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July 16» 194$
Filed Dec. 9, 1941
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
FIG. /
R. A’.
July 16, 1946-
2,403,996 }
Filed Dec. 9, 1941
2 Sheets-Sheet 2.
FIG. 3
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04% a. 7M
Patented July 16, 1946
2,403,996 I’ '
Ralph K. Potter, Madison, N. J., assignor to Bell .
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New
York, N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application December 9, 194~1,>Serial No. 422,194
9 Claims.
(c1. 251F151) 1
This invention relates to electron discharge
apparatus and more particularly to electron dis
charge devices of the type wherein an electron Y
stream is utilized to trace upon va ?uorescent
screen a pattern representative of the charac;
teristics of a varying current or voltage.
In such devices, when the electron stream is
terial having a moderatepersistence so that there
is Visible upon the screen at anyone time a pat
tern .‘c'orresponding to an 'appreciablejtim'e seg
the signal.
may be
" ‘ used advantageously
' ‘
inv sys
tems, such as disclosed in my application-Serial
No, 438,878, ?led April 1%, 1942, for‘producing
word patterns to visualize speech or may be used
controlled, as in direction or intensity, in accord
also in systems, such as disclosed in my applica-_
ance with a signal, a visual pattern indicative of
the characteristics of the signal appears upon 10 tion Serial N0. 438,879, filed April 1%, 1942, for
analyzing audio or radio frequency signals of un
the screen. When the signal is complex or con
tinuously varying, coordination of the informa
known‘ composition. and‘ origin;
Other applica
tions of vsuch devices will occur to those skilled
tion as to the character thereof, depicted upon
in the art.
the screen is, in general, very difficult. if not im-‘
Thei-nvention and the above-noted and other
possible due to, among other factors, the com 15
features thereof will be understood more clearly
plexity of the pattern produced, the 'rapidity'with
and fully from the following detailed vdescription
which this pattern changes, and the overlapping
with- reference to the accompanying drawings in
of or interference between traces ‘corresponding
to successive transients or variations in ‘the
Fig. 1
a perspective: view. of electron dis-7 a
charge apparatus illustrative of one embodiment
One object of this invention is to enable ‘and to
facilitate the analysis of complex" signals ‘by co
of this invention, portions ‘of the electron‘dis—'
chargei device and the housing ‘therefor. being
ordination of the information with respect to
'away‘to' show details of construction more
such signals presented by a visual pattern on "a"
?uorescent screen. More speci?cally, one ‘object 25
Fig. 21s a sectional view of the electron dis;
of this invention is to produce a pattern, corre
device, taken along plane 2—2 of'Fig. 1;
sponding accurately to a varying signal, of sub
Fig. 3 is a perspective -View of/eléctrondis
stantial duration and in which the visual indicia
of transients or Variations in or time segments
of a complex signal are segregated or delineated
and the signal thereby, in effect, is pictcrially
dissected or translated into a clear visual pat- ’
tern readily analyzable in terms of the charac
teristics, such as amplitude and frequency, of the
components of the signal.
In one illustrative embodiment of this inven
tion, an electron discharge device comprises an
enclosing vessel housing a ?uorescent screen, an
electron gun for projecting a concentrated elec-.
tron stream toward the screen, and suitable ele
charge apparatus illustrative of another embodi
ment‘ of this-invention wherein the ?uorescent .
screen is on one wall of the enclosing vessel; and
Fig.4 is a view similar to Fig.3 illustrating an-.
other‘embodiment of this invention wherein the
fluorescent screen is in‘ the form of a flexible
movable band ' mounted within the. enclosing
vessel. '
Referring now to the drawings, the'electron
discharge device illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2 ‘com-,
prises a cylindrical evacuated enclosing vessel
It]; for example, of vitreous material, having
ments for controlling the direction or intensity
mounted on the base wall thereof a rigid stem or
or both of the electron stream.
extend axially of the vessel [0. The support II
For example, '
there may be provided in coope'rative'relatio'n'
with the electron gun a control electrode of grid‘
and de?ector plates.
