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July 16, 1946-
c. w. GINTER
Filed April 26, 1944
Patented July 16, 1946
Charles W. Ginter, Bryan, Ohio, assign'or to The‘
Aro Equipment Corporation, Bryan, Ohio, a cor-7
poration of Ohio
Application April 26, 1944-, Serial No. 532,741
1 Claim. (Cl. 285-—169)
My present invention relates to a coupler par
ticularly adapted for coaction with a jaw coupler
of the kind that becomes disconnected from a
lubricant reception ?tting when swung to an an
tube I4 for coaction of the jaws I3b of the coupler
‘ I3 therewith and the sleeve I5 is of such size as
to readily slide over the coupler I2 as shown in
Fig. 1.
gular position relative thereto.
One object of the invention is to provide such
The tube I4 has a ring-like stop ?ange I8 for
coaction with a stop ?ange I9 of the sleeve I5.
Another ring-like ?ange 25 is provided on the
a coupler with a sleeve that slides over the jaw
coupler to prevent it from moving to such angular
sleeve I4 adjacent the left hand end thereof. A
position during lubricating operations.
spring 2| is interposed between the ?anges I9 and
Another object is to provide a spring means to 10 20 and biasing the sleeve I5 to slide to the posi
automatically extend the sleeve to a position sur
tion of Fig. 1 with the flange I9 engaging the
rounding the jaw coupler so as to retain it in align
?ange I8. The inner diameter of the ?ange I9
and the periphery of the ?ange 20 serve to guide
ment with my coupler.
Still another object is to provide the sleeve
the sleeve I5 in its sliding movement. As illus
slidably mounted so that it can be manually re
tracted against the action of the spring to a posi
tion where it does not surround the jaw coupler
and thereby permits the jaw coupler to be dis
connected by swinging it to a non-aligned posi
15 trated on the drawing, the coupler I 3 may be con
nected with a lubricant line such as a pipe 22 and
a ?exible metal hose 23 through which lubricant
under high pressure is supplied to the coupler I3.
It will be readily understood that the sleeve I5
20 is freely slidable on the tube I4 with minimum
With these and other objects in view, my inven
friction on account of the fact that the stop
tion consists in the construction, arrangement and
?anges I8 and 20 on the tube I4 adjacent each
combination of the various parts of my device
end and the movement limiting ?ange I9' on the
whereby the objects contemplated are attained,
sleeve form bearings which space the sleeve from
as hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed out 25 the tube and maintain the sleeve and tube in con
in my claims and illustrated in the accompanying
centric relation. Further the bore in the rear end
drawing, wherein:
of the sleeve is enlarged so that it houses the coil
Fig. 1 is a sectional view through a coupler em
spring 2I which normally maintains the sleeve
bodying my present invention, showing it con
in extended position, the flange on the rear end
nected with a lubricant reception ?tting of a bear
of the tube being of a larger size to snugly be re
ing at one end and showing a jaw coupler con
ceived in the enlarged bore of the sleeve.
nected to it at the other end.
Practical operation
Fig. 2 is a similar sectional view showing my
coupler adjusted to a position for permitting dis—
connection of a jaw coupler; and
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3—3 of
Fig. 1.
In the operation of my coupler, the jaw coupler
I3 may be positioned on the headed ?tting I 'I
while the sleeve I5 is in the position of Fig. 1 or,
if the sleeve is in the way, it can be manually
pushed back to the position of Fig. 2 during the
On the accompanying drawing, I have used the
connecting operation. The sleeve I5, if it has
reference numeral Ill to indicate a bearing into
which the usual headed lubricant reception ?t 40 been pushed back, will automatically assume the
position of Fig. 1 when it is released providing
ting is screwed. At I3 a jaw coupler is shown of
the jaw coupler I3 is aligned with the sleeve.
the kind for instance in Neilson Patent No. 2,263,
Thereafter the jaw coupler cannot swing as to
850, and this coupler ordinarily has its jaw end
the position of Fig, 2 during the lubricating oper
connected with the lubricant reception ?tting I2.
In some instances, however, the ?tting I2 is not 45 ation. When it is swung to the position of Fig. 2,
the jaws disengage the ball head of the ?tting I1
so positioned as to permit the jaw coupler I3 to
and for that reason'it is necessary to keep I3
enact therewith and an intermediate coupler is
aligned with I4 for proper connection of the parts
While lubrication is in process. The operator
My present invention contemplates such an
intermediate coupler and includes as its essential 50 usually needs both hands for the lubricating oper
ation and cannot hold the jaw coupler I 3 in align
parts a tube I4, a sleeve I5, a nipple I6 and a cou
ment and therefore the sleeve I5 accomplishes
pler I3a. The coupler I3a is a jaw coupler of the
this desirable purpose. The operator is then free
same type shown at I3 and the nipple I6 serves
merely as a connection between I4 and I3a.
lubricant reception ?tting I1 is screwed into the
to operate a, lever gun or other lubricating device
supplying lubricant to the hose 23.
After the lubricating operation the sleeve I5
swinging it into position out of alignment there
may be pushed to the position of Fig. 2 and thus
permit the jaw coupler I3 to be swung sidewise
or out of alignment with the tube M for discon
meeting it from the ?tting H. The coupler l3a-—
with, a sleeve on said tube slidable between re
Ill-I5 may then be disconnected from the ?t
ting I2.
Some changes may be made in the construction
tracted and extended positions, a stop ?ange on
said tube adjacent each end, a movement limiting
flange on the sleeve between the stop ?anges on
the tube, the rear end of the sleeve having a larger
bore than the forward end of the sleeve and the
?anges on the tube having external diameters cor
responding to the portions of the sleeve in which
and arrangement of the parts of my coupler with
out departing from the real spirit and purpose of 10 they are located and forming bearings serving to
my invention, and it is my intention to cover by ' space the sleeve from the tube and maintain the
tube and sleeve in concentric relation, the ?ange
my claims any modi?ed forms of structure or use
of mechanical equivalents which may be reason
on the sleeve likewise assisting the spacing of the
sleeve from the tube and serving as a bearing be
ably included within their scope without sacri?c
'15 tween the sleeve and tube, and a coil spring con
ing any of the advantages thereof.
?ned in the enlarged bore of the sleeve about the
I claim as my invention:
tube and between the ?ange on the tube and that
A coupler for high pressure lubricant lines com
of the sleeve and normally maintaining the sleeve
prising a tube terminating in a headed ?tting with
in extended position.
which a jaw coupler is adapted to be engaged
when in alignment therewith,and disengaged by 20
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