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Ju?y 16, 1946.
Filed Feb. 26. 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
j b
a-_1 §"
@@. FM
/. 2
.Fu?y 16, 14., ‘
c. L
Filed Feb. 26, 1944
' 2 Sheets-Sheet 2‘
k L 6.,
Earl’ M‘Ben
Patented July 16, 1946
‘Findlay, ‘Ohio, assignorsi to. TheiBnckeyetTrac
'tion‘ Ditcher ‘Company, Findlay, "Ohio, ~a corpo
‘Tation‘of- Ohio
Application February 26, 1944,:SerialiNo.>i523‘,9'12
(Cl. 280-43315)
r-spreadenis "towed usually :a-truck to which it
.'I‘his.inventionc relates to' hitch. orecouplinglfde
is gdetachably accoupled tor ‘hitched, this» invention
,being concernedlprimarilylwith the hitchtor cou
pling’, device: for; connecting: the. material-:- spreader
to ‘the ‘truck tor-i other‘ towing vehicle.
.vices i particularlylfor . .use .‘insdetachably ..couplin;g
taltowed vehicle such, ,for example, asta ‘material
spreader, vto ‘a towing .vehicle .such, for example,
lasanvautomob'ile‘ truck. orvthe. like.
jAn :object is‘ ‘to. produce. a; hitchfof theabove
Jcharacter which iris-relativelyv simple and inex
,pen'si-ve "to “manufacture .and assemble, easy .to
sAs shown, the :material spreader :‘A:has affront -
vertically disposed wall; I(Lwhich-is,oflsheet-metal.
:A-rrangedccentrally in therfront‘wall li?cbet'ween
zthe ‘ opposite ends is :a "vertically disposed rSlOt
‘operate; ‘and .is' thoroughly reliable particularly
lwherethe towing vehicle is, iromtime .to-,time,
- 10
v. euttdf ‘ alignment: with ’ the towed vehicle.
l- I ; thetop andzbottomi ends; of rwhiche-areirounded
easrindicatedaat l2. iMounted for-werticala‘djust
vment .in the .path de?nedlby - theeverti'cally >el0n
‘.‘Another'object is'to produce a hitch of this
character which is adjustable to accommodate
.g-ate—slot H israrlatchnassembly whichr'comprises
the-(different ,truck .mountings v‘and "which is so
.--a"rear ;horizontallyvdisposedjplate I,3,~the ends ‘
»of~whichieXtende-on opposite» sides tor-the: slot " l I .
Themlate , is :disposed in‘ abutment iwith - the front
:constructed :andarrangedv-that the towed and
‘,towingr-vehicles .can ‘assume different ‘angular
epositions relative ‘to each other without > unduly
[face of :the’spreader wall-~10 and: securelyl?xe'd
straining the hitch‘or rendering:itrunsatisfactory.
as l by ‘ welding; to a the - opposite ends of - the 1 rear
Other objects and advantageseofthe invention
will hereinaftenappearl andiorpurposes . of‘ illus
g-plate» i=3: are' iork members 5 M. ‘The fork<members
- l-ilgextend at‘ substantially ‘right, angles forwardly
tration. butv .noti'o’f limitation, arr-embodiment For
v of ‘the: :rear plate 1= M zandzthe‘s front" endi of I each
.the - invention
:forkv "member _~ has; an outwardly ?aring'mouth'. f5
, shoum , in J. the . accompanying
Qli‘igure, 1 is a‘fr’a'gmentaryJ-frontend elev'ationilof
.a material l spreader gwith ‘ the .hitch :or -. coupling
device-“carried by thetowed-;vehicle.-mounted in
placeithereon ;
:Figure '2 Vista -top‘plan=view partly ‘in section
which :terminates 1111a,BI‘Odr-‘I‘ECEiVlIlgJlOtCh l6
,whichgasg particularly; shown-in .-~Figur_es ‘ 3‘ and .4,
is vertically 'relongate. ‘t-It rshould "be noted that
rthe ?aredrmouth i‘l5cof1eac’lrfforkr member has’ an
ruppertan'd lowerucurvilinear:contact surface .to
:"facilitate" the i-enga‘gement-i of tthe < truck ‘mounted
rrod as willtherein-after'iappear.
