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Juìy 16, 1946.
Fired Jan. 7, 1944
" ¿M
Patented July 16, 1946
Albert-1:. D:Be1anger,~n1ton~,- 111; _
Application .lanuary.f7, 1944.1SerialfNorñlüßlâ l
3 jClaims... (Cl. 229-27)
Il to-„partially divide .the container:
into-sectionso-fthe sizeand-.shape desired for‘in».
This». invention. relates- .toacontainersf ofca >type al
suitable for. the . .preparation fand .handling loiî- _ a»
product, .and it .has .forzitsffobject the
aaneW andimproveduiorm andfarrangement of`
such. containen, whereby the .productmayvv be
readily preparedto advantage V“for-.fdisplay Onsale;
and. wherebyv such productY may «.befeasilyrdivided
into portions .for-»sale orrserVi-ng. It is one'of the
dividual handling.V In.connection-with.containers..
of` this »type, thefobjßcts of thefinvenf- L1. tion»to~ formthe comer-.tabs so 'as -to be openffat.
the. outer` faceof» the container forwenablinga'.:
cuttingîbladeto be- inserted .and held» in: position- \
for a-fcuttingvoperation,~.the paperor other sheetr
material "from . which.. the` container is made :being-_
objects; of .my invention» .to provide> an-~ improved
F.preferably weakened at the inneredgesrof-,thea'
form. of . containerior .use as». a'> mold forv forming*
andA handling .> suc:h~.products` as -Y Jello,` cheese;
inwardly projecting;` tabsáorfeXped-iting¿the.sepa-. »
ration. of ,thecontainer .anditscontents into secr >
candy or,ice.cream,.or. .other products Yadapted to‘V
hardenintocondition for handlingì or for'haking,r
It.` is .another object of.. my-invention to. im-z
0r otherwise cooking pies, cakes, custards,„meat-
¿provercontainers` or’.` this ztype.- in:- sundrvdetai-ls>>
loaves or the like.
hereinafter.pointed-_outr4 Thepreferredmeansby
For.. carrying. outmy objects». I ;have«~provided
containers .formed onpaper,- metal, glass; or other“
to -correspond .to_the.
of Vproduct
he Ashape
baked: ,
or handled; and..` to. correspond ~_to. theesize vof~ :pore ..
which I have accomplished my several objectsareillustrated.. in’- the:` accompanyingT` drawing-1.u in
tion.„norma1lyf_ desired..;for-` service. >or fsalee. The:
Fig.. 2.»is aside. face -,view.. of the-.bodyfof„the:-~
preferred.. form - of .. container. for» baking-j pies; .
for.. example. is. either. «hexagonalï .or„.
shape.. with. straight..` or... substantially- straight`
sides... so. .as tof. have-clearly»> deiinedffcorners :loc-ab
tween the. sides.,whereby`r therefare «indications bye--A
reference .to..which. ..a.,pie . baked: .inf .the»».»
Figal is: antop -plan View.. of. my. improved lconp-4 ~tainer.
container. „with » aholdirngnloandv and a.. cover»
member. shown insection thereon'.` .
Eig; l3l is.î a..»vertica1~A sectional .,view.. taken. >suh- -' sta-ntially~ onîthe line 3T3-.oi Fig. l..
Fig.- 4 is . a.-.face viewof .the blank» from. which
the body`- of .thee container as .shownin Fig... l lis..
can „very „. readily.. .be . out inte. six or eight portions f
of similar- size ' and shape, by: s'i-mplygcutting; from -»
Fig.> 5.,»is .a face» .view .ot .the` blank» » from.. which..
corner .to corner.of...the container... In- .containers - 30
thecover.memberistformed .
for. other. . uses..A th e.. arrangement-a variesinffV ac
Fig. „6. isa .viewsimil'ar Eto Eig; ..1 .hut .showing«_!a..A
cordancewiththe requirements?. A container for ‘
cheese >onfonmeat loaf», for exampleçfmightï-have;
Inodiñed form of container.. .
indications.. by . refer-ence,? toa.- which-„a` salesman .
