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jy Hy 3%’
w. F. ALLEN" D
Filed June 13, 1945
T -
Patented July 16, 1946
Willis Fay Aller, Dayton, Ohio, assignor to The
Sheffield Corporation, Dayton, Ohio, a corpora
' ~
tion ,of-Ohio
' Application June 13, 1945, Serial No. 599,202
3 Claims. (Cl. 73-40)
1 This invention relates‘ to gauging devices, and
more particularly to gauging devices for measur
ing a small leakage ?ow of air or other ?uid at a
part being checked.
' '
of leakage that takes place between the ?tting
surfaces. Such a workpiece has been illustrated
in the ?gure, as indicated at H). As shown, the
workpiece I0 has a lower surface H intended to
inter?t with the upper surface [2 of a piece 13
a gauging device having a ?ow measuring mem
that may form a part of the workpiece or form
ber that measures the rate of ?uid,?ow from a
an attachment used in conjunction with the
supply source, the measuring member having a
work connection member l4.
connection to a leakage ori?ce that provides suf
UThe work connection member I4 preferably
?cient leakage of the ?uidto' give a desired 'indi 10 has an inserted rubber pad l5, so that the at
cation‘ or reading on the measuring member,-_ the
tachment l3 can merely-rest on this pad with no
outlet‘ of the measuring member being also con
leakage ?ow of ?uid taking place between the
nected to a work connection member so that the
lower side of the attachment l3 and the pad.
rate of - leakage at the part will be shown by
The joint between the upper surface l2 of the
One object of the invention is the provision of
the indication on the indicating member.
15 attachment l3 and the lower side of the work
Another object is the provision of a gauging
piece IO, if there is a perfect inter?t, will not
device for measuring ?uid leakage and embody
afford any leakage ?ow through this joint. How
ing atube of tapering cross-sectional area with a
ever, if the surfaces do not inter?t perfectly and
?oatloperable ‘alonglthe tube in accordance with
there is a small leakage ?ow when air or other
the rate of ?ow of ?uid through the tube, the 20 suitable ?uid under pressure is supplied to the
outlet of the tube having a connection to a leak
space l6 at the workpiece, the ?uid supplied to
age ori?ce and a connection to a work. connec
tion'member which is adapted for connection to
a workpiece for checking leakage at the work
.Another object ‘is the provision of a gauge of
the character mentioned, in'which the leakage
that space will leak out through the crevices.
In accordance with this invention, the presence
of such a leakage and the rate of leakage ?ow
25 is readily determined .even though the amount of
flow is exceedingly small.
The work connection member [4 has a cham
ori?ce that provides an indication of the rate of
ber I‘! that supplies ?uid to the workpiece. A
flow measuring device is readily adjustable so
pipe I 8 connects the work connection member to
thatithe indication'given, when there is no leak 30 a valve l9 having an outlet ori?ce 20 leading to'
age ?ow. through the part itself, is at a suitable
the atmosphere and having a valve member 2i,
point in the range of operation of'the measuring
such as an adjustable needle which can be turned
by the thumb screw 22 to close the leakage ori
Other objects and advantages of the invention
?ce entirely or to open the leakage ori?ce to any
will be apparent from the following description,
desired extent. The valve I9 is supplied with
the appended claims, and the accompanying
air under pressure by a ?exible tube 23 leading
from the upper end of a vertical transparent
In the drawing the ?gure shows a measuring or
tube 24 of substantial length, and of gradually
gauging device embodying the present invention.
increasing cross-sectional area in the inside of
Referring more particularly to the drawing, in 40 this tube, which has its smaller end at the bot
which the variousfpgr'ts' are identi?ed by refer
tom'and its larger end at the top, as shown.‘ The
ence numerals, the invention is herein illustrated
lower end of this tube is connected to a supply
as a gauging device for measuring the leakage at
pipe 25 which leads from a pressure regulating
or through a workpiece. The workpiece itself
valve 26 having an adjustable pressure regulat
may take many forms. It may be a pump, for 45 ing handle 21. Air under pressure is supplied to
example, where it is desired to ?nd how much
the Valve through a supply connection 28 which
leakage takes place past the pump impeller, and
extends to the factory air supply line or to any
in such case the pump inlet or outlet is placed
other suitable source of air pressure.
in. communication with a chamber 0n the work
Within the tube 24 is a light measuring mem
connection member. It may be a part to be sized 50 ber or float 30, the diameter of which is very
under low air pressure by a gauging nozzle on a
slightly less than the inside diameter of the lower
work engaging member. The workpiece to be
end of the tube 24. When a ?ow of air takes
checked may have a ?at surface or an irregular
place through the tube, the ?oat is raised by the
surface placed on or inter?tting with another
air flow until the space between the ?oat and
surface, Where it is desired to check the amount 55 the walls of the tube is sufficient to hold the ?oat
drawing. »-
constitutes a preferred embodiment of the inven
stationary in an elevated position—for example,
in the position shown in the ?gure. As the clear
ance between the ?oat and the tube is small, and
tion, it islto be understood that the invention
is not limited to this precise form of apparatus,
and that changes may be made therein without
the weight of the ?oat is small, a very small
departing from the scope of the invention which
is de?ned in the appended claims.
amount of air flow is sufficient to elevate the ?oat
in the tube.