‘showing l-the ,hitch structure ‘on nthe -~material
spreader ‘:connected ,to the ‘hitch’ bar - carried-by .30 ‘ w?nz-thesinnerssid'e: of: each forkr'memberé M, and
close ijuxtaposition’“thereto,; israrhooke’shaped
the . towinguvehicle such. as .an automobile truck;
Elatch 11:1; thev'innerrend >2 of whichr'is's'pirme'd-l‘to sa
,Figure3 Lisean enlarged -verticalzsectionaleleva
tionsof the yhitchgonzthe'g material spreader show
horizontally vdisp'osed ilatch scontrol 'il‘Od ‘Ha :so
ing ;the ,7 coupling bar :on the I towing ‘vehicle 1- prior
ithatv‘i'rotation' ?flthei'i‘od Ma 1 in ai-clockwise :diree
:toa-beingrcoupled @to :the material spreader i hitch; v35 tion» (Figures F3fand24y‘rétra‘cts‘ the latch‘? tolenable
the truck 'mountedi'icoupling-zbar' to engage‘ in ‘the
‘notches =1 6.: or to gbezrelease‘ditherefrom,1 as .willsbe
f'Figure 4 ‘is a-yertical: sectional viewzof ‘the ‘ma
rreadily apparent. ‘ The latch fcontrol'rod' l'lusex
l-teriala-spreader hitchitaken vertically through‘: the
tends horizontally : to“ near one: end ‘ of "the mate
‘center of‘the-hitch- showing :theatru'ck mounted
:The zlillustrated :embodiment ‘of :the invention
comprises ,a ‘material spreader r generally :desi'g
nate?zzat i-A. '.-1Since athe r'strilcture "O'f‘ithe :material
tspitealder‘z‘formsz'no ipart "of-the aipresent zinvention,
‘rial rispreader ‘ “A: and i has? an ' out'eturn'e‘d . end =por
'tatin‘gf actuation ‘ of *‘the' latches ‘adjacent one end
'o’fi'the‘~ material spreader. ‘Attached 1 to ‘the "front
‘wall il 0 of mama-renal: spreader-is ‘a P guide i?b
detailifillustratioxr‘thereof isrnot considered-neces .45 which {forms swith the 'i'front l'wall ‘no; a ‘vertical
guidei‘for-tthe‘ control‘ rod I ‘la.
sary. Yisu'i?cefiti‘ to say thatithei-material ‘spreader
flEn ‘the latchedjposition‘ of ‘the Fla‘tches f‘l'vl, "the
may be of the character used for spreading
magma engages éar'sto‘p v18 =which is‘ in‘ theiorm
crushedistone ‘over ‘la-r highway, and in general
of a sleeve ~moun'te‘d " on ea‘bolt-which is-secured
comprises la-‘lhopperilike'structure into which the
to both fork members l4. Spring means is pro
crushed stone is delivered and from the bottom
vided for normally urging the hook-shaped
of which the stone is uniformly spread along the
latches l'l into engagement with the stop l8. For
highway as the spreader moves. The spreaders
this purpose, an angle bar 2| is ?xed at its oppo
are mounted on wheels. Ordinarily two sets of
site ends respectively to the inner sides of the
wheels on a common axis are arranged, one set
on each end of the spreader box or hopper. The 55 latches l1. One ?ange of the angle bar is aper
tured for slldingly receiving a spring mounting
arm 22. The inner end of the arm 22 is pivoted
at 23 to a bracket ?xed to the rear latch plate I3.
On the arm 22 is a coil spring 24.
It will thus
be manifest that rocking of the latches I‘! in a
clockwise direction (Figure 4) compresses the coil
spring 24 which serves to urge the latches I‘I
against the stop I8.
Suitably ?xed to the rear end of the towing
upwardly to permit the rod I9 to be moved into
position, whereupon the rod Ila is released and
the coil spring 24 rocks the latches to latching
position, such as illustrated on Figure 4.
As above mentioned, the truck mounted rod I9
projects a substantial distance laterally of each
of the fork members III. In fact, the rod
I9 projects laterally of the vertically disposed
. bracket arms 20 and adjacent each of these lat
vehicle such as an automobile truck, are a pair 10 erally projecting portions is a brace or bumper
of laterally spaced depending bracket arms 29
bar 355 which is ?xed to the front face of the ma
and secured to the lower ends of the arms 20 is
terial spreader wall In and projects forwardly
a horizontally disposed rod I9 which, as indicated
therefrom. The brace or bumper bars 35 which
in Figures 1 and 2, extends laterally a substantial
may extend substantially the full depth of the
distance beyond the fork members I4, the verti 15 material spreader wall II] are engageable by the
cally disposed bracket arms being spaced also
bar I9 in the event that the truck or towing
laterally from the fork members I4. In practice,
vehicle is angularly disposed relative to or out of
the truck or towing vehicle is backed into the
alignment with the material spreader A. Thus
material spreader and the rod I9 engages in the
in the event that the‘ towing vehicle or truck
notch I1 when in latched position.
