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July 9, 1946.
Filed Sept. 25, 1942
E57 35——ii
33in“ 45
MI ‘5334'“ W54- 4436/“ il 46
24 .
)d 64;’-I 66
7,/ In; 75 gm 75%|“ {0
ém - 26.
Elf/.70 L5/77/7/
Patented July 9, 1946
Uno Lamm, Ludvlka, Sweden, asslgnor to
Allm?nna Svcnska Elektriska Aktiebolaget,
Yasteras, Sweden, a Swedish corporation
Application September 23, 1942, Serial No. 459,421
In Sweden October 13, 1941
3 Claims. ( Cl. 175-363)
The present invention relates to a device for
in?uencing a current in dependence on another
current, for the purpose of regulation or the
‘ like, by means of a direct current saturated in
ductance having an independent control magneti
saticn and a self-magnetisation by a direct cur
rent traversing the alternating current windings.
ty as the alternating current source unnecessary.
When the recti?er cells are connected as shown,
it is only necessary to supply to each inductance
element an additional magneto-motive force of
the same relative order of magnitude as the mag
netizing current of a transformer as compared
with the load current, attention being also paid
According to the invention, a recti?er element is
to the reverse current in the recti?er cells. Such
connected between each alternating current ter
an additional magnetomotive force may be sup
minal and each direct current terminal of the l0 plied by an additional winding I5, l6, l1, 18 on
main winding in series with a winding element
each inductance element, which windings are
thereof for producing the self-magnetisation.
connected in series between a pair of direct cur
Five different forms of the invention are illus
rent terminals 99. The current through these
trated in Figs. 1-5 of the accompanying draw
windings can be independently controlled. for
ing which show diagrams of connections.
15 instance by an automatic regulator, and de?nes
Fig. 1 shows a diagram of a direct current
the current through the load I0.
saturated inductance fed by a single phase alter
Fig. 2 shows an example of the invention ap
nating current. It consists of four winding ele
plied to a three-phase connection. The induc
ments 5, 2, 3, 4 connected in tetragon, the ele
tance elements are here designated by 2 l—28, the
ments of two opposite sides of which may be
recti?er cells connected in series therewith by
wound on common iron cores. Thus, the ele
ments l and 3 may be wound on one core and
2 and [ii on another.
In each side of the tetragon, there is further
connected a recti?er cell 5, 6, ‘l, 8 respectively in
such manner as to form the so-called Graetz
connection which is well-known per se. Two cor
ill-36, and the windings carrying the inde
pendent controlling current by “~46. The load
influenced by the controlled direct current is
designated by 50. Further, this ?gure shows an
additional load in the shape of delta connected
inductances 5|, 53, 55 and 52, 54, 56, the ter
minals of which are connected between the in
hers l2, it of the tetragon are connected to the
ductance elements 2|—26 and the recti?er ele
terminals 9 of an alternating current source,
ments 3l—-36, thus in parallel to the direct cur
while the two remaining corners ll , i3 form the 30 rent load, although on the alternating current
direct current terminals, between which a load
side. If, for instance, the direct current 102 5.
ill, such as a coil of a regulator or a storage
consists of a storage battery and this becomes
battery, may be connected. The direct current
fully charged, no further current should be sup
terminals are thus equipotential to the funda
plied thereto. If, however, the load on the in
mental wave of the alternating current.
ductance elements sinks entirely down to zero,
If the recti?er cells 5-8 were omitted and the
the said elements lose their property to absorb
load ill replaced by a direct current source which
a voltage, as the load current does not amount
furnished a current in the same direction as that
to the value of the magnetizing current. The
permitted by the recti?ers, a common spare
consequence is that the voltage impressed on the
connected single phase direct current saturated 40 battery may rise too much. By the additional
inductance would be obtained. The alternating
current through each inductance element would
practically follow the direct current as regards
value and curve shape, only half waves of the
load, this possibility is eliminated, and as the
said load is connected on the alternating cur
rent side, the power absorbed thereby will be
practically only a reactive one.
45 - The number of inductances for the additional
mitted, while the oppositely directed half waves
load may be reduced to three if one of them is
would be reduced to very low current values by
connected with one terminal between 2| and 3|
same direction as the direct current being ad
the inductance elements. Practically, the alter
and with the other terminal between 24 and 34
nating current in each element would thus be
and the remaining ones in a corresponding way.
transformed into a pulsating direct current. In 50 As these points are not equipotential for the
this respect, no substantial difference is caused
direct current, blocking condensers should then
by the introduction of the recti?er cells 5-8 which
be connected in series with the load inductances,
only admit pulsating direct currents. The e?ect
said condensers having a lower impedance than
of these cells is to make the use of a separate
the inductances at the frequency of the alter
direct current source of the same current capaci 55 nating current.
It may sometimes be desirable to increase or
reduce the seli-magnetisation as compared with
that obtained by the connections shown in Pix.
1 or 2. Some examples of connections for this
purpose are shown in Figs. 3-5.
