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July "1 6, 1946.
Filed Dec. 31, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
fry/n9 /7’/'//_
? 6W
July 16, 1946.
Filed Dec. 31, 1943
. 2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Bin/m9 f////.
Patented July 16, 1946
PATENT other "
. 2,404,065
Irvingv Hill, Lawrence, Kans., assignor to The
Lawrence Paper Company, Lawrence, Kans., a
corporation of Kansas
Application ‘December 31, 1943, Serial No. 516,411 r
2 Claims.
This invention relates to containers and more
(Cl. 229-42)
being broken away to illustrate the structure
particularly to containers having controlled ven
tilation for commodities such as eggs, meats and
Fig. 2 is a partial perspective view of thel‘ con
the like which require change in air circulation
tainer of Fig. 1 ‘showing a ventilation control
due to different temperature and humidity con 5 panel partially removed.
ditions during storage and shipping, and has for
Fig. 3 is a detail vertical sectional view of the
its principal object to provide a case which may
container substantially on the line 3—3, ‘Fig. 1.
be ventilated or not as theuser desires.
' In the shipping and storage of many commod
' Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view on the line
4-4, Fig. 1, showing the ventilation control
panel in position to provide ventilation "of the
ities it is necessary that the container therefore 10
be ventilated as for instance in the storage of
eggs whereinthey are maintained in spaced re
Fig. 5 is a transverse sectional view, similarlto
lation and when said commodities are removed
Fig, 4 with the ventilation openings closed by th
from the moist storage it is desirable to close the
ventilation control panel.
case and stop further ventilation whereby the
Fig. 6 is a transverse sectional view showing
interior moisture is retained. It is also common
a modi?ed arrangement of the ventilation'open
to provide ventilation openings in the side of con
ings wherein the panel is reversed from side to
tainers requiring, when placed in stacks in a
side to control the openings.
' r
storage space, that the individual stacks be
Fig. 7 is a perspective view of ‘a container show
spaced to provide proper ventilation of the com
ing a modi?ed form of an inner liner partially
modities. By providing correct and ventilation
openings in such containers the number of ‘open
Fig. 8 is a longitudinal sectional view through
ings ‘required to provide proper ventilation is re
the container of ‘Fig. 7 showing the inner liners
arranged for ventilating the respective compart
duced providing a stronger container and the
stacks may be placed side by side thereby decreas 25 ments formed by the liner.
Fig. 9 is a longitudinal sectional view through
ing the space required for the commodities.
the container of Fig. 7 showing‘ the inner liner
‘ Other objects of the present invention are
arranged in ventilation closing position.
therefore to provide end ventilation of contain
Referring more in detail to the drawings:
ers and commodities therein; to provide a con
l designates a container particularly adapted
tainer adapted for ventilation of commodities ‘
for shipping and storage of eggs and other com
such as eggs while in moist storage and adapted
modities wherein due to variation in the shipping
to be closed to stop ventilation when removed
and storage conditions, it is desirable to control
from such storage; to provide for selective ven
the ventilation of the commodities therein. The
tilation of containers; to provide a panel adjacent
container preferably includes side walls 2 and‘3E
the Walls of a container having ventilation open
and end walls 4 and 5, inturned ?aps 6 and-‘l
ings therein for controlling the ventilation of the
being provided on the lower edges of the end walls
commodities in the container; to provide a con
4 and 5. Flaps'B and 9 are provided on the lower
tainer with an inner liner having ventilation
edges of the side walls 2 and 3 and adapted to be
openings selectively registrab-le with openings in
4:0 folded inwardly under flaps 6 and ‘I and glued
the container to control ventilationof same; to
or stapled thereto to form the bottom of the box.
provide a container with a plurality of inner lin
Sealing strips Ill and H may be applied to the
ers adapted to separate the container into com
flaps for sealing the lower portions of the con
partments; to provide for removing selected in
tainer. Side ?aps l2 and I3 may be provided on
her liners together with the contents of the‘ re 45 the upper edges of the side walls.2 and 3 if de
spective compartments; and to provide for re
sired. The upper ends of the end Walls of the
versing the inner liner for controlling ventila
container are preferably provided with ?anges l4
tion of ‘the respective compartments.