What is claimed is:
In measuring the rate of leakage through a
part or along a wall of a part to be checked, be
1. A gauging device for measuring ?uid leak- ‘
age Comprising a tube of tapering cross sec
fore the part is placed on the work connection
member, air is supplied to the measuring tube 10 tional area, means supporting said tube in sub
at a few pounds or a few ounces per square inch . stantially vertical position with the end of
smaller area at the bottom, a pressure control
pressure depending upon the particular require
means for supplying ?uid under pressure to the
ments of the part to be checked, and maintained
lower-end of the tube, a gravity actuated ?oat
at a constant value by the operation 'of‘the pres
operable along the tube by a ?ow of ?uid through
sure regulating valve. The outlet of the cham
the tube, means providing a leakage ori?ce in
ber I1 is blocked off, as by covering that outlet
communication with the upper end of the tube
with a ?at workpiece or by holding the outlet
to provide a continuous leakage ?ow such as to
hole closed by hand, and needle valve 2| is ad
cause elevation of the ?oat, and a work con
ori?ce 20 to the atmosphere to cause the ?oat 20 nection member having ‘a chamber communicat
ing with the upper end of the tube and adapted
30 to move up to some suitable position between
for communication with a workpiece for testing
the upper and lower ends of the tube 24. Its
justed to provide su?icient leakage through the
leakage ?ow at the workpiece.
position along the tube is noted by observing the
2. A gauging device for measuring ?uid leak
readings of the scale 3! alongside the tube. The
workpiece is then placed in position on the work 25 age comprising a tube of tapering cross sectional
area, means supporting said tube in substan
connection member and the position of the ?oat
tially vertical, position with the end of smaller
30 with respect to the scale 31 is then noted. If
area at the bottom, a pressure control means for
its position is the same as it was at the start
supplying ?uid under constant pressure to the
of the operation, it will be clear that no leakage
at all has taken place through or along the 30 lower end of the tube, a gravity actuated ?oat
operable along the tube, means-providing a con
part being checked. If the ?oat has moved up
trollable leakage ori?ce in communication with
wardly to some new position, it shows the
the upper end of the tube and having a readily
amount of leakage that takes place past the part.
adjustable means to vary the leakage through
The scale can be calibrated so that the readings
directly give the amount of leakage taking place 35 such ori?ce, means for adjusting the pressure of
the ?uid supplied to said tube, and a work con
through the part. In comparing a part to a
nection memberhaving a chamber in free com
master having a permissible amount of leakage,
munication with the upper end of said tube and
the master is ?rst placed in position on the work
adapted for connection to a workpiece for check
connection member after having ?rst adjusted
the needle valve so that the ?ow through the 40 ing leakage at the workpiece.
3. A gauging device for measuring the rate
ori?ce 2|] alone raises the ?oat to some suitable
of leakage of a part to be gauged comprising a
indicating position. With the master in place,
tube of tapered cross sectional area, means sup
the reading on the scale 3| is noted. The master
is then removed and the work pieces to'be checked
are then successively applied to the work con
porting said tube in substantially vertical posi
45 tion with the end of smaller area at the bottom,
an adjustable pressure regulating valve for sup
plying air under pressure to the lower end of the
nection member, and after each piece is placed
in position, the height of the ?oat is noted to
tube, a gravity actuated ?oat operable along the
tube, a leakage valve in communication with
permissible limits.
It will be apparent that if the leakage ori?ce 60 the upper end of the tube and having an adjust
see if it falls even with, or below, the maximum
able valve member and a valve ori?ce leading to
the atmosphere, a connection from the discharge
side of said valve, and a work connection mem
20 were not employed, there could be a very
substantial amount ‘of leakage taking place
through or past the part on the Work connec
tion member without moving the ?oat from its
her‘ in communication with said connectiomsaid
lower normal position in the tube. In accord 55 member having a yielding pad in which the
workpiece can be applied and having a pressure
ance with the present invention, however, this
chamber adapted for communication with the
objection is entirely overcome and an accurate
workpiece whereby the leakage along the work
and reliable reading is obtained even though the
piece will be indicated'by said ?oat.
leakage flow through the ‘part is exceedingly
While the form of apparatus herein described
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