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July 16, 1946.
J, R, Nom-0N
Filed June 8, 1945
John Richard Nor?on
Patented July 16, 1946
John Richard Norton, West Hartford, Conn.
Application June 8_, 1945, Serial No. _5.9.8,24’7
5 Claims.
(Cl. 308-474)
This invention relates to bearings and more
end ‘portions I4 and I5 of reduced thickness and
-particularly to an improved type of bearing de
there are provided outwardly facing internal
signed to receive both ‘radial and thrust loads.
shoulders I6 and Il at the inner ends of the `re
An Iaim vof the invention is to provide an anti
duced >portions I4 and I5, respectively. A series
friction device in the' form of an improved roller 5 of >needles or rollers I2 are disposed around the
and thrust bearing combined into a single self
internal surface of shell I0 in engagement with
ycontained compact unit which may be `manufac
raceway ||. ’Positioned against shoulder I6 is a
tured from a minimium of parts, `which may be
roller retaining ring I8 secured in place by an
interchangeable with standard stock sizes of
inwardly eX-tending iiange or lip I9 which is
bushings, and which may be easily assembled in il formed by bending the outer end of reduced fpor
the -mechanism in which it is to be used.
tion I4 of shell I0 Vinwardly into engagement with
A further object of the invention is to provide
retaining ring I8. Retaining `ring I8 has >an in
an improved combination radial and thrust bear
wardly directed groove 20 for lmaintaining the
ing having rollers for taking the radial load and
outer adjacent ends of the rollers I 2 against radi
bearing balls for taking the thrust load and in 1b al displacement when a shaft is not in place
which a minimum of parts is employed to main.
with-in the unit.
tain the rollers and .bearing balls in position.
At the other end of shell >III is a ball race mem-V
Other objects will be in part obvious and in
ber 22 resting against shoulder I’l'r, fixed in posi
par-t pointed out more in detail hereinafter.
tion by an inwardly extending ñange or lip 23 at
The invention accordingly consists in the `fea
the end of reduced portion I5 and having an in
tures of construction, combination oi elements
wardly facing ba‘ll ‘race 24. ,Member 22 projects
and arrangement of parts which will be exempli
beyond the _edge of lip 23 to provide a shoulder
ñed in the construction hereafter set -forth and
25 which provides a _position and square seat
the scope of the application _of which will be in
when ‘bearing is pressed into positon in the mech
dicateclin the appended claims.
25 anism. The bearing is further provided with a
In the drawing:
disk member 3|! slidably mounted in shell I!) and
Figure l is a longitudinal sectional View of one
with its periphery forming `a Cylindrical _Surface
embodiment of my improved bearing shown with
ä! vin 'bearing relation to raceway II so that the
a shaft in place Within >the unit ;
disk may rotate with respect to the shell. Disk
Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional View `‘taken along
Sil .has a ball race groove 32 .complementary to
line 2-2 of Fig. l.; and
ball race 24 and aseries _of ‘balls 21 are positioned
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional View of va some
therebetween. A circumferential rabbet 33 on
what Vdifferent embodiment .of my invention
disk 30 is adapted to receive the inner adjacent
shown positioned on the end of a shaft.
ends of _rollers l2 and .to prevent radial displace
Referring to the illustrative drawing, it will .be
ment of the rollers ,when the bearing is not posi
seen that my improved unit comprises generally `
tioned ton a shaft.
a shell with an internal cylindrical surface form
The Vembo.o`lím,ei1t of my _invention in Figs. l and
ing a raceway for ,a series of rollers; a flange
2 is shawl-1 as mounted .on ashaft 4.0 which has a
which, in the embodiments shownin the ,present
illustrative drawing, is in the lform of a retaining 40 reduced portion 4| »and _a shoulder 4,2. Ball Y.race
22 and disk 30 are provided with central bores
ring Vprovided with a groove for accommodating
_43 and Vlill, respectively, through which portion 4|
the outer adjacent ends off the rollers; a bearing
of the sha-ft 40 extends. .Shoulder ,'42 bears
race hxed to and carried 'by the other end of
against disk 430 and it will thus be seen not only
the shell, this race in the embodiment ,shown in
Fig. 1 comprising a separate piece 22 fixed in po 45 that shaft -40 rotates freely inengagement vwith
rollers I2 which reduce to ¿a Vminimum -the fric
sition and in the embodiment shown in Fig. 3
tion of 'the ¿radial load, lbut also that the 'friction
comprising an integral end wall |22 of thevshell
of the :thrust load in the direction of ~the arrow
Iii); bearing balls associated with' the race; and
shown in Fig. i1 is reduced to -a minimum since
a complementary race engaging the bearing 'balls
and having a cylindrical peripheral surface in 50 disk 30 >rotates vagainst ‘balls r2?.