and I5 which are folded outwardly and down
In accomplishing these and other objects of
Wardly and if desired are secured to the end of
the invention, I have provided improved details 50 the container to form a shoulder l6.
of structure, the preferred arrangement of
ll designates a cover preferably of the same
which is illustrated in the accompanying draw-'
material as the container and of suitable size and
ings wherein:
shape to ?t over and close the ‘container. ‘ The
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one form of con
cover preferably consists of a body member pref-v
tainer embodying the present invention, portions 55 erably having end ?anges l8 and I9 foldable over.
the container end wall ?anges I4 and I5. The
?anges l8 and I9 have fold lines 29 and 2| spaced
from the end edges of the cover member to form
outer end ?anges 22 and 23 adapted for folding
inwardly and upwardly to engage the ends of the
?anges I4 and I5 of the container to in effect
it is desirable that the ventilation be controlled,
the panels 39 and 40 are removable and the open
ings in the respective panels so arranged that
form hook-like members that are interengage-v
verted, the openings 46 will not register with the
openings 42, 44,‘ 43 and 45 respectively as illus
able with. the container hook members for retain
ing the cover in closed relation to the container.
Downwardly extending side flaps 24 and 25 may
when said panels 39 and 40 are removed from
the spaces 38 between the end Walls and the up
wardly extending members on the liner are in-.
trated in Fig. 5. In this manner the ventilation
of the container may be selectively controlled to
also be provided on the cover member and if >
provide ventilation for commodities under moist ,
desired said side ?anges may be secured to the
conditions and to provide a sealed container for
commodities under other conditions.
A modi?ed arrangement of the ventilation
end ?anges on the cover member in any suitable
In the formation of the present container it is 15 openings 48in the end walls, upwardly extend
ing members on the liner and the panel mem
preferable that the blanks for both the container
bers 39 and 49 is shown in Fig. 6 in which the‘
and the cover be cut from water resistant ?ber
ventilation openings are so arranged relative to
board such as asphalt treated ?ber board whereby
each other that the panel member may be with
there is relatively no penetration of moisture into
drawn in the same manner as in the preferred
the container.
form and reversed from side to side, and replaced
Due to the fact that such containers in the
in the space between the end wall and the up
shipping and storage of eggs and like commodities
wardly extending liner member to arrange the
are stacked in tiers, it may be desirable to rein
ventilation openings in said panel out of regis
force the bottom members of the container and
also provide supports for the cover member to 25 try with the openings in the end walls and the
upwardly extending members on. the liner.
prevent collapse thereof. We, therefore, provide
A further modi?ed form of container is shown in
a container inner liner including a partition
Figs. '7 to 9 wherein the ventilation of the con
member 25 adapted to be inserted transversely
tainer and the'respective compartments therein
in the container and midway between the ends
is controlled by the positioning of the inner liners.
thereof to separate the interior of the container
The container 53 is substantially of the same
into compartments 2'! and 28.
structure shown in Figs. 1 to 5 inclusive and is
The inner liner preferably is formed of an
provided with ventilation openings 5| in the end
elongated blank of the same material as the con
walls 52 thereof. A cover 53 is provided for clos
tainer and is preferably of the same width as
ing the container in the same manner as shown
the spacing between the sides 2 and 3 thereof.
in Figs. 1 to 5 inclusive.
The blank is preferably folded at a central point
A plurality of inner liners 54 and 55 are pref
as at 29 forming overlying panel members 39 and .
erablyv provided for dividing the container into
3| which are of substantially the same height
compartments 56 and 51. Each of the inner
as the .ends 4 and 5 of the container. Flaps 32
and 33 are preferably provided on the lower ends 40 liners are formed of elongated blanks having ‘
transverse fold lines 58 and 59 to form a, bottom
of the panels 35 and 3| respectively and are of
member 59 of substantially the same length as
such length that they extend from the partition
the respective compartments, and upwardly ex
to adjacent the end walls 4 and 5 of the container.
tending panels 5| and 62 at each end thereof.
Said ?aps 32 and 33 are provided with fold lines
34 and 35 spaced slightly from the end of the 45 The upwardly extending panels are preferably
of such length that they extend to the top of the
container to form upwardly extending panels 36
container walls and the panels adjacent the
and 31 spaced from the end walls as at 38 to
center of the container form a midrib or parti
form recesses for the insertion of panels 39 and
tion 53, the outer panels adjacent the ends of
40. In this construction, an insert 4| may be
placed over the upper faces of the bottom side 50 the container overlie the end walls to pro
‘ ?aps 8 and 9 of the container and extends sub
stantially the distance between the container bot
tom end ?aps 6 and '|.