In accordance with one feature of thisinven
tion, the de?ection of the beam is restrictedito ‘a '
?xed plane and the screen is moved relative to >
support I I, which-may be of vitreous material and '
has secured thereto at its inner end a jewelbear
ing- l2.v 'Within'the vessel Ill-and coaxial there-'
with is a'cup-shaped member l3 of transparent
.material, such as glass,’ which is rotatably sup
ported upon the bearing I2 and has ailixed there
this plane, for example, at right angles to the‘ di 50. to a magnetic bar 14,;for example of iron. 'The '
cylin'dricali inner wall'of' the member l3 has
rection of de?ection of the electron ‘stream,
thereon a ?uorescent screen [5, which may be,.for
whereby incremental areas of the screen are swept
or scanned in succession by the beam or, viewed
in another way, the screen is moved past a fixed
scanning line. If the de?ection or other control'
of the stream is in accordance with a signal, there
will be thus produced on the screen a visual pat
tern indicative of the characteristics of the signal
and in which successive incremental traces, cor-'v
example,‘a ?uorescent coating applied to this sur
face or‘ a transparent‘ tape coated with ?uores
cent ‘fmaterial and secured to this surface.
Within ‘the cup-shaped member I3 is an ‘elec
tron guri which, as shown more clearly in Fig. 2,
comprises- a cathode is, forexample, of‘ the in‘
directly-heated‘ type provided with a heater ?la-.
ment: lv'lgva‘control electrode 18, which, as ‘shown; 7
responding to transients or variations in'the sig- . may’ be’a? 'metalliccylinder ‘encompassing and 00- ~ .
nal, are segregated. The screen may be of a mat-'1 60.
axial with the cathode I6, and a cylindrical ac
celerating anode l9 coaxial with the control elec
trode IS. The several electrodes of the electron
frequency and amplitude. In some systems, such
as those disclosed in my applications referred to
hereinabove, the intensity of the trace may be
varied in accordance with the signal by suitable
gun are mounted in spaced relation by a vitreous
head 20 which is supported from the base wall
association of the signal with the control elec
of the vessel It] by the leading-in conductors 2_|
trode l8, so that the amplitude of the signal and
for the electrodes. The electron gun is posi
its components is indicated by the brilliance of
tioned along a radius of the cup-shaped member
the trace.
l3 and produces a concentrated electron stream
Although in the speci?c embodiment of the in
which passes through an elongated slot Draper 10 vention disclosed in Figs. 1 and 2 and described
ture 22 in the support H and impinges upon the
hereinabove the rotatable member I3 is coupled
?uorescent screen l5.
magnetically to the motor 24, it will be under
Supported from the vitreous head 20 are a pair
stood that other forms of coupling may be em
of de?ector plates 23 mounted parallel to each
ployed. In structures wherein magnetic coupling
other and at right angles to the longitudinal axis H is employed, if the stray magnetic ?elds from the
of the cup-shaped member l3.
coupling are of appreciable magnitude, suitable
External to the vessel I0 is a motor 24 on the
magnetic shielding may be provided advanta
geously between the magnetic members M and. 25
and the path traversed by the electron stream
shaft of which there is mounted a bar magnet 25
positioned in immediate proximity to the mag
netic bar I4.
20 to prevent distortion of the electron stream by
The discharge device and motor may be en
closed within a housing 26 having a restricted
viewing aperture 21 in one wall opposite and
such stray ?elds.
In the embodiment of this invention illustrated
in Fig. 3, the electron discharge device comprises
closely adjacent the enclosing vessel I0.
an evacuated enclosing vessel 29 having a trans
During operation of the device, the motor is 25 parent end wall 30 the inner surface of which has
operated so that, by virtue of the magnetic cou
pling between the bar l4 and the magnet 25, the
cup-shaped member l3 is rotated at a uniform
rate, whereby successive areas of the screen l5
are moved past the terminus of the electron 30
stream upon the screen.
In a particular con
struction/the cup-shaped member l3 may be of
the order of 6 inches in diameter and rotated at
thereon a ?uorescent screen 3|, for example, a‘
coating of zinc-cadmium sulphide activated with '
Mounted within the vessel adjacent the
end thereof remote from the screen 3| is an elec
tron gun, which may be of the same general con
struction and comprise the same electrodes as the
electron gun included in the device shown in Figs.
1 and 2, the gun being axially aligned with the
a rate of the order of ?ve revolutions per minute;
screen 3|. Two pairs of de?ector plates 32 and
The signal to be analyzed or delineated is im 35 33 are mounted at right angles to each other ‘and
pressed between the de?ector plates 23'so that
adjacent the gun. Electrical connection to the
the beam is de?ected in 1a plane normal. to the
de?ector plates .and to the electrodes of the elec
longitudinal axis of the screen I5. Thus, in ef
tron gun is established through conductors 34
feet, the screen is moved across a reference line
connected to coaxial slip-rings 35 mounted on the
and successive incremental areas thereof are 40 enclosing vessel 29. -
scanned by the electron stream.
