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Filed sept. 2,'_1943
2 sheets-sheet 1
July 9, 1946.
v2,403.3;51 .
Filed sept. 2, 1945
2 sheets-sheet g
e /?fßawso/z
Patented July 9, 1946
Elmhurst, Ill., assignors to Wilson-Jones Com
pany, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Massachu
Application September 2, `1943, Serial No. 500,878
(cl. 12s-_24)
3 Claims.
project outside the planes of the longitudinal
edges of the toggle plates 9. Ring sections I9 are
secured in each ring carrying plate in any suit
This invention relates to a ring binder and
more particularly to the means for securing the
ring sections to wooden ribs.
It is an object of this invention to provide a '
able manner.
ring binder with wooden ribs and steel ring sec
Each ring carrying plate`I6` is provided with a
tions secured to said ribs in an inexpensive man
ner. Other objects of this invention will become
finger 20 which projects over the edge of the op
apparent upon lreading the following descrip
plate is provided with a. corner notch 2I to provide
dearance for the projecting finger 0f the oppo
positely disposed toggle plate. The ring carrying
tion, taken in conjunction with the accompany
ing drawings, in which:
sitely disposed prong carrying plate.
Figure 1 is a fragmentary top elevation of a
When the toggle plates 9 are arranged in side
loose leaf binder embodying the invention with
parts broken away to more clearly illustrate the
by side relationship with their outer longitudinal
edges embraced by the edges I 0 and II of the
cover plate 5A and the ring sections are moved to
Figure 2 is an end View showing the rings in 15 open position the cover plate restricts the move
closed position;
ment of the toggle platesr and maintains them in
Figure 3 is a perspective view of one rib plate
proper Working relationship. When the ring sec
or toggle member;
tions I9 are moved from open to closed position,
Figure 4 is a perspective view of the ring car
rying plate with ring> section secured thereto be
ing shown in dotted lines; and
Figure 5 is a fragmentary perspective view
`showing .the ring carrying plate secured to the
toggle plate.
In the drawings, the reference numeral 2 in
the interlocking fingers 20 engage the edge of
20 the oppositely disposed toggle plate in the spaces
provided by the recesses 2| to prevent relative
displacement of the rinner edges ofthe toggle
plates. The interlocking fingers maintain rthe
side by side relationship between the toggle plates
25 during‘the entire motion from one position ofV
dicates a back member to which cover members
3 and 4 are hinged in any suitable' manner. A
cover plate 5 is secured to the back member by
means of a plurality of rivets 6. The cover plate
is countersunk as indicated at 1, and the back .30
member is countersunk,'as indicated at 8, to pre
vent the rivets from projecting beyond the top of
Lthe rings to the other. Each ñnger 20 acts as a
stop member to prevent the inner edge of its
toggle plate from slipping downwardly by its en
gagement with the opposite toggle plate, and pre
’vents the inner edge of the opposite toggle plate
from slipping upwardly by the same engagement.
Although we have described a preferred em
the cover plate or the bottom of the back mem
bodiment of our invention in detail, it will be
understood that the description thereof is illus
A pair of wooden ribs or toggle plates 9 are ar 35 trative, rather than restrictive, as many details
ranged in side by side relationship in the cover
may be modified or changed without departing
member 5 with the downturned edges I0 and II
from the spirit or scope of our invention. Ac
ofthe cover plate embracing the outside longi
cordingly, we do not desire to be restricted to the
tudinal edges of the toggle plates. The toggle
plates are strengthened by means of a longitudi 40 exact construction described, except as limited
by the» appended claims.
' nal rib I2 which is integral with each toggle plate.
We claim:
The reinforcement rib I2 is disposed approxi
1. In a loose leaf binder, a pair of toggle plates,
mately centrally of the toggle plate 9. 'I‘he toggle
and a plurality of individual ring carrying plates
plate 9 is provided with a plurality of recesses
each secured to one of said toggle plates, each of
I3 to provide clearance apertures for the rivets
said ring carrying plates having a linger engaging
or eyelets G.
said other toggle plate to restrain the downward
The longitudinal edges of each toggle plate 9
vertical movement of said toggle plates.
are notched to provide -recesses I4 and I5. A
2. In a loose leaf binder, a cover plate, a pair
plurality of individual ring carrying plates I6 are i
secured to each toggle plate 9 by means of a fin 50 of‘non-metallic toggle plates arranged in side by
side'relationship in saidcover plate, a plurality
ger I1 embracing one edges of the toggle plate 9
and a pair of fingers I8Y embracing the opposite
longitudinal edge of the toggle plate. The fin
of metallic plates secured to each of said toggle
plates, a ring section secured to each ofsaid me
tallic plates, and an integral linger on each of
gers Il and I8 are disposed within the coniines
of the notches I4 and I5 so that none of them 55 said _metallic plates, said fingers engaging said
toggle plates to restrain the downward vertical
movement of said toggle plates.
tionship, said ring carrying plates each having
an integral ñnger projecting over the toggle plate
to which the opposed ring carrying plate is se
cured whereby said toggle plates are ~interlocked
of non-metallic toggle plates arranged in side by
side relationship in said cover plate, and a plu 5 in Said cover plate.
3. In a loose leaf binder, a cover plate, a pair
rality of pairs of ring carrying plates secured to
said toggle plates -ín transversely aligned Irela
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