The insert 4| and ?aps 5, ‘|, 8 and 9 form a.
triple thickness at the bottom of the container
and the panels 36 and 31 co-operate with the end
walls 4 and 5 and the panels 39 and 40 to form
tripled end wall thickness thereby providing a
container having great rigidity in the bottom and
end wall structures as well as strength in the
partition or midrib adjacent the middle portion
of the cover.
vide a double thickness at the ends of the con
‘The upwardly extending panels 6| and 62 are
preferably provided with hand holes 54 adjacent
the upper edges thereof to aid in grasping said
panels for removing the respective liners from
the container.
When the container is filled
with commodities such as eggs, the hand holes
in the liners for the respective compartments
may be grasped and said liners lifted from the
container together with the entire contents of
the respective compartment. This structure is
particularly advantageous in plants processing
In order to provide ventilation of the commod
eggs with coatings or the like as the eggs can be
ities in the container and also permit the tiers of
said container to be stacked side by side, I prefer 65 removed, treated and replaced in the container
with less labor and breakage. Even though the
ably provide ventilation openings 42 and 43 in the
contents of the container are not removed for
end walls 4 and 5 in alignment with openings 44
processing, there are times when it is desirable
and 45 in the panels 36 and 31 and openings 49
to transfer the contents from one container to
in the panels 39 and 49 adapted to be placed in‘
another and in such transfers this structure
alignment with the openings in the end walls
saves time and labor and lessens the danger of
and the upwardly extending panels 33 and 31
damage to the commodities being handled.
to provide ventilation through the ends of the
‘Ventilation of the respective compartments is
container. Openings 4'! may be provided in both
controlled by providing. openings 65 in one of
panels of the midrib whereby ventilation may be
the upwardly‘ extending panels of the liner; for
had from end to end through the container. Since
instance, panel 6|, said openings being arranged
for registry with the openings 5| in the end
walls of the container when the liner is turned
so the panel 6| overlies said end wall. If Venti
lation of the commodities in one of the compart
ments is desired, the liner and commodities are
a very rigid container to protect the commodities
therein from being crushed regardless of the
manner of handling of said containers.
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
1. An egg case comprising a container having
bottom, side and end walls, said end walls of the
container having ventilation openings therein,
and a plurality of liners removably mounted in
and 65 are then in registry and air may enter 10 the container, including bottom members and
upwardly extending panels, the abutting panels
and circulate through the compartment as when
of each liner forming a partition separating the
the commodities are in moist storage.
container into compartments, the other panel
If no ventilation is desired as when the con
of said liners being provided with ventilation
tainer and commodities are removed from moist
storage, the respective compartment liners are
openings registering with the ventilation open
removed and again reversed placing the panels 6|
ings in the end walls of the container, and said
liners being reversible for controlling ventila
having the openings 65 therein at the center of
tion of the respective compartments.
the container and the plain panels in position
2. An egg case comprising a container having
to overlie the end walls 52 and cover the ventila
tion openings therein. In this manner the re 20 bottom, side and end walls, said end walls of the
spective compartments may be selectively venti
container having ventilation openings therein,
> and a plurality of liners removably mounted in
lated or not by the positioning of the liner there
the container in end to end relation including
in as when the liners and contents are removed
bottom members and upwardly extending panels,
for transfer or processing of said contents.
From the foregoing it is believed apparent that 25 the abutting panels of each liner forming a par
tition separating the container into campart
I have provided a container adapted to take
ments, the other panel of said liners being pro
care of ventilated or not ventilated uses and that
vided with ventilation openings registering with
such container may be stacked wherein the tiers
may be placed side by side reducing the space
the ventilation openings in the end walls of the
required for such container. It is also apparent 30 container, and said liners being reversible for
closing the ventilation openings in the end walls
that the liner provides control of ventilation and
permits removal of the compartment contents.
of the container.
Said liner and partition structure also provides
lifted from the respective compartment and
turned so the panel 6| is adjacent the end wall
and replaced in the container. The openings 5|
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