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July 9, 1946.
_ "
I 2,403,820
Filed July 51, 1944’
Will/‘am Milka
Patented-July 9, l946 ,
i 7: Q vvmianiv-rjr fMiuea-T Youngstown-x Ohio, assignor.
‘ .' ' 'i'
to The City Asphalt and.l.Paving. ;Company,. .Youngstown,Ohio,a‘corporatio1r of Ohio
resonators-31, 1944, serial No. 547,433 _'
"' This "invention *relates 4to' a spreader box and '
’ embodiment of the invention herein disclosed 'Ican
more particularly to a ‘spreader ‘box adapted? to "5 be made within'the scope‘ of'whatis claimed with
out‘ departing from the spirit of the'invention'; ’ '
uniformly- spread -‘asphaltic'= concrete-~iand other
' '1 The "invention is illustrated'in the accompany‘
The-principal paving
object materials.
of - the invention
~ ~ ' isvi the
- ‘provision of a spreader 7box~designed to'be used .
' in combination with a 'conventionalimotor truck.
ring drawing, wherein: “
Figure v1 is a side elevation 'of a spreader box
illustrating va‘portion'iof avdump truck'ibody'andp '
symbolically designating the rear wheels and ‘axle
of the'dump truck with which the spreader, box
vision of- a spreader box attached to a motor truck
and-operated in ‘connection therewith with- re 10 ~isu's'ed_,;
. Figure 2 is‘ a topplan
view of '.
the device illusi
spec'tlto the adjustments necessary'f'or varying '1;
rear- axle and
the2 thickness of ‘the material being spread and
‘wheels of- the dump truck in symbolic illustration.
I. '.
I - By‘referring-to the drawing and'Figure 1 in
Z ,A' still further "object or the invention is the
.provision‘of a spre'ader'box'incorporating a ma 15 particular it will be observed that the spreader
‘VA-.‘further object ‘of the invention is the pro
, terial' spreading {and compacting means ‘adjust
ably'positioned' withrespect tolthe-device.
box consists primarily vof a; hopper‘ Ill‘ supported
foniai'hollow' frame-"LL55 Theframe .Il includes
a plurality of cross members ‘and extends through
the hopper I0 and terminates at the ‘rearmost
'edge'thereof so ;as to provide for the free posi
to thesupporting-[motortruckx/v.v "
20 tiOl‘lil‘lgyiIlWhG hollow frame I I of a pivoted frame
or The spreader: box shown'and described herein .
J2 to vwhich a material smoothing and compact
hascb'eemdesigned: to form ‘a relatively inexpen
iing screed _<-|3 is attachedadjacent the ‘hopper
siveiyetpractical'spreader box forithe application
I110. ;_i-,_’_I‘he - adjustable frame ' I2 is pivoted at» .its
ofivarious'so-called “black top’?- materials widely
used in :paving ‘and resurfacing operations. ' It 25 forward-end (the left end in, Figures v1 and 2)
thehollow frame II by means of »-a pivot I2A.
is'known that- rather cumbersome' and compli
Thehopper 1-0 is formedwith an inclined front
cated mechanisms have heretofore been devised
wall “and is of a size comparable in width- with
and employedffor spreading various road build
a conventional dump truck body so that it can
ing materials particularly concrete and the like
and’ the presentinvention contemplates an im= 30 receive-material fromvthe dump truck body. ,In
Figure 1v a portionof a dump truckbody- is in.
' provementwith respect to suchidevices in'that a = _.
dicated by the numeral l5 and it will be observed
relatively simple and inexpensive mechanism has
A still further 'object-oftheinventioni is the
provision of a‘means of attaching ‘a ‘spreader box
vthat material released from the dump truck body
I=_5,,as,by the opening of a tail gatewl? Willi-all
directly into the hopper l0 and be directed down,
which supplies the motive power and serves as a 35
wardlyv and rearwardly by the inclined front wall
means of supplying the hopper of the spreader \ [4 of the hopper ill. The bottom of-the hopper
box-itself with additional material to be spread
i0 is open, as indicated by the numeral l1, and
and at the same time, and most importantly,
the material placed. in» the hopper I0 ?ows out.
provides a ?xed point ‘of support for a portion
wardlytherethrough. and as the entire spreader
of the spreader box makingpossible its spreading 40 box
is normallybeing moved forward or to the
beenodesigned which is capable of being operated
connection with a conventional motor truck
-of material of a desirable uniform thickness, par
ticularly with respect to relatively rough road
beds or other areas over which: the material is
being applied. The device is sodesigned- that
‘when 'used in combination with a conventional
motor truckvhaving- an attachment bracket af- 1
fixed :to' its rear; axle, it approximates
use and
efliciency the heretofore known complicated and
left, as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, the material
is evenly spread and smoothed and partially com
pacted by the screed l3 which is positioned ime
m'ediately in back of the hopper openingd'l.