Hence, there is
producedupon the screen a visual trace indica
tive of the characteristics of the signal impressed
between the de?ector plates and, due to the mo
tion of the screen, indicia of successive transients
or time segments of the signal are segregated
upon the screen whereby correlation of the in
formation conveyed thereby is enabled. ‘Inas
much as the de?ection of the beam is con?ned
to a plane, it will be appreciated that a complex
signal impressed between the de?ector plates is,
in e?ect, delineated in the trace appearing upon
The electron discharge device is mountedf'as
upon bearings or supports 36, so as to be rotatable
about the longitudinal axis of the enclosing ves
sel 29, as, for example, by a motor 50 coupled to
' a pulley 31 secured to the vessel.
The apparatus may be enclosed in a‘ suitable
housing, only a fragment of which is shown, hav
ing an arcuate receiving aperture 40 opposite the
end wall 30 of the enclosing vessel 29.
During operation of the device, the enclosing
vessel 29 is rotated about its longitudinal axis, at
a uniform rate and the de?ector plates 32 and 33
are energized in phase quadrature so that the
In a particularly advantageous construction,
resultant ?eld therebetween rotates at the same
the screen is of a material having moderate per 55 rate as the vessel 29 but in the opposite direc
the ?uorescent screen l5.
sistence, for example, of zinc-cadmium sulphide
Consequently, the electron stream pro
activated by copper, so that at any instant there
is visible through the receiving aperture 21 a trace
corresponding to an appreciable time segment, for
duced by the electron gun is e?ectively ?xed in
a plane passing through the longitudinal axis of
26 a source of infra-red light, such as a lamp Z8,
eifective to'substantially erase from the screen
screen is a circle.
traces thereon which have been viewed through
the aperture 21.
In the operation described, the trace appearing
?ector plates, as a result of which the electron
the enclosing vessel and, for steady-state condi
example,‘of several seconds, of the signal being 60 tions, i. e. with a constant amplitude supply to
analyzed. To prevent excessive persistence of the
the de?ector plates, the stream terminus upon
trace, there may be mounted within the housing
the screen 3| is a point and the trace upon the
on the screen will present a two-coordinate visual
Potentials corresponding to
the signals may then be superimposed upon the
aforementioned energizing potentials for the de
stream is de?ected in the plane mentioned to,
move the spot along a radial line upon the screen
3|. Successive de?ections of the stream are seg
70 regated visually upon the screen and, as in the
ment of the screen l5 providing a time axis or
device illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, there is vis
coordinate and the sweep of the stream along the
ible, at any instant, through the receiving aperg
reference line providing an amplitude coordinate.
ture 40 a trace representative of the character
Suitable scales may be provided adjacent the ap
istics of an appreciable time ‘segment, for ex-_ ‘
erture 2‘! to enable ready analysis of the signal 75 ample, of the order of several seconds, of the
indicia of the characteristics of the signal im
pressed between the de?ector plates 23, the move
signal. Also, as in the device shown in FigS- 1
and 2, the intensity of the stream may be varied
in accordance with the signal, by the control
electrode I8 whereby the trace appearing on the
screen varies in brilliance in accordance with the
signal intensity.
rection opposite to the direction of rotation of
said ?eld, and means for sweeping said stream
linearly across said screen.
2. Electron discharge apparatus in accordance
with claim 1 comprising means for controlling the
intensity of said stream.
3. Electron dischargeapparatus comprising an ‘
It will be understood that in the apparatus il
enclosing vessel having a substantially circular
lustrated in Fig. 3, an infra-red lamp may be
end wall concentric with the longitudinal axis of
provided, as in the apparatus shown in Figs. 1 10 said vessel, a ?uorescent coating on the inner face
and 2, to prevent undesirably long persistence of
of said wall, means for projecting an electron
the trace upon the screen 3|.
stream against said coating comprising an elec
In the embodiment of this invention illustrated
tron gun within said vessel and coaxial with said
in Fig. 4, the evacuated enclosing vessel 38 is gen
wall, means for revolving said stream in one di
erally semi-oval in form and may be entirely of 15 rection about said axis comprising two pairs of
vitreous material or mainly of non-magnetic
deflector plates adjacent said gun and mounted
metal and provided with a plane, rectangular
in space quadrature about said axis, and means
transparent window 39, for example, of glass.