Fit. 3 shows a single phase direct current satu
rated inductance of the same type as in Fig. 1,
but with an increased seli-magnetisation, which
may serve to increase the sensitivity or the in
ductance tor the independent control magne
tisation or even make it unstable so as to make
the traversing alternating current vary suddenly
between low and high values. The numerals
l-H designate corresponding members in Fig. 3
and in Fig. 1, while the independent magnetizing
windings are omitted in Fig. 3 for the purpose or
simpli?cation. On 'each core, between a direct
current terminal and the direct current load, a
nating current source, counted from the-direct
current saturated inductance. Separate recti?ers
may be connected between this load and the al
ternating current source.
The connection described may also be simpli
?ed in. such manner that recti?er elements ‘are
connected in series only with the inductance ele
ments lying between the alternating current ter
minals and one of vthe direct current terminals,
while only inductance elements without any rec
ti?er elements lie between the alternating cur
rent terminals and the other direct current ter
minals. Thus for instance, the recti?er elements
32, 34, and 36 in Fig. 2 may be omitted. The ac
tion of the self-magnetisation will. however, in
this case be inferior to that obtained by the con
nections illustrated.
I claim as my invention:
winding II, II respectively is mounted for sup
1. Means for in?uencing a load current in de
PliTlnI the additional self-magnetisation.
20 pendence on a controlling direct current com
Fig. 4 shows a three-phase connection corre
prising a number or iron cores, windings thereon
sponding to Fig. 3. The numerals 2l-26, ll-Jt
and Ill designate corresponding members in Figs.
ings on said cores traversed by said load current
traversed by the controlling current, other wind
4 and 2. The means for supplying the control
connected to terminals of an alternating cur
magnetisation and for the additional load may 25 rent source and interconnected to form direct
be the same in Fig. 4 as in Fig. 2 but have been
current terminals equipotential to the fundamen
omitted to simplify the ?gure. As there are six
tal wave of the alternating current, a recti?er
separate magnet cores in Fig, 4, three windings
element connected between each direct current
II, II, II and 62, 84, 68, respectively, are con
terminal and each alternating current terminal
nected in series between each direct current ter 30 in series with one of said interconnected wind
minal and the load it. The manner of opera
ings, and a winding on each or said cores trav
tion will be analogous to that oi’ Fig. 3.
ersed by the recti?ed load current.
It. in a single-phase connection, the self-mag
2. Means for in?uencing a polyphase load cur
netisation shall be reduced instead of increased,
rent in dependence on a controlling direct cur
Fig. 3 may be modi?ed in such manner that the 35 rent comprising a number of individual iron cores
recti?er elements are placed at the direct cur
equal to twice the phase number, windings there
rent terminals instead of at the alternating cur
on traversed by the controlling current, other
rent terminals and the winding is extended be
windings on said cores traversed by said load cur
yond the latter ones so that the extensions are
rent connected to terminals of a polyphase alter
not traversed by the direct current. An example 40 nating current source and interconnected to form
of ‘a three-phase connection for the same pur
direct current terminals equipotential to the fun
pose is shown in Fig. 5. Each core in this ?gure
damental waves of the polyphase current, a rec
carries an additional alternating current wind
tiiler element connected between at least one 0!
ing ‘II-‘l8 which is series-connected with the
said direct current terminals and each alternat
ordinary winding ‘II-26, the current source
ing current terminal in series with one of said
"-49 preferably being connected between the
interconnected windings, additional turns on
outer terminals of the windings. Between the
each of said cores traversed by- the recti?ed cur
two neutral points of the windings “~16, there
rent, and a load element connected in series with
is connected a direct current source 80 furnishing
said interconnected windings.
the independent control magnetisation. Thus in 50
3. Means for in?uencing a polyphase load cur-,
this case, a separate winding for this purpose,
rent in dependence on a controlling direct cur
corresponding to the windings “~46 in Fig. 2,
can be dispensed with. In view of the fact that
the windings ‘IL-16 have no recti?er elements,
the self-magnetizing direct current ampereturns
rent comprising a number of individual iron cores
equal to twice the phase number, windings there
on traversed by the controlling current, other
windings on said cores traversed by said load cur
will be essentially less than the alternating cur
rent connected to terminals of a polyphase alter
rent ampereturns, which in some cases may be
nating current source and interconnected to form
desirable for obtaining a more stable regulation
direct current terminals equipotential to the fun
than with a hundred percent self-magnetisa
damental wave of the polyphase current, a rec
tion. Additional load inductances of the same 60 ti?er element connected between at least one of
time as the inductances 5l—-56 may of course be
said direct current terminals and each alternat
introduced also in the connection according to
ing current terminal in seriesv with one of said
P18. 5.
interconnected windings, a load element con—
Instead oi’ connecting a load between the di
nected between said direct current terminals, and
rect current terminals as illustrated, the latter
inductive. load elements connected in series with
may be directly short-circuited, possibly through
a smoothening reactor, and a load may be con
nected in circuit on‘ the other side oi the alter
said interconnected windings.
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