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Patented July 9, 1,946
Andrew Sabe, Tunbridge, N. Dak.
Application October 31, 1944, Serial No. 561,196
1 Claim. (01. 43-42)
My invention relates to improvements in ?sh
lures, for fresh water ?shing especially, the
position. The usual line, not shown, is attached
to the front end of said leader as will be under
primary object in view being to provide a lure in
the form of a ?sh adapted especially, although
A Wobbler is provided on the leader 9, forwardly
not necessarily, to ?oat on its side and develop 6 of the plate II, comprising a member I3 of thin
when pulled along the surface of the water the
sheet metal and which is of elongated form and
maximum motion possible so as to simulate a
arcuate cross section. The member I3 is provided
wounded ?sh but which may be used in the
with a pair of suitable apertures I4 intermediate
natural position with the same results as regards
its ends and in the longitudinal center thereof
motion, obviates the use of metal or wood in the
through which the sides of the leader 9 extend
body structure thereof, and is simple in construc 1.0 and whereby the member is loosely mounted on
tion and inexpensive to manufacture and re
said leader to extend endwise across the same
in a common plane therewith with its concave
To the accomplishment of the above, and sub
side facing forwardly. As will be clear by virtue
ordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred 15 of
the described loose mounting of the member I3
embodiment of my invention has been illustrated
on the leader 9 said member is free to wobble
in the accompanying drawing, setrforth in de
sidewise on said leader and may he slid forwardly
tail in the succeeding description, and de?ned
thereon to permit the locking plate I Ito be moved
in the claim appended hereto.
into unlocking position. As will be seen the
In said drawing:
20 leader 9 is attached to the ring 2 to lie in a plane
Figure 1- is a view in side elevation of my im
at a right angle substantially, to the plane of the
proved ?sh lure, in a preferred embodiment
body I whereby when the body is drawn along
the surface on its side, the member I3 is disposed
Figure 2 is a view in plan,
upright in the water. On the other hand when
Figure 3 is a detail view in plan of the leader 25 the body I is drawn in natural position through
and Wobbler and drawn to an enlarged scale, and
the water the member I3 will lie substantially ‘
Figure 4 is a view in side elevation illustrating
horizontally in the water vor partly submerged
a modi?cation of the invention.
Referring to the drawing by numerals, in the
As shown in Figure 4 the hook, designated I 4,
illustrated embodiment thereof, my invention
may be extended out of the belly of the body I5
comprises a body I having the shape of a. ?sh, of
of the lure substantially in the plane of said body any selected species, and which is formed of yarn,
to counterbalance the same so that the body will
or thread, knitted, crocheted, or spun woven, to
assume the natural position in the water.
form the body and head in one piece and hol
In the preferred use of theyinvention the body
35 is drawn along the surface of water on the side
A ring 2 is inserted part way into the mouth
from which the hook 8 extends. The member I3
3 of the body I', in vertical position in the mouth,
and suitably ?xed therein against pulling loose.
thus being disposed substantially upright is
caused by the pressure of the water to wobble
A suitable coupling 5, of gut, or the like, ex
from side to side‘ and to dip up and down thereby
tends from the ring 2 into the body I, to the usual 40 imparting
to the body I rapid and varied motion
eye 6 on the shank 7 of a conventional ?sh hook
8, the shank 1 of'which is disposed in the body
I and extends rearwardly out of one'side of the
simulating the wiggling of a wounded ?sh. The
attraction of such bait to ?sh is well known.
When the body is drawn through the water in its
same to expose the barbed end of said hook, at
natural positionthe member being disposed sub-.
said side, with the barbed end spaced outwardly 45 stantially horizontally the member wobbles verti- "
of the line of the belly of said body I and point
cally and darts in a zig-zag manner imparting
ing forwardly.
wiggling motion to the body and causing
Extending from the ring 2 is a wire loop leader
9 having substantially the form of a safety pin i the same to zig-zag through the water.
As will be clear, the described lure may be in
with a rear hook end III passed through said ring to
expensively and easily‘made in various colors,
2, and a locking slide plate II closing said hook ~ in'
imitation of tropical ?sh
end III with side edges I2 rolled around the sides
of the leader and frictionally engaging the same
so that said plate may be slide into and from
closing position and frlctionally retained in said 58
inexpensive to replace.
and the like, and is
The foregoing will, it is believed, su?ice to
impart a clear understanding of my invention
without further explanation.
Manifestly, the invention, as described, is sus
ceptible of modi?cation without departing from
the inventive concept, and} right is herein re
comprising an elongated plate of arcuate cross
section, said leader having the form of a wire
loop, said member extending endwise across aid
leader so that the long edges thereof are in a
served to such modi?cations as fall within the 5 plane at a right angle substantially to the plane
scope of the appended claim.
of the leader and being loosely mounted on said
What I claim is:
to wobble sidewise.
In a, ?sh lure, a body of ?exible material, hav
ing the form of a ?sh, a leader at the front end
of the body, andawobbler member on saidleader
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