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July 9, 1946.
'Filevd Deg. 20,‘ 1944
wsu-‘Rw aw. Lsow
Patented July 9, 1946
r 2,403,775
- Wllfrid'G. Wils’on,~'Fort William, Ontario, Canada
_ Application December 20, 1944, Serial No. 569,048 , '
j " 40mins. (c1. 51-100)
“ This invention relates to certain novel and use
ful improvements characterizing what is believed
to_' be ahighly;v useful and practicable grinder
which is especially; but notnecessarily, adapted
venientlyreferred to as a post 9.v 1 A collar I0 is
mounted on the post, and provided with binding
. lugs vI l rendered eil’ective by clamping means l2.
I The numeral 13 designates a motor, that is an
for use‘in the making of templates and dieswhich 5 electric motor,- of any suitable style and type,
vary in thickness.
" ‘ v
on the outer end of the horizontal swinging-arm
More speci?cally, the grinder with "which we
IL. "I‘he'motor is, provided’ with a concentric
grinding tool [5 andon diametrically opposite
long and costly hand'flling, ‘this ‘due to thefact
sides with claw-like handles I 6, these to permit
that‘the present machine, because of- its par v10 proper handling and maneuveringof thetool IS.
are herein concerned is designed .to eliminate
ticular design and‘functionalfachievements makes ,
The arm I6 is connected to a hinging and adjust
it possible to do better what was heretofore done
tediously and slowly bylway of the customary
ing ring I1 which in turn is connected by arule
'joint I 8 to the arm‘ l4. Thus, the desired swing
hand ?ling technique. '
ing, adjusting andlhinging action for the motor
, ‘Brie?y, 'the ‘preferred embodiment of the in
ized tool is provide .
vention comprises a base .plate adapted to re
ceive' the work, a’ perpendicular post'rising'there?
from, a motoreequipped arm and adapter bracket
means for properly‘mounting same ‘on the post,
V .
[Referring further to the swingable arm and
tool assembly, it will‘be noted that this is ?at on
to'pjto' accommodate a. channel-‘shaped clip is
which serves to accommodate a. shiftable block
and‘an‘adjustable arm also von'the post above .20 20_._held in place by a set-screw 2| and carryinga
the grinder, this having appliances to accommo
feeler wheel 22 sometimes also referred, to in the
date the pattern to “be followed in grinding oper
art as a tracer.
I next call attention to the horizontal arm 23
Novelty is thought to reside in a collar which
having a collar 24 at its inner end with clamping
is adjustable on the post, the inner adjacent por 25 lugs 25 and clamping means 26 whereby to per
tion of the grinder arm coacting therewith, the
mit the arm to be adjusted up and down and in
arm itself being swung back and forth like a
a horizontal plane to properly locate the adapter
human arm and being provided with ‘a motorized ’ means on the outer end thereof. The adapter
grinding tool'and suitable maneuvering and ma
means comprises a slide 21 held in place by a
nipulating handles.
30 set screw 28,, said slide having a depending por
Novelty is' also predicated upon the adoption .
and use of a feeler or tracer element carried by
the swingable am, this being arranged to co
operate with special adapter means which clamps
and holds in place the pattern or so-called lay
out template.
tion with a horizontal slotted frame 29. This
frame serves to accommodate the pattern or lay
out template (not shown), that is the part which 7'
is to be traced by the feeler'wheel 22. Retaining
elements 30 held in place by wing nuts 3| I em
ploy to securely mount the pattern.
Other features and advantages will become ’
As before stated, the machine is designed to
more readily apparent from the following de
eliminate long and costly hand ?ling. The tem
scription and the accompanying illustrative
plate used is a lay-out template; of 3*,” sheet
40 metal. The'grinder is used for making templates
In the drawing, wherein like numerals are em
and dies which vary in thickness. This lay-out
ployed to designate like parts throughout the
template has always been made for jobs by hand.
views, the single ?gure is a perspective view of ’ The use of the novel machine for accomplishing
a. grinder constructed in accordance with th
the results is a step forward in the art.
principles of the present invention.
