apparatus, such a
conveyor being Adiagrammatically illustrated in
as desired but in the drawings they have >been
Fig. 3 as extending transversely of the apparatus
illustrated as pairs of angularly arranged sur
faces, one surface 23 of each pair disposed sub
and mounted on suitable sprockets or rollers such
as 142 disposed outside the chamber 0f the ap
stantially coplanar with the moving stream, and
paratus and driven in any suitable manner as
the other surface 24 of each pair disposed in a
plane transverse to the moving stream, whereby .
the unñberized particles (shot) will impinge for
by a motor generally indicated at 43, the side
20 walls of said chamber being indicated at 44
ciblyupon such transversely disposed surfaces 24
and 45.
and be deflected therefrom in a downward di
rection as indicated by the short arrows 25, such
impingement being with such forceA as to break
the connection of such particles with their at
preferably between the conveyor ‘e0 and the upper
A second source of gaseous medium under ypres
sure is provided ’at the zone 22 of shot recovery,
conveyor 32, said gaseous medium being jetted in
the direction of the arrow 46 from the conduit 41
and passing upwardly through the throat of the
or shot having a weight due to their mass gener
Zone of shot recovery, and continuing upwardly
ally sufficient when separated from their attached
in the direction of the arrows 43 transversely of
fibers to be urged by the force of gravity down
wardly, in addition to the downward directional 30 the primary stream of gaseous medium hereto
tached hair-like ñbers, the unflberized particles
movement imparted to them by the surfaces 24
of said baffle. These baffle surfaces or corruga
tions extend across the balile from one vertical
fore mentioned, the two streams uniting across
the face of the baiiie, the second named stream
augmentingthe velocity-.of the fibers to insure
their travel upwardly and over the top of the baffle.
side thereof to the other andare provided on
the baiiie in the area of impingement of the 35 In other words the means for conñningthe pri
mary stream of-*gavseous medium ¿with its sus
The stream of gesous medium comprising the
pended substances, is one of . deñnite cross-sec
tional area which progressively increases in' the
fibers and unñberized particles is confined with
in the apparatus adjacent the entrance 'I by the
directionV of movement of the suspended fibers
portion l2 of the partition Il on the top, by 40 and unñberized particles (shot), such progres
the inwardly and forwardly divergent side par
sively increasingrareas being dueto the forwardly
titions 30 and 3|,` and by a movable member on
divergent nature of the top wall l2, the bottom
the bottom, the movable member preferably com
conveyor wall 32, and the side walls 30 and 3l of
prising an endless conveyor 32, the upper reach
the conñning means, and therefore the velocity
gaseous lstream thereon.
of which moves in a forward direction with said
stream. Said conveyor extends from the forward
wall 6 of the apparatus to a point closely adja
cent the baiiìe 20 to leave a space therebetween"
constituting the throat of the zone 22 of particle
recovery, there being provided Va seal 33 between 50
said front wall and said conveyor for effectively
stopping any appreciable passage of gaseous me
dium through the space between said wall and'
said conveyor, and said seal may be of ‘any suit
able type such as a flap of flexible material such . i
as rubber. The side partitions v30 and 3l have
bottom edges 34 just clearing the upper reach
of said conveyor so as to minimize any passage
of gaseous medium under said sides.
As >heretofore stated, the unflberiz'ed particles
or shot, whether independent of or attached to
the fibers, have a mass materially greater than a
über and/or a mass so unified with respect to a
strung out or attenuated hair-like fiber, that such
unfiberized particle or shot will be affected by
the force of gravity to a much greater extent>
than the mass of a fiber, regardless of the par
of the fibers is decreased while passing through
the confining means so that it is desirable to pro
vide the second source of gaseous medium at a
velocitysufficient to cause the4 continued vforward
movement of the fibers through the apparatus.
