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July 9, 1,946.
Filëu April s, 1941
Patented July 9, `l94ï6Y
PATENT --oI-‘Flpcrspi-i
Graves, Yonkers, N. Y., assîgnor to The
>Standard _ Stoker company,` Incorporated, New
. Y' f fYói’ljiQlfIrzÍY.; acorporation of Delaware
- Applieationnprils,1941,seria1NQ.ss7.455 ¿
ivv 5 claires., (cries-its) ~
wardly beneath Athe ñreboxbackwall 5D into the
1 'My invention relates to furnace grates for
lower portion of the iirebox below the level of
thegrate 53. ~An elbow shaped-upturned conduit
v steam boiler’furnaces and particularly toV that
type of grate in which removable grate sections
are provided.
An object of my invention is to provide a novel l,
and advantageous. grate supporting construction
, 55 communicatesnrwith the'forward end of the
conduit 54 and’extends forwardly yand upwardly '
to aípoint above theV level‘of thegrate 53 and
adjacentv the ñrebox vfronti-wall l5 l . ,. Suitable con
and arrangementfor'a furnace fired by a Stoker `
of the type in Which the fuel conduit for at least
a portion of its length extends longitudinally of
the furnace beneath the furnace grate. More
veying mechanism, well knownin the art, carries
the coal 'forwardly from theftender (not shown)
speciñcrally the invention contemplates the pro
vision of a combined stoker conduit and grate
to the conduit 54, through which conduit the
coal is advanced by a screw conveyor 56. The
coal is forced through the conduit 55 and upon
`emerging from the discharge end thereof is pro
bearer bar in a stoker fired furnace of` the type
just described. Still more specifically the inven 15 jected rearwardly across >the firing table 58 onto
the grate 53, by suitable means, as by a blast of
tion contemplates the'provision of a combined
Stoker conduit and grate bearer bar frame with , nuid under pressure issuing from a jet head 51
disposed‘ at the upper forward end of the con
removable grate trunnion bearing units.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
The stoker conduitf54 is provided Awith a super
y, residing in the construction, combination and ar
5,9v including a longitudinally extend
rangement of parts, will be apparent, to those
ing horizontal plate 60 spaced above the conduit
familiar with the art, from the following de
54 and joined with the .conduit proper bya plu- Y
scription when read in connection with >the, ac
companying drawing, in which
rality ofV spaced transversely extending webs 6I.
other pair of webs 6l are joined by a pair
Fig. 1 is longitudinal vertical central section 25 Every
of laterally spaced longitudinally extending Webs
through a locomotive i'lrebox, in which the cen
62` that also join the plate 60 withv the conduit
ter grate bearer bar is formed as a part of a
Stoker conduit; the Stoker and center grate bearer
bar being shown in elevation Withrparts broken
away and shown in section;
Fig. 2 is a sectional `view taken on the line
2-2 of Fig. 1 with the grate trunnion removed.
Fig. 3 is a sectional view Ltaken on the line
3-3 of Fig. 1;.and
The plate 60 is provided throughout its length
with aplurality of equally spaced longitudinally
elongated slots> 63'opening into the pockets 64
formed by the transverse and longitudinal webs
6I >and 62.` Trunnion bearing units 65 are pro
videdY on theirfunder sides with the depending
Fig. 4 is a sectional View taken on the line 4-4 35 'longitudinally elongated tongues 66 which are
. .arranged to be received in the pockets 64 when
the trunnion bearing units 65 are seated on the
The invention has been shown V'and describedl '
plate _60. The walls 6|, 62 of the pockets 64 pre- `
as applied to a locomotive ñrebox but it will be
apparent to those familiar to the art, that the
vent any substantial longitudinal,` lateral and
rotational movement of the trunnion bearing
novel grate -bearer bar ’construction is " equally 40
65. , The trunnion bearing units 65 are pro
applicable to various types of marine fireboxes
and other boiler ñreboxes;
In the drawing, a locomotive ñrebox of conven
tional form is designated by the’numeral 49 and
:vided in their upper surfacefwith thelaterallyy
Yextending recessed bearings 61 in which are jour
rnaled* the grate trunnions 68.
ìThe elbow-shaped conduit 55, Which is sup#
it is defined by the hollow rear >wall 5D, the hollow 45
by a bracket Y ’
front wall 5I, hollow side walls (not shown), and _ ported from the boiler, mud ring~63
16, is 'provided on each side with'a plurality of
the grate 53. The gratev53 comprises a plurality
laterally extending Webs 1I. To the outer ends of
of grate sections, indicated by the numerals 48
in Figure 4, provided with grate trunnions 68,; ' vthe Webs 1l are secured, in any suitable manner,
longitudinally extending plates 12, to which in
permitting rocking movement of the-grate sec
turn longitudinally extending brackets 13 are suit
tions 48 by suitable means, not shown. A Stoker,
ably secured. The brackets 13 are arranged with
representedgenerally by the numeral 52, delivers
the plates Y'l2 to form longitudinally extending
fuel to the ñrebox and scatters it over the»y
grooves innwhich the tongues 14 of the trunnion
grate 53.
The Stoker includes a conduit 54 Vextending for
bearing units 15 are received. The trunnion bear
ing units 15 are similar to the units 65 split in
half vertically along theirv longitudinal center
lines, as best shown in Fig. 4. Recessed bearings
‘I6 in the trunnion bearing units "I5 are arranged
to receive the grate trunnions 68.
A protecting grate 18 embraces the upper end
of the conduit 55 and is seated on the plates 12.
3. The combination rin a ñrebox, of a stoker
conduit extending longitudinally thereof, a longi
tudinally extending horizontal plate spaced above
and formed With said conduit, said plate being
formed with a plurality of slots spaced lengthwise
of said plate, and separable grate trunnion bear
ing members having depending tongues arranged
The protecting grate ‘I8 may be of any desirable
to be received in said slots upon seating said bear
form and provides protection for the conduit 55
ing members on said plate.-y
from the intense heat of the ñrebox. The remov-VV 10. 4. The combination in a ñrebox, of an integral
able trunnion bearing units 55 and 'l5 are prefer
Vcast steel stoker conduit and grate bearer bar
ably made of cast iron, while the stoker conduit is
frame extending longitudinally of the firebox and
preferably made of steel.
a plurality of separable cast iron grate trunnion
I claim:
Abearing members supported on said frame.
l. As a new article of manufacture, a-cornbined> 15
l5. kThe >combination in a ñrebox, of a stoker
stoker conduit» and grate bearer bar 'frame com
prising in an integral structure a tubular stoker
conduit, a plate spaced from and extending
lengthwise of said stoker conduit and ribs con
conduit extending longitudinally thereof, a longi
tudinally extending horizontal plate spaced above
and `formed Withsaid conduit, said plate being
formed with a plurality .of slots spaced lengthwise
necting said `plate and stoker conduit, said plate 20 of said plate, and separable grater trunnion bear
ing ‘members having depending tongues arranged
being formed with a plurality of Vslots spaced
lengthwise of said plate.
to be received in said slots upon seating said bear
ing members on said plate, each of said bearing
conduit extending longitudinally thereof, a longi
members being provided in its upper surface with
tudinally extending horizontal plate spaced above 25 a transversely extending recess adapted to receive
and formed with said conduit, and a plurality of
a grate bar trunnion.
2. The combination in a ñrebox, of a stoker
separable grate trunnion bearing members ysup
ported on said plate, said members being disposed
in end to end abutting relation.'
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