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July 9, 1946.
Filed Feb. 17, 1942
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
July 9, »-1 946.
Y 2,403,814
Filed Feb. 17, 1942
4 Sheets-Sheet 5
July 9,1946.‘
. P.
Y Filed Feb. 17, 1942
1 2,403,814
4 Sheets-Shéet 4
_ ,.l1.
‘.. ‘
5“K ‘
_. ___._._D
Patented July 9, 1,946
~ -_ 1 =1 I
{Pietro Maiscacecmaa 1111;. g ..
_ _,
. gyf'Applieation February 17, 1942‘; serialpo.431303;» ' Fig. '5 is a- longitudinal verticalsectional ‘view,
This invention relates to improvements in- com
taken on1'line75—’-5 of Fig.4.,
tudinally‘thru‘ this‘piston' unit.
provide an economical and lightirunning .co‘m- '
preferably a multistage
Fig. "6 is a verticali sectional view taken .longi
Qneof the main objects of'thisinvention' is to
compressor 5
which comprises a compact cylinder structure in- .
cluding a casing having integral oppositely ex
tending cylinders thereon, and a‘ relatively slender
' '
Fig. 7 is 'a horizontal sectional viewthru said
runitbtaken onv line 1—1 of Fig. 6.
Fig. 8 is'a vertical cross-sectional view thru
said unit, taken» on line 8-'—8 of Fig. 6. .
' Fig. 9'is an enlarged view of the economical
and light running piston unit including a‘body
having integral oppositely extending pistons 10 valve-construction utilizedin this compressor.
This"~ invention is disclosed herein in a pre- ‘
thereon reciprocable in said cylinders and having
ierred form of construction, being illustrated as ~
inexpensive valves at their ends connected by
a multistage compressor which comprisesja com
channels extending directly thru the piston unit.
pact ‘cylinder, structure or‘unit including a casing
Another object of this invention is to provide.
‘such a compressor which comprises meansto‘prO 15 l3 having a low-pressure or primary cylinder ll
' integral on‘one end and a smaller secondary or
duce a-cooling eifect on the piston unit and the
high-pressure cylinder l2 integral on the other
mechanism in the casing, which is preferably
end, said cylinders extending in opposite direc
done by providing air vents on thelcasingand
tions-and beingali‘ned. Cooling ?ns I3 are pref
means for forcing the air therethru and around
the operating members therein. -
vA more particular object of this invention is to
provide in- such a multistage compressor-a metal .
erably also provided on the cylinders. The. casing
has itsupper 'end open, with a top or cover [4
detachably -mounted thereon, and includes a.
piston unit which consists of a slender body
?anged bottom or base l5 for supporting the
having integral at- its opposite ends a‘ low-'
pressure and'a high-pressure piston containing
25 suitable lubricant for lubricating the operating
each an‘ end socket‘equip'ped with a compact,
economical valve, and also'channels extending
directly thru said piston unit from one socket to
compressor, said- casing being adapted to contain
_ This compressor further comprises a relatively
slender and light running piston unit which in
cludes a body l6 having a low-pressure or pri
30 mary piston l1 integral on one end and asmaller
economical piston construction.
I >
high-pressure or secondary piston l8 integral on
Another object of this invention is to provide
the other'end, which are valined and reciprocable
a highly ei?cient compressor which is 'particu-'
larly adapted for compressing air, and is also
adapted for compressing gaseous refrigerants'in
and have, respectively, heads 2| and '22 mounted
air conditioning and refrigerating devices.
detachably over the end openings, as by ?ange
the'other, thus producing a light running and
These and various otherobjects and advan- - - means 2|’ and 22’. on the heads b'olted'against
tages are attained with this invention, as will
become apparent from the following description,
taken [in connection with the accompanying
drawings wherein the invention'is shown in its
preferred form, it being evident that various other
arrangements and forms. of construction may be
resorted to for carrying out the objects and pur
poses of this invention.
In the drawingsi
I; p
2’ i
. Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of this inven»v
tion,}with_ part of the fan-‘equipped drive wheel
broken away.
Fig.2 is atop ‘plan’ viewthereof,
having parts
Fig. 3' is an‘ enlarged-vertical cross-sectional
view thereof, taken on line- 3'—.-3 of Fig.1; .