Flexibly ,mounted, adjustably positioned side
guides l8 ‘and MA, respectively, are carried on
the‘ ‘sides of» the screed l3 and control the-side
ward spreading action ‘of the material being
"spread by the spreader box so as to form sharp
». . With, the foregoing andiother objects-in ‘view 50 straightedges. It will be observed that the dump
which willnappearfas'the description proceeds,‘ truck axle is indicate'dby the numeral I9 and
expensive paving machines.
the invention resides in the combination‘and ar
that a pair of mounting rods 20’ and 20A are
rangement'l- of partsiandin the details of con
positioned beneath the axle [9 preferably by
struction "hereinafter described : and claimed, it
means of, mounting brackets 2| and HA welded
understood that changes- in the’ precise 55 tov the; axle IS, the‘ ‘innermost ends of V the" mount~
ing rods 20 and 20A being welded directly to the
I2 by means or pivots 43 and 43A so that the
rearmost portion of the screed l3 may be raised
or lowered by the manipulation of the handles 39
di?erential case 22 of the truck axle I9.
The method of attaching the spreader box to
the mounting rods 20 and 20A on the truck axle
and 39A which in effect pivot the screed on the
l9 contemplates the necessity of providing a
mechanism capable of almost automatic opera
tion so there. -lo'a"ded truck may rb'eibacked .inlto
operating connection with the spreader box ‘at
pivots 43 and 43A and thereby change the thick
ness of material being spread by the spreader box
as such‘materiailzof necessity imustipass ‘below the
screed 113 ‘after it leaves ‘the hopper 19. 'The
tachment means and the same secured thereto
screed‘ 13 being adjustably mounted enables the
with relative ease and simplicity. The mounts =10 thickness of the material being spread tolbe ac
ing means comprises a pair of couplers 23 and
curately controlled as, when the rearmost por
23A, the foremost portions of which are formed
—tion thereof is moved downwardly the material
with a relatively sharp v-like 2S10t -.of su?‘lcient
‘is spread'in .aithinn‘er layer. When the rearmost
size to receive the mounting bars :20 and villlAaon
:eIIdiofit‘hB screed <13 is elevated the material be
the truck axle I9. A pair of movable hooks 24
ling spread
fthe?box is formed in a relatively
and 24A are mounted one in veach-of the couplers»
‘thicker .layen- Q'I'he weight of the hollow frame
‘I] and "the hopper I0 is carried on the wheels 36
23 and 23A for longitudinal movement and ‘are
pivoted as at 25 and 25A to operating rods?“
and 75A and this enables a truck to pull the
and 26A which extend lriearwardly from the cou
device easily.