.container Vwith .a. pie .therein-_.broken.. away atene
sid.e..-por.tion; and..
Fig..7 is actopdace .viewotamodiñed.formpf
could cut the'. producttreadily .into portions iof:` ap,-A
proximately a.. pound. each, andn the :indications >irr
connection »with> a-.container for» ice foreamrmight'
be arranged for enablingithe- salesman.tocutthefvA
product .readily .into-.approximately pint .or` quart
Fig. 8. is - a. vertical .sectional . View.. .taken sub
stantiallygat. thelineefA 8?-8 ofgl'l‘ig. .7.- .
Referringnowto Figs.;5..of theîdrawing.,
.inwhich .corresponding partsareindicatedby the »
portions.. In .any `case, object .of Ithe =in'-- 40 same reference characters, .I5 @indicates .,a». blank. .
Vention to. provide. a` ‘.- container v with indications;V
made of fairly. stifiheavyipaperor.paste hoard..
having` an.- equiangular.. ,equilateral Acentral._hex-.
adapted. to.l expedite. Vthe -:division _ofv the product”.
in .the container .into- the „particular kind and; sizel «
of..port-ions.desirediorthatproduct. .
ItfisïonerofV thefobjects .of theeinvention »to pro
videa container ior-rned.,.of-.paper; or. otheiasheet..v
material. adaptedto cut.easily soas .to enable it"
agonal panel port-ioni 'a`,`.six. side walllportionsl 1,.,
« `andsix .pairsoi corner-„tab portions. l8,„a11. as inl.
to. .be dividedreadily ; into. sections' Zalong clearly -.
indicated: lines., the.î sheet , material .. of « the con- «
dicatedby ,dotted linesin Eig'..4. .. When .the .blank .
l5..fis.,to. be folded .into box form,. the- sidewall.
portions „I 1 areiolded. _1.1pward1y,. causing thecor»
ner, tab..portions tuckedinwardly as.
tainer beingr in ;- some fcases.. weakened». along the;V 50.
lines of division by scoredz-lines ordines iofperf»
foratiunsîso 4asito ¿expedite-fthe: separation of the
container into its unit parts.
It is another object of the invention to provide
inwardly projecting tabs at the corners of the 55
in l5"ig-...1.‘U For holdingthefpartsún such
folded` p_osition,.,a.~band Y_I Gris-provided, extending-`
about Vthe bodvofï topreVent „.
the side portions»1 l1 from:turning-downwardly:
and outwardly.
In this arrangement, the corner tab portions
extend inwardly directly toward the center of the
container sonas partially to divide the container
into similar and equal compartments or sections.
Each of the corner tab arrangements provides in
elïect a blind opening into the container, open
outwardly at the face of the container so as to
permit a cutting blade readily to be inserted for
dividing the container into sections. For expe
diting the separation of the container into its
several sections, the panel portion I 6 is weakened
by lines of perforations 20 from corner to corner
the containerl serving to indicate the division of
the container into sections and the division of the
pie into portions of the usual conventional shape.
In the arrangement shown, each portion of the
pie is provided with a decoration 3E of any suit
able type, with the separate elements of the deco
ration similarly arranged on the several portions
of the pie, the operator being able .to arrange the
decoration vin this manner by reference to the
straight sides of the container. By reason of the
use of this type of container, a waiter in a res
of the container, being represented in the draw
' taurant is able very quickly and easily to cut the
ing by dot and dash lines, such lines of perfora
pie into similar and equal pieces by merely cut
tions being extended at both ends through the
ting straight from corner to corner of the con
surplus sheet material at the corners of the blank 15 tainer without the use of a guiding device such
so as to provide a weakened line at the inner edge
as is often used for mechanically controlling the
of each of the tab portions I8 and so as to provide
cutting of portions for serving.
fer the ready separation of each of the tab por~
My improved containers of polygonal shape
tions into its two parts.
with substantially straight sides have been found
For closing the top face of the container, I
in use to be convenient and practical. With the
have provided a cover member preferably formed
size of the> container regulated for 'any particular
of paper of the same type as that from which the
body portion of the container is made.