for rotating said vessel in the opposite direction
Mounted within the vessel 38 is an electron gun,
about said axis.
designated generally as iii), which may be of the
4. Electron discharge apparatus comprising an
same construction as the gun included in the
enclosing vessel, a ?uorescent screen upon a wall
devices shown in Figs. 1 and 3 and is mounted at
portion of said vessel, means for projecting an
right angles to and opposite one end of the Win
electron beam upon said screen, means for de
dow 39. De?ector plates 23 are mounted adja
?ecting said beam in a ?xed plane intersecting
cent the gun 60 and effective, when energized,
said screen thereby to shift the terminus of said I
to de?ect the beam in a plane normal to the win
beam upon said screen, and means for rotating
dow 39 and parallel to the shorter sides thereof.
said vessel to pass successive incremental areas
A plurality of parallel spindles or guides M are
of said screen across said plane.
rotatably mounted upon the base of the vessel
5. Electron discharge apparatus in accordance
38. Also rotatably mounted upon the base of the
with claim 4 comprising means for controlling
vessel is a drive member 42 carrying a pair of 30
the intensity of said electron beam.
sprockets 43 and having affixed thereto a mag
6. Electron discharge apparatus comprising an
netic bar 44. External to the vessel is a suitable
enclosing vessel having a longitudinal axis, a
motor 24 having on the shaft thereof a bar mag
net 25 positioned in juxtaposition to the mag 35 ?uorescent screen upon a wall portion of said
vessel and coaxial with said axis, means for pro
netic bar 44.
ducing an electron stream and directing said
The spindles or guides 4| and the drive member
stream to impinge upon said screen, means for
42 carry a ?exible transparent band or tape 45
de?ecting said stream to shift the terminus there
which is coated on its inner surface with a ?ue
crescent material and is provided adjacent its 40 of upon said screen, and means for continuously
rotating said vessel about said axis.
edges with perforations 46 in the proper rela
'7. Electron discharge apparatus comprising an
tion to receive the teeth of the sprockets 43.
enclosing vessel, a ?uorescent screen within said
During operation of the device, the motor 24,
vessel, means for projecting an electron stream
by virtue of the coupling between the magnet
25 and the magnetic bar 44, rotates the drive 45 upon said screen, means vfor de?ecting said beam
to sweep it across said screen, said screen being
member 42 so that the tape 45 also is rotated
rotatable with said vessel, and means for contin
and thus drawn past and parallel to the window
uously rotating said vessel to subject successive
39. The de?ector plates 23 de?ect the beam at
incremental areas of said screen to sweeping by
right angles to the direction of motion of the tape
by the window 39 in accordance with the signal 50 said stream.
8. Electron discharge apparatus comprising a
impressed between the plates. There is thus pro
duced upon the tape a trace or pattern indica
fluorescent screen, means for projecting an elec
tron stream upon said screen, means for rotating
tive of the characteristics of the signal and, as
will be apparent, there is visible through the win
said screen about an axis. means for subjecting
dow 39 at any instant a pattern corresponding 55 said stream to a rotating ?eld revolving about '
to an appreciable time segment of the signal.
said axis in the direction opposite to the direction
Although several speci?c embodiments of this
of rotation of said screen, the rates of revolution
invention have been shown and described, it will
of said screen and said ?eld being substantially
be understood that they are but illustrative and
equal, and means for sweeping said stream across
that various modi?cations may be made therein 60
without departing from the scope and spirit of
9. Electron discharge apparatus comprising a
this invention as de?ned in the appended claims.
?uorescent screen, an electron gun for projecting
What is claimed is:
an electron stream upon said screen at a region
1. Electron discharge apparatus comprising an
thereof spaced from an axis common to said
enclosing vessel having an end wall, a ?uorescent
screen and said gun, means mounting said screen '
screen on said wall, an electron gun within said
and said gun in ?xed relation to each other,
vessel and substantially coaxial with said screen
means for rotating said screen and said gun about
for projecting an electron stream thereagainst,
said axis, means for maintaining said stream in
means adjacent said gun for subjecting said
a ?xed plane intersecting said screen, and means
stream to a ?eld rotating about the axis of align
70 for de?ecting said stream in said plane.
ment of said gun and said screen, means for ro
tating said vessel about said axis and in the di
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