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July 9, 1946.
Filed ‘April 1o, 1944
E <fa¿ /A /v AeA/M967,
Patented July 9, 15946
2,403,840 Y
" ì
. Julian Ashurst, Westmoreland, Calif.
Appiipatiòn april '10, 1944,;seria1’Nò. 530,333 ' '
@5 Claims.y (cie-9) I '
rectangular inner receptacle Zand an oblong
This invention relates .to a queen bee shipping
andpintroducing cage, and vhas particular refer
'rectangular'outer receptacle or cover 3.
struction a bottom or'back Wall 4, sidewalls 5,
and end Walls 6, and is open ordevoid of a'waill
at its top or front side v'I.' The Walls 6 are proa
vided with suitably formed ventilation openings
8, and within the receptacle is arranged a food
mitted from' consignorto consignee through ordí- I,
nary mails.
. The inner receptacle 2 embodiesv in its con
ence to cages of thattypev adapted to be trans
vQne'object of the invention is to provide' a sim
ple .and linexr'iensive cage of this vcharacter by
which bees may be'safely confined and shipped.
holding cell or chamber 9 Yin which suitable‘food
Another object >of the invention'is to provide a e
maybe placed t‘orsupply the bees during a ship:r
cage comprising an inner receptacle' and a cover
therefor thro'ugh‘ìwhich the bees may be intro
A duced into lthe cage and therein confined by rela
tivev‘shifting movements of the inner _receptacle
ping period.
_The cell or lchamber » 9' may be
formed of a strip of material bent into shapeand
secured to and forming with oneof the walls 5
andl cover; and which cover is adapted’to permit V . a' chamber of-` a Vdesired _form and size. vThis
ready "insertion .and removaluof the cage While 15 chamber may be open‘at the tcp to allow the food
to be readily introduced therein and it is pro
holding the'cage securely against displacement
during shipment.
ï’ '
during shipment, which. receptacle is adapted in
an introducing action to befembedded in va hive
comb to conñne the'bees during .anr'introducing
vided in its ‘inner wall with an opening I0 allow
ing thevbees'tor pass in and out and have access
'Still'another object of the invention is to pro
vide a cage having an inner receptacle provided
with an'open side normally -closed 'by the cover
AStill another object of the invention is tol pro
vide 'an inner cage receptacle whichis made of
_a material whichv when applied tothe comb may
be' gnawed away by the bees and thus disposed
of, Vduring which period of Vdisposal the queen
bee is. gradually introduced _so as to be favorably
received by the bees ofthe hive.'
' '
l '
` ' The invention consists of Vhe novel features o-f
to the food.
Theouter receptacle 3'er'nbodies in its con-_
struction a bottom or back Wall II, side walls I2
and a front- or top wall I3, the said‘receptacle
being of greater length than the inner receptacle
2 and being open at each end I4 for'the insertion
therein .and removal therefrom of the inner re
The receptacle v2 is adapted to ñt withl sufficient
snugness in thereceptacle 3 so that it Will 'be held
. therein against casual displacement While allow-j
ing itv to be readily forced outward andremoved
when desired. r1`he receptacle 2 is designed'to
hold the queen and other’be'es to be shipped, and
the receptacle 3 serves as a cover to close it
construction, combination land arrangement of
parts, hereinafter fully described and claimed, „ against escape of the bees and to protect said
and as' shownl in the accompanying drawing, vin 35 receptacle 2 and'its contents during shipment.
The receptacle 3 is of such greaterlength than
the receptacle `42 'that when thereceptacle 2 is
Fig; 1) is ka front'view ofthe cage with the inner
receptacle disposed in the cover for shipment. e _,
` Fig. '_2l is a sectional plan view through the
cover showing the inner receptacle Partly insec
Fig. 3` is a'vertical longitudinal section on the
line 3-3 of Fig. 1. ~
disposed in preper shipping position in there
ceptacle 3„as vshown clearly in Figs. 2 and 3,_the
ends of the latter will vproject beyondfthe ends
of the former to form guards to protect the ends
of v’the receptacle 2 from liability Of-injury due
to contact with extraneous objects in shipment.
When the receptacle 2 is properly disposed in
Figs. 4 and 5 are transverse sections taken, re
45 the receptacle 3, the open topv'I of the receptacle
spectively, on the lines 4-4 and 5-5 of Fig. 2.
2 and the open top of the chamber 9 will be
Fig. 6 is a front view of the cover, partly broken
closed by the wall I3 of the receptacle 3 against
away and in section and the inner receptacle
escape of the bees, leaving exposed only the ven
partly in plan and partly in section, showing the
tilation openings 8 which are too small for pas
inner receptacle in position to receive a bee in
serted through the insertion opening in the cover. 50 sage of the bees. The receptacle 2 Will also be
spaced equally from the ends I4 of the receptacle '
Figs. 7 and 8 are perspective views respectively'
3 and the open side 'I of the receptacle 2 Will lie
of the cover and inner receptacle separated from
out of registry with an opening I5 formed in the
each other.
wall I3 adjacent one of the ends I4 of lthe re- '
Referring more particularly to the drawing,
AI designates the cage which comprises an oblong
ceptacle 3. When the receptacle 2 is fitted in
the receptacle 3 it may be moved to bring its open
top 'I into registry with the opening I5 to allow
the bees to be inserted through the opening I5,
ing of greater length than the inner receptacle
and adapted to snugly receive the same and hav
ing adjacent to one end thereof a bee insertion
opening adapted to be disposed into or out of
register with the open side of the inner receptacle
by relative sliding movements of said receptacles.