,=p1ers_.~23 and 23A and rare ‘affixed to ‘the »:outer 20 'It will :thus _»be .~_seen that a .lrelati-ve-lyesimple
most ends mf amoperati-ng arm 2?! 'WmQh‘-iS<Sup
‘and ‘yet \e?icientispreader .<box';meohanism .has
ported :thereby ‘:and adapted to ‘be moved by a
been disclosed whereby asphaltic vvconcrete and
centrally iposition'ed rod :28' which is attached
similar bituminous .materials ~>commonlyi~sknown
theretojand which is provided with a ;pin '29 ‘op
.as “black top” imaterialsneither hot ‘<01‘i0QlQ/"2Ild
rerativelytlocatedlinra i-spiral groove 3.0 in a :tubular 25 ‘.of varying mixes, .may {be vefl‘iciently v1and{girapidl-y
:member 13:! :positioned on the .forward (end of Ian
spread, leveled and partially icompaeted ithrough ~
-'operati_ng :arm :32 which rextends backwardly
the employment of, the device in comv mation
ithroug'hrthe vhopper vIll ‘and terminates above the
with a ‘conventional motor
screed 513 and is provided with a handle ‘$3 so
mounting ‘means :IOI' ‘Ether vdeyice‘
that it lean be partially revolved thereby :so as 30 :ment of wthe device to :the axle rof the “truck ten-u
‘to impart ilongitudinal movement ‘to :=th‘e operating
ables the device, by reason bf ‘the ifreelyiposi
arm 2] and vhence 'to theoperating rods 26 and
tioned frame l2 which carries the screed-pi l3,¢to
26A and the coupler ‘hook-s £24 and ‘24A. ‘It will
roverc'ome progressive.lirregul‘arities :in the road
"thus :be vobserved that sat :such time as the ‘device
bed or other area being ,pavedavith thejiresult
is to ‘be "attached :to a truck ior use, *the handle 35 that ‘the smoothed and _:partially-=compacted ‘m-a~
:33 is ireyolyedtto cause theicouple‘r hooks ."24 and
terial is spread 'uniformlyw-an'd ielvenl-y ever :the
14A ;tol.inove ‘forward ‘or "to :the alert as illustrated
road bed idue 'EtO ithe'rconsiderable distance be
~in ?gures A and 2 and :thereby tm'o've,
‘tween ‘the :material >engagi-ngmp0ntionsjfof :the
downwardly out fof ith‘e couplers 23 and 723A and
screed and the pivot ‘Ii-2A dnthe zhollow frame LI.
‘thereby permit the couplers ‘23 and :23‘A'fto {engage
In actual operation :it .has :been determined that
‘the mounting rods 20 and 320K011 the >tru'ckiaxl‘e
the spreader Ibox shown and described‘ herein
1m ‘illhe ‘handle {33 imparts ‘rotating Emotion ate
consistently spreadswasphaltic :and isim‘ ar fbitu
‘the tubular member 3-! and ‘the Ispiral :slot "30
ruinous materials ‘a .»great ideal‘ra'ster :
therein causes ‘the longitudinal vitravel fof 431615111
e?icient-iyzandat sthea‘sa‘me rtime :morefeve
29 and ‘hence ‘the coupler hooks 24 and ‘zlAi'c'ausa 45 has heretofore been Ibelieved possible and ‘(when
compared :in operation :to the heretofore common
Ting ‘them ‘to jmovesidewardly or to the-right, ‘as
illustrated in Figures ‘1'1 and
and upwardly due‘
!of spreading
makes, tsuch
the qievice
"to 3the‘_'-eonstraction of the bottom 2portion ‘of ‘the
icouplers', 2a ‘and ran :and v‘thereby engage “the .
tributes considerably to itheieconom-ic "application
mounting bars F2!] and 120A as best shown ‘Kin 50 Eofsuch maving'material's. :As =commo' ‘n this
toia desirable ‘position "prior ‘lte‘itsiemployment "in
art the spread materialsware siurthe-r compacted
Zfor ‘use iby {the ‘rolling thereof iby suitable ipower
rollers and the iprovision -.of “such icompacting
thev'ac'tual spreading “operation {it ‘may be Icon
\this invention.
:is mot, itheretore, z-oontemplated as *a
Figure l.
‘If itIi-is desired that ‘the spreader ibox‘ibe moved
Iven’iently moved 2by ‘the attachment 0? ‘chains ‘3'4
‘to Ih‘ofoks iii-onith’e ‘dump‘truck body T5 ‘when the
dump ‘truck ‘body iis in slightly elevated relation
‘and '
,‘Having thus described anyfzinvention, what .I
1. FA spreader box icomprisingwa :frame having
rearmost ‘end, therefore; Llowered ‘with ‘re
spect to its normal ‘untilt'ed position. ‘When "the
a hopper positioned.- on‘ ‘one end thereofland
truck body ‘is returned "to its *normallpos'ition the 60 adapted li‘or :reeepti‘on and :delivery ofmater-ial
entire spreader box 'is ‘elevated by ‘the "chains "3! 1 ‘to .be spread, .rmeans on the iother‘iend {of said
“and while
‘carried "by "the ‘truck ‘it maybe
:rrame for attachment toia true-1;, wheels midway
conveniently moved to any ‘location. ‘In opera- 1
beneathrsaidframe, a¢secondejty frame ivgotally
‘tiun the "chains ‘3'4 fare ‘unh‘ooked "and the ‘hopper
ra?ixedratonerend to said
“and hollow ‘frame 11 ‘.of'the 'spreader‘boxrarezsnp
ported by the truck ‘aide ‘l9 and by ‘a pair 'o'i‘. "
wheels ‘36 ‘and ‘36'A‘wh'ich ‘are positioned ‘on an
axles’! "which in "turn is ‘attached ‘to “the hollow
‘frame “I l. A pair of "adjustment screws 38' and
‘allA'threadably engage "brackets-I0 and “(DA on the 70
rearmost ends ‘of the ‘pivoted frame 12 and are
.pivotally connected at "their lowermost ends by
pivot assemblies 4-! Itolthescreed I3‘ l'Ilherscreed
rof the said secondary
vmeans, ‘andlfITEIIl‘Q;
\on ‘the {other
the {said
:Yhopper, £01‘ ‘engaging thennaterial being ‘spread
so as to 'smooth and partiallyicompact echez'sa'me,
means on zsald secondary 'fnaime'for warping the
position of the said :material zengagiirrg means
with respect-thereto.