The work, which is to be ground, is ?rst sawed
Referring now to the drawing by distinguishing
on a “Do-all" saw to within 31;" of ?nished lines
and is then ?nished on my improved grinder.
reference numerals, it will be seen that the. base,
' which is of appropriate con?guration, is denoted
The work is fastened in the slots and the grinder
by the numerali. This is provided with suitable
arm is lowered so that the tool can operate prop
supporting legs, marginally arranged, is approxi 50 erly. The grinder tool arm is held in place by
mately 14"x20" in length and is provided with
a, ?at area 6 which supports the work (not
the stop collar I0 and correct shape is given to
the work on the base by a lay-out template held
shown). ‘This region 16 is provided with spaced
in place by the wing nuts 3|, the different con
longitudinal slots l. Attached to and rising from
tours being followed by the feeler wheel or tracer.
the socket 8 is an upright which may be con 65 The grinder arm and tool is swung similar to a
Grinder wheels can be
3. A grinder of the class described comprising
changed for different thickness of material. The
machine is very simple design and would not be
very costly to make. Moreover its use will result
in greatly speeding up work done on dies and
a base, a post attached to and rising vertically
from said base, a stop collar adjustable on said
post, an arm provided with a ring at its inner
end surrounding the post and cooperable with
the stop collar, a motor on the outer end of said
man’s arm in action.
A careful consideration of the foregoing de
scription in conjunction with the invention as
arm, a tool carried by said motor, said arm being
attached to said ring by way of a rule joint, han
illustrated in the drawing will enable the reader
dles mounted‘ on diametrically opposite sides of
to obtain a clear understanding and impression 10 said motor», afeeler wheel slidably and adjustably
mounted on said motor, a second arm adjustably
of the alleged features of merit and novelty suffi
mounted on said post above the ?rst-named arm,
cient to clarify the construction of the inventionvv
said second arm being provided on its outer and
Minor changes in shape, size, materials and‘: ; with adapter means, said adapter means being
as hereinafter claimed.
rearrangements of parts may be resorted, to in»
actual practice so long as no departure is ‘made
from the invention as claimed.
I claim:
1. A grinder of the class described comprising
a base, a post attached to and rising vertically
from 'said base, a stop collar adjustable on said
post, an arm provided with a ring surrounding
the post and coop'erable with the stop collar, a
motor on the outer end of the arm, and a tool
carried by said motor, the arm being attached
to said ring by way of a rule joint, ‘said motor
being provided with diametrically opposite claw
like handles’ and being provided on its top with
a clip, a block 'slidable in said clip, and a feeler
wheel mounted- on said block.
2‘. A grinder of the class described comprising
a base, a'pos't attached to andllrisingvertically
from said base, a stop collar adjustable on said
post, an arm provided with a’ ring‘ at its inner
constructed to accommodate a pattern to be
traced, 'sai'd adapter‘means including a bracket
and 7said bracket ‘being slotted and provided with
Wing nut equipped clamping elements for a lay
out template.
4. A grinder of the class described comprising
'a'b'ase, said base embodying an upstanding plate
having a marginal depending ?ange, said plate
being provided'lwith a plurality oi parallel spaced
slots, a vertical post attached to ‘and rising from
said base, a‘ horizontal a'rm adjacentfthe upper
end of said post swingably and adjustably mount
ed on said- post, said arm ‘being provided at its
outer end with ari'adju'St'ame bracket and‘ Said
bracket, being slotted and provided with wing nut
30 ‘equipped clamping elements ‘for a lay-out tem
plate, a stop collar adjustable on ‘said post, a
second arm provided with a ring surrounding the
post and cooperablé with ther stop (501181‘, a motor
on the outer end of the arm, a tool carried by
end surrounding the post and cooper'able with 35 said motor, said latter arm being‘ attached to said
ring by wayor a rule joint, s‘aid motor being pro
the stop collar, a motor on the outer end of said
Vided with diametrically‘ opposite handles, and a
arm, a tool carried by said motor, said arm being
feél'er wheel‘ mounted on the tibia of the motor
attached ‘to said ring by way of a rule joint, han
beneath said slotted oraekét arid above Said han
dles mounted on diametrically opposite sides of
said motor, and a feeler wheel slidably and ad;
justably mounted on said motor.
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