~ Fig. 4 is an enlargedv horizontal sectional view,‘
taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1. »
,. I '
the cylinder ends. Said heads 2| and 22 contain,
respectively, sockets 23 and. 24 having .each- a
valve‘ 25 removably mounted therein; and from
the heads 2| and 22 extend, respectively, necks
21 and.28 having conduits or suitable inlet means
29 and outlet means 30' connected thereto, re
spectively, and providing the ?uid inlet and out-.
r The piston unit herein is of an easy running
vconstruction, and it consists of a unitary metal
member which may be economicallyumade in one
casting;v and, as best shown in Fig. '7', the pistons
50, .l'! and 18 areundercut around the body at their
inward ends thus providing annular skirt'por
tions-3l and 32 and also plate-like heads 33‘ and
34 at the outer ends, said heads being. provided
with sockets 35 and 36 each containing a 'valve
215 removably mounted therein. Channel means
is provided in this unit, being shown herein as
a pair of channels 31 extending directly and
substantially straight thru the body and being
the ring portion 12 with the eccentric 69 will be
curved or branched together at their ends 38 to
join said sockets 35 and 36, thus extending from
one socket to the other and providing communi
cation between the valves therein.
effective as splasher means to carry some of the
lubricant up and distribute it on the piston ‘body
and the inward parts of the cylinders, to lubri
cate the operating parts in the casing.
This compressor is well adapted for speedily
compressing air, and it is likewise adapted for
The body I6 is provided with a slot 39, being
compressing gaseous ?uids as are used in the
of substantial length and extending transversely
refrigerating industry; and by the slender and
thru it between the: channels 31, and’tcooling‘?n‘s 10 light. construction of the piston unit'this further
40 are preferably also provided around the‘ body.
provides an economical ‘and relatively‘ cool and
This arrangement thus provides a slender, light
easy running compressor.
running and cool piston unit.
For the purpose of cooling this construction
The valves 25 used in this compressor are of
and producing a cool running compressor, the
15 upper part of the casing is furthermore provided
ably consisting of a washer-like member which’,
with a plurality of air ports or vents thereon;
a simple and inexpensive construction, prefer
is threaded 0r removably mounted in the-sockets. and this is preferably done by providing such
35 and 36 of the pistons and 23 and 24 of the
vents in the cover I I which is made dome-shaped,
cylinders; and this member contains a channel ‘ including vents 8| and 82 at the two sides thereof
4| having an enlarged part 42 provided with a 20 and vent means or slot 83 in its top. Suitable
flat. and smooth. valve seat 43 whereon a valve
screens 8t’, 82’. and 83" are preferably “also
plate 44 is normally held‘. in valVe-closedposi
mounted across 'said vents 81, 82 and 83,_to-avoid
tion,. by the intermediaterparts of a curved wire
spring 45 which has its outer parts. 46 sprung
.Means is also provided tovforce the air thru
into a groove 41 cut in the wall surrounding the 25 thevents . and thru' the. casing, and this‘ comprises
channel part 42. Said valvemember is preferably
mounted in the socket. by threading it therein,
and it is therefore provided with bores or notches
.48 adapted to receive the prongs» of a suitable
tool: in applying: and. detaching this member.
Thedrive meansv for reciprocating the pistons
fan-means 84 whichis conveniently producedby
providing, fan blades or vanes on the drive wheel
68;, so as to force the air into the casing; thru
vents 8|, to flow onto the piston unit and the
other parts in‘ the casing, and topass out thru
vents 82 and‘ 83..