Arranged directly in rear of the rear plate I3
of the latch'is an annular disc 25 which is dis
posed within the vertically elongate slot I I of the
material spreader wall II). The disc 25 ?ts within
turns in one direction or the other, one end or
_ the other of the rod I9 will engage thegadl'acent
brace bar or bumper, thereby to assist in causing
the material spreader A to be brought again into
alignment with the towing vehicle, It will be un
the slot I I in such manner that it can move ver 25 derstood that the notch IG-in the fork members I4
tically therein and the curvature I2 generally
is so shaped as to allow a certain amount of angu
corresponds to the curvature of the disc.
lar movement'of the rod I9'both in a horizontal
Formed on the rear face of the material
direction as well as in a vertical direction, thus to
spreader wall I!) is a pair of vertically disposed
afford a limited amount of lost motion during the
guide plates 26 which are spaced from each other 30 turning of the towing vehicle in one direction or
a distance ‘slightly greater than the diameter of
the other, or in the event that the towing vehicle
the disc 25. By inspection of the drawings, it
encounters a depression'or raised position on the
will be observed that the disc 25 not only is slid
road surface.
' ably mounted within the vertical slot I I, but also
It will be understood that numerous changes
moves between the vertical plates 26 which assist 35 in details of construction, arrangement and
in guiding the movement of the latch assembly.
operation may be effected without departing from
In abutment with the rear face of the disc 25 is
the spirit of the invention especially as de?ned
a back plate 21 which is horizontally disposed
in the appended claim.
‘with its ends terminating substantially ?ush with
What we claim is:
the‘outer edges of the guide plates 25. The rear
A hitch for material spreaders comprising in
plate I3 of the latch assembly, the annular disc
combination with a spreader body having a ver
25, and the back plate 21 are secured together by
tically elongate slot curved at the top and bottom
a bolt and nut assembly 28. The bolt and nut
ends, an annular disc ?tting said slot and slid
assembly 28 also secures an actuating link 29 ar
vertically therein, a back plate abutting said
ranged directly in rear of the back plate 21.
45 disc and disclosed on the inside of said body, a
The actuating link 29 extends downwardly and
latch housing on the outside of said body and
is pivoted at its lower end to an arm 30 of a bell
arranged adjacent said disc, a boltand nut as
crank. The bell crank is mounted upon a pivot
common to said latch housing, disc‘and
3| which is carried by the lower portion of the
back plate for holding such assembly rigidly to
material spreader wall I9, it being understood
gether, vertical‘wguide plates ?xed to the inside
that these parts are arranged rearwardly of the
of said body on opposite sides of and in guiding
material spreader wall I9. The other arm 32 of
relation to said disc, said back plate extending
the bell crank is vertically disposed and is piv
laterally beyond opposite sides of said disc in
oted at its upper end to a horizontally disposed
abutting relation to said guide plates respectively,
telescoping screw-threaded operating rod assem
link and lever means for vertically adjusting said
bly 33. This assembly extends laterally to one 55 latch housing, disc and back plate assembly, a
end of the material spreader and is equipped with
movable latch in said latch housing, manual
a crank handle 34. Manifestly by turning the
means for actuating said latch, a horizontally
crank handle 34 in one direction or the other, the
disposed bar ?xed to the towing vehicle, and
latch assembly carried by the material spreader I
engageable in said latch housing, said bar pro
is either moved upwardly or downwardly accord
‘jecting‘ a substantial distance on opposite ‘sides
ing to the direction of rotation for positioning
of said latch housing, and brace bars on the out
the fork members and associated parts in the de
side of the spreader body wall in position to be
sired position convenient for engagement with the
engaged by the projecting end portions of said
horizontal bar I9 carried by the towing vehicle.
bar respectively when the spreader is out of
When the assembly is adjusted to the desired po 65 alignment with respect to the towing vehicle.
sition and the towing vehicle backed into desired
position, it will be understood that the latch con
trol rod Ila is actuated to rock the latches I 1
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