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July 16, 1946. r
Fivled June 23, 19%;
F219, 1.
'7 \ Wren L. Try/£503».
Patented July 16,’ 1946
Warren LQTrafton, Cambridge, Mass}, assignor to
United-Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambridge,
Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts
Application June 23, 1944, Serial No. 541,733
1 Claim.
(Cl. 248-74)
The present invention relates to cable harness
Referring to the drawing, a typical installation
clamps and the like and aims generally to im
comprises a clamp for securing a group of elec
prove existing clamps for this purpose.
trical cables and means for swivelly mounting the
The invention has for its primary object the
clamp within the aperture of an apertured sup
provision of an improved simpli?ed harness
port. The framework or supporting part I may
clamp, particularly one adapted to be mounted
comprise a metal or other structural part having
in an apertured support, of a type permitting
an enlarged aperture 2 which in the case of air
the cables secured by the harness clamp to be
craft may be one of the lightening holes in the
passed through the aperture of the support.
A further object of the invention is the pro
In many installations it is desirable to run a
vision of an improved swivel mounting for such
plurality of electrical conductors through the ap
ertures 2 of successive supports I and it is de
The construction of certain types of vehicles,
sirable to clamp the plurality of conductors in
for example, large aircraft, ships, railway cars
grouped relation. This advantageously may be
and the like, frequently includes a plurality of 15 accomplished by providing a cable clamp com
spaced transverse arch beams or girders to rein
posed of a band-like member 5, the ends of
force and strengthen the structure. Frequently
which may be formed with reversely disposed
these are provided with a plurality of relatively
hooked ends 6 and ‘I to be readily connected to
large openings for the primary purpose of light
gether to form a loop to receive and hold a plu
ing the structure and it has been proposed to pass 20 rality of conductors 8 in grouped relation, The
a plurality of electrical conductors through these
band may have an inner lining of highly ?exible
openings. Due to the ?exibility of the electrical
insulating material 9 or a strip of sponge rubber
cables and the vibration imposed upon the ve
connected to the band by suitable means, as for
hicle in use, it is desirable to provide a clamp for
example, by rivets I0.
the cables and a mounting therefor that will 25
My invention provides improved and simpli?ed
permit some freedom of movement of the group
means for mounting and/or swivelly supporting
of cables relative to the arch support while sup
the clamp and grouped conductors, preferably
porting them to prevent wear of the cable insu
Within the aperture 2. Such mounting advan
lation against the apertured support.
tageously comprises a base or bridge I5 and con
The present invention provides a protective v verging legs I6 having terminal fastener ends I‘!
clamp for a plurality of cables or the like and a
for fastener engagement with opposed sides of
mounting therefor swivelly connected thereto and
the support I. The mounting may be attached
adapted to be readily attached to a portion of a
to the support by means of a pin I8, such as a
support surrounding an aperture therein so as to
bolt or the like, passed through an aperture I8
movably mount the clamp in the aperture of the 35 in the support and apertures IS in the fastener
ends IT.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
The band 5 of the clamp is swivelly connected
will be apparent from an inspection of the accom
to the base I5 of the mounting by any suitable
panying drawing and annexed description illus
means, as for example, by a rivet 2|] having its
trating and describing a preferred embodiment 40 head engaging an upper surface of the band 5,
of the invention.
and its shank extending through an aperture 2|
In the drawing:
of the band and an aperture 22 in the base I5 and
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view through an
upset, as at 23, over the inner surface of the base
apertured support illustrating in side elevation
surrounding the aperture 22, as best shown in
my improved clamp and mounting in operative 45 Fig. 4.
The construction above described permits of
Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view taken on
the mounting of the clamp v5 swivelly within the
the line 2—2 of Fig. 1 and illustrating in plan
lightening opening 2 of the support or above any
the improved clamp and mounting and further il
web-like support disposed transversely to the
lustrating in dotted lines various angular posi 50 longitudinal direction of the conductors and
tions that the clamp may assume;
clamp. As illustrated in Fig. 1, the mounting may
Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the clamp in its
be attached to the support I by means of a bolt
open or unclamped position; and
or the like passed through the fastener ends I‘!
Fig. 4 is a detail sectional view taken on the
of the mounting and an aperture in the support,
55 permitting pivotal movement or adjustment of
line 4—4 of Fig. 3.
the clamp about the axis of the bolt l8. The
band 5 forming part of the clamp is capable of
pivotal movement about an axis normal to the
Although I have illustrated and described a
preferred form of my invention, I do not wish
to be limited thereby, because the scope of my
axis of the bolt l8 because of the swivel connec
tion around the rivet 2D permitting angular ad
justment of the band 5 and clamp within the
invention is best de?ned by the following claim.
opening 2 and relative to the support I, as is il
lustrated in Fig. 2,
The improved clamp and mounting thus en
ables the clamp to be adjusted angularly within
the opening in at least two directions at right
angles to each other permitting the clamp to
enclose and grip a plurality of strands, such as
electric conductors, which may not be accurately
I claim:
A cable harness clamp comprising a resilient
band having an intermediate base portion, a
mounting member for said band having a sup
porting surface and spaced opposed leg portions
extending therefrom, a swivel connection between
said supporting surface of said mounting mem
ber and the base portion of said band, said leg
portions adapted to be engaged with the support
for positioning the band relative thereto.
positioned exactly at right angles to theopening 15
2 or support I.
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