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July 16, 1946.
|-|_ o, STARR
Filed Nov. 18, 1944
‘ H06” 0. 8771191?
6 71
' Gttornel
Patented July 16, i946
Hugh 0. Starr, Steubenville, Ohio, assignor to
National Steel Corporation, a corporation of
Application November 18, 1944, Serial No. 564,053
1 Claim. (Cl. 294—1)
This invention relates to an apparatus for turn
ing an elongated heavy body, such as a steel
side surfaces 1 and 8, and a bottom surface 9, is
supported on cross bars Ill. The bloom 5 may be
supported by any suitable means but is ,preferably
so supported that the end portion of the bloom 5
is free to have a wrench plate I I placed thereon
bloom, billet, plate, or the like about its longitudi
nal axis.
It is often necessary to treat successively the
various longitudinal side surfaces of a heavy body,
in an operative position.
The wrench plate It
such as a steel bloom. For example, in the steel
has an opening l2 therein that is the same size
mill the top surface of a supported steel bloom,
weighing many tons, may be scarfed by directing
and shape as the cross sectional area of the bloom
against the surface to remove imperfect metal.
After the top surface has been scarfed, the bloom
stantially mid-way of the corresponding side of
a hoist which are relatively awkward, cumber
power-actuated hoist, not shown.
Referring more particularly to Figure 3, the
5 and includes a plurality of hook openings l3. _
a voluminous stream of oxygen at an acute angle 10 Each hook opening I3 is spaced from and sub
the opening l2 and a corresponding longitudinal
surface of the steel bloom 5. A hoist hook I4 is
must be turned over to position a different sur
selectively engageable with one of the hook open
face uppermost for treatment. It has been cus
tomary in the past to turn these heavy steel 15 ings l3 and is connected to a hoist chain l5, which
is, in turn, connected to any suitable type of a
bodies by means of hooks and chains connected to
some and time consuming to operate.
It is an object of this invention to provide a
wrench plate l6 includes a square body-engaging
novel apparatus for readily turning such heavy 20 opening I‘! and four hook openings l8. Each
hook opening I 8 is spaced from and. substantially
bodies about their longitudinal axes. It is also
mid-way of the correspondingside of the opening
an object to provide a wrench which is readily
l1, The wrench plate I6 is constructed for tum
placed in an operating position on suchv a body,
ing square bodies.
which will turn the body the desired amount, and
After the upper surface 6 of the bloom 5 has
which is economical to construct.
We have developed an economical and highly
e?icient apparatus for turning an elongated steel
body about its longitudinal axis. The apparatus
comprises a wrench plate having an opening
through which the steel body extends when in the
operative position, the wrench plate being
adapted to selectively engage a hoist member so
been scarfed or otherwise treated, the wrench
plate .1 l is placed over the end of the bloom 5 sub
stantially as shown in Figure 1. If it is desired to
turn the bloom through 90° about its longitudinal
axis and position surface 1 uppermost, the hook
I4 is connected to the opening I3 which is spaced
from the corresponding ~side surface ‘I. The
chain hoist I5 is then raised by the hoist, not
shown, to rotate the bloom 5 through 90° to the
position indicated in broken lines on Figure 1.
If it is desired to rotate the bloom 5 so as to dis
that when the hoist is raised, the steel body is
turned about its longitudinal axis through the
desired number of degrees. This turning appara
tus can be readily positioned on the body and the
pose. the side surface 8 or the bottom surface 9 ‘
hoist can be relatively easily and successively con
in the upper position, then the hoist hook I4 is
nected to different points on the wrench plate so
engaged in the hook opening corresponding ‘to
as to turn the steel body and successively present
the different side surfaces in the upper position 40 that surface. Raising the hoist chain I 5 will then
turn the bloom 5 about its longitudinal axis un
for treatment.
til the particular surface 8 or 9 is in the upper
These and other objects and advantages will
become more apparent when considering the fol
The wrench plate 18 is placed on a square body
lowing detailed description and accompanying
45 to turn the body in the same manner as described
drawing, in which:
for the wrench plate I I of Figures 1 and 2‘.
Figure 1 is an isometric view of a supported
The wrench .plate is readily placed in position
steel bloom with the apparatus embodying the
on the end of the steel body and will quickly and
present invention in position for turning the
accurately turn the body the desired amount, and
wrench plate shown in Figure 1; and,
The hook openings l3 and I8 are shown as be
Figure 2 is a front elevational view of the 50 can be economically made from scrap pieces of
Figure 3 is a front elevational view of a modi
ing spaced from and substantially mid-way of the
?ed wrench plate for turning square bodies.
corresponding sides of the body-engaging open
Referring more particularly to Figures 1 and 2,
the steel bloom 5 having an upper surface 6, two “ ing I 2 or H. The hook opening need not be ex
2,404, 107
actly mid-way of the corresponding side of the
body-engaging opening but is preferably in such
' 4
opening and the number and location of the hook
I claim:
a position or the body will be slightly tilted when
Apparatus for turning a rectangular steel body
rotated. The hoist may be connected to the
wrench plate at a point spaced from the corre I about its longitudinal axis, said apparatus com
prising a wrench plate; a rectangular opening in
sponding side of the body-engaging opening by
said member and through which the steel body
means other than a hook engaged in a hook
extends when the wrench plate is in the operative
opening. For example, a bolt and nut may be
position; and four other openings in said mem
used for connecting the‘ end of the hoist chain to
the wrench .plate. For very long steel bodies, it 10 ber, each of said other openings being spaced from
and positioned substantially mid-way of the cor
may be desirable at times to employ two wrench
responding side of said rectangular opening; and
plates, one at each end of the steel body. Nor
mally, one wrench plate is su?icient.
While the apparatus disclosed in the drawing is}
adaptedfor turning rectangular bodies, it is ob
being adapted for selective engagement with a
hoist member so that upon actuation of the hoist
15 it will raise said hoist member and turn said
vious that the apparatus can be modi?ed for
wrench plate and said body.
turning bodies of other cross-sectional shapes by
changing the size and shape of the body-engaging
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