Another embodiment >of >my «invention -is `illus
bearing relation t0 the internal surface of the
trated in Fig. ‘3 and is substantially similar to
shell so 'that the race may rotate with respect
that shown 'in Fig. ‘1 except that the shell is -a
to the shell and shift 'longitudinally thereof, and
so arranged as to support the adjacent inner ends
cup-shaped member v| |10 and the bearing ball race
of the rollers against inward radial movement 55 |22 vis an integral Yend AWall of the Vs‘he‘ll I |-0 which,
when a shaft is not in place within the unit.
as 0shown in Eig. 3, -iits over a shaft 140,»the end
|42 of which bears against disk 30. This type
More particularly, the embodiment of my in
vention shown in Figs. 1 and 2 comprises a cylin
of bearing is designed to receive the lateral force
drical sleeve or shell I0 with its internal surface
and longitudinal thrust of the end of a shaft, to
forming a raceway I |. The shell I0 has opposite 60 retain the lubricating medium employed, and to
prevent the entry of dust and dirt into the
2. A roller and thrust bearing unit compris
It can be seen from the foregoing description
that my improved bearing is of simple construc
tion and easy to manufacture. Ithas a minimum
of parts andmay be constructed of steel, bronze,
and/or other suitable materials in standard stock
ing a shell having an internal cylindrical sur
face forming a raceway for roller bearings, a
flange at one end of the shell having a groove on
its inner radial face, a fixed ball race at the other
end of said shell, a complementary race rotat
ably and slidably ñtting within said shell, balls
lThe shell or casing supports and houses
between said races, said rotatable race having a
the various parts and prevents displacement
thereof and thus a self-contained unit is provided
in which the parts are retained at all times in
a groove facing said first-mentioned groove, and
a series of rollers engaging said raceway and
working arrangement with one another.
disk 30 :acts not only as a ball race for the bearing
balls, but also to maintain the rollers inl radial
position and, in addition, provides a thrust plate
for the shaft involved. By constructing the shell
with reduced diameters at the ends, the internal
shoulders I6 and I1 are provided and these act
`as seats for the retaining ring or ball race if it
circumferential rabbet forming with said shell
having their opposite ends accommodated by said
3. A roller and thrust bearing unitcompris
ing a shell having an internal cylindrical sur
face forming a raceway for roller bearings, an
annular retaining ring secured in said shell and
having a groove on its inner radial face, a fixed
ball race at the other end of said shell, a race
is desired to construct these parts as separate 20 rotatably and slidably fitting within said shell,
members. In such case, the shoulders control the
said races having complementary race grooves,
depth of assembly of the ring or ball race and
balls between said races and engaging in said
prevent the cramping of the rollers and balls
grooves, said rotatable race having a circumfer
during assembly of the bearing and also during
ential rabbet forming with said shell a groove
installationrin the mechanisms in which my in
facing said first-mentioned groove, and a series
vention may be used. By providing a grooved
of rollers engaging said race surface and hav
flange at the outer end of the shell for accom
ing their opposite ends accommodated by said
modating the adjacent ends of the rollers, radial
displacement of the rollers is prevented when a
k a. A roller and thrust bearing unit compris
shaft is not in position within the unit. The 30 ing a shell having an internal cylindrical sur
rollers themselves may be of any desirable type,
face and having at its opposite ends portions of
ball point rollers being shown in Fig. 1 and
reduced thickness and outwardly facing shoulders
shoulder type rollers being shown in Fig. 3, The
at the inner ends of said portions; an annular
reduced portions at the ends of the shell make
retaining ring located within one end of said
it possible to spin the outer ends of the shell over
shell, engaging the shoulder thereat and hav
the retaining ring or ball race for securing these
ing a groove directed towards the other end of
members in place. My improved bearing is con
the shell; a ball race located in the other end
structed of a minimum of parts by having each
of said shell and abutting against the shoulder
part perform a number of functions, and this also
thereat; the ends of said shell being bent in
makes possible a very compact and economical 40 wardly over said retaining ring and bearing race
for securing the same in place; a rotatably and
As many changes could be made in the above
slidably mounted bearing race having its periph
construction and many apparently widely dif
ery engaging the said internal surface and hav
ferent embodiments of this invention could be
ing a rabbet facing and aligned with the groove
made without departing from the scope thereof,
of said retaining ring; bearing balls between
it is intended that all matter contained in the
said` bearing races; and a series of rollers en
above description or shown in the accompanying
gaging said cylindrical surface and having their
drawing shall be interpreted as illustrative and
opposite ends engaging said rabbet and groove.
not in a limiting sense.
5. A roller and thrust bearing unit compris
It is also to be understood that the language 50 ing a shell having an internal cylindrical sur
used in the following claims is intended to cover
face and having‘at one end a portion of re
all of the generic and specific features of the in
duced thickness and an outwardly facing shoulder
vention herein described and all statements of
at the inner end of said portion, said shell hav
the scope of the invention which, as a matter of
55 ing at its other end a ball race integral there
language, might be said to fall therebetween.
with; an annular retaining ring engaging said
I claim as my invention:
and having a groove directed towards
l. A roller and thrust bearing unit compris
said other end of said shell; the adjacent end of
ing a shell having an internal cylindrical surface
said shell being bent inwardly over said retain
forming a roller raceway, a series of rollers en
ing ring to secure the same in place; a rotat
gaging said raceway, means at one end of said
' ably and slidably mounted bearing disk having
shell providing a groove for accommodating the
its periphery in bearing engagement with said
adjacent ends of the rollers to prevent them
internal surface and having a circumferential
from moving radially inwardly, a ball bearing
rabbet facing and aligned with the groove of said
race ñxed to and carried by the other end of
.retaining ring; bearing balls between said bear
said shell, a rotatable ball bearing race sliclably
fitting in said shell and interposed between said
ing disk and said ball race; and a series of roll
rollers and said fixed bearing race, and bearing
balls between said ñxed race and said rotatable
ers engaging said cylindrical surface and having
their opposite ends accommodated by said rabbet
race, said rotatable race having means for ac
and groove.
commodating the inner ends of said rollers and 7,0.
f preventing the same from moving radially in
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