2. A bee shipping case comprising an inner re
ceptacle open at one side and an outer receptacle
after which the receptacle 2 is shifted to the
position shown in Figs. 2 and 3 in which it lies
inwardly of the opening I5 and is closed against
escape of the bees.
The front wall I3 of the receptacle 3 may be
provided with an opening covered by a sheet of
of greater; length than" the inner.- receptacle and
transparent material I6 forming a panel or win
open at' each1end and adapted to close the open
dow through which the interior of the receptacle
side of the inner receptacle 'when the latter is
2 may be Viewed at all times in order that the
iitted therein, said outer receptacle being pro
condition of the bees may be determined. This
vided with a bee insertion opening in one of its
wall I3 or the wall II may serve as an address
walls and said inner receptacle being longitudi
side to receive the addresses of the consigner and 15' nally shiftable Within the outer receptacle to
consignee as well as stamps for prepayment of
bring4 its open side into and out of registry with
postage and either wall II or I3 may bear a
said opening.
label or printed matter giving- instructions fory
3. A bee shipping case comprising an inner
the care of the bees during shipment and such
receptacle open at one side and an outer re
other informatory matter as the consignor may 20 ceptacle of greater length than the inner re
desire. to place thereon.
ceptacle and open at each end and> adapted to
When the bees reach their destination and it
close. the open side of the inner receptacle when
is desired to hive them, the receptacle 2 is with
the latter is fitted therein, said outer receptacle
drawn from the receptacle 3 and its open side 'I
being provided with a bee insertion opening in
is pressed down or embedded into a. surface of 25 one of its walls and said inner receptacle .being
a comb in the hive. The delivered bees are thus
provided with a food holding chamber and being
placed in position to form a hive swarm> and to
longitudinally shiftable within the outer recep
introduce a queen bee shipped in the cage to the
tacle to bring its open side intoy and. out of regis
other bees of the. swarm.
try with said opening.
In practice the» parts of the cage may be 30
4. A bee shipping cage comprising an outer re
formed of cardboard or other relatively cheap
ceptacle and an inner receptacle adapted to be
material. It is designed to form the inner re
fitted into the outer receptacle and removed
therefrom, the outer receptacle being -of greater
length than the inner receptacle and being pro
ceptacle at least of such m-aterial or a like ma
terial which may be disintegrated or gnawed away
by the bees. and the particles carried off by them.
35 vided adjacent to one end thereof with a> bee in
By this means the receptacle 2 will be. disposed
of without the necessity of the hiveman removing
sertion opening. adapted to be disposedfinto and
out of register with the open side ofthe inner
receptacle by relative sliding movements of said
receptacles, said inner receptacle having an open
thus disposing of the receptacle. they are grad 40 side closed by the outer receptacle when ñtted
ually introduced to the queen. bee so thatthey
therein and adapting it when removed from the
will accept her as» their queen. The described
outer receptacle to be embedded within a surface
construction of the receptacle. 2 secures these
of. a hive comb and closed thereby, and saidl inner
it, as is necessary with. cages made of. Wood or
metal, -‘and at the same time While the bees are
desirable advantages.
From the foregoing description, taken in con
nection with the drawing, the construction, mode
of use and advantages of my improvedY shipping
cage will be readily understood. withoutV a further
receptacle being formed as a whole of a dis
integrable material adaptedtobe readily gnawed
away by bees confined between the same and the
5'.. A bee shipping cage comprising an oblong
and extended description. While the construc
rectangular inner receptacle open at oneffsj‘i'de and
tion disclosed is preferred, it is to beunderstood 50 having food holding means therein and being
that such construction is merely exempliñcative
formed of a materialI readily di'sintegrablfe by the
and th’at changes in the form, proportion and
v gnawing action of bees, and anY oblong rectangu
arrangement of the. partsx falling within the scope
lar outer receptacle of. greater length than. the
of thefappended claims, may be made without
inner receptacle and open at each end, said outer
departing from> the spirit or sacriñcing any of 55 receptacle being adapted to hold frictionally the
the.r advantages of the invention.
inner receptacle conñned therein and from dis
Having thus described my invention,1 claim:
placement therefromv and being provided in one
1. A bee shipping cage comprising an` inner
oi its Walls. with a bee insertion. opening adapted
by sliding motionA of the inner receptacle to be
receptacle open at onev side and- an outer re-Y
moved into and outV of. register with. the open side
ceptacle open at each». end: and adapted to close
of the inner receptacle.
the open> side of the inner receptacle when the
latter is; fitted therein, said. outer receptacle be.
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