In Fig. 5,
`I have shown a blank 2| comprising a central
panel section 22 of hexagonal form provided with
side wall portions 23, such side wall portions being
formed integrally with the panel portion 22, with
the side wall portions completely separate from
product so as to lead normally and easily to the
provision of sections or portions of predetermined
size for serving or for sale, the work and bother
in connection with the preparation and sale of
the product are kept to a minimum.
While I prefer to employ the form and arrange
ment of parts as shown in my drawing and as
each other. The arrangement is such that the
above described, the invention is not to be limited
side wall portions 23 can be readily tucked into 30 thereto
except so far as the claims may be so
position between the body of the container and
it being understood that changes might
the band I9 for application of the cover member
well be made in the form and arrangement of the
to the container, the band I9 serving to hold the
parts without departing from the spirit of the
side> wall portions in their right angled position
with respect to the panel 22 and also to hold the 35
I claim:
removable cover in closure position on the con
1. A polygonal container formed of sheet mate
rial and having at least six substantially straight `
In Fig. 6 I have shown a modiñed form of equi
sides and having blind openings leading inwardly
angular, equilateral container comprising eight
at the corners provided by inwardly tucked out
sides 26 in lieu of the six sides shown in Fig. l. 40 wardly open folds into which a cutting blade can
This arrangement, oi' course, is adapted to be
be inserted for separating the container into sec
divided into eight sections instead of six, eight
tions. the ‘bottom wall portion of the container
inwardly projecting corner tabs 21 being provided
being weakened along lines from corner to corner
for partially dividing the space of the container
with the weakened lines extended along the inner
into compartments or sections. ’A band 28 sur
edges of the inwardly tucked parts for expediting
rounding the container serves to hold the side
separation of the container into sections.
wall portions 25 in their upright position. , Lines
2. A polygonal container formed of sheet mate
of perforations 29 are provided from corner to
rial and having at least six substantially straight
corner of the ybottom wall panel 30, such lines of
perforations 29 being extended through the sur nl) sides and having blind openings leading inwardly
at the corners provided by inwardly tucked out~
plus paper forming the tab portion 21 so as to ex
wardly open folds into which a cutting blade can
pedite the separation of the container into its
be inserted for separating the container into sec
several sections when desired.
tions, the bottom wall portions of the container
With the container in the condition as shown
in Fig. 1 or Fig. 6, such products as cheese or ice
cream may be placed therein, being packed be
tween the inwardly directed corner tabs so that
such tabs may partially divide the contents of the
container into sections. The container may be
filled with eggs for freezing, or with hot products 60
in liquid form adapted to harden when cooling,
such as fudge, or gelatine, such products being
adapted to distribute themselves evenly in the
several sections of the container.
In the arrangement shown in Fig. 7, I have.
pro-vided an equiangular, equilateral container of
hexagonal form with the sides flared upwardly,
the container shown being formed of glass. This
being weakened by lines of perforations there
across from corner to corner with the lines of
perforations extended along the inner edges of the
inwardly tucked parts for expediting separation
of the container into sections.
3. A polygonal container comprising a bottom
panel formed from a piece of sheet material, side
wall portions turned upwardly along the sides of
the bottom panel with the surplus sheet material
at the corners tucked inwardly into the form of
triangular tabs extending directly toward the
center of the container, said bottom panel being
weakened along lines from corner to corner with
the weakening lines extending along the inner
edges of the tabs whereby the container can be
straight side wall portions 32 arranged at an angle 70 readily separated into sections, and band means
about the side walls serving to hold them in sub
container comprises a, bottom panel , 3|, and
of approximately thirty degrees from the Vertical_
At one side portion, the container has a pie 33
therein, dotted lines 34 from corner to corner of
stantially upright position.
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