Such decrease of the velocity ofthe fibers in the
primary stream induces a separation particularly
ci the independent fibers and the un'ñberized
particles, permitting the latter to drop by grav
ity on to the conveyor 32., and possibly some of
the fibers still attachedto unfiberized particles
(shot) will also fall upon said conveyor and thus
be carriedY to the zone of fiber recovery. The
velocity of. the auxiliary stream of gaseous yme
dium from conduit 41- will Ybe such as to break
many of such. attached fibers from their ‘shot
globules and to Wait such broken oif fibers up
wardly to join the fibers of the primary stream,
ticular velocity imparted by the moving stream
this action being in the nature of a washing to
free the shot globules of their attached fibers.
The number of> fibers remaining in .the zone 22
and falling on to the conveyor 40, will vbe rela»
tively small and they, togetherwith the recovered
shot globules, may be charged into the blast fur
of gaseous medium.
This may be stated in more
nace l for melting and reconversion intoy fibers
simple words thusly, the uniìberized particles will
and/0r unñberized particles.
The fiber settling chamber yI6 is that vpart of
not al1 be of the same size, some> being greater
than others. Thus it will be appreciated that.
the larger shot may fall from the stream of gas
ecus medium before impinging upon the baffle i211."
and this condition is indicated/in the drawings
the apparatus between the baille r20 and» the rear
wall ii), and at the lower portion ofthis chamber
there is provided an elongated conveyor 5l) upon
theI upper reach of Whichfth'e ñbers vwill fall and
build .up tol a desiredthickness in the 'nature-'of
-and augmentingthev movement of all of the sus
pended fibers after the -separation .thereof from
-a blanket, the speed of the endless conveyor being
regulated in_accordance with‘the desired thick
said particles, and means for recoving the sepa
ness of such blanket. They deposition ofthe fibers
on such conveyor is indicated by the .arrows 5I,
and the blanket of fibers on the conveyor isin
dicated by the numeral 52.; -In case the‘blanketis
3. An apparatus for making mineralwoolïcom
prising means for treating molten material to
form' fibers and unñberized particles suspended
desired compressed in thickness, one -or more
in a moving gaseous medium,-means forîconfin
rated fibers.
pressure -rolls indicatedat 53 may be'provided
ling such gaseous medium and suspended sub
preferably where the blanket leavesethe 'appa -10 stances to a definite cross-sectional area ¿which
ratus. 'Suitable openings such as 54 and 55 may
progressively increases-in the direction of-move
be provided in the` wall ill through which the
continuous conveyor may pass, such openings
ment of the suspension, to thereby decrease the
velocity of the fibers and induce separation of
the übers and said particles, impact means, in
terposed in the path thereof, provided with an
being sealed in any suitable manner as by the
flexible flaps indicated at 56, 5l, 58 and 5,9. To
assist in the deposition of the fibers and the
formation of the blanket on said conveyor 50,
there may be provided an opening 60 in a side
wall of the chamber below the conveyor and-con
nected to an exhaust device 6l of any suitable
type and driven as by a motor 62.` The vconveyor
gular particle deflecting surfaces for freeing fibers
which are attached to such particles, means for
directing a second moving gaseous medium over
said means comprising a second moving gaseous
medium flowing adjacent the impact means and
directed substantially transversely with respect
may be of any suitable type though preferably
to the primary directional .movement of the ñrst
permeable to assist in the laying up of the de
gaseous medium, the resultant thereof with the
posited fibers to form the blanket 52. '
primary moving gaseous medium directing the
It will be obvious from the foregoing descrip 25 particles against the deflectlng surfaces of the
tion that those skilled in the art may vary the
impact means and augmenting the movement of
all of the suspended fibers after the separation
thereof from said particles, the directional move
from the spirit of this invention and therefore it
ment of such second gaseous medium being not
is desired not to be limited to the exact foregoing 30 less than 45°. to the directional movement of
disclosure except as may be required by the claims.
the first gaseous medium, Vand means for recover
details of construction and arrangements of parts
constituting the apparatus, without departing
What is claimed is:
ing the separated fibers.