,2. A vspreader box, comprising an :frame :having
.a hopper positioned son OX18',feHd'Et'heITe0f»€and
"I3 is ;pivotally supported by‘pa'irs of triangular
means formed on the (other end rfor attachment
shaped brackets ‘42 and ‘42A on the pivoted frame 75 to a truck, an axle midway beneath said frame
2,403,820 ‘
and ground engaging wheels on said axle, a sec
ondary frame pivotally affixed at one end to the
said frame at a point near the said truck attach
ment means, said secondary frame extending be
yond the said frame at the other end and pro
vided with a material compacting screed, the
v-shaped guide brackets, a pair of arms substan
tially longer than the said frame, each of which
are pivoted at their forward-most ends to the
said frame and adjacent the said truck attach
ment means and having their rearmost ends ex~
tending beyond the said hopper, a material en
said material compacting screed being pivotally
gaging screed positioned beneath the said end
af?xed to the said, secondary frame and having
extensions of the said arms and pivotally a?ixed
means positioned between the said screed and the
theretOLand means between the said arm exten
said secondary frame for controlling the angle 10 sions and the said screed for varying the angle
of the said screed with respect to the plane of
the said secondary frame.
3. A spreader box for asphaltic materials con
of the said screed with respect to the plane of the
said arms.
5. A spreader box for asphaltic materials con
sisting of a frame having ground engaging
mounted thereunder, a material receiving and 15 wheels mounted thereinunder, a material receiv
sisting of a frame having ground engaging wheels .
spreading hopper positioned on one end of said
frame, and means for attaching the said frame
ing and spreading hopper positioned on one end I
of said frame and means for attaching said frame
to a truck formed on the other end thereof, said
to a truck formed on the other end thereof, the
means including V-shaped guide brackets and
longitudinal members of the said frame compris
ing inverted lJ-shaped channels extending 20 hooks positioned therein for longitudinal move
ment with respect thereto, means on said frame
through the said hopper, a pair of arms, one Do
for moving the said hooks in and out of the said
sitioned in each of the said channel-like frame _,
V-shaped guide brackets, a pair of arms sub
members and pivotally a?ixed thereto at their
forward-most ends and adjacent the said truck
stantially longer than the said frame, each of
attachment means, the rearmost end of the said 25 which are pivoted at their forward-most ends to
arms extending beyond the end of the said frame
the said frame and adjacent the said truck at-’
and having a material engaging screed adjust
tachment means and having their rearmost ends
ably positioned therebeneath for engaging as
extending beyond the said hopper, a material en
phaltic material delivered from the said hop-‘r gaging screed positioned beneath the said end
30 extensions of the said arms and pivotally affixed
4. A spreader box for asphaltic materials con
thereto, and means between the said arm exten
sisting of a frame having ground engaging
sions and the said screed for varying the angle
of the, said screed with respect to the plane of
"wheels mounted thereinunder, a material receiv_
ing and spreading hopper positioned on one end‘
the said arms, said means consisting of vertically
of said frame and means for attaching said frame 35 positioned screws mounted through threaded
to a truck formed on the other end thereof, said
openings in the said arms and brackets positioned
means including V-shaped guide'brackets and I
on the lowermost end of the said screws and piv
hooks positioned therein for longitudinal move
otally a?ixed to the said screed.
ment with respect thereto, means on said frame
for moving the said hooks in and out of the said 40
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