In order to better direct the: air around the
piston vunit, I further provide deflectingv means
in the cylinders comprises. a. drive shaft 5| which
is extended. thru; the‘ slot 39 in the piston body
anilis rotatably .mounted in: a. pair of bearing
85 in the casing, being preferably-in the- shape
sleeves. 52 and .53seated- in .a' pair of collars 54 35 of wing means provided underneath the cover
and, 55 which aremountedjnopenings 55 and 5'! '
if‘; and slanting inwardly, as best shown in Fig. v3;
provided. in the opposite side walls of the casing,
and this wing means is preferably tilted or slant
said. .collars having ?ange means 54' and 55'
ed inwardly to a ,greater extent vat its part 85
thereon "which arev bolted against the casing,
near the high-pressure piston, so as to‘direct the
along-with suitable sealing; means. The collar 55
has-a. closing plug :58 threaded adjustably in its
outer-endwhich is. provided with a pocket 59 in
its. innerend. containing therein a bearing plate
50 .and a bearing ball. iii rotary thereon and
againstxwhich the inner end 62 of shaft 5| bears
rotatably. The collar 55 has a ?anged closing
member 6A boltedv to its outer end, thru which
the shaft-5i extends", and: a. coil. spring. 65 in said
collar is. con?ned between an enlarged part 55
larger portion of the entering air toward said
high-pressure endofthepiston unit. and. produce
the main- cooling effect on it and. the high-pres
sure cylinder, where the pressure and the heat
generated .therebyisthe greatest. _
For amounting the-pistonv unit and the drive
meansin their; operativepositions .in the cylinder
structure the. valves 25. may. be secured in the
pistonv sockets 35 and.-3$,;and the axle-pin 16,
with or without the. bearing 75 placed thereon,
Ontheshaft and'an anti-friction bearing 5? po~ 50 may then be mounted'jin the piston body; and
sitioned. at. the inner side of: member 54, so .as to
the piston. unitcanbe inserted. thru, the open end
retainthe inner end of the shaft in‘ position
of'the. low-pressure. cylinder. ll, being advanced
against ball 6|.
fully 'to the head end‘ of.the.‘high-pressure cylin
der;v whereupon the crank member. 13 with the
eccentric :12“. thereon vis next inserted thru the
open. top of the .casihg,..and‘ the eye. portion 14
The shaft herein'is preferably
actuatedby a drive wheel in the former a pulley
wheel. 68 secured on its outer end‘ and driven by
asuitable belt or thelike.
The driving connections between the“ shaft and
of‘said member 13; with said bearing. 75 therein
the piston unit, in: this, form. of construction illus
if‘ that was at first omitted; is next mounted in
trated herein, comprises eccentric means which
place- on said axle-pin 16‘. An enlarged notch
includes an eccentric
detachably fastened onto 60 811’ is provided‘ in" the side. of the casing, adjacent
the shaft to rotate therewith, as by groove and
collar Min openin'gj5‘6', to allow for‘ such mount‘
spline means ‘It ‘provided on the’ eccentric and
ingj-of'iportion‘ 14 ‘on pin 75‘. The drive" shaft can
shaft, and a locking bolt H threaded in the
then-be inserted thru‘ said‘ opening 56i and’ ex
eccentric andengaging the shaft. Saideccentric
tended thru- the eccentric, and lock‘bolt' ‘H se
is rotatable in a ring portion. or hub. ‘I2-v provided
cured in place, whereupon collar ‘'54 "with closing
at. one. end'of a crank armor member 1-3 which
member 64 may be mounted inpositiomand; the
has at its. otherlend an; eye.;portion ‘Hi-- containing
drive wheel 68- securedion the shaft and the
thereiniia bearing; 's"5,,,_pr.ef-erably a needle» bear-f
other parts mounted-- in their proper positionsyto
ing. wherein is mounted a. stud. or. aX-leepin' ‘it
which .is secured in an. aperture provided ‘in the
piston body, asv by a/ pin :‘H which extendszthru'
suitable: holes provided in saidv stud; and vin- an
annularproiection. T8 on the: side.- ‘of. the body.
provide the operative compressor.
It should be noted’ that inlthisg invention. the
piston body I6 is slender and straight andslias-its’
longitudinal. axis; .alin'ed. with themaxesv of.‘ the
pair of pistonsjntegralhon ii-"s two/ends; also that
~This' compressor 1 is: adapted to contain: lubri
this: body 1:6 isfsubstantially syminetrica'liin cross
eating liquidin theilower part: :of the casing, and 'H in section and the channel means iii-thereihzincludes
2,403,814 ‘
several'channels which are placed off-center‘and ’ '
extend thru thebody from‘ the’ valve‘ means 25
in one piston end to the valve_rneans~.25 in the
other providing communication,"therebetween,
while the slot 39; thruv which the drivers'haft
extends transversely of the body, is located be
tween these channelsand extends for a substan
' said ?ns extending along the length of. said rod
between said pistons, the ?ns at the low pres
sure end of said rod extending outwardly from >
said rod at a greater extent than :the ?ns at the‘
_, high pressure'end of said ‘rod;v ;1 r
1i. In a multistage compressor of thecharacter
disclos‘ed'and which has a crank casing, alined
v,tialllength of the,body,<toIlighten thesame; and " 1' low and. high pressure cylinders at~the ends'of v
' in addition heretofurtherfcooling means]ig-pro-lv
the casing, low and high pressure ,pistons oper-'
' ~vided, including air vents s|,<a2 and 83,;a‘nd: cream ative insa‘i‘d cylinders‘, av tubular connecting rod
?ecting means "85,v together-1 withithe air'forcing
means 84; rIThis compressor construction ‘thus I
produces‘ a speedily functioning, cool and, easy
running compressor, providing a substantial ‘im
provement over the former ones, including my
own either patented or still co-pending.