1. An apparatus comprising means for suspend
4. An apparatus for making mineral wool com- `
ing vfibers and unflberized particles in a moving
prising means for treating molten material to
fluid stream, a fiber receiving chamber arranged 35 form fibers and unfiberi'zed particles suspended
in a. stream of a moving gaseousmedium, means
to receive such stream, and a baffleY disposed in
said receiving chamber transversely of such
for confining such stream of gaseous medium and
suspended substances to a definite cross-sectional
stream,v said baiiie provided with a saw too-th like
configuration comprising pairs of angularly ar
area which progressively increases in the direc
ranged surfaces, one surface of each pair disposed 40 tion of movement of the suspension, to thereby
decrease the velocity of the fibers and induce sep
substantially coplanar with the moving stream,
aration ofthe fibers and said particles, said con
the other surface of each pair disposed in a plane
fining means comprising a wall movable in the
transverse to the moving stream for intercepting
direction of such stream of suspended substances
and deñecting such particles in a direction appre
ciably different from that of the moving stream. 45 for conveying particles separated from said fibers
2. An apparatus for making mineral Wool com
prising means for treating molten material to
form fibers and unñberized particles suspended
in a moving gaseous medium, means for confining
such gaseous medium and suspended substances 50
to a definite cross-sectional area which progres
to a Zone of particle recovery, impact means com
prising downwardly deflecting angularly ar
ranged surfaces disposed adjacent such zone of
particle recovery for freeing particles which are
attached to said fibers, said impact means direct
I ing such freed particles into such zone, means
for augmenting the movement of the suspended
fibers after the separation thereof from said par
ticles, and means for recovering the separated
of the fibers and induce separation of the fibers
and said particles, 'impact means for freeing fibers 55 fibers.
5. An apparatus for making mineral wool com
which are attached to such particles and com
prising means for treating molten material toprising a plurality of separate and substantially
form fibers and unfiberized particles suspended
parallel surfaces, each extending traversely across
in a stream of a moving gaseous medium, walled
the path of flow of the gaseous fiber suspending
medium and inclined angularly with respect to 60 means for conducting such stream of gaseous
medium and suspended substances to a zone of
the path of fiow of the moving gaseous medium
particle recovery, said conducting means com
prior to deflection by the interposed angular sur
prising a bottom wall movable in the direction of>
faces, the angularly inclined surfaces directed
downwardly with respect'to the said path of flow
such stream of suspended substances for re
of the said moving gaseous medium and the said 65 ceiving-and discharging particles separated from
such downwardly directed angular surfaces sub
said fibers into such zone, impact means com
stantially overlapping withrespect to their pro
prising downwardly angularly arranged surfaces
sively increases in the direction of movement of
the suspension, to thereby decrease the velocity
jected areas and collectively deiiecting the pathA
disposed adjacent-such zone for freeing particles
of flow of the moving kgaseous medium and fiber
ized particles suspended therein, means compris
ing a second moving gaseous medium directed
substantially transversely to the principal direc- Y
which are attached to said fibers, said impact
means deflecting such freed» particles into such
tion of flow of the primary moving gaseous me- i
, zone, a movable member in such zone for recov- ’
ering such particles, and means for recovering
the separated fibers.
dium and forcibly propelling the ñbers and par
ì 6. An apparatus for making mineral wool com
ticles to be separated against said impact means 75 prising means for treating molten material to
form fibers and uniìberized particles suspended
ticles which are attached to said fibers, said im
in a stream of a moving gaseous medium, Walled
means for conducting such stream of gaseous
medium and suspended substances to a zone of
particle recovery, said conducting means com
prising a bottom Wall movable in the direction of
such stream of suspended substances for receiv
ing and discharging particles separated from said
ñbers into such Zone, impact means comprising
pact means deñecting such freed particles into
such Zone, a. conveyor for recovering such par
ticles, said conveyor disposed intermediate said
impact means and the bottom wall of said con
ducting means and arranged to receive the par
ticles discharged from both, said `conveyor oper
able in a direction transverse to the direction of
such stream and means for recovering the sep
downwardly deñecting angularly arranged sur 10 arated ñbers.
faces disposed adjacent such zone for freeing par
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