- ‘between said pistons‘, and crank means operative
ly connected to the connecting rod to reciprocate
said rod and said pistons'as a unit, said pistons
, having valved passages for controlling passage of
?uid between the cylinders and the-rod, said rod
having heat‘ radiating ?ns extending outwardly
from said rod and movable therewith, said ?ns
extending along the length of said rod between
said pistonsvthe ?ns at the low pressure end'of
low'and high pressure cylinders at the‘ends of 20 said‘rod extending outwardly frornsaid rod at a
the casing, low and high pressure pistons oper
, greater extent than the ?ns at the high pressure,
1.,In a multistage compressorcof the character
disclosed and ‘which has a crank casingfalined
ative in’said cylinders, a tubular connecting rod
between said pistons, and crank means operative
j 7 end of said rod, the extent of said ?ns at said low
pressure end of said rod being less than the inner
ly connected to the connecting rod to reciprocate 7 radius of the low pressure'cylinder for affording
said rod and said pistons as a unit, said pistons 25 entry'of said ?ns into said low pressure cylinder
having valved passages for controlling passage of
when the low pressure piston reciprocates in said
?uid between the cylinders and the rod, said rod
low pressure cylinder, and the extent of said ?ns
having heat radiating ?ns extending outwardly
at said high pressure end of said rod being less
from said rod and movable, therewith;
than the inner radius of the high pressure cylin
2. In a multistage compressorofthe character 30 der for a?‘ording entry of said latter ?ns into said
disclosed and which has a crank casing, alined
7 high pressure cylinder when the high pressure
low andihigh pressure cylinders at the ends of
piston reciprocates in said high pressure cylinder.
the casing, low and high pressure pistons oper
5. In a multistage compressor of the character
ative in said cylinders, a'tubular connectingrod
disclosed and which has a crank casing with high _
between said pistons, and crank means operative, 35 andlow pressureycylinders and pistons at the
ly connected to the connecting rod to reciprocate
vends of the casing and a connecting rod extend
said rod and said pistons as a unit, said pistons
ing through the casing and connected to the
having valved passages’ for'controlling passage of
pistons, drive means in the casing and crank
?uid between the cylindersand the rod, ‘said rod
means operatively connected to the drive means
having heat radiating ?ns extending outwardly 40 and the connecting rod; a cover mounted on the
from said rod and movable therewith, said ?ns
casing and having air inlet and outlet vents for
extending along the length of said rod between
the passage of air to and from said casing, a de
' said pistons.
?ector attached to said cover and extending
3. In a’ multistage compressor of the character
downward from the cover and located in spaced
disclosed and which has a crank casing, alined 45 ‘relation to and between said inlet and outlet air
low and high pressure cylinders at the ends of
vents, said connecting rod having heat radiating
the casing, low and high pressure pistons oper
?ns; extending outwardly from said rod and mov
ative in said cylinders, a tubular connecting rod
able therewith, said drive means having a shaft
between said pistons, and crank means operative
vextending to the exterior of the casing, a fan on
ly connected to the connecting rod to reciprocate 50 said-shaft and located to force air through said
said rod and said pistons as a unit, said pistons 1 inlet vent'and against said de?ector whereby the
having valved passages for controlling passage ‘ "air is directed against said ?ns during the recip
of ?uid between the cylinders and the rod, said
rocation thereof.
rod having heat radiating ?ns extending out
wardly from said rod and